Authentic porky meal at Yeah Cuisine, Jalan Awan (Ampang)

Yeah Cuisine at Jalan Awan Ampang

Yeah cuisine shouts authentic and delicious flavour at Jalan Awan, Ampang. They’ll tell you to go for the pork patty. They’ll tell you it’s a juicy bite of delicious umami minced with fresh herbs and sweet meat. And they’d be right. It is. Meals are available up until 3pm. And it’s well worth doing. Minced pork patty- isn’t too fat or too coarsely minced, but it wasn’t paste like either, the right fat-to-meat ratio. Pork patties serving on top of warm rice, this is the kind of bowl you will look forward to. I would of course like it with more vegetable but the salted fish in the patty was so amazing I didn’t mind the lack of vegetable.
With a variant of patties available to top that steaming fluff of white rice, choose from Coriander Pork Patty, Salted fish Pork Patty or even Dried Squid Patty, which by the way is very umami packed. The best thing is, noodle is available. Pork patty will rest on a bed of braised pork so if the patty isn’t quite what you are feeling, go for the Braised Pork Rice. Cubes of fat and meat layer from the pork belly with our staple grains and a whole braised egg is so good. Did I mention the bowls each comes with a sinful spoonful of fried lard? I swear to you it was some mixed emotions but if your stomach (or artery veins in this case) have only quota or space for one thing, then go for the pork patty.

1.yeah cuisine

2 yeah cuisine jalan awan

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such generous spoonful of pork lard (CYC)- dayuuummm..

Should you have more space in the stomach, or more people to share your meal, then get a Chinese burger. The white cottony soft and fluffy mantao bun was so good with the dried squid pork patty. With the right thickness for the right amount of chew and plenty of umami from the dried squids, and the patty slightly bigger than the bao, every bite is enjoyably assured to have meat in it. Cleverly sandwich with some pickled vegetable, this can actually be a meal on its own. Other snacking option isn’t as interesting but it was really good to offer for variety. Especially for neighbouring patrons, Yeah cuisine can have you screaming for meal time every now and then when thinking of comfort food of honest serving. The restaurant is not stingy with their ingredients.7.yeah cuisinec

8.yeah cuisine

9. jalan awan ampang yeah cuisine

10.yeah cuisine

Noodle is a great breakfast option but oh that rice roll…. And that curry… Malaysians will swear on that authentic curry is an entitlement and this Hakka heritage delivers an inimitable complex flavour that’s closer to the roots of Hakka palate. I personally feel that Hakka dishes are a little heavier when it comes to flavour but it is what makes them unique in defining their culinary history.

Yeah Cuisine is located at:
No. 53, Jalan Awan, Kuala Ampang,
68000 Ampang, Selangor
Daily Hours: 7:30am – 3:00pm
Phone: 017-310 1783
GPS: 3.1658113,101.748872

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