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Namelaka Patisserie, Bangsar


Forget the pre cny detox- we always have the appetite for a good dessert, especially ones befitting the season. Namelaka Patisserie is the perfect pick for sweets to kickstart a year of indulgence.  Hidden away on the first floor in Telawi Bangsar, it is easy to missed the staircase leading to a bright and spacious room filled with calm and comfort. Look for the KK mart and the stairways will lead you to the simplicity of natural sweetness that wins my heart.


There is no shortcrust pasty or sweet filling and rich chocolate topping whatsoever, only the finest technique with the most creative input of inspiration gathered from both beauty and imperfection of real fruit. With lots of white chocolate, and celebrating mother nature’s creation of some of the tastiest fruits, Namelaka Patisserie created unique dessert taking form of real fruit accordingly to the flavor of each respective fruits, without even having to plate it to impress their customers. The brilliant twists lie in the form of the dessert molded in 3d and a ganache layer of fresh smooth fillings holding chunks of real fruits encased at the core of each dessert fruit, as this creamy filling hold the shape of the dessert. It will be a real challenge trying to pack this because from what I see, it is best consume in the house. And why not? Since the interior provide nothing but comfy and relaxing as well as sleek clean of immaculate white.


Attention to detail abounds. Passionfruit and pear have the most beautiful exterior and is aesthetically the prettiest if you badly need to feed your camera. Myself is so in love with the sleek green apple but while the names sounded like a breeze, it’s a dish best left to the professionals.


It’s not a cake and it looks almost too pretty to eat, but this fruit dessert is totally extraordinary not only in essence, it comprises real fruit, and when break open, creating an otherworldly confection that simple begs to be photographed.

Don’t forget to enjoy with their cocktail or coffee brew. I find myself drawn to their mocktail mainly thanks to the freshness of mint infused and the frizzy.
Namake is a very new establishment during my visit and more dessert would soon to come. It is not usual that I speak so highly on dessert places but I am liking no artificial sugar added so I am looking forward to what they have next.


Namelaka Patisserie is located at:

1st floor, No 34, Jalan Telawi 2,

Bangsar, 59100, KL

Business hour : Sun -Thurs 11:30am–8pm, Fri- Sat 11:30am–10pm, Closed Weds.

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/namelaka.my


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Bar Patua @ MGM Cotai, Macao (Macau)

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Macao does casinos and entertainment like no other city. The glam and bling of luminescence and iridescent glow at every single corner reflects the class and hospitality Macao has come to represent. At MGM, the lustrous warren of comfy nooks for wooing, with an elegant even though not as imposing bar to sit at if you like some bartender chat with your drinks- there’s history and storytelling for the tasting notes on what’s offered behind the bar, which might not arouse much interest in wine or beer drinker, but is quite handy for whisky or gin lover.

Serving their signature Portuguese inspired cocktail tonight, the folks behind the bar are all practiced professionals; personable, knowledgeable and looking sharp and handsome in nicely pressed suits. Our mixologist told us quite an interesting story from how Patua Penicillin (MOP 95) came about and how dark rum, scotch, and infusion of lemon, ginger, fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme and dill works their magic as it sits longer before pouring into your drinking glasses. Also serving us a couple of other well- executed drinks like the Bunny Mary (MOP 95), the energy is high in this handsome room filled with sets of modern European.


consisting of dark rum, scotch, lemon, ginger, honey syrup, fresh herbs
For those in need of some food, the tapas do the trick. Key to good tapas in my opinion, is all in the combination of skillful cooking and the most convivial of atmospheres if not the sourcing of the finest ingredients; in which Bar Patua absolutely fulfills. They might not strike sourcing of perfect ingredients and very little attention to details when it comes to presentation but combined with the pairing of ethanol compound, it is all good to most people.

<i>Bunny Mary -Vodka, carrot juice, pimento salt , Snack Platter, wings . </i>

Click HERE for Menu : https://static.mgm.mo/book/publish/dining-cotai/bar-patua/menu/2/

One of the MGM Macao lobby with a center piece of a 1.5 mil USD swarovski light

Catch this on one of the #sycookiesxmacao vlog series and watch how much fun we had at this place. Having said that, bear in mind that my drinking buddies are cooler than yours. Hahahaha.

