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Margaret’s Café e Nata Macao, Authentic Portuguese Egg Tart

Margaret’s Café e Nata Macao. Are they any good or better than Lord Stow’s ? Who wins the battle of Macao Portuguese Egg Tart?


1.Margaret's Café e Nata Macao, Authentic Portuguese Egg Tart


Macau egg tarts were initially and commonly considered a Portuguese import, with Lord Stow being one of the early names for egg when it comes to Macao Portuguese tart. Another famous egg tart seller, often linked in many posts as battle and showdown of both recipes as to who bakes the best Portuguese tart, is at the Margaret’s Cafe. Both Margaret and Stow are friendly competitors. Once married, the two used to operate Lord Stow’s Bakery. It is no surprise she will forever be Lord Stows ex wife whenever anyone go into intensive egg tart debate. This in my opinion doesn’t do Margaret much justice. Margaret’s Café e Nata should be best known for her own effort when it comes to Portuguese egg tart instead of her love life.
I personally enjoy Margaret’s because the brulee on Lord Stows were simply too overwhelming for my liking. The line though… That I did not enjoy. Fortunately, it was fast moving and having a good company to queue can be a good idea, except that would also make the line seemed endlessly long, which isn’t too great for everyone else. Oh well… I am sometimes selfish and I admit it. LOL!


2.Margaret's Café e Nata Macao, Authentic Portuguese Egg Tart
3.Margaret's Café e Nata Macao, Authentic Portuguese Egg Tart
4.Margaret's Café e Nata Macao, Authentic Portuguese Egg Tart


Freshly baked at a very quick pace and flaky buttery delicious with a good ratio of custard and light crispy brulee on top, is a must when visiting Macao. There is always a queue and it is all part of the experience when travelling to Macao. This month is exceptionally gorgeous with light breeze and slight cooling temperature- best to stroll around and chill with these freshly baked bites of delicious sweet treats.


Margaret’s Cafe e Nata is located at
Address: Gum Loi Building, 17, Rua Alm Costa Cabral,
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
Tel: (853) 2871 0032
Monday – Thursday, 8:30am–4:30pm
Saturday, 10am–6pm
Closed on Wednesday
GPS: 22.1917982,113.539679


Click HERE for more photos of Macao on flickr.


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Kara – Conceptual French Cuisine, Kota Damansara (Sunway Giza Mall)


This contemporary French joint is all set with autumn-hued dining room and that neat and immaculate table arrangements. Lighting that creates a warm and intimate vibe that will heat up the heart before the stomach warms up for the main course, with a free flow of salad and appetizers at the salad bar. Indulge in Kara’s lunch offerings, including starter soda, one main of the day, and a spread of free flow salad and appetizers.

Beautifully served in champagne flutes, the Elderberry and Elderflower mix of soda cordials.


This salad bar is most lauded with bruschetta and slaws, and most delicious selection of cheese and olive. The hype surrounding its launch wasn’t prominent, but this polished tribute to the ultimate French contemporary is still charged with dynamite je ne sais quoi from affordable lunch serving through to romantic dinner. There is an entire service team making sure this contemporary restaurant living up to its reputation in both exceptional customer attention and culinary innovation. We are talking about set lunch buffet of RM 25+ and that is an absolute steal when it comes to value for money French cuisine.

Kara has tinkered little with the nostalgic transatlantic dishes, and we enjoyed the salad bar. But the pasta main course that followed was over-cooked: though well executed and teamed with a light pasta sauce, and cubes of salmon chunks seemed a match. Much better was the beef and chicken ratatouille, served in the portion perfect for lunch. Gravy for beef might be a little heavy but to have that with the bread is amazing. The tender beef helps balance it all but it needs more herbs. Some tweaks could be good but the portions are generous and price tags are small, it is worth every cent for quality like this, in particularly in relation to the ace ingredients and supremely innovative flavours.



