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Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

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Hot pot is the quintessential food especially when the season turns colder. My first night in Macao was cold and much pump with anxious to if I would enjoy my trip as much if it wasn’t a work assignment. The hot pot dinner instantly had all of us bonded in no time. The communal atmosphere of dunking vegetables into a big pot of boiling soup or broth and lingering over it together with the bunch is the recipe for a perfect evening, and the heat emitted from the boiling pot itself will keep even the coldest of hearts warm this fall in Macao.
Whatever type of hot pot that tickles your fancy, they are all here in Broadway’s Food Street. With more than 50 selections of sizzling and blister pops of boiling broth and soups, and whether fiery flavor or sweet umami, Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot Sensations , it is the time of the year to huddle up and cook away. Imagine the entire street filled with hot steams and aroma wafting through and this is currently happening now till 28th February 2019. Perfect weather this very moment and perfect timing if you are visiting during the lunar new year.


1.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation
Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation Review on blog at: https://wp.me/p1tyh7-2dW


Prepared over a charcoal flame, the casserole packs the flavour and aroma with layers of taste profile harmoniously coming together in chunks and bites of very tender and delicious meat. Lei Ka Choi here is a Micheline recommended and it is not difficult to see why. Their success passes over generations as they innovatively raised the bar of traditional Cantonese claypot dishes. Serving the best of traditional Shunde cuisine, I am totally thrilled with the uniqueness of the dish when it is categorised as hot pot, and how the naked flavours with such subtle cooking skills are being translated into lip smacking. Together with bean curds, and the freshly cooked vegetables to your own liking of texture, it is part of Shunde culinary heritage to showcase the freshest and best of quality in the ingredients. With very little liquid, vegetables are cooked mostly with the high temperature so each bite of vegetables are still packed with flavours.


3.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation 4.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

5.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

6.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao Hot Pot sensation 6.6Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

7.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensationSimple fresh cuts of meat slowly cooked with turnip and pepper soup.


The menu includes a whole range of different fresh but can be hard to decipher for a beginner so just going for the abovementioned dishes is a safe bet. But skip the fried fish ball to save some quota for dessert next door despite it being a signature dish. Actually, skip all the side dishes if you are considering a drink or two at the nearby bars. Their hot pot is where the highlight is.


Menu https://image.broadwaymacau.com.mo/user-


8.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation 8.8Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

9.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation
10.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

11.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation 11.1Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

Deep Fried Pork Intestines 55MOP, Deep Fried Fish Balls 55 MOP, Deep Fried Wanton 48MOP12.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation


Gathering the famous names, Food Street could save you so much time travelling around Macao when all the latest and oldest are gathered along this street.That we are talking about names like San Ma Lo Seng Kei Congee, Chi Kei Ngao Chap, Yi Sun, as well as some popular names crossed over from Hong Kong, such as Tsui Wah or Tim Ho Wan. Topping that with vibrant entertainment and art performances at all time, dining is fully entertained and pleasant. Not to mention the availability of International and Macanese dining houses. It is the perfect place to taste Macao at one location. That is if you have the space in your stomach.



Lei Ka Choi (Broadway) is located at:
Broadway Food Street, E-G028
Tel: +853 8883 3338
Opening Hours: 12pm – 3pm, 5pm – 1am


Food places I have covered in Macao is also pinned on Gastronomy Macao map , so this hopefully would be a great help for reference for anyone planning on a Macao food trip. Content made possible by Macao Government Tourism Office Malaysia and check out all the other food places I’ve reviewed with #sycookiesxMacao . Watch this on my vlog as well and I also have another hot pot place in the line up for those travelling to Macao.


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HO HO Steamboat, Cheras on a regular weekday.


Some of the best time to enjoy the hotpot is when the temperature drops, or whenever it gets chilly after the rain. That happens most of the time but hotpot lovers really don’t regard that as factors for them crave and love for steamboat or hotpots. Malaysians crave steamboat all year round, but I am just surprised to see a few establishments operating side by side within a same row of premises here in Cheras. Settling with the one with the most crowd, we put our bets on HOHO Steamboat. And while they don’t offer a range of innovative soups and flavours, they have fresh crabs and seafood, as well as a wealth of other ingredients to dunk into the pot. We were told by the service crew that he would gladly return our money or exchange a new serving if we are not happy with the quality of their crabs. That is something highly unlikely to be heard from other steamboat restaurants so I really do admire that. In the 2 in 1 pot, we had clear and tomyam soup side by side and take note the later guarantees an intense flavor and mouth numbing sensation.


