Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia x Hungry Bear @ Melaka

  Some of the finest producers come together at the Pizzart campaign to once again bring patrons and customers an amazing food experience. Featuring dishes from some of the best restaurants, plus four pizza inventions specially created by Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia, the Taste of Anchor Food Professionals presents cheesy festive edition, and a whole … Continue reading

Street Eats: Melaka- Gor Hiong (5 spice)/ Prawn Crackers @ Jalan Tun Perak

  When it comes to food obsession in Melaka, you definitely don’t need the disposable income for best restaurants because street food is your saviour. All the cheap eats of exceptional flavour and experience served either in dinky plastics and paper wraps are the best experience to dive into the local eating habits and food … Continue reading

Bica & Co @ Rosa Melaka

  It is not uncommon that the expectations are instantly elevated by at least a 30 percent whenever a place is glamorous and impressive looking from the outside. We would usually expect a pleasant experience in whole but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Well at least not for this new establishment in Melaka.  … Continue reading

Calanthe Art Café – 13 States Coffee, Melaka (Jonker Street)

Calanthe Art Café – 13 States Coffee, Melaka (Jonker Street)   Some things are best kept secret. But here at the Calanthe art in Melaka, the greens and beautiful plants that are hidden from the view from the facade is where you can dine in at cosy ambience and at the same time keeping your … Continue reading

Pantree in Justlife Organic shop @ Semabok, Melaka

The Pantree Melaka (Semabok)   Melaka town is so small and with all the social networking, one may think that there is probably no secret in the city. As much as we love the Jonker street and merry crowd on festive and holiday seasons, we all sometimes need a bit of quiet and peacefulness. It … Continue reading

The Fat Bee by Backlane Cafe @ The Jetty, Melaka

  The Fat Bee Café at the Jetty (Melaka) is this modern European restaurant by the renowned Backlane Café. Currently they are serving amazing choices of food selection, alongside with booze on the menu to pair with your food. With their location close to the seaside at the jetty, and glass panels to usher plenty … Continue reading

Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)

Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)   Melaka is already popular as one of the stop for heavenly food and being a state that is so rich in history and food culture, eating is considered leisure for the locals. It is a small town pack with delicious food, and people are … Continue reading

Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)

  Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant at Taman Merdeka Permai is the latest addition to the blooming hot pot scene in Melaka’s steamboat choices. Hot pots are conventionally being satiate with a pot of soup and axcompanied with either a platter of assorted ingredients; or ala carte plates of selected ingredients; or even on a … Continue reading

Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir @ Restoran Ming Huat (Melaka)

  Nasi Lemak at Ujung Pasir (Restoran Ming Huat) has been loved by Malaccans for those rich and unique taste of an authentic experience that remained the same all these years. This coffee shop also hosts several stalls of other typical local flavours, each showcasing their excellent local dishes, but our signature Malaysian heritage takes … Continue reading

Uncle Botak’s Nasi Lemak @ Melaka Baru (Melaka)

  Where is Uncle Botak’s nasi lemak stall now? Did Uncle Botak move somewhere? What happened to Uncle Botak’s nasi lemak stall next to IJC? These are those questions every IJConvent’s alumni from classes of 90s to early 2000s would asks, and could relate to when speaking about good old memories from back in the … Continue reading

Halia Inc @ Melaka

  A fine premise and perfectly located along the popular river in Melaka, Halia Inc stood beautifully with robust feature and conveniently fire up quite an extensive range of dishes to offer. From something you can stop by just to munch because a main meal is absurd when aplenty of local delights are within close … Continue reading

Celebrating Teddy-licious festive @ Teddy Bear Cafe (TBC), Melaka

  The Teddy Bear Cafe (TBC) at Melaka (Dataran Pahlawan) celebrates the taste of joy this festive season with their Christmas Set (RM 15.90) of Teddie’s hearty dessert and drink with their slice of happiness spectrum. The slice of rainbow cake is beautifully decked in lovely colours of castella soft layers; with cream between each … Continue reading