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Mong Seng Kopitiam for some authentic Hee Kiaw Noodle @ Melaka



The coffee shop operates till late night, the only one lit along the street. On darker and colder nights, steams and lights from inside the shop and near the corridor at where a hawker cart is showcasing the Hee Kiaw is all that is visible from where parking is aplenty on the opposite road. The majority of items are less than RM 10 a bowl– you’ll get some spare change back when you order any of the noodle type, dry or soup, thick kuey tiao or yellow mee, bee hoon or even without the noodles if you choose to go with their tau kee alone instead. There is no hor fun noodles (I think), which is great because hor fun is only great and can only be fantastic as chicken hor fun. Sure, they are a lot chewier than kuey Tiaw, but it certainly isn’t going to replace kuey tiaw in certain dishes, especially in this case- it is going to be super clumpy put into dry hee kiaw noodle.


Unable to choose between yellow mee or kuey tiao, I went with mix of both. It’s an efficient operation, there’s no table service, customers order at the cooking station and the food comes to your table at lightning speed. A big bowl of noodle comes with basic fish cake slices, fish balls, and thick cut of smoky char siew. Sprinkled with fried shallots and topped with a generous dollop of chili sauce, with optional additional pieces of tau kee and assorted fish paste parcels, this shouldn’t be a supper portion at all. Take note the chili is a traditional sop for years so unless asked to opt out during when you order, you are getting the chili whether you like it or not. The chili though, was lovely if not great. Slightly briny from the shrimp or seafood alike ingredient that I believe was added onto it. Could be fish sauce, and while the saltiness isn’t to my liking, it’s hard to complain when you can get a decent meal for less than a tenner. Especially when the fish ball noodle and taukee pieces were so decently delicious.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181127234018920_COVER~2 Mong Seng Kopitiam Melaka - authentic fish ball noodle

Mong Seng Kopitiam Melaka - authentic fish ball noodle Mong Seng Kopitiam Melaka - authentic fish ball noodle MVIMG_20181127_234010~2 Paid RM 5.70 for this!!


Kedai Kopi Meng Seng is located along Jalan Tun Sri Lanang (same row with Tai chi Nyonya House and opposite the Volvo showroom)
GPS: 2.2035893,102.252860



Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Yu Jiao Me (Melaka)


When it comes to food, it is almost impossible to pick the best. Only what’s best to you or what’s best to her or him. Food is always subjective and there can never be right or wrong. I do however have an issue when business owners serve food without passion. And when a business runs for decades, there must be beauty in it whether you see it or not. Yu jiao Me is one that has expertly withstood the test of time for whatever reasons it is. I like it that it is simple and modest, and auntie is friendly. Smiles are everywhere and whatever plays on their choice of FM accompanies your meal time. Only a handful of choices available from both the stalls within the coffee shop – noodles or rice. Skipping rice this time around, we put noodles to our table. Egg noodle in wantan new was decently good without lumping and with no sticky starch coating the strands of noodle, and tasty char siew meat quite almost a little smoky in aroma, but really lack the vegetables. It seriously got me wondering as to why they are even bothered to even go through the trouble to put the two leaves onto the noodle? Laksa on the other hand didn’t appeal to me. It does deliver on this much-loved classic: the big, deep bowl has a rich broth, a good measure of coconut creaminess, puffy tofu, a good handful of beansprout and a nice warm hit of chilli that won’t break your taste buds mainly because of the heavy dose of sugar. I wish there were more kick to the laksa broth. They throw in fish balls and charsiew which would also appear in the rest of the noodle items on the menu but that’s good because it will then be fresh all the time.



Review at : https://wp.me/p1tyh7-2d9 Review on blog at :https://wp.me/p1tyh7-2d9

Review on blog at :https://wp.me/p1tyh7-2d9
I wouldn’t mind eating here out of convenient but to return on purpose would have to take more than just comfort wantan noodle and their overly sweet laksa.