3.HO HO Steamboat Cheras


To keep up with the demand and to keep things interesting, many restaurants throw plenty of gimmick and trendy twists to the regular pot of soup. Some offers assorted soup based, while others make sure they are cut above the rest when it comes to choices of ingredients. The standard set here is a bit limited when it comes to premium ingredients, so I’d suggest spending a few more ringgit for some add ons or alacarte selections. Unlike most steamboat restaurants, they have noodle dishes in the menu, as well as things like the barbeque chicken wing. I’ve yet to find out if barbeque chicken wing is a pairing partnership with HOHO Steamboat restaurants, but they seemed to be available at where HOHO steamboat restaurants operates. The one in Bandar Puteri Puchong was very memorable so I went ahead and ordered the barbeque chicken wing here. Turns out, they were delicious as well. Also, on the table for the night was the Lala Meehon which wasn’t anything too fantastic that’s not to be missed, but at the same time not too much to complain.


1.HO HO Steamboat Cheras
2.HO HO Steamboat Cheras


Watch this appearing on my vlog, and click HERE for more photos on flickr.



Ho Ho Steamboat is located at:
No. B26-G, Jalan C180/1,
Dataran C180,
43200 Batu 9 Cheras, Selangor
Business Hour: 3:30pm- 12 am daily
Tel: 010-259 7953
GPS: 3.036937,101.763109


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Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong


Designed to provide both hot pot and BBQ simultaneously, Village Steamboat in Puchong is one place not to be overlooked when scouting for a joyful dinner experience. The thing about hot pot and BBQ is also the togetherness and conversations over the cooking time. What makes this halal (pork-free) restaurant stand out is the BBQ Pitt next to your hot pot table, their lively swimming prawns, and their excellent assortment of vegetables, meatballs of many kinds, mushrooms, meats and of course the fresh seafood- a favourite with the neighbourhood patrons, as well as fellow foodies. 

1.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

2.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

3.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

4.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

5.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

6.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

7.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

8.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

9.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

10.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

11.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

12.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong


The highlight, apart from the assortment on their buffet line is the fishing for live prawns activity. Dinner’s get to experience catching prawns that are swimming in their water tank and cooking them directly and either the hot pots or the grilling pits. I personally thought it was a little disturbing watching the prawns dying in such a manner but whatever works for the restaurant because people are completely abided to their opinions anyway. 

13.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

14.Village BBQ Steamboat @ PuchongVillage BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

15.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong


You can easily score a table that is strategic before 6 pm but the crowd builds up after that. When seated outdoor, use the BBQ pit to cook your meats. Pick from their fresh array and eat with ease. The healthy flow warrants a convinced freshness for their ingredients because food poisoning is the last thing we want from a buffet dinner. 

16.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong

17.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong


And lastly, I am pretty excited to share their ice cream assortments. It is nothing luxury or posh but the types of ice cream itself is good enough to have most people smiling. 

18.Village BBQ Steamboat @ Puchong


Village BBQ Steamboat is located at :
No. 1GF & No. 1-1, Jalan Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri, Selangor, 47100 Puchong
Business hours : 5 PM to 12 Midnight (daily)
Tel: +6012-772 0400
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VillageBBQmy/  

Village BBQ Steamboat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)


Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant at Taman Merdeka Permai is the latest addition to the blooming hot pot scene in Melaka’s steamboat choices. Hot pots are conventionally being satiate with a pot of soup and axcompanied with either a platter of assorted ingredients; or ala carte plates of selected ingredients; or even on a spread of buffet line.


1.Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)
2.Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)


This one is not any different at one glance but upon looking through their one page menu, you’d know that the specialty isn’t at the variation of soup and dip-cook ingredients.


7.Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)


Instead, the pot itself is the signature and of the restaurant. With only 2 Claypots to choose from, you either go with pork or chicken. And the spotlight would be on their abalone. Serving an entire abalone sounds glamorous but let’s get real. For the price that you are paying, it is a whole abalone alright – but size matters as well. These mini abalones comes in pair for a small pot size and add on will cost RM 8 each.


