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Mong Seng Kopitiam for some authentic Hee Kiaw Noodle @ Melaka



The coffee shop operates till late night, the only one lit along the street. On darker and colder nights, steams and lights from inside the shop and near the corridor at where a hawker cart is showcasing the Hee Kiaw is all that is visible from where parking is aplenty on the opposite road. The majority of items are less than RM 10 a bowl– you’ll get some spare change back when you order any of the noodle type, dry or soup, thick kuey tiao or yellow mee, bee hoon or even without the noodles if you choose to go with their tau kee alone instead. There is no hor fun noodles (I think), which is great because hor fun is only great and can only be fantastic as chicken hor fun. Sure, they are a lot chewier than kuey Tiaw, but it certainly isn’t going to replace kuey tiaw in certain dishes, especially in this case- it is going to be super clumpy put into dry hee kiaw noodle.


Unable to choose between yellow mee or kuey tiao, I went with mix of both. It’s an efficient operation, there’s no table service, customers order at the cooking station and the food comes to your table at lightning speed. A big bowl of noodle comes with basic fish cake slices, fish balls, and thick cut of smoky char siew. Sprinkled with fried shallots and topped with a generous dollop of chili sauce, with optional additional pieces of tau kee and assorted fish paste parcels, this shouldn’t be a supper portion at all. Take note the chili is a traditional sop for years so unless asked to opt out during when you order, you are getting the chili whether you like it or not. The chili though, was lovely if not great. Slightly briny from the shrimp or seafood alike ingredient that I believe was added onto it. Could be fish sauce, and while the saltiness isn’t to my liking, it’s hard to complain when you can get a decent meal for less than a tenner. Especially when the fish ball noodle and taukee pieces were so decently delicious.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181127234018920_COVER~2 Mong Seng Kopitiam Melaka - authentic fish ball noodle

Mong Seng Kopitiam Melaka - authentic fish ball noodle Mong Seng Kopitiam Melaka - authentic fish ball noodle MVIMG_20181127_234010~2 Paid RM 5.70 for this!!


Kedai Kopi Meng Seng is located along Jalan Tun Sri Lanang (same row with Tai chi Nyonya House and opposite the Volvo showroom)
GPS: 2.2035893,102.252860



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Restaurant Kah Lok Economy Rice @ Puchong


Restaurant Kah Lok in Puchong joins the neighbourhood as staple provider, offering both classic and some innovative dishes to impress diners; especially when the lineup is offering such an incredible amount of choices.


1.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
2.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


There is no way we could have sampled everything so we started with a few at random pick. For something a bit more familiar, those stir fried vegetables were in beautiful colour, looking neat and not overcooked at all. The dishes aren’t anything special, but the comfort of these staple has a magical effect when one is craving wholesome meal.


3.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong

4.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong

5.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
6.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
7.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
8.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


Having to compete with a couple of restaurants nearby, complimentary drinks and soup is a standard offering in chap fan places within the area. Walk into any of these restaurants and you’d find that they all have complimentary drinks and soup. On a lucky day, you’ll get the “right” soup of the day- one that you are familiar with and very homey.


9.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong

10.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


Should anyone feels chap fan in Puchong area; their rotating assortment has earned them some bragging rights there.


11.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


Restaurant Kah Lok is located at :
No 20, Jalan Helang 15,
Bdr Puchong Jaya, 47100 Selangor
Tel: 0123059950


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Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)

Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)


Melaka is already popular as one of the stop for heavenly food and being a state that is so rich in history and food culture, eating is considered leisure for the locals. It is a small town pack with delicious food, and people are always venturing new places to sample new taste. Old Town Chicken Rice Ball at Taman Malim Jaya isn’t new, in fact was made popular by tourists. Cleverly putting together every popular dish that represents Melaka under one roof, there is my all time favourite chicken rice ball, and the Taiwan pork chop noodles I’ve been eating for the past 20 years or so; all of that at one spot.