Kara – Conceptual French Cuisine is located at :
A-05-01, First Floor (Above Orange Boutique)
Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
11.30am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm
Tel: +6016-357-9213
GPS: 3.151467,101.591484
Facebook: A


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Authentic Macanese food at La Famiglia 葡意之家 , Macao (Macau)


La Famiglia’s vibrance totally reflects the rich heritage behind Macanese cuisine, blending the roots of Chinese with the legacy of Portuguese, expounding an interesting diverse and influence of history in culinary reflected in signature cuisines in Macao. It is a great place to dine in comfort and ambiance filled with positive vibes only. The Macanese Gastronomy was inscribed on the Macao Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2012 and this in my opinion is truly the most accurate identification that constitutes the uniqueness of culinary Macao. Tracing in time from during the 16th and 17th century to the ports of Africa and Southeast Asia, Macanese is the marriage of Portuguese and local Chinese as Portugal inhabit the land that grew not only in size since then. There is influence of international spices traced back from Africa to India and Melaka, with Chinese techniques and ingredients cooked in traditional Portuguese dishes. The birth of this is the delicious Macanese dishes we are having today.


The arrangement and seats were in such of a culture which explicitly highlights the importance of meals being enjoyed in a wholesome manner with family- a rich culture of the Macanese. To start the meal, our host, chef Florita Alves, a Macanese with so much passion in her food and restaurant, welcomed us with an introduction to the most staple Portuguese appetiser with a platter beautifully arranged with a smorgasbord of a combination of Macanese and Portuguese Deep Fried Snacks- the “Sortido.s. de Fritos Macaenses”. At this point, some might have had the same thought that went through my head when these Portuguese names starts popping up. And if you are wondering if Chinese or Macanese in Macao actually still reads Protuguese words? Well I was told only a small percentage does that. Either way the names are still all over the country and that could perhaps spell the root and presence of the heritage. But language aside, the platter is undoubtedly an integration of perfect combination proven not impossible. La Famiglia gave us bites of history and tradition beyond a mere satisfaction on the palate through prominent flavours.


1.La Famiglia 葡意之家 , Macao (Macau)

“Sortido.s. de Fritos Macaenses”- Assorted Macanese and Portuguese Deep Fried Snacks (Bacalhau Balls, Chilicote, Chamusas, Rissois, Meat Croquettes, Stuffed Roll Bread


Moving to mains was when the meal becomes even more interesting. Even though I did not personally enjoy the duck rice on its own, I fancy the pairing of it with African Chicken – a Macanese classic dish marinated in a special chilli sauce, grilled and then baked. Others were given in big, bold flavours, whether you’re in the mood for pig or fish. From farm to sea harvest, Macanese cooking sure gives a splash of familiarity to those of us who has tasted the flavours of South East Asia. Take the Suckling Pig for instance. It wasn’t anything too overly different from what’s served at most Chinese weddings, except the pig comes in whole and that it is slightly meatier with the similar Candy crackling-like crispy layer of skin over the meat.


href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/sycookiesfoodeverywhere/31041239137/in/album-72157697965823850/” title=”2.La Famiglia 葡意之家 , Macao (Macau)”>2.La Famiglia 葡意之家 , Macao (Macau)

1.La Famiglia 葡意之家 , Macao (Macau)
6.La Famiglia 葡意之家 , Macao (Macau) “Arroz de Pato” Duck Rice
“Galinha Africana” African Chicken – A Macanese classic dish marinated in a special chilli sauce, grilled and baked
“Leitao Assado” Portuguese Suckling Pig – Roasted suckling pig dish marinated in home made spices


My personal favourite has got to be the Portuguese baked cod fish with carrot and cream sauce. It is uncommon to have cod fish in other cooking method aside from the conventional steam or grill. That probably contributes to how I find this particular dish tantalisingly amusing. Florita was kind enough serve the us with simple sautéed vegetable. I can never be anymore grateful. To be honest, I think I might have quietly walloped the entire serving.


Desserts aren’t this famiglia’s strongest suit. But I must emphasize that Portuguese dessert are a lot sweeter than what we Malaysians have accustomed when it comes to sweet profile. And if you follow tightly to my palate then you’d probably know my scale of acceptance when it comes to sweets. However, coconut did earn extra credit for the panna cotta here. Plus the fresh tang from the mango puree, it was good if not great thou I’d still skip this one for anything else on the street perhaps?


14.La Famiglia 葡意之家 , Macao (Macau)

14.La Famiglia 葡意之家 , Macao (Macau) (2)“Bacalhau Espiritual” – Traditional Portuguese baked cod fish with carrot and cream sauce
“Vegetais Salteados” Sauteed Vegetables
“Coconut Panna Cotta with Mango Puree


If anyone is keen with the history of Macao for most things, in particularly the origin and heritage of Macanese then take a stroll down the lane of exploration at the prominent historical locations. I’ve seen some of the prettiest view and some very photogenic places. Read about my Snacking and Eating down heritage and cultural exploration HERE


This content is made possible by the Macao Govenrment Tourism Office (MGTO) Malaysia when I was invited for a Food Hunt in conjunction with the #2018macaoyearofgastronomy


Also read about my food trail in Macao, and other posts of Sycookies Food Travelogue when I travel out of Klang Valley for food.