3.Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)
4.Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)
5.Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)


Inside the pot is thick broth so concentrated and packed with robust flavour of what’s being taken pride – the use of free range chicken. When sipping the thick soup, confinement dishes came to mind and the heat from those ginger in the soup can be a little overwhelming; I’m beginning to understand why indoor air conditioned seating is popular and packed.


8.Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)


The order would be accompanied with some vegetable and mushrooms but one can proceed to pick more plates of add ons that’s already pre – sealed with cling wrap and charged accordingly to plate colours.


9.Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)
11.Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)


Cold beer is a popular choice over their F.O.C free flow water and hot tea. If not beer or tea, they’ve got a honey booth that mixes your honey beverage. Alas, all sign and pricing are written in Chinese. Fortunately, the staffs are pretty helpful and well verse to communicate so I managed to order this ice honey plum.


10.Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka Permai (Melaka)


Nine Six Abalone Claypot Restaurant is located at :
No.2&2-1 And No.4&4-1, Jalan MP5,
Taman Merdeka Permai,
75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka
Business hours: Monday- Sunday (11am-2:30pm, 6pm-9:30pm)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/96abalone/


Also click to read more Eating and Drinking Places in Melaka , Foodeverywhere’s Travel Journal outside Malaysia, or Sycookies Food Travelogue .


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Two Pesos Malaysia @ Kota Damansara

Two Pesos @ Kota Damansara (Second Outlet)


Steamboat is a communal affair, and groups of diners usually enjoy steamboat in huge group but what happens when there is very few of you but would still like to enjoy cooking bits of variation in bowls of assorted bubbling stocks? The popular choice and answer to that would be Two Pesos, the modern Taiwanese mini steamboat that is already popular amongst steamboat lovers.


Offering a range of fresh ingredients and a lovely array of soups in individual pot serving size, the selection of mini pots were improvised and amended so the new menu is currently a lot more interesting with a couple of new additions along with few from old menu that has proven to be a keeper. Like the first outlet, this one uses recyclable menu where diners mark and pick the choices of combinations offered in respective combo sets. All the mini pot would come with a choice of either fish or poultry and carb source of either rice or noodle.


Two Pesos Steamboat Menu


This new and improved version of the second Two Pesos is essentially furnished, with higher ceiling for better ventilation, plain wooden tables each with stove inset. And following the success from the first outlet, the flavours of their soup are very global. From Japanese Sukiyaki to Mongolian hot pot, big parties can feast and sample from more than 10 kinds of soups. As well, over at the condiment station, their popular perfect-match-sauce that offers a diverse eating experience although I’d say those sweet broths is so flavourful you don’t need the array of sauces.


2.two pesos kota damansara
3. two pesos steamboat kota damansara


The goodness of fresh ingredients with sliced fish, vegetables and other goodies fortunately don’t come at VIP prices. The Japanese Sukiyaki Pot (RM 15.50) that is jam packed with flavours serves sweet and delicious soup that grows richer as the ingredients cooked. Plenty of mushrooms, sweet pea sprouts, radish, corn, pumpkin and all this matches well into the sweet sukiyaki pot.


4.Two pesos mini hotpot steamboat kota damansara
5.Two pesos mini hotpot steamboat kota damansara


Being a fantastic place for families to visit, I would recommend the all time favourite that’ll probably be right on top of the popularity chart; Milky Seafood Pot (RM 16). Faultlessly matching with sweetness of the seafood, with an actual slice of cheese inside the pot, this soft milky broth is bundled with umami sensation that pleases the taste bud. It is a top scorer amongst younger dinners. Merryn’s boys seemed to like this one and it was plenty of joy watching them enjoying their food.


6. Two Pesos Kota Damansara
7. Kota Damansara Two pesos


Sour Greenings Pot (RM 15) is least fancier when it comes to the broth but this one serves awesomeness because after a quick stir frying to extract the flavour from your meat, the clear broth is so ready for the vegetables, noodles and other cook-it-yourself goodies to plunge into the boiling broth.


11. Two Pesos SS 2 new outlet in Kota Damansara
12.Two Pesos SS 2 new outlet in KD


And with the sour vegetables cooking in the pot, there is no need for dipping sauces.