Locals would know where their best choice of chicken rice ball is, and where the renowned Taiwan pork chop noodles are. But this one makes a good spot for communal dining when everyone seeks a different dish. Chicken rice ball are soft and fragrant at every bite, good enough to be eaten on its own without the essential chili gravy that should have prominently blended to have more fragrant garlicky kick.


1.Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)
2.Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)


Their pork chop noodle was nothing close to Hin Loong’s but this modest coffee shop has other noodle dishes to offer, some of them looked pretty good from across my dining table. The patrons from around the neighbourhood probably knows what’s best to order, but I wouldn’t order the same noodle the next time I revisit.


3.Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)


If anyone is running out of time to hop from one place to another, this is one good location to have both chicken rice ball and pork chop noodle at the same time. Of course, the toasted bread (roti bakar) and fresh half boiled eggs does look promising as well.


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OldTown Chicken Rice Ball is located at Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka) at:
Jalan Berkat 3,
Taman Malim Jaya, 75250 Melaka
Phone:+60 17-678 1988
Open: Daily 8am- 5pm (Closed on Thursday)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oldtownchickenriceball/


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A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex


Wet market and food court under one roof aka The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipal Complex in Macau is the perfect place to experience some local culinary culture and it is very true that local flavours made an authentic travel experience on top of an unforgettable trip. While discovering these little quirks and local culture through their local food, you’d be impressed with rewarding episodes that follows.


1.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex


The iconic egg tarts and almond biscuit is renown in Macau and for good reasons but with it vitally a must try for tourists; you’d also notice them being available within a stone throw. Instead, if you think main stream isn’t your thing then go ahead and visit this very happening complex of few storeys with escalators taking you to the highest floor where the food court is. Here is where we tasted the regular meals savoured by local residences.


2.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

3.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

4.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

Fresh produce are segregated and grouped at respective floors for minimal contamination.


The food court is your food haven featuring plenty of stalls with different varieties but take note only a selective few are tourist friendly with bilingual menu; others were all in Mandarin. That makes ordering your food a little tacky, especially if when you own an Asian face because it is naturally assumed that you are able to read the menu.


5. taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

6.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex


Watching which stall has those endless queue can be very interesting, and looking at how the locals ordered their meals really help made the right choice. After all, you don’t want to start pointing at random dish name and end up having to take up a food fear factor challenge. This stall here is apparently popular (so that’s what I was told by a very helpful lady whom is fluent in English) and is filled with photos of celebrities who visited. Beef brisket noodles (we WITHOUT the noodle) if you are into offal.


7.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

8.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

Mustard or chili sauce is optional and you help yourself with it because the busy cook will not attend to petty requests.


The large windows provide sufficient ventilation despite the absence of air conditioning but taking a long and slow stroll at the meal doesn’t get us all sweaty from the firing stoves of every stall all cooking simultaneously. Even this hot pot fromChio Kee with options of pork, beef, or lamb wasn’t too bad. And, you’ll enjoy twice as much if you’re eating companion isn’t picky with food. After all, you don’t quite get to select your meat parts during lunch hour.


12.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

10.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

11.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

Accompanied with a plate of lettuce, and the super interesting sauce (chili sauce with fermented beancurd)


Over at the Kitty stall, there is something that attracts the younger crowd and teenage kids and this is one that makes ordering a lot easier when the pictorial menu also illustrates the price and portion of each serving. There is Pork Chop Bun, Fried dumpling and instant noodles with fried egg and spam (the love for this dish by the local is probably heavily influenced by Hong Kongers).


13.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

14.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex

15.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex


This place is wonderful and is a little being disregarded if you ask me; probably outshine by the many other iconic treasures of Macau. It is a pity because the culinary culture at food stalls like this one was memorable. And every encounter here was lovely and intriguing. Special thanks to the lovely lady who helped us decide on what to order (I never got a chance to stay connected with her….).


9.A taste of Macau at The Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex


Take note most vendors would run out of what they sell by evening, and that’s also when certain dish gets a price slash.