Review on blog at :https://wp.me/p1tyh7-2d9 Review on blog at :https://wp.me/p1tyh7-2d9


Yu jiao me is located at:
75, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75300 Melaka.
GPS: 2.1987636,102.239848


There is a really delicious fish ball noodle just right next to this one called the Oriental Noodle. Anyone could probably tell who wins the heart of noodle lovers, just by looking at the crowd in both this side by side coffee shop.


Also read about SycookiesXMelaka for all the food trip in Sarawak and Sycookies Food Travelogue when I travel out of Klang Valley for food.


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Authentic porky meal at Yeah Cuisine, Jalan Awan (Ampang)

Yeah Cuisine at Jalan Awan Ampang

Yeah cuisine shouts authentic and delicious flavour at Jalan Awan, Ampang. They’ll tell you to go for the pork patty. They’ll tell you it’s a juicy bite of delicious umami minced with fresh herbs and sweet meat. And they’d be right. It is. Meals are available up until 3pm. And it’s well worth doing. Minced pork patty- isn’t too fat or too coarsely minced, but it wasn’t paste like either, the right fat-to-meat ratio. Pork patties serving on top of warm rice, this is the kind of bowl you will look forward to. I would of course like it with more vegetable but the salted fish in the patty was so amazing I didn’t mind the lack of vegetable.
With a variant of patties available to top that steaming fluff of white rice, choose from Coriander Pork Patty, Salted fish Pork Patty or even Dried Squid Patty, which by the way is very umami packed. The best thing is, noodle is available. Pork patty will rest on a bed of braised pork so if the patty isn’t quite what you are feeling, go for the Braised Pork Rice. Cubes of fat and meat layer from the pork belly with our staple grains and a whole braised egg is so good. Did I mention the bowls each comes with a sinful spoonful of fried lard? I swear to you it was some mixed emotions but if your stomach (or artery veins in this case) have only quota or space for one thing, then go for the pork patty.

1.yeah cuisine

2 yeah cuisine jalan awan

4.yeah cuisine 3.3yeah cuisine

5.yeah cuisine

6.yeah cuisine

such generous spoonful of pork lard (CYC)- dayuuummm..

Should you have more space in the stomach, or more people to share your meal, then get a Chinese burger. The white cottony soft and fluffy mantao bun was so good with the dried squid pork patty. With the right thickness for the right amount of chew and plenty of umami from the dried squids, and the patty slightly bigger than the bao, every bite is enjoyably assured to have meat in it. Cleverly sandwich with some pickled vegetable, this can actually be a meal on its own. Other snacking option isn’t as interesting but it was really good to offer for variety. Especially for neighbouring patrons, Yeah cuisine can have you screaming for meal time every now and then when thinking of comfort food of honest serving. The restaurant is not stingy with their ingredients.7.yeah cuisinec

8.yeah cuisine

9. jalan awan ampang yeah cuisine

10.yeah cuisine

Noodle is a great breakfast option but oh that rice roll…. And that curry… Malaysians will swear on that authentic curry is an entitlement and this Hakka heritage delivers an inimitable complex flavour that’s closer to the roots of Hakka palate. I personally feel that Hakka dishes are a little heavier when it comes to flavour but it is what makes them unique in defining their culinary history.

Yeah Cuisine is located at:
No. 53, Jalan Awan, Kuala Ampang,
68000 Ampang, Selangor
Daily Hours: 7:30am – 3:00pm
Phone: 017-310 1783
GPS: 3.1658113,101.748872
Facebook: https://mobile.facebook.com/yeahcuisine

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Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid


From miso to tonkotsu made with that long-simmered pork bone broth, to some simple light soya sauce-based soup, we’d have no problem getting the ramen fix in all sorts of forms in the Klang Vallley. In the most authentic and traditional restaurants to some fusion contemporary cafes that are always trying something a bit different than the rest, it really isn’t challenging to grab that steaming bowl of Japanese noodle in broth. But as to exactly where the best ramen joints are at, is still a question with no definite answer. The newest in Sunway- the Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen is one with decidedly classic looking ramen bowls with short pages of menu featuring a handful of ramen selections. We’ve slurped our way through some of the noodles on the menu and rounded up the conclusion if the place is a dupe .