8. Two Pesos Taiwan Steamboat in Kota Damansara
9. Two Pesos Taiwan Steamboat in Kota Damansara
10. Two Pesos Taiwan Steamboat in Kota Damansara
13. Kd two pesos steamboat ss 2


Also well known to have serving their mini pots in respective pot functionality, Two Pesos is probably the only place to see different serving pots on each tables. We’ve seen the Tahini pots in their first outlet, this time we look at their Italian Tomato Pot (RM 16) and Lemon Seafood (RM 16) otherwise also known as the Hello Kitty pot. Expect this one to clog the social media of Hello Kitty fans. Alas, as impressive as the pots are, the taste weren’t as intense and any of the earlier pots. A milder approach to savour the flavour of the ingredients, both carries a light umami with slightly tangy finishing.


14.Two pesos mini hotpot steamboat kota damansara
15.Two pesos mini hotpot steamboat kota damansara


But the ultimate enjoyment this time around at this second outlet is Two Pesos BBQ Pot (RM 19.50)- a two in one set with both the hot pot and a BBQ grill for twice the fun and twice the satisfaction. The set is good for one but sharing is always a little more delicious and heartwarming.


16. two pesos kota damansara


The meat in this set features more meat than regular sets and this makes a difference to meat lovers.


17.two pesos kota damansara


This newer outlet is more spacious and equally good when it comes to the quality of their soups and every other ingredient that goes into the pots or on the grill pan. Most importantly, there is a higher chance to skip the long queue before news travel.


Two Pesos Malaysia @ Kota Damansara  (second outlet) Full review at http://wp.me/p1tyh7-1FA


Two Pesos Malaysia is also in Kota Damansara now (second outlet) at:
32-1, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-6143 6299
GPS: 3.1507174,101.5913469
Opening Hour: Mon-Sun (12pm- 3pm , 6pm-11pm)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2pesosmalaysiakd/
Website: http://www.2pesos.com.my/


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Nine bowls Original Thai Boat Noodle @ Publika


Originally served from boats, Thai boat noodles have all been shuffled to land upon reaching Malaysia. Nine Bowls (9 Bowls) boat noodle in Solaris Dutamas (outside publika) is another addition to the list of boat noodles restaurants here in Klang Valley. What used to traverse from boats to boats is now served in clean and neat layout at this bright and welcoming outlet.


1.9 Bowls @ Solaris Dutamas Publika (24)
2.9 Bowls @ Solaris Dutamas Publika (2)


Boat noodles are clear cut, with two main poultries to serve; Pork and Beef (RM 1.90 per bowl). And like many other boat noodle restaurants in town, one should not complain about the serving portion. Besides, a mouthful of yours could be two mouthfuls of mine. But that also allows privilege to taste many variations of dishes on the menu.


3. nine bowls @ Publika Solaris Dutamas


There are things like pepper pork soup, Kway Chap in Thai, and Grilled Pork Neck (Ko Mu Yong) at RM 6 each, as well as the Grilled Pork Skewer (Moo Ping) at RM 2 per stick. Each was served with a lovely and complex flavoured dipping sauce. All sweet, spicy and mild tangy with slight pungent aroma blended and mixed, to elevate the otherwise ordinary tasting grilled pork. Pork neck was juicier and a lot tenderer so pork lover should not miss this one.


4.Nine bowls @ Publika Solaris Dutamas
5.Nine bowls @ Publika Solaris Dutamas
6. Nine bowls @ Publika Solaris Dutamas


Don’t forget to munch on their Crispy Pork Skin (RM 2) and take note, beer is available on the menu.


9 bowls boat noodle @ Publika (Review at http://wp.me/p1tyh7-1BN )


Thai Mookata (RM 19 per pax) and the order must be for a minimum of 2 pax serving. Serving the original Thai recipe for this one, it comes with pork, chicken, seafood, and some vegetables.


7.Nine bowls @ Publika Solaris Dutamas
9 bowls boat noodle @ Publika (Review at http://wp.me/p1tyh7-1BN )
10.Nine bowls @ Publika Solaris Dutamas


The serving is decent enough for one unless if anyone plans to binge on main dishes like this. The thing that makes Thai BBQ and Steamboat a whole lot challenging is the tiny rim of space for steamboat. Put away the idea of assorted soup but thankfully, this one serves with a jar of refill so we can add on accordingly as we go.