Bar Patua is inside MGM Macao at:
Av. da Nave Desportiva, Macau
<span style=”text-decoration:underline;”><a href=” https://www.mgm.mo/en/cotai/dining/bar-patua “>  https://www.mgm.mo/en/cotai/dining/bar-patua </a> </span>
Tel: (853) 8806 2398
Opening hours: 3pm – 1am daily
GPS: 22.1465991,113.5680

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Legit burger joint at Jalan Imbi- Burger on 16

Burger On 16 at Jalan Imbi
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Burger on 16 pride themselves on using the best meat. The burgers are uproariously good, but so is the atmosphere at this fun food joint. Service is smiley and personal, and the thoughtful availability of power sockets and wifi connection to digital nomads as well as visiting tourists or neighborhood hostel residences. In a city where anyone with access to buns and patties proclaims they’re the best, it takes something unique and innovative to stand out from the crowd. In the case of Burger on 16, the difference is the incorporation of crowd favourite- cheese. The burgers here are quite some good ones around Klang Valley- some with cheese inside the patty and on the patty, another with pesto sauce, but what gives this operation its appeal is the value for money and an extra dollop of fun.

Crowd pleaser California Cheese Skirt (RM 25.90) and Mad Cheese 200g (RM 24.90) are humming with flavour and far more complex in creation than they’re ever given credit for. Beef Patty topped with cheese skirt, or stuffed with cheddar cheese, with tomato, jalapeno caramelized onion, sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce and sauce. There is not much space for anything beyond the cheese skirt. This cheese skirt is ever compromising my burger grip but come on, it’s cheese we are talking about. If you prefer white meat alternative in your burger, there is one with grilled chicken breast topped with caramelized onion, tomato salsa, cheddar cheese, lettuce and basil pesto sauce. This Chicken Phenomena (RM 17.90) maybe a little dry compared to their beef patties despite smothered in those delicious and rich pesto sauce, but eat it while its hot. You’ll enjoy it as much.

Chicken Phenomena (RM 17.90)

Mad Cheese 200g (RM 24.90)

California Cheese Skirt (RM 25.90), and look at the size of this half burger

And you don’t need to know how burgers are grilled, or where they are imported from. All burger joints tell you the same. You just need to know that if you’re going to be eating burgers, and munching on sides like Cowboy Fries (Beef/ Chicken) RM 13.50 and Buffalo Wings (RM 14.90), both of which is a little salty to me but I maybe the only being picky over my food. Folks within the proximity is lucky to have this burger joint grilling 7 days a week.

Cowboy Fries (Beef/ Chicken) RM 13.50
Buffalo Wings RM 14.90

And don’t forget to wash it all down with of milk shake or smoothies because Nutella chocolate milk shake is da bomb! But of course, when da bomb is too much to take in, check out their coffee. They’ve invested quite a bit at the coffee machine yet they are decently priced at less than RM 10 for a cup of latte.
Mango smoothie RM 12.90, Nutella Chocolate milk shake RM 12.90, Latte RM 9.90, Ice Lemon Tea RM 7.50

This one appeared on the vlog, watch our visit to the joint!


Burger on 16 is located at :
16, Lorong 1/77a, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opens daily from 11am–1am
Phone: 03-9224 2117
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BURGERon16/
GPS: 3.1413755,101.709448

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Must Have Macao Sweet Treats! Portuguese tart, which is the best?


Macao Sweet Treats! Portuguese tart, which is the best?


#sycookiestravelogue, #foodeverywhere #2018macaoyearofgastronomy #experiencemacao #sycookiesxmacao

Macau egg tarts. They aren’t exactly quite “news” anymore but a visit to Macao must have egg tarts on the itinerary. Macau egg tarts were initially and commonly considered a Portuguese import, with Lord Stow being one of the early names for egg when it comes to Macao Portuguese tart. Today, it is probably most iconic version of sweet treat in Macao. The recent trip to Macao with the Macao Tourism Malaysia got me learning so much more about this little sweet treat.


