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    Eating is a mouthful of culture and knowledge. I believe one of the best ways to understand a culture is through their food. Like languages, eating customs are often culturally distinct and at the same time seeming strange and pointless to people of different backgrounds. At the same time, food also bring various personalities together. I enjoy sharing thoughts on different food so feel free to drop by my page with any suggestions and comments. Thank you for reading. May the world be blessed with food always…

madame waffle salted egg yolk

Madame Waffle’s Salted Egg Yolk Waffle

  Food trends don’t end under any circumstances and the recent salted egg yolk craze are now in Madame Waffle. From Asian dishes like custard buns to the western delights like croissants; and now waffle, the trend still currently ongoing and picking up fast. Salted egg yolk has really proven its capability to blend with … Continue reading

perfecto popcorn batman

Movie with Perfecto Popcorn’s quick bacon lollipopcorn

  Popcorn pairing with the latest blockbuster is now a norm- something inexpensive and enjoyable for all movie-goers. Perfecto snacks’ perfecto popcorn and Fox movie bought us to the premier of the long awaited movie last month – the Batman Vs Superman at TGV’s LUCE. And while popcorn was hugely trendy since then 19th century … Continue reading

mission 21 days

#The21daymission Programme

  With the good food around us here in the Klang Valley, anytime is the perfect time to overhaul our diet. And the #The21daymission Programme created by Mission Food Malaysia, is a great one to start with.     Research shows that it takes 21 days to create a new habit or change an old … Continue reading

buns hartamas

Buns Burger Bar @ Hartamas

  In recent years, we’ve seen the meteoric ascent of burger trend with burger joints putting fancy spin on the humble patty sandwich. Buns at Hartamas was one that stayed to have proven to survived furious debate among burger aficionados in town and ultimately won hearts with a blend of fresh patty on fluffy buns. … Continue reading


Restaurant Fu Gua Thong @ Puchong

  Nutritional value of bitter gourd is no longer debatable but because it is so bitter, it is usually not a very popular ingredient. Restaurant Fu Gua Thong in Puchong cleverly masters the characteristic of this vegetable and have them cooked and prepared in assorted ways. While most dishes on the menu comprise bitter gourd, … Continue reading

bariuma jaya

Bariuma Ramen @ Jaya Shopping Centre

  If you ever find yourself hungry in Jaya shopping mall, this is the place to go: Bari-Uma Ramen attracts patrons with not only their ramen, but the spread of versatility and choices of classic Japanese treats. And like many other ramen joints in town, semi open kitchen is always a delight to watch.   … Continue reading

tony roma's

Tony Roma’s Malaysia celebrates 10 years anniversary

  Tony Roma’s has always been the place where American dining scene of gigantic servings of meat being enjoyed to the fullest with plenty of laughter and satisfaction. And that’s exactly what I experienced recently at the Tony Roma’s Malaysia whilst celebrating their 10th anniversary.     In their cosy environment at the eCurve outlet, … Continue reading

chaze ara damansara

Chaze at Marquee @ Ara Damansara (Menara Lien Hoe)

  Located in the tranquil neighbourhood of Ara Damansara (Menara Lien Hoe), Chaze at Marquee may not offer beautiful skyline and breathtaking view but it certainly is stylish with every nook emphasised to deliver a premium experience to those seeking a laid-back environment in which to knock back a few.     Consider some competitive … Continue reading

syifak jaya

Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway

  It is not rare to find authentic Indonesia food in the hub of student-populated town in Sunway, but Syifak Jaya at Sunway delivers just that. They are just about staying afloat in the middle of the town that is highly saturated with hipster cafés and they’ve made effort to keeping the place clean although … Continue reading

nagas restaurant

Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields

  Located along the main road and occupying more than 5000 square feets, the Nagas restaurant is exactly opposite the La Salle School near the Brickfields police station. Parking availability is very challenging at anytime of the day. Serving South Indian Chettinad food, North Indian food, and few other Malaysian delights, things like our usual … Continue reading

softserve damansara uptown

Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar @ Damansara Uptown

  Cooling treats already made icy impact on Klang Valley’s dessert parlors and Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar at Damansara Uptown is part of the trend setting initiator. It seems to me this fluffy soft ice cream craze is here to stay for good- it was packed at 8pm when I visited.   Trying … Continue reading

skippy's pizza

Skippy’s Pizza (Damansara Uptown) – The Real Pork Pizza Co.

  This new comer in Damansara Uptown isn’t exactly a newbie for those who love pork pizza. Following the success of the first outlet within Phileo Damansara, Skippy’s Pizza is now flipping and tossing their pizzas at the second outlet in Damansara Uptown. Like the first outlet, this one is simple but smart, with cool … Continue reading


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