8.Nine bowls @ Publika Solaris Dutamas
9.Nine bowls @ Publika Solaris Dutamas


With the steam and the hot plate sizzling, their thirst quencher is quite lovely. Bottling their own authentic beverages, each bottle remains fresh and convenient to present with a cup of ice filled to the brim of it and if bowls aren’t the only thing stackable here, you’d probably see this one being stacked up as well. The Fresh Thai Lemonade (RM 5) was perfectly refreshing for the BBQ and steamboat. Thai Ice Tea (RM 5) didn’t pair well with the BBQ but those I enjoyed them maybe because I love tea.


11.Nine bowls @ Publika Solaris Dutamas


Here is quite the place that can be relaxing if you are up for the BBQ Steamboat. Comparing to most of the Thai BBQ Steamboat restaurants, Nine Bowls certainly puts up a lovelier and more relaxing ambiance. And if the “stacking” trend is your thing, here is bonus.


Nine Bowls Thai Boat Noodle is located at:
D4-G3-2, Solaris Dutamas (Outside Publika),
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-6211 3634
GPS: 3.1714,101.666
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/9bowls


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Shun Jing Steamboat &BBQ @ Kuchai Lama


Shun Jing Steamboat &BBQ in Kuchai Lama serves to deliver fresh and good quality steamboat to steamboat lovers. They showcase only the finest starting right from the soup to their homemade fish balls, and ingredients to the varied dipping sauces when it comes to the quality of their food.


1. shun jing


It is lovely to see every detail taken care of with passion and sincerity to provide the ultimate dining experience for their customers with emphasis on being msg free. The half and half pot of Fish soup and Milky herb soup (RM 8) offers flavourful soup base that is delicious on its own.


2.shun jing (12)


Then starting with their Seafood Set (RM 26.80);the perfect choice for seafood lover and those who isn’t the big fan of processed food. Ala carte and add ons were fresh when we visited, with my usual favourite; Pork (RM 9.80), Tong Ho (RM 6.80), and Quail Egg (RM 6.80).


3.shun jing (8)
4.shun jing (7)
5.shun jing (4)
6.shun jing (3)
7.shun jing (9)


Their house specialty, the Fresh Seafood Paste (RM 8.80) was equally fresh and healthy for something we’d normally find in a steamboat house.


8.shun jing (10)


Also offering BBQ for diners, you’d wanna have some BBQ skewers grilled to perfection with options to have them grilled to serve from kitchen or to do it yourself. Chicken Mushroom (RM 2.50) and Bacon (RM 4) was a delight, especially the later when rolled in celery for some extra crunch and juice of texture and moist.


9.shun jing (14)


Sauces werent too complicated, with pre concocted dipping sauce served along fried onion and some chili sauce to be added in later accordingly to your preferances. We settled with Soya Bean (RM 2.50) and Green tea (RM 2) but really, I was hoping for some home cook herbal tea.


10.shun jing (2)


Having a neat layout for comfort dining experience certainly encourages revisiting when they serve quality ingredients at reasonable pricing. Having said that, we were told business will operate till end of this month (March 2015) but regular customers would be able to still enjoy good food at their home restaurant (refer to their Facebook Page
for announcement).


Shun Jing Steamboat & BBQ is located at:
No. 39, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7
Kuchai Entrepreneur’s Park
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-359 8868
Website: http://www.hochiak-steamboat.com/index.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pagesBShun-Jing-Steamboat
Business Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. / 5:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (Closed on Wednesdays)


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Popo Steamboat & BBQ cafe @ Kepong


Popo Steamboat & BBQ cafe at Kepong might have a real cheesy name to begin with, but this mediocre-at-first-impression steamboat has a fantastic ambiance created by many pendant bulbs and pretty lighting at dusk enters nightfall.


1. popo steamboat
2. popo steamboat
3. popo steamboat


Mixed combinations of steamboat ingredients are compiled in sets according to the number of diners. Popo Steamboat Set (RM 16.90 for 2 pax) puts together standard mix of vegetables, assorted balls, noodles, eggs, tofu, and some seafood.


4. popo steamboat
5. popo steamboat


Additional add ons are priced reasonably with assortments including Sliced Pork (RM 11.80), Sliced Lamb (RM 13.80), Tong Hou (RM 7), Handmade, Mushroom Ball (RM 7.20), Sliced Fish (RM 15), Shimeiji Brown Mushroom (RM 7), and Silky Beancurd (RM 3) .