Why egg tart and not custard tart? I read somewhere it was due to lacking a direct translation for “custard” into Chinese, hence according to the couple who contributed most to this signature sweet treat of Macao, they just called them egg tarts from when they first started the business at Lord Stow’s first bakery. Chinese customers then, needing a way to distinguish them from the British-style custard tarts, the ones with a short crust (still made in Hong Kong), started calling them ‘Portuguese’ egg tarts, creating a confusing taxonomy that persists to this day.


After their separation, both Lord Stow’s and Margarete’s still bakes to locals and tourist on a daily basis. To say or declare either one as the best egg tart wouldn’t do either party any justice. After all, taste profiles are subjective and if any of the answer is as important, I would say let’s look at the years of dedication and what both has contributed to the growth of tourism Macao. With the birth of this pastry treat, and the effort put into continuing the legacy, it is safe to say that Portuguese Egg Tart is synonymous with one of what defines Macao (or at least, the tourism of Macao).


2.Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakery 3.Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakery

Photography is not allowed but I had a gentle nod when asked if I can shoot. Thanks for being so accommodative.
7.Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakeryLord Stow’s Original Shop


4.Margaret's Café e Nata Macao, Authentic Portuguese Egg Tart 3.Margaret's Café e Nata Macao, Authentic Portuguese Egg Tart

2.Margaret's Café e Nata Macao, Authentic Portuguese Egg TartThe Crazy line outside Margaret’s Cafe e Nata


Modern version of Portuguese tart may present themselves in assortment of flavours but one that is most epic has got to be this one, unnecessarily with bird nest on it. 壹燕糖甜品 (Yī yàn táng tiánpǐn ) does egg tart with a dollop of bird nest on it. This solidified saliva and are particularly prized in specifically the Chinese culture due to the rarity and supposedly nutritional value. The texture is almost insignificant, let alone the flavour profile. Had this during out Food Hunt organised by the MGTO (Malaysia) .


18.(壹燕糖甜品) – Bird Nest egg tart
19.(壹燕糖甜品) – Bird Nest egg tart Macau


A trip to Macau is not complete without having some egg tarts, I highly recommend the original tart and that you try them both and decide which one you like best. But before planning on that, you might want to take note that KFC’s egg tart had their recipe from Margarete herself! That’s right… go google that up! If you’ve tried the KFC’s egg tart, then you might have already tried Margarete’s recipe.


If anyone is keen to bake your own egg tart in Macao, Le Cesar is where you can sign up for your Portuguese tart workshop. I baked my first Macao Portuguese egg tart here too! Read about it here: https://wp.me/p1tyh7-2d7
14.Making Portuguese Egg Tart with Portuguese Chef in Macao before an authentic Portuguese meal at Le Cesar (old Taipa)
11.Portuguese meal at Le Cesar (old Taipa)I made my first Portuguese tart in Macao!


Also check out all the other food places I’ve reviewed with #sycookiesxMacao . Food places I have covered in Macao is also pinned on Gastronomy Macao map , so this hopefully would be a great help for reference for anyone planning on a Macao food trip.


Lord Stow’s first bakery is located at:
Address: 1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane Town Square, Macau
Tel: (+853) 2888 2534
Opening Hours:
Open Daily 7am – 10pm
Tel: (+853) 2888 2534
GPS: 22.1181731,113.549123


Margaret’s Cafe e Nata is located at
Address: Gum Loi Building, 17, Rua Alm Costa Cabral,
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
Tel: (853) 2871 0032
Monday – Thursday, 8:30am–4:30pm
Saturday, 10am–6pm
Closed on Wednesday
GPS: 22.1917982,113.539679


壹燕糖甜品 (Yī yàn táng tiánpǐn ) is located at:
Address: 1 R. da Felicidade, Macau
Tel: +853 6660 2916
Open Daily : 12-11pm
GPS: 22.1936883,113.5380083