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


This Cooked Food Area is at the highest floor at:

Mercado de S. Domingos Municipal Complex
Travessa do Soriano

Opens daily: 7:30am-8pm (closed Sundays)
Phone: +853 28337676
GPS: 22.194379,113.53741
Website: https://www.iacm.gov.mo/e/facility/introduction/foodcenter/


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Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice Shop @ Sunway


Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice Shop at Sunway here brings a special spin to conventional chicken rice we are all familiar with. What looked so conservative and ordinary turns out to win the heart of many, especially the students from the adjacent campus. Serving only breakfast and lunch, the shop looks comfortable, not at all designed, but can get cramped up pretty tight with people lining up for take outs especially during the lunch hours. Make sure you have 15- 30 minutes waiting time to spare.


7.garlic roasted chicken rice shop @ Sunway


With a meal costing no more than RM 10 and the portion given, the owner was pretty generous and easy going. A simple one spread menu displayed at the entrance of the shop, making a selection of what to eat shouldn’t be rocket science.


1.garlic roasted chicken rice shop

2.garlic roasted chicken rice shop

3.garlic roasted chicken rice shop

4.garlic roasted chicken rice shop


The quick flow of customers means you defiantly get your chicken rice warm and fresh and true enough, our pick of Chicken Drumstick Rice (RM 4.50) was decent enough to put aside any debate- it’s agreeable that the meal is worthy of every cent. The chicken alone is tasty enough to take centre stage – smooth and not overcooked; and topped with the spotlight- fried garlic. A generous blanket of fried garlic gives the extra kick and fragrant to the otherwise ordinary plate of chicken rice is their signature if not the key to the very good business. Not stingy with ingredients, a dash of spring onions topped the serving, even though it is totally okay to eliminate it.


5.garlic roasted chicken rice shop

6.garlic roasted chicken rice shop


Restaurant Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice is located opposite the side entrance of Sunway International School at:
35, Jalan PJS 11/9 (Bandar Sunway),
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hours: Opens Daily 8am- 3 pm
GPS: 3.0674272,101.60318


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Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir @ Restoran Ming Huat (Melaka)


Nasi Lemak at Ujung Pasir (Restoran Ming Huat) has been loved by Malaccans for those rich and unique taste of an authentic experience that remained the same all these years. This coffee shop also hosts several stalls of other typical local flavours, each showcasing their excellent local dishes, but our signature Malaysian heritage takes centre stage with the eclectic fresh choices of various dishes at the nasi lemak stall.


1.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka) Restoran Ming Huat
2.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)


Despite being a popular city filled with tourists on a daily basis, this one is authentically untempered for western palate. Think a smorgasbord of fiery veggies and proteins in stacks on top of anchovies, peanuts and spicy sambal around fragrant santan rice. It’s truly a lovely mess of spicy from the first bite to the very end.


3.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
4.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)


Serving fresh steaming plates of santan rice, we picked several dishes and whether or not if it is worth visiting is strictly non – debatable. It is no doubt one of the best in town and best of all, fast moving line, hassle free parking, and no tourist.


5.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
6.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
7.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
8.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
9.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
10.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
11.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)


Restoran Ming Huat is located at:
Jalan Ujong Pasir,
75050 Melaka
Tel: 06-2810245 / 016-6694915 / 012-6662359
Opening hours: 6pm onwards until everything is sold out


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Uncle Botak’s Nasi Lemak @ Melaka Baru (Melaka)


Where is Uncle Botak’s nasi lemak stall now? Did Uncle Botak move somewhere? What happened to Uncle Botak’s nasi lemak stall next to IJC? These are those questions every IJConvent’s alumni from classes of 90s to early 2000s would asks, and could relate to when speaking about good old memories from back in the good old school days. If I’m not wrong, it probably is also a nostalgic memory for many boys from SFI and Melaka High School. After all, that’s where the boys would meet the girls after school ends every weekday.


1. Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru

2.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru


Reminisce through every bite of fragrant santan rice, with kangkung, accompanied by the freshly cut cucumber slices, hardboiled egg, fried ikan bilis, peanuts and the delicious sambal. Sure the portion is a lot bigger than I remembered, but this XL version now caters to a different crowd (from the neighbourhood) instead of a bunch of high school kids, even though most still consists of many familiar faces from back then. Both uncle and auntie will always be able to spot any ex -student from IJ, and is always greeting them with a smile. He recognizes me right away after so many years. *ahem.. (thanks to sk ii’s pitera) LOL*


3.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru


Drinks include our typical kopitiam favourite like the teh tarik, and kopi O. And those signature favourites of all the students back when they are still operating from the tiny but bustling stall by the side gate of the school- our cooling Lee Chee Kang, and ABC. Both upgraded to XL version as well.


5.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru

6.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru

7.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru

8.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru


In order to cater to a more diverse crowd within this neighbourhood, menu has expanded from only nasi lemak to simple comfy food like the half boiled eggs with toast as well as the typical mee siam melaka. If you don’t already know, mee siam is another local delicacy that’s not the same within different states. Melaka mee siam is drenched in asam gravy so it’s extra appetizing.


10.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru

9.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru


We certainly left with plenty of fond memories and both uncle botak and his wife still have the same warm and loving smile. They’ve been serving comforting food with affordable prices then and are still offering very quality and fresh dishes at economical prices.


11.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


Uncle Botak’s Nasi lemak is now also known as and is located at the medan selera food court (adjacent to the corner Wilson chicken rice shop) at:


Medan Selera Tmn Melaka Baru
Taman Melaka Baru,
75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka


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Restaurant Unlimited @ SS 14 (Subang Jaya)


Restaurant Unlimited at SS14 happens to be a gem when it comes to variety and affordability. Also, the tai chau fire up a lineup of comforting dishes with the first pick being perfect for sharing especially for late night supper- Watan Hor. Velvet and silky smooth starchy gravy coating a neat fried char kuey teow with a bit of vegetables, some slices of meat and a tiny bit of mix seafood.


1.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


If you must have rice at anytime, there is menu with dishes and rice as well. Dishes of Chinese cooking are available with white rice and is fantastic especially for solo diners. Butter Milk Chicken here is served with white rice. The delicious butter milk gravy was great while the chicken were fried to a perfect texture still crispy on the outside but retaining the juice inside the chicken cutlets.


2.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


This coffee shop runs with several stalls and there is this bahkut teh (BKT) stall which serves uncommon serving of BKT. Anything you want with BKT combination is possible, even if it is just plain soup with enoki mushrooms. Kudos for such flexibilities.


3.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
4.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


Also popular is the fried chicken according to the owner but I would reckon it’s a little overrated. Every bite was fresh and juicy, but could use a bit more marinating. Even with the chili sauce, they were rather boring. Then, there is the Ah Hwa Hokkien Mee which was made popular in Jalan 222 Petaling Jaya. Although fewer pork lard and lesser wok heat, it’s still good.


4.2Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
5.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
8.@subang 14 bake fish (8)
Charcoal BBQ cooks a whole fish with charcoal on sand in an oven pit. Charcoal burns nonstop while the fish is machinery spun to have it evenly cooked.


11.@subang 14 bake fish (4)
11.1 Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14 subang
Charcoal Baked Fish photo output_7fOJsa_zpscv9vcqah.gif


The end result, the skin is not edible as we were told and inside, we found a tasty, soft and fleshy flakes. While the fish is firm, it was rather bland with no additional flavouring apart from the chili and lime which accompanied the fish. Lime easily brings out natural sweetness from the fish.


6.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
6.2 Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
7.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


The place is nicely decorated with light bulbs and makes a great place for late night supper with a beer or two. If not, there is a stall of fruit juices for all the vitamins or just to quench that thirst. You get to flexibly mix and match your fruits but the prices vary accordingly to the types of fruits.


9.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
10.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
Restaurant Unlimited is located at :
78, Jalan SS 14/2,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Phone:+60 12-292 2198
GPS: 3.0726592,101.589512


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Loke Ann Cafe @ Melaka


Melaka is a beautiful place that is filled with preserved tradition and culture. Loke Ann Café in Melaka is one that is fantastic to experience the very authentic and local flavour of the lovely town. With the many hip and contemporary eateries and cafe in town, some of the old coffee shops still remain retro right from the very tiny pieces of flooring times to the huge serving bowl of food still selling at affordable prices.


mutton soup @ lok ann cafe
Spending some time here, you’ll see many loyal old patrons visiting them. Mingling and hanging around coffee shop like this is a fantastic way to experience the local culture. People are very friendly (ahem, Malaccans are awesome people) and the food often value for money and is always wallet friendly.