6. popo steamboat
7. popo steamboat
8. popo steamboat
9.popo steamboat


When eating steamboat, we know the soup choices are equally crucial to complete a delightful steamboat experience. We settled with half and half Pork Bone/Tomyam Soup (RM 18). Alas, neither one was impressive or memorable but blissfully enjoyable with good company.


10. popo steamboat
11. popo steamboat


Popo Steamboat is located at :
No. 12 Jalan 7/32 A, Batu 6 1/2,
Off Jalan Kepong 52000 KL
Tel: 0198282118
Opening Hours: Tue.-Thu. 17:30-22:00, Fri.-Sun. 17:30-23:00
GPS: 3.204906, 101.648468
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/poposteamboatcafe


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Hot Pot Cuisine Family Garden @ Puchong


Having food on the table is a bliss and given how we are blessed with the array of culinary influences, food is that one thing that will always bring people together. Despite our different cultural backgrounds, food is not only an essential but something that we all enjoy.


1.hot pot cuisine (2)


Steamboat is probably one of the simplest comfy and enjoyable food we would all gather in groups to enjoy and savour. After the bloom of steamboat restaurants in Sunway Mentari, Puchong may just be the next steamboat blooming area. Hot pot cuisine tailors their steamboat to accommodate big or small crowd, as well as for the solo diners.


2.hot pot cuisine
3.hot pot cuisine (1)
4.hot pot cuisine 4.(7)
5.hot pot cuisine (8)
6.hot pot cuisine (3)
7.hot pot


Located along the same row as Sen Heng in Bandar Puteri, the façade is presented with vibrant green. Inside the restaurant, spaces are adorned to mimic garden like interior. Individual stove and pots in built on the table might be a down side or bogging the conveniences for those of a bigger crowd. But, smaller groups can comfortably enjoy cooking and eating right from the individual pots. After all, they have optional tables with portable electric stove to accommodate to larger groups.


8.hot pot cuisine (5)
9.hot pot


Soup choices are decent and very clear and pleasant visually. The essential in every steamboat meals are fresh and thoughtful choices of ingredients. They seemed to have placed good standards despite still having quite some room to improve on the varieties.


Also, parking is not much of a headache here since this business park stands with ample allocated parking bays.


Hot Pot Cuisine is located at:
20-G, Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Phone:03-8066 9323
GPS: 3.022802,101.61606
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HotpotCuisine


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Hometown Steamboat Restaurant @ SS 14


The latest addition of steamboat restaurant sprouted in a rare location within Subang at a less commercial corner of the SS 14. Taking over a mechanic shop, the Hometown Steamboat Restaurant seem to be a lot merrier with more dynamic compared to the previous occupant. Since there aren’t any eateries remotely visible, parking is a breeze here and one can double park without causing much consternation.


2.steamboat hometown (18)


The spacious corner lot is adorned with light bulbs and warm lighting certainly creates quite a calming and comfortable environment. Semi open air is a delight that adds ventilation to the otherwise inevitable hot and stuffy surrounding.


3.steamboat hometown (15)
1.steamboat hometown (16)


Deep fried crispy pork (Rm 12.90) serves a good portion for the price charged and like most pork dishes, this one was also good if not superbly amazing. The outer crunchy layer did not last crispy forever but was good enough to last till the soup starts boiling. Accompanied by their blend of chili sauce, this plate of fried pork pieces made a good sharing platter.


4.steamboat hometown (12)


Set meal comes in choices for group or solo and comprises of a mix of poultry, seafood, vegetables, noodles, eggs etc. and ala carte items range from assortment leaves, tubes, roots as well as a full galore of selections almost impossible to be explored in one meal. Some sets would need a minimum of 2 pax per order but solo dinners can always opt of single ala carte choices. I didn’t quite like the idea of raw meat on the same plate but I guess that’s how they plate it.


5.steamboat hometown (2)
6.steamboat hometown (10)


Soup base is one of the drawing factors to attract steamboat lovers. The clear soup is rather common but apart from the Hometown clear soup, there is HongKong Style Clear Soup with Preserved Egg & Parsley, Tom Yam, Pumpkin porridge, and Hometown Porridge each priced at RM 4 for half pot and RM 8 for full pot. What intrigues me at my visit was the Fish Head soup which pretty much lets you make your own fish head noodle. Half pot cost RM 8 but only because it comes with chunks of fried fish head pieces in it.