La Famiglia is located in Taipa at:
Taipa, Ilhas, Macau
76 R. dos Clerigos, Macau
Daily: 12pm- 10:30pm
Tel: +853 2857 6131
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/famiglia.macau/


Food places I have covered in Macao is also pinned on Gastronomy Macao map , so this hopefully would be a great help for reference for anyone planning on a Macao food trip. Those struggling with Chinese and Portuguese like I do when planning a trip to Macao, you are welcome- navigating in Macau without these two languages was a pain for me! Now this would be so much easier, these places were all blogged HERE


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Harvest Ground @ Sunway Geo


Eggettes, otherwise also known as the egg waffle has always been an iconic Hong Kong street snack. One that is almost a quintessential and while it has always been classic and nostalgic, it has been really common in the recent years for innovative modern twists. Harvest Ground seemed to nailed their rendition with some of the most local falvours. I was instantly drawn to Jack the Baba HK Eggettes (RM 20) because of that interesting combo of jackfruit and ice cream. The generous scoop of fresh coconut ice cream was pretty amazing along the shredded jackfruit. Plus the choice of salted gula Melaka caramel sauce, was quite a fascinating match all together to the otherwise boring eggettes that could really use a little more of that crispy.


1.harvest ground

2.harvest ground

3.harvest ground


The egg waffle isn’t the only innovative modern twist and despite being unsure of the core selling point, everything else is pretty innovative. Gua bao here folds a tender strip of fried chicken and even though their menu did not exactly make things easy when it comes to decision making, I was told the Taiwanese Ru Rou Fan (braised pork belly over rice) was good.


6.4.harvest ground


Fries for snacking didn’t quite leave a very impressive impression but these hits and misses can always be fixed with a better standard operating procedure.


5.harvest ground

4.harvest ground


Harvest Ground is located at:
No A-01-08, Level 1,
Block A, Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan,
Sunway South Quay, Bandar Sunway
Subang Jaya 47500
Tel: 012-751 1963
Monday- Thursday (11am- 9pm), Fri- Sat (11am – 10pm), Sunday Closed.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harvestground/?tn-str=k*F
GPS: 3.0653684,101.609708


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Eatomo Publika


Poke bowl. Pronounced as ‘po- kay’, is a Hawaiian dish commonly mistaken as Japanese origin because of the fresh raw cuts of fishes. The confusion probably happened because of the similar dishes by the Japanese – most likely zuke Don or donburi, and that most of us were more familiar with Japanese food as the cuisine gained its popularity over the years. While it may seem like a new trend, this simple and addictive Hawaiian dish has been around for centuries. And because local Japanese in Hawaii is a big ethnic group in Hawaii, it is no surprise of the influence in their food.


Up until 2015, we haven’t caught wind of this Hawaiian dish but when pokebowl becomes widely accepted (thanks to social media), people started being creative and infusing local elements to redefine the dish. Take note the real Hawaiian poke though, isn’t really instagrammable. So, this one is close.


2.Eatomo Publika


Meet the Pokelantan Bowl. Here at the Eatomo Solaris Dutamas, this one is made with the usual raw cuts of fish before finishing with a toss of lime and chili padi drizzle marinate, this truly is a marriage of Asian pacific. Resembling local dishes, the combination in this bowl is bursting full when it comes to the authentic Asian flavour.


1.Eatomo Publika


Another amazing protein source for those not too keen with raw fishes, Mentaiko Tamago rice is a good satisfaction although I find the portion a little small to fit the huge appetite I had during my visit. Personally, I like my mentaiko just as they are, but most are probably more accustomed to slightly more diluted flavour profile so having this with them thick slices of egg omelette and fragrant rice is topgallant.


7.eatomo publika


That wasn’t the only crowd pleaser, fresh oysters and mussels come with the breeze of ocean and sea. The plump and juicy oyster of a perfect one mouth bite size was my ultimate favourite, followed closely by the pot of mussel with that fancy sweet flavourful broth of nothing but pleasant.