First and foremost, the place is about ramen. Because menu is straight forward with pictures and quick description. The short and simple menu makes ordering easy, but I recommend the seasonal Burnt Garlic . I personally can’t get over the brined noodles thanks to the powerful broth. But the loaded topped garlic were unmistakeably garlicky, the whole experience is rich, flavour and might even leave some wanting more. Gyoza (six pieces for RM13, 10 pieces for RM19) wasn’t something memorable and elegantly presented. But that is the character seen in typical Japanese dumpling. They are the perfect nibble.


1.Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid
2.Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid


The classics topped with onion, bamboo, slices of tender meat and most importantly and interesting surprise of a good textured and perfectly cooked noodles- we hardly get good noodle texture without a gentle reminder to the chef, that some of us in Malaysia do like the real deal of springy from ramen noodles. While there are some with thicker and more flavourful broth, the rest of the bowls of the order didn’t quite make it to please or pass the musters for value and depth of flavour. The rest on the table seemed to unhappy with the rest of the ramen choices. All Assari Sio Ramen (RM23) , Tonkotsu ramen (RM 25) and Yaki- Miso Ramen( RM 25 ) were either lightly seasoned or


3.Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid
4.Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid
5.Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid


Ramen joints have always had eponymous mainstays but Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen probably should work on establishing that. Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen is located at:


Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall 3
Ground Floor, Green Zone, Sunway Clio Hotel
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 11.00 am – 10.00 pm Daily
Tel: 03-5650 5118
GPS: 3.0732619,101.6046172
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menya.miyabi


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle @ Mutiara Damansara


With those mismatched tables and plastic chairs for seats, this newly expanded coffee shop space is loud, crowded and unrefined- just the way many of us would enjoy a comfort meal before casual trendy gossips and news- both fake or real. This isn’t a newbie in town but the recent expansion means a lot to some of their hardcore fan. Many are drawn into Soon Soon Pan Mee and fish head noodle by the reputation, and there is not a time of day when a crowd can’t be spotted outside, lining up or waiting for a table. Most come with family and larger group. Now with a bigger space means more seats and tables hence it is now shorter time in the line, so scene as such is possibly no longer visible.



It is almost not necessary to look at the menu when you are here, you’ll find everyone else sorta eating the same couple of dishes, and you should too: they are famous for making the best fish head noodle within this area. You’ll spot a bowl of glistening noodle dish on almost every table. Unlike typical fish head noodle, the broth here is slightly starchy and has what’s close to broth-like consistency. Each spoonful delivers soup made from rich stock that’s umami with a hind of sweet tang from the tomatoes and the pickled mustard green. Soup is thick also because of yam chucks that contributes a little starch to the texture of the soup. While it is not merely about the soup, each pieces of fillet were thick, cuboidal and fried correctly for sufficient crisp on the outside and moist juicy on the inside. The deep fried also helps lock the flavor of fish from within so it compliments the noodles in the soup.


1.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle
2.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle
4.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle
5.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle


Skip the pan mee and char chan teng breakfast all together cause why waste your quota on those when you can have the delicious fish head noodle? Of course, unless if you are not a fan of fish head noodle of which if so then you shouldn’t even bother visiting this shop then. They do however bring some nostalgic memories to the root of local coffee shop menu. Eggs are always fresh, I would order the half-boiled eggs every single time and they never fail me.