7.steamboat hometown (13)
8.steamboat hometown (14)


Porridge set (Rm 17.50 each) requires minimum order for 2 pax and is all you need to order to enjoy a basic steamboat meal.


9.steamboat hometown (9)


Chili and dipping sauces are equally as important when it comes to steamboat especially if pork slices are available. A quick dip of their Signature Pork Slices (Rm 9.90) is the best to enjoy their dipping sauces, and offering only 2 chili sauces so the attentions would sway at freshness of their ingredients.


10.steamboat hometown (11)


With the heat and the perpetual boiling pot, the Sea Coconut Longan in jug (Rm 8.50) was a popular choice. It really isn’t my thing as I’d prefer something more refreshingly quenching and least dulcify during and after the steamboat.


11.steamboat hometown (1)


For referencing note, tai chau and grilling booth available so there are more than just steamboat for everyone. Take note that cheese and chocolate fondue are available.


Hometown Steamboat restaurant has several outlets (refer to their facebook page) and this one is located at:
No 21, jalan ss14/2,
Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor
Tel: 03-40317621
GPS: 3.066509, 101.592680
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeTownSteamboat


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Sazori Shabu Zone and Grill @ Sunway Mentari


Sunway Mentari once stood with pride to host assorted steamboat restaurants. The competition amongst those plentiful steamboat places was really tight but steamboat lovers always know which to dine and which has the best ambiance. Tucked in a relatively new shop row, Shabu Zone and Grill (otherwise also known as Sazori) is the latest addition and probably the first to serve both shabu with conveyor and a grill hot plate.


1.sazori @ sunway mentari (1)


This Asian fusion buffet restaurant offers 4 types of soups with a range of ingredients for steamboat transported on the conveyor. This restaurant serves no pork, so excluding that and they have everything from various vegetables to assorted mushrooms, and meatballs of many kinds. From the barn, there are beef, lamb and chicken slices and harvested from the sea are assortment of shell fish, clams and members of cephalopods. Hopefully, they’ll all be fresh all the time.


2. sazori
7.sazori @ sunway mentari (26)


Cook them in soup of your choice or simply grill it on the grill plate. The only thing distancing them from BBQ Plaza is the choices of soup and the satisfyingly well executed conveyor belt. Soup choices offer the Clear Chicken Soup, Tom Yum Soup, Beef Soup and Ponzu Soup being the most unique.


3.sazori @ sunway mentari (12)
9.sazori @ sunway mentari (3)
10.sazori @ sunway mentari (14)


Sauces become an essential when it comes to steamboat and Sazori offers decent flavours off their homemade sauces.


4.sazori @ sunway mentari (15)
11.sazori @ sunway mentari (5)


Beverage and drinks are real simple, with desserts refrigerated to ensure freshness. Like many other steamboat restaurants, ice cream would put a smile on anyone after all the boiling and grilling.


5.sazori @ sunway mentari (21)
6.sazori @ sunway mentari


Single bar seating over the conveyor, as well as dining table big enough for 8 pax are available. With good air conditioning and breezy parking spaces, this quite friendly place in this neighbourhood.


8.sazori @ sunway mentari (33)
12.sazori @ sunway mentari (27)


Serving time for lunch and dinner varies along with the prices. Here are the lunch and dinner hours and the respective prices.


Lunch: 12:00 – 3:00 p.m.
1. Buffet & Grill
Adult: RM 31.90
Kids (Below 120 cm) RM 19.90
Senior Citizen (60 years old and above) RM 21.90
2. Buffet only
Adult: RM 26.90
Kids (Below 120 cm) RM 18.90
Senior Citizen (60 years old and above) RM 21.90


Dinner: 5:30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.
1. Buffet & Grill
Adult: RM 38.00
Kids (Below 120 cm) RM 24.00
Senior Citizen (60 years old and above) RM 26.90
2. Buffet only
Adult: RM 34.00
Kids (Below 120 cm) RM 22.00
Senior Citizen (60 years old and above) RM 26.90


13.sazori @ sunway mentari (20)


Sazori Shabu Zone and Grill is located at :
Dataran Mentari, 30, Jalan PJS 8/2,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel:03-5887 2843
GPS: 3.078154,101.61125
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shabuzone


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Two Pesos Mini Steamboat Malaysia @ SS 2


Two Pesos Taiwan Mini Steamboat is the latest addition for steamboat lovers. The word ‘pesos’ would mostly relate to Philippines but it is highly unlikely that you’ll find anything Philippine here. In contrary one would surprise themselves with the assortment of variation from one simple Chinese delicacy; the steamboat. Being the master franchise and the first outlet in Malaysia, this number 1 Taiwan mini steamboat is now available in Malaysia. Two Pesos Steamboat landed at SS 2 and is the latest hype for steamboat lovers.