3.Eatomo Publika
4.Eatomo Publika
5.Eatomo Publika
6.Eatomo Publika


Meaty bowls are inevitable, but for anyone dying to have raw leaves then you might have to pick any of their salad bowl, which I really don’t recommend unless if the determination to improve wellbeing of your gut is the main concern. Salads are like many other Japanese eatery, boring and unattractive.


8. Eatomo Publika


Seemingly trivial, but food is a way of life in the country and the ethnic diversity has resulted in such extraordinary food landscape. Who would have think that poke, a product of the indigenous native Hawaiian culture would fit perfect with the touch of Kelantan? This outlet gave me a better experience than the their first in Taman Danau Desa outlet for sure and at this blog entry point, there is a third outlet at Bangsar !!


Eatomo Publika is located at :
A2-G2-06 Solaris Dutamas,
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 KL
Business Hour : Monday (closed), Tues- Thurs (12–3PM, 6–10:30PM)
Friday- Sunday (12–10:30PM)
Phone: 03-6412 2280
GPS: 3.1708147,101.665288


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall

Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall


Whether is it a one-dish wonders or some pap baiting sashimi platter, Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall got it covered with some of the very decent Japanese fare. in fact, this sleek contemporary Japanese restaurant is more than worth your time: the interior are pretty cosy to begin with, the portions are sensible and the flavours were approaching notable. Some things need improvement and sparks of wow factor but hey, who is perfect? Expect rice rolls, and dons, as well as glistening slices of fish, beautifully presented with slivers of vegetables and dainty edible platting decoration to first tempt the eye to stimulate the brain into wanting to eat and taste it.


While service is relaxed enough, there’s some real serious high-end ingredients here. Although the showier elements however, are usually underpinned by excellent fundamentals- the rice dishes. Think a hearty serving of rice beneath a slice of beef blanket and torched before serving, or Beef Sukiyaki (RM 28) with sauteed sliced beef, tofu, onion and onsen on warm and nicely steamed white rice. As well as lava loaded flow of salmon roe, avocado, crab meat, flying fish roe from the Vocano Roll (RM 18 ).


1.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
2.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
3.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
4.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
5.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
6.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
7.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
8.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
9.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall


Fancy low carbo? Tako Kimuchi with Mango salsa (RM 25) is a canvas painted with small octopus marinated with kimuchi sauce and spicy mango with edible flowers. I say, what are the octopus doing swimming in the garden? It’s beautiful alright, but I’ve always look at edible flowers a different way- not as a decoration on every dish. The smorgasbord of colours, it was trying way too hard. Loose some unnecessary ingredients, it might just turn out to be brilliant.


10.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall


Fresh seafood cut aficionados, Premium Zaru Soba (RM 40) is the gold seal of approval. Elegantly presented and marrying well with the chilled buckwhehat noodle with special cold soba sauce, every bite of premium seafood combination is something fancy indeed. But once again, the flowers maybe pushing the boundaries a little.


11.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
12.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall


Hisho Japanese Cuisine fits the usual restaurant of smarter place, better portions and flavours were pretty on the mark too. The perfect location for a business lunch, a romantic evening, or a night out with friends. And while the usual suspects dominate the menu, they made every plate score high for presentation and flavour- demonstrates the kitchen’s ability to walk the tightrope between traditional and innovation.


13.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
14.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
15.Hisho Japanese Cuisine at DC Mall
Hisho Japanese Cuisine is located at
L2-17 2nd Floor, DC Mall, Jalan Damanlela,
Damansara Town Centre, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour: Daily 11:30am-3pm, 6-10pm
Phone: 03-2011 2666
GPS: 3.1461654,101.66170