Book your Egg tart workshop at Le Cesar at:
Address: 300 Rua Direita Carlos Eugénio, Chun Weng Kok, G/F – Old Taipa, Macau.
Reservations: +853 2857 6682
Parking: Street and new large public car park (2 minutes walk)
Hours: Monday to Friday: 12:00 – 15:00. 18:00 – 23:00. Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 – 23:00.
Social Media: www.instagram.com/lecesaroldtaipa
GPS: 2.153535,113.55825
Blogged about my workshop here: https://wp.me/p1tyh7-2d7
Other food places I have covered in Macao is also pinned on Gastronomy Macao map , so this hopefully would be a great help for reference for anyone planning on a Macao food trip. Those struggling with Chinese and Portuguese like I do when planning a trip to Macao, you are welcome- navigating in Macau without these two languages was a pain for me! Now this would be so much easier, these places were all blogged HERE


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Kara – Conceptual French Cuisine, Kota Damansara (Sunway Giza Mall)


This contemporary French joint is all set with autumn-hued dining room and that neat and immaculate table arrangements. Lighting that creates a warm and intimate vibe that will heat up the heart before the stomach warms up for the main course, with a free flow of salad and appetizers at the salad bar. Indulge in Kara’s lunch offerings, including starter soda, one main of the day, and a spread of free flow salad and appetizers.

Beautifully served in champagne flutes, the Elderberry and Elderflower mix of soda cordials.


This salad bar is most lauded with bruschetta and slaws, and most delicious selection of cheese and olive. The hype surrounding its launch wasn’t prominent, but this polished tribute to the ultimate French contemporary is still charged with dynamite je ne sais quoi from affordable lunch serving through to romantic dinner. There is an entire service team making sure this contemporary restaurant living up to its reputation in both exceptional customer attention and culinary innovation. We are talking about set lunch buffet of RM 25+ and that is an absolute steal when it comes to value for money French cuisine.

Kara has tinkered little with the nostalgic transatlantic dishes, and we enjoyed the salad bar. But the pasta main course that followed was over-cooked: though well executed and teamed with a light pasta sauce, and cubes of salmon chunks seemed a match. Much better was the beef and chicken ratatouille, served in the portion perfect for lunch. Gravy for beef might be a little heavy but to have that with the bread is amazing. The tender beef helps balance it all but it needs more herbs. Some tweaks could be good but the portions are generous and price tags are small, it is worth every cent for quality like this, in particularly in relation to the ace ingredients and supremely innovative flavours.



Kara – Conceptual French Cuisine is located at :
A-05-01, First Floor (Above Orange Boutique)
Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
11.30am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm
Tel: +6016-357-9213
GPS: 3.151467,101.591484
Facebook: A


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Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

#sycookiestravelogue, #foodeverywhere #2018macaoyearofgastronomy #experiencemacao #sycookiesxmacao


Hot pot is the quintessential food especially when the season turns colder. My first night in Macao was cold and much pump with anxious to if I would enjoy my trip as much if it wasn’t a work assignment. The hot pot dinner instantly had all of us bonded in no time. The communal atmosphere of dunking vegetables into a big pot of boiling soup or broth and lingering over it together with the bunch is the recipe for a perfect evening, and the heat emitted from the boiling pot itself will keep even the coldest of hearts warm this fall in Macao.
Whatever type of hot pot that tickles your fancy, they are all here in Broadway’s Food Street. With more than 50 selections of sizzling and blister pops of boiling broth and soups, and whether fiery flavor or sweet umami, Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot Sensations , it is the time of the year to huddle up and cook away. Imagine the entire street filled with hot steams and aroma wafting through and this is currently happening now till 28th February 2019. Perfect weather this very moment and perfect timing if you are visiting during the lunar new year.


1.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation
Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation Review on blog at: https://wp.me/p1tyh7-2dW


Prepared over a charcoal flame, the casserole packs the flavour and aroma with layers of taste profile harmoniously coming together in chunks and bites of very tender and delicious meat. Lei Ka Choi here is a Micheline recommended and it is not difficult to see why. Their success passes over generations as they innovatively raised the bar of traditional Cantonese claypot dishes. Serving the best of traditional Shunde cuisine, I am totally thrilled with the uniqueness of the dish when it is categorised as hot pot, and how the naked flavours with such subtle cooking skills are being translated into lip smacking. Together with bean curds, and the freshly cooked vegetables to your own liking of texture, it is part of Shunde culinary heritage to showcase the freshest and best of quality in the ingredients. With very little liquid, vegetables are cooked mostly with the high temperature so each bite of vegetables are still packed with flavours.