1. pesso


Insisting on steamboat being a traditional Chinese food that is good enough to savour as a everyday food, everyday is a good day for hot pot instanly becomes their tag line as they tried to make the steamboat as an everyday food despite the weather in Malaysia.With this environmental friendly bilingual menu, impressions are certainly positive at the first impression. Seats are at standard allocation accordingly to the built in individual stoves.




Malaysian loves food no matter rain or sunny. On top of that, the comfy and good ventilating system is absolutely amazing while offering joy and casualty. Using all natural ingredients and absence of msg, their choices are extensive palate friendly; emphasizing on low carbs, low fats, lots of vegetables and lots of proteins in assorted pots accordingly to the soup base. It is no wonder people line up at peak hours.


3. pesso


The range of soups and the compatibility of different pots were studied and designed to introduce Malaysians this new style of steamboat that is already reigning and selling hot in Taiwan itself. Every pot comes with soup, vegetables, some meat (pork, beef or lamb), and a choice of rice or noodles (rice, yee mee, or bee hoon) at average price range of RM 10 – RM 16. Twelve kinds of steamboat so finding the right one can be pretty tacky for the indecisive ones. Sauces and cutleries are self serviced and play your way to the best combination of dipping sauce.




Two Pesos Stone Pot (RM 13.50) presents with a generous bowl of a mix of vegetable, tofu, mushrooms and seafood, alongside noodle or rice and meat slices.
two pesos (7)
two pesos (6)
With some garlic and herbs inside the cast iron pot, the quick heat conduction slightly sautés the meat before it was removed and clear soup is then added to the pot with addition of Chinese Sour Vege for taste. Addictively pleasant and savory this one.




Tajine Seafood Pot (RM 16) is specially crafted for seafood lovers. The cone shaped cover is designed to promote the return of all condensation to the bottom and reserves as a replica to slower cooking so the essence of the ingredients later parades in the soup in making. This Morocco style pot uses the steam to force the water from the ingredients, hence preserving its own fashion and flavour.


7. pesos


Using imported milk from Germany, Milky Seafood Pot (RM 14) resembles diluted carbonara but not relenting at all, in fact was actually smooth and delicious. Light creamy and cheesy aroma that is savoury sweet with essence freshness naturally extracted from the ingredients in the pot.


8. pesos


The star of the day was the Japanese Sukiyaki Pot (RM 14). Laden with pea shoots corns and all the ingredients that contribute to the delightful sweetness so naturally tasty when everything simmers in the soy sauced based soup.




If the above soup bases are too main stream, check out their Mongolian Herbs Pot (RM 14). Apparently the herbs are good for health and absolutely not greasy at all. This one is slightly uncommon for the local palate but the adventurous ones would palpably agree to the flavour, and the very unique pot.




And challenge your friends to order the Basu Spicy Pot (RM 14), more commonly known to resemble the usual ‘ma lat’ spicy pot we are all familiar with. This one is clear at start but as it lingers at the back of your throat before swallowing, gives the exciting pungent and spiciness.




Each portion are considerably hefty for small eaters but because the dipping and cooking prolongs eating time and good air conditioning make eating very pleasant and enjoyable. However, those with a big appetite can always order more at add on selections. Add on meats or vegetables or these dumplings. Good refrigeration and quick turnover ensures very fresh ingredients.




Beverage didn’t quite earn much of a shout out here and was perceptibly outshine by their steamboat range. They sell mineral water (RM 1.80), Passion Fruit Ice (RM 2.50) and Kochani Winter Melon Tea (RM 2.50).


15. pesos


Fans would be happy to know that Two Pesos will soon have lemon soup, pesto soup, and tomato soup in the lineup. Also because the restaurant is always packed, takeaway bowls comes in real handy with everything nicely cooked and neatly packed, ready to consume.




Two Pesos Taiwan Mini Steamboat is located at :
No.7, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/67 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS: 3.118583, 101.623042
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2pesosmalaysia
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm


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