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


For a place with such good reputation for its food and cocktails, and entering celebrating its second anniversary, the Locker and Loft is refreshingly cosy: classy furniture, neat tableware, and a handsome bar counter lined with whiskies, ales, beers, cocktails and a good list of wine varietal. It has a hidden entrance but upon entering is a calm and cool place to eat and drink. Especially with their newest menu specially crafted for the cleaner taste profile. I was privileged to sample some of their newest cocktails and boy I love them less sweet and more refreshing than ever! That we are looking at bubbly remix of carbonated fresh coconut water with real coconut and the mild sweetness from the aromatic pandan leave especially when it gets close to your nose whilst bring it close to sip. K Rock! (RM 25)maybe lower and calorie but that really isn’t a bad thing. Because that means some more calorie quota for the CNY 2018 special- Babi Lu Mary (RM 40). One that has bakwa infused tequila, and some bold addition of with tomato juice, lemon juice, brown sugar, Lea & Perrins, Tobasco, salt, pepper & olive brine. Not forgetting the Blueberry milkshakes (RM 34)and The King (RM 38). The first really got me frenzy and while the later might be a crowd pleaser, durian really isn’t my thing. But dear durian fans, you are going to be drinking a controversial natural durian cocktail with vodka, Baileys, hazelnut liqueur, vanilla ice cream, almond syrup and cinnamon powder. (At this point, I realised that I’ve subconsciously held my breath as I described it.)


Of course there are some that I really enjoyed- all Tea Garden, LC 1 (RM 32) and Kopi Ice (RM 35) were all super easy to drink. I’ve always dislike eggwhite in cocktail but I do not dislike this, probably because of the floral hints from lavender. Despite looking ordinary, I am putting LC1 and Kopi ice as a strong contender for one of the tastiest cocktail for the night.


1.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)
2.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)
3.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)
4. Locker and loft-01
5.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)
6.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


Their focus is on making both diners and drinkers feel happy and comfortable. Apart from their list of new cocktails, there’s new shot glasses made of ice and clients can now order the cocktail- catering service for a pop-up bar at private occasions. This one is real intriguing. But moving to the new food menu, it is a symphony of fantastic flavours we are all somewhat familiar with.


From delicious bites like Malacca Style Roti (RM 16), Salted Egg Prawn Cocktail (RM 23), and Varuval Quesadilla with Pineapple Chutney (RM 23), to succulent meat dishes like the Hainanese Chilli Chicken Wings (RM 25) and Peanut sauce Pork ribs (RM 26), you’ll never suffer regular pub grubs to accompany your alcohol. Malacca style roti really reminded me of Melaka roti john and that really is something I fancy. That quesadilla is one innovative complement to the pineapple chutney.


7.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

8.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

9.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

10.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

11.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


Kitchen also apparently excel in seafood preparations. Seabass Fish Fingers (RM 21) cooked with precision, came crunchy on the outside and breaded nicely without falling apart.


12.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


Mains are hearty, as well as glorious when you get pasta loaded with big flakes of sardine as well one with so big cuts of bacon bits. I like both the Chili Padi Sardine Bacon Pasta (RM27) and Pasta Masak Lemak with Bacon Bits (RM26) especially when the pasta are cooked perfect to my liking- al dente that is.


13.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

14.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


It’s a pleasure to pair and enjoy alcohol with quirky selection of food because the food at Locker and Loft is clearly presented by someone who cares about flavour. Not every dish was a knockout but where there were failings it was down to being over generous rather than unskilled; sardine and bacon maybe a little too much in ratio to the pasta resulting a slight overpowering of salty but most of the menu offers satisfying, moreish, somewhat complex dishes, the kind you always want from dining experience and so rarely get. Yup, I tried the Mini sliders consisting of 3 different patties and I enjoyed it very much.


15.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


Cempedak Goreng with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM16) wasn’t the greatest, but it’s something I would order again on my next visit. And yes, revisiting is most likely happening. I love cempedak still wrapping the seed and they are serving this seedless. But hey, it’s about how much you love fried cempedak and how this one is so perfectly pairing with the scoop of ice cream it combines to become a dessert that is absolutely delicious.


16.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

17.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


The Locker and Loft isn’t a place where tables brushed and every detail seen to by the serving crew but it is super chill place eat, drink and have plenty of fun enjoying everything they have to offer. Among its upcoming events are KL Rum Fiesta, GT Week, KL Amateur Bartender Challenge, The Shooter Week, Do The Classics and Sangria Sessions. There are also other regularly-scheduled events like Shake N Take (make your own cocktails every Thursday), BBQ Sunday, Sake Sundays and Dames Night. So make sure to follow their updates on their page. There is so much fun factor coming from the folks of this establishment.


Locker and loft is located at:
40A Jalan SS20/10
Damansara Kim
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7496-7222
Business Hour: Tues- Sat : 5pm- 1am, Sunday : 12:30pm-1am, Monday Closed
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/lockerandloft
Tel: 03-7496 7222
GPS: 3.135152,101.629063


Click HERE for MENU and more photos on flickr.


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