3.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle
6.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle
7.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle


Soon Soon Pan Mee and Fish Head noodle is located at:
18-1, Jalan PJU 8/5C, Damansara Perdana, 47820 PJ, Selangor, Damansara Perdana, 47820
Phone: 012-928 7632 / 012-634 6662
Business Hour: Daily 7am- 5 pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Restoran-Soon-Soon-Pan-Mee-Fish-Head-
GPS: 3.1648096,101.6068099


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara


Vietnamese chain and standalone restaurants are getting more and more popular in our local food scene with the latest and my most recent favourite, Guess What? at the Kota Damansara. No need to actually guess it, cause that’s the name of this Vietnamese restaurant. Don’t ask me. But there’s all the classic Vietnamese dishes (summer rolls, pho, rice) plus some Vietnamese tea and coffee. The menu is an edited-down list, each dish portrayed in an adjoining colour pic: a couple of starters, lots of substantial bowlfuls, some side dishes and my favourite sandwich of all time- banh mi. Service is laid-back yet welcoming, and the food quite superb. Not only is the food impressive and authentic, it’s inexpensive too. Whether you’re after Bánh mì or a steaming bowl of Pho, Guess What Vietnamese boast more than enough signature dishes to satisfy your cravings.


The herby Summer Rolls (RM 6.90) were a joy, together with the Fish Sauce Chicken Wing (RM 6.90) that is very highly recommended by the owner, for a good reason. Let the first bite speak for itself and at that point it’s only the eyes that’s talking cause the lips are sealed munching on that delicious bites of succulent chicken. Mango Papaya Pork Salad (RM 6.90) doesn’t quite capture the usually obsessed-with-raw papaya-me like how it usually does, but is a decent enough rendition with the addition of pork in it. I’ll go for the Deep-Fried Rolls (RM 6.90) instead.


1.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara
2.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara
3.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara
4.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara


Dry noodles were joy, and the beautifully flavoured pho with slices of beef, chicken and seafood was all it should be. All three of the Pork Chop Noodles (RM 9.90), Stir Fried Australian Beef (RM 12.90) , and the Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli (RM 11.90) were packed with generous meat and a whole chop of pork, with tasty and fresh garnishes to enhance the flavours of each bite, every bowlful is a value for money. Pho with options of either rice noodle or egg noodle comes in beef and chicken variants, plus that seafood option packed with delicious homemade meat balls with satisfying biting size with deep and flavourful broth. Silky noodle some with a rendition of additional poached free-range egg is a luxury although it would be fine without it. Choose among Clams (RM 8.90), Handmade Beed Ball (RM 13.90), Pork (RM 8.90), Fish (RM 12.90), Beef Internal Organs (RM 12.90), Chicken (RM 8.90) using free range chicken and 1 poached egg, or even the Australian Beef Pho (RM 13.90 if asking for beef slice or RM 17.90 if asking for Ribeye Slices) for a meal of hearty comfort and satisfying pleasure.


5.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara

6.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara

7.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara

8.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara

9.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara

10.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara

11.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara


The noodle bowls are not the only thing bulked out by massive, meaty toppings. Rice dishes definitely delivered with the same value for money with options like Beef stew rice (RM 15.50), Vietnamese Chicken or Pork Chop (RM 12.90), and Lemongrass Pork or Chicken (RM 9.90). The meats excel when it comes to depth of flavours and while there isn’t really any disappointment here, given the comfortable setting and fair pricing offered, I’ll let the absence of alcohol drinks slide.


12.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara
13.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara
14.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara


French- Vietnamese sandwich is a big part of Vietnam’s street food culture but they are ubiquitous in Vietnamese café and restaurants outside Vietnam. I for one is a lame sucker for the crisp-shelled baguettes that makes beautiful crackling sounds. Even if they aren’t the principle offering, I am always ordering it just to have a bite of the crispy baguette. The baguettes here are outsourced and are filled with a choice of Beef, Pork, Chicken, or Tuna (all priced at RM 7.90 each), and topped with fresh vegetables and herbs. I love the generous coriander on it. The classic pork banh mi comes with a succulent cold cut of pork, earthy liver pâté, crunchy veg and fresh coriander, all in a light crispy baguette. It can be happiness in every single bite depending on how much you love banh mi but no matter how much I love it, I probably wouldn’t go for tuna.


Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara Review on blog at: https://wp.me/p1tyh7-26l
15.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara
16.Guess What Vietnamese restaurant @ Kota Damansara


Guess What is located at:
7, Jalan PJU 5/6, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hour: Daily, 11 am – 9:30 pm
GPS: 3.1522033,101.5943715
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guesswhatkd/


Click HERE for Full Menu and for more photos on flickr.


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Solomen Cafe @ SS 2


From ramen bowls made with long simmer pot bone broth, simple soy sauce based soup, or miso to rice bowls with delicious pork slices; we can now get our Japanese comfort meal fix in Solomen Cafe at SS2. There is not only an assortment of steaming bowls of thin wheat noodles in broth, but a good fare of Japanese classics to complete a wholesome meal. This plain and humble looking cafe is absolutely a very good space and ambiance for leisure and comforting meal.


Starting with the delicious pieces of Gyoza (RM 1190), it is something that I’d highly recommend as add ons or appetisers. These parcels of pan fried dumpling are succulently wrapped tightly to reserve the juice and moist of the fillings so that every bite is rich and packed with flavours. And skillfully controlling the cooking time, those deep fried homemade marinated pork chop is another good dish for communal dining. Tonkatsu (RM 20.90) are crispy on the outside and tender delicious on the inside.


1.Solomen Café @ SS 2

2.Solomen Café @ SS 2


Moving to their ramen bowls, both the Tonkotsu Ramen (RM 20.90) and Kimchi Ramen (RM 19.90) packs a flavoursome punch with the usual suspects of seaweed and eggs to be expected; as well as al dante bites of springy ramen noodle. The portions are amazing- not too gigantic yet great enough to satisfy ramen craving.


3.Solomen Café @ SS 2

4.Solomen Café @ SS 2

5.Solomen Café @ SS 2


Negi Miso Ramen (RM 20.90) also have those juicy pork but shredded to match the texture of fried leek on their ramen noodles simmered in delicious homemade miso soup.


6.Solomen Café @ SS 2

7.Solomen Café @ SS 2


Ramen isn’t the only thing you get because the menu also presents a couple of rice bowls and like their ramen bowls; these rice bowls are hearty and filling. Shiogayaki don (RM 21.50) was topped with stir fried sliced pork and onion in homemade ginger sauce while Hokkaido Buta Don (RM 22.90) had their rice topped with sliced pork on special homemade sweet sauce. Should the rice have a better texture, their rice bowls are close to perfect given the range of pricing they are tagged on. After all, mushy texture really won’t do Japanese rice grain any justice.


8.Solomen Café @ SS 2

9.Solomen Café @ SS 2

10.Solomen Café @ SS 2

11.Solomen Café @ SS 2

16. solomen ss2

15.Tori Karaage  (RM 14.50)


Hoikoro (RM 16.90) stir fried sliced pork with vegetables in homemade miso paste would put a smile to pork lover with the layers of evenly distributed fats in between the layers of pork belly slices. But if you are avoiding those fats, may I recommend the gigantic Tori Karaage (RM 14.50). There are no fats in this one, only super thick coating of flour enveloping the chicken cuts to lock all moist and juice of the meat. I didn’t enjoy the thick- almost close to goey in between the supposedly-crunchy outer layer and the succulent tender boneless chicken meat; but majority would love the huge value-for-money pieces of chicken.


12.Solomen Café @ SS 2

13.Solomen Café @ SS 2

14.Tori Karaage  (RM 14.50)


So because they are also a café, the beverage list conquers 2 pages of the menu. Cucumber Mojito Sparker (RM 10.90) was really refreshing and perfect as to beat those fiery weather out there and you get your caffeine fix too if are merely just chilling after the comforting meal. Latte (RM 9.90) fares well to go with their selection of cakes- both the Cempedak Lover (RM 13.90) and Tiramisu (RM 11.90) .


17.solomen cafe ss2

18.solomen cafe ss2


Click HERE for MENU and more photos on flickr.


Solomen café is located at:
16, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, MY
Phone: +60 16-289 9079
Business Hour: 12pm- 10pm (Monday Closed)
GPS: 3.1131367,101.620376
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/solomencafe/


SoloMen Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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