1.mutton soup @ lok ann cafe (7)


Loke Ann Café is this really old coffee shop which hosts several stalls for years now. There are the noodle stalls, the chicken rice and chap fan (economic rice) stall and the renowned Mutton Soup. There are several places in Melaka that sells this but this stall in Loke Ann Café is easily accessible with ample parking bay most of the time.


2.mutton soup @ lok ann cafe (4)


The Mutton Soup here is a cross of chicken soup and bah kut teh with the distinct aroma from mutton. The soup is also salty ergo gaminess becoming least distinct in the brackish soup. There is fu chuk, and tau fu pok, as well as black Chinese fungus with some button mushrooms; all of which resembles the conventional bah kut teh dish. Not forgetting the option of white or yellow rice to go with this delicious soup, it is served with special chili sauce and lime. The addition of lime is mesmerizing and makes a whole different to the dish.


3.lok ann cafe mlk -mutton soup
4.mutton soup @ lok ann cafe (3)


The rest of the stalls are also very authentic. I tried the local mee hoon kuih as well. I have always had a slight fond of mee hoon kuih over pan mee although they share resemblance of most of the ingredients. The serving here is huge with lots of soup and served in a big bowl. These pinched noodles were not very impressive but given the economical price of it, one must not be too finical.


5. Loke Ann Cafe Melaka


Like any typical coffee shops in town, barley, herbal tea, etc. as well as the usual local favourites like the Kopi-peng, Teh-C and Milo are what’s commonly served. These old coffee shops host a place for the elderly to reminisce the flavours and good old times back then. It is almost like a time tunnel in the middle of a well developed and fast pace motions in town.


6.lok ann cafe mlk- teh c ice


Like any other local coffee shops in Melaka, they start operating from morning and closes when they run out; usually before evening and all that I ordered was forless than RM15.


7.mutton soup @ lok ann cafe (6)


Loke Ann Café is located at:
30 Jalan Pasar Baru
(Kee Ann Road),
75200 Melaka
GPS: 2.199324,102.249616


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Restaurant Jie Mee @ Hartamas


The legendary wantan mee in Damansara Heights sent many patrons with disappointment and anxiety when it was closed somewhere last year. This wan tan mee somehow became an essential part for regular customers (at least the ones within Damansara Heights’ community) from when since they started their operations on Jalan Batai, thanks to the offices around that area. Now that they are back in town, some loyal customers probably already know about the three sisters making a comeback at their new location in Taman Sri Hartamas.


1.restaurant jie mee (4)
2.restaurant jie mee


With wantan mee and curry laksa as their main attraction, customers enjoy pairing the curry to the wantan noodle as well as adding delicate morsel of cockle flesh or luscious braised chicken feet. Also showcasing a balanced of good protein is their nicely poached chicken, flavourful char siew slices and silky smooth wanton wraps.


4.restaurant jie mee (3)


Egg noodle was skillfully cooked with perfect timing for that springy texture so delectably enjoyable and topped that with the fresh ingredient and decent selling price, makes this a good stop for wholesome lunch.


6.restaurant jie mee (9)
7.restaurant jie mee (2)
3. jie mee wantan mee prices


Rich and thick curry gravy with long beans, tofu puffs and lovely sambal topped onto this coconut milk broth for the extra kick of spice and the lovelier mix of colour.


8.restaurant jie mee (10)


Also not to be missed is the authentic heavenly pair of pickled chili pieces to go with any of their wantan noodle.




Like many conventional coffee shops, drinks variable did not deviate far from the usual local delights. The calamansi juice is apparently what’s popular among regular customers but I would say they are not too great or impressive.


