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    Eating is a mouthful of culture and knowledge. I believe one of the best ways to understand a culture is through their food. Like languages, eating customs are often culturally distinct and at the same time seeming strange and pointless to people of different backgrounds. At the same time, food also bring various personalities together. I enjoy sharing thoughts on different food so feel free to drop by my page with any suggestions and comments. Thank you for reading. May the world be blessed with food always…

jaslyn cakes

Jaslyn Cakes @ Bangsar

  Jaslyn Cakes at Bangsar operates in a half shop along the Telawi in Bangsar enclave, with a showcase of dainty cakes and cookies to impress their customers at the very second when you walk right through their glass door. The bakery showcase and their coffee bar occupied the rear half of long and narrow … Continue reading

freshly freeze stir fried ice cream @ nu sentral Mall

Freshly Freeze @ Nu Sentral Mall

  When mentioned “fried ice cream”, we probably think of those ice cream scoop encased in a crunchy layer on the outside with inside still icy cold. The term now deciphers differently with the cross of innovative global culture through culinary and what was known as the “fried ice cream”, now eliminates oil and the … Continue reading


Recipe: Cupcake; the basic

Everybody loves a good cupcake. And one has to admit that cupcakes are perfect for parties. I love cupcakes mainly due to the very convenient sizes. What I love in a good cupcake is the moist and the key to that can be easily determined by the ingredients and easily achievable, starting with a quality … Continue reading


JWEL, The Royal Range of Ice Cream Sticks by F&N Creameries Malaysia

  After the roadshow two weeks back, I’ve been treating myself with the fascinating cast of five nobles, each of whom presents a distinctively delicious premium ice cream treat by F&N Creameries Malaysia. Putting a story to each flavour was inevitably a smart move and the story behind JWEL, the ice cream empire can be … Continue reading

jikasei ramen

Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2

  From Kyushu-style tonkotsu made with long-simmered pork bone broth, to simple miso based soup, we’ve seen a spate of ramen joints and Jikasei Ramen at SS 2, Petaling Jaya is quite a good pick to grab a good steaming bowl of ramen at reasonable pricing. With only a handful of varieties to offer, the … Continue reading

kfood fair

K-Food Fair 2015 Malaysia @ Mid Valley Exhibition Hall

  The K-Food Fair 2015 Malaysia is currently ongoing at the Midvalley Exhibition Hall and officially endorsed by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, this food fair of more than 10 exhibitors organized by the Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Corporation is here to promote and edify the Muslim community in this country … Continue reading


Wanderlust @ Solaris Mont Kiara

  The first thing anyone stares at when entering the Wanderlust Cafe at Solaris Mont Kiara is most probably the beautiful pendant of bottles hanging above a long communal table right in the middle of the cafe. With minimal concept at the interior, the bare wall directs the focus mostly to the bar with shinny … Continue reading

jwel pre

Discovering JWEL’s Ice Cream Roadshows

  Introducing JWEL, The Ice Cream Empire, created by F&N Creameries with not only luxurious ice cream experience, but also an invitation into a world of indulgence and intrigue. Here at their roadshow, the booth welcomes visitors with vibrant turquoise and the signature throne everyone is fascinated with.     JWEL consists of a fascinating … Continue reading

le pont boulangerie

Le Pont Boulangerie @ Jalan Kelang Lama

  Le Pont Boulangerie at Jalan Kelang Lama live up to their name and this bridge that connects people and culture brings us together over exquisite casual dining, very much influence by French and infused with premium Japanese ingredients. For those seeking something a little bit classy, Le Point at Jalan Old Klang Road is … Continue reading


Pretz n’ Beanz @ Solaris Mont Kiara

  With a brand new look, Pretz n Beanz distinctively becomes substantial for the working crowd here in Solaris Mont Kiara. With good pricing of quick to go and simple meal, this instantly becomes a popular place especially during peak meal hours. Furbished with warm lighting and comfy seats, this cafe welcomes customers with friendly … Continue reading

blacklist ss 2

Blacklist Restaurant @ SS 2

  Blacklist restaurant at SS2 can be exciting when it comes to their name, but when it comes to food and drinks, they have too little to offer with the few pages of menu. Interior was designed with lots of black and nice pendant lights, with lovely segregation for diners to choose between cosy indoor … Continue reading

madame waffle

Madame Waffle @ 1Utama Shopping Mall

  Madame Waffle in 1Utama (1u) opens to offer waffle as snack and like their Midvalley, Gardens and IOI City’s outlet, they are the quintessential kiosk café in malls, complete with neat dining table and the continuous grow of coffee bar. Being the first artisan Belgian waffle using Japanese ingredients, patrons get the finest ingredients … Continue reading


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