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    Eating is a mouthful of culture and knowledge. I believe one of the best ways to understand a culture is through their food. Like languages, eating customs are often culturally distinct and at the same time seeming strange and pointless to people of different backgrounds. At the same time, food also bring various personalities together. I enjoy sharing thoughts on different food so feel free to drop by my page with any suggestions and comments. Thank you for reading. May the world be blessed with food always…

sakai's curry bar

Sakai’s Curry Bar @ Solaris Mont Kiara

  Sakai’s Curry Bar at the Solaris Mont Kiara is keeping the interior sleek and simple, the space is neat and open and very unlike most bars or bistros. Fan of Japanese curry should know that this new place offers curry and a whole range of booze at the bar.     As suggested by … Continue reading

tbc cafe melaka

TBC cafe @ Hatten Melaka (Terminal Pahlawan)

Probably the first themed cafe in Melaka, TBC cafe at Hatten Melaka (Terminal Pahlawan) is all prep up to cuddle and welcome their guests with fury friends of all sizes. Approaching this dandy new social gathering place, one cannot help but to be distracted by the cozy comfy of chic lounge and hanging pendant lights … Continue reading

drunken cat

Drunk Cat @ Kuchai Lama

  Great for large groups and all occasions, the drunk cat is one of the restaurant with the perfect location that comes with ample availability of parking bays. Ranging from very simple and heartwarming dishes we are all familiar with, diners get a taste of home with basic dishes like the Tomato Fried Egg (RM … Continue reading


Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia (팔색삼겹살) @ Solaris Mont Kiara

  Palsaik Korean BBQ (팔색삼겹살) at Solaris Mont Kiara certainly is impressive with its sociable atmosphere along friendly staffs, offering spacious dining space with everyone gathered over a hot plate on each table. The Solaris Mont Kiara is inevitably the exciting place for Korean food now that it boasts a vast array of Korean eateries, … Continue reading

da de bkt

Da De Bah Kut Teh @ SS 14

  Blooming with many bah kut teh restaurants, Subang Jaya’s SS14 fame and popularity is already prominence and probably deserving to be known as the mini Klang. With so many bah kut teh shops there, competitions are inevitable. The older ones have their regular customers where else the newer ones play around with the dishes … Continue reading

shun jing

Shun Jing Steamboat &BBQ @ Kuchai Lama

  Shun Jing Steamboat &BBQ in Kuchai Lama serves to deliver fresh and good quality steamboat to steamboat lovers. They showcase only the finest starting right from the soup to their homemade fish balls, and ingredients to the varied dipping sauces when it comes to the quality of their food.     It is lovely … Continue reading

bunga raya siham

Backlane (Longkang) Cockles @ Tong Bee’s Stall (Melaka)

  Longkang cockles, cockles at the back alley, bunga raya cockles, bunga raya si ham, Melaka longkang siham, Bunga Raya kerang rebus, longkang lala, Tong Bee’s stall and many other names; all referring to the same dodgy stall operating at the back alley along the Jalan Bunga Raya Melaka.     Notoriously renowned with their … Continue reading

popo steamboat

Popo Steamboat & BBQ cafe @ Kepong

  Popo Steamboat & BBQ cafe at Kepong might have a real cheesy name to begin with, but this mediocre-at-first-impression steamboat has a fantastic ambiance created by many pendant bulbs and pretty lighting at dusk enters nightfall.     Mixed combinations of steamboat ingredients are compiled in sets according to the number of diners. Popo … Continue reading

crispy crust

Crispy Crust @ Sunway

  Another great addition to Sunway and in particularly to the students advantages, the Crispy Crust is another fantastic place for that quick meal. Located along the shop row adjacent to the side entrance of Sunway International School, parking can sometimes be quite a challenge most of the times but given the right timing and … Continue reading

kaya kaya

Kaya Kaya Cafe @ Jalan Tukang Besi, Melaka

  Kaya kaya Cafe at Jalan Tukang Besi (Melaka) is clever with their name, with settings very bare and nostalgic and at the same time incorporates contemporary into the setting of this new cafe. Being new, expect inconsistency from them but cut them loose on that as it takes a while to adjust and fine … Continue reading

roquette cafe

Roquette Cafe @ Ipoh (Jalan Sultan Yusof)

  Instagramers in Ipoh would already know and grew fond of the Roquette Cafe at Jalan Sultan Yusof, thanks to the perfect lightings made amazingly perfect for photography. Followers of my instagram would know of my recent escape to Ipoh state and despite the short duration spent, Ipoh town is quite a food haven for … Continue reading

whimsical gelateria

Whimsical gelateria & cafe

  Bringing the funk with renditions of gelato flavours and made famous by their nasi lemak gelato, whimsical at solaris dutamas (beside publika) continues to create more fun with not just the rotation of fascinating flavours on a daily basis but interesting dishes as well. With a gelato bar sharing it’s outlet facade, scoops of … Continue reading


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