10. drinks jie mee


Make your way to the Jalan Batai’s Wantan noodle at their new location at :
Restaurant Jie Mee
No.18, Ground Floor,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 8
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.157816, 101.650512


Jie Mee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Klebang Coconut Shake @ Melaka


The coconut shake maniac started in Melaka and as a proud Malaccan, I ought to pay a visit to the pioneer coconut shake in Klebang. The long queue was indeed a shocker and not only did the scene did some obstruction the traffic flow at the very narrow road in Klebang, it also put the name of Melaka to the top search result in google when searching for coconut shake. The hype is apparently still ongoing (judging on the line and crowd) but the overrated reviews did kind of intrigue me in some way, sufficient to keep my expectations real high.


2.coconut shake line


The stall by the roadside is for take away only but another 1minutes driving distant would lead you to the store with seats and light meals.




Tuck in with a huge space big enough to park more than 10 cars, this little warung very quickly expanded to selling more than just the famous coconut shake alone. There is simple snack and quick serving of warung food but none was worth a shout instead, just good enough to feed any hungry gourmand. Authentic kuih Melayu was quite some delight and all food are self service.


5.coconut shake (3)
6.coconute shake


Customers pick their food and place their order of beverage when paying at the cashier.




So in case anyone is still curious of what coconut shake is, it is basically coconut juice with ice and blended with walls vanilla ice cream. Optionally, you can top it with a scoop of ice cream but I really cannot agree to the mix of refreshing coconut and vanilla ice cream. Ice cream totally masked the fragrant of coconut but living in such a hot temperature, I am guessing everyone could use a coconut shake at any time of the day. If not then we can all just go for regular coconut juice.


8.coconut shake (2)
9.coconut shake (6)


Although it is sunny hot most of the time, the place was shaded. Also, Klebang is near sea side so perpetual light breeze is assured.




Find the renown Klebang coconut shake at:
(along) Jalan Klebang Besar,
75200 Melaka (next to the Caltex Petrol Station)
GPS location: 2.215746,102.206837
Opening hours: 12.30pm-6.30pm daily (Friday: 2pm-6.30pm) (not open on Hari Raya)


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Korean BBQ ( Food Court style ) @ the Rock Cafe


Pop culture of Korea has definitely played a very important role in the Korean wave as more people are getting to know more about the country, the culture and the tradition of Korea. In the culinary scene, things aren’t any different. With K-pop getting bigger, more people acquiring the flavour of Korea. With these overwhelming responses which are evident with the amount of Korean BBQ restaurants around us, even food courts are serving Korean BBQ.


1.rock cafe


Situated at the Rock Café in Sunway (across the Sunway International School) the place is within walking distance, very much favourable to the Korean students enrolled in the school or college. The stall also delivers a good range of authentic Korean stews and noodles.


2.rock cafe (1)


When having Korean BBQ, it is common to visit the Korean restaurants with grilling stove and ventilator but doing Korean BBQ at a food court was the first for me.


3.rock cafe (2)


The portion served did not fall short from the usual that is served in a Korean restaurant. In fact, there is more meat to compensate the lack of side dishes served. As a matter of fact the plump slices of fresh pork serve 2 pax and cost RM 17 each with one kimchi each.


4.rock cafe (3)


Instead of the usual leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce is served as salad leaves to accompany the BBQ pork.


5.rock cafe (4)


With charcoal free and the absence of grill stove, portable gas stove is used instead. With a tray covered with aluminum foil, we are ready to cook our meat at semi open air with some nice breeze if lucky.


6.rock cafe (5)


The aroma of grilled meats wafting through the night breeze is very calmingly enjoyable. Almost like street food in Korea without the tents.


7.rock cafe (6)


The misconception of many is that the BBQ restaurants are all over everywhere in Korea. That is erroneous as the highest number of restaurants is probably fusion cafes. We probably have more here when comparing the restaurant ratios to distances compared to it in Korea itself. The best BBQ restaurant has yet to prevail but this certainly isn’t one.


The Rock Cafe (Medan Sunway) is located at:
2 Jalan PJS 11/20 (Bandar Sunway)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46150
GPS coordinate: 3.068487,101.602107


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