3.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation 4.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

5.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

6.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao Hot Pot sensation 6.6Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

7.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensationSimple fresh cuts of meat slowly cooked with turnip and pepper soup.


The menu includes a whole range of different fresh but can be hard to decipher for a beginner so just going for the abovementioned dishes is a safe bet. But skip the fried fish ball to save some quota for dessert next door despite it being a signature dish. Actually, skip all the side dishes if you are considering a drink or two at the nearby bars. Their hot pot is where the highlight is.


Menu https://image.broadwaymacau.com.mo/user-


8.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation 8.8Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

9.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation
10.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

11.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation 11.1Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation

Deep Fried Pork Intestines 55MOP, Deep Fried Fish Balls 55 MOP, Deep Fried Wanton 48MOP12.Lei Ka Choi Hot Pot at Broadway Macao’s Hot Pot sensation


Gathering the famous names, Food Street could save you so much time travelling around Macao when all the latest and oldest are gathered along this street.That we are talking about names like San Ma Lo Seng Kei Congee, Chi Kei Ngao Chap, Yi Sun, as well as some popular names crossed over from Hong Kong, such as Tsui Wah or Tim Ho Wan. Topping that with vibrant entertainment and art performances at all time, dining is fully entertained and pleasant. Not to mention the availability of International and Macanese dining houses. It is the perfect place to taste Macao at one location. That is if you have the space in your stomach.



Lei Ka Choi (Broadway) is located at:
Broadway Food Street, E-G028
Tel: +853 8883 3338
Opening Hours: 12pm – 3pm, 5pm – 1am


Food places I have covered in Macao is also pinned on Gastronomy Macao map , so this hopefully would be a great help for reference for anyone planning on a Macao food trip. Content made possible by Macao Government Tourism Office Malaysia and check out all the other food places I’ve reviewed with #sycookiesxMacao . Watch this on my vlog as well and I also have another hot pot place in the line up for those travelling to Macao.


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Infused with love at Hard Rock Café


Infused with love at Hard Rock Café with their limited-edition menu and enjoy freshly prepared American classic favourites at an outstanding world class services with glam of rock and roll. With fine ingredients to create the best of authentic American style food, Hard Rock is always a lively venue offering plenty to keep entertained throughout and after the meal. Vintage posters and iconic music with variety of cocktails only means that there’s always something to relate to whenever visiting any of their branches. I’ve personally went to both Hard Rock Kuala Lumpur and Hard Rock Melaka within this duration of the availability of their limited-edition featured menu.


1.HardRock infused with love
Sizzling platters of Tequila and Lime Chicken Fajitas were impressive with chicken nicely cooked, lettuce freshly sliced, and very refreshing sour cream, avocado mashed, and cheese to accompany. The chicken marinated in tequila and lime, then grilled and seasoned with Tex Mex style spices, on a bed of grilled jalapenos and onions was delicious and generous when it comes to portion serving size.


2.HardRock infused with love 3.HardRock infused with love

4.HardRock infused with love
Crispy Chicken Sliders was probably the stealer and if anyone knows me well, would know that I am not into battered meat but this one got me eating quite a lot of it; as a matter of fact, I reordered the same at my second visit- it was that good! Beer battered crispy chicken on three toasted slider buns with melted Monterey Jack Cheese and pickled, served with seasoned French fries is probably one of their best featured item and I love the choice of Monterey Jack to be melted in between the sliders. And like the rest of their food serving, this one was generous as well.


6.HardRock infused with love 5.HardRock infused with love

7.HardRock infused with love
8.HardRock infused with love

9.HardRock infused with love 10.HardRock infused with love


Go with a group of friend, have fun with their cocktail and mocktails but most importantly, don’t skip the chicken sliders.


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Hard Rock Kuala Lumpur:
Wisma Concorde, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur, 50250
Opens Daily: 11:30am–1:45am
GPS: 3.1555754,101.7054


Hard Rock Melaka:
8, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
Opens Daily: 11:30am–1am
Phone: 06-292 5188
GPS: 2.1948705,102.2486035


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