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Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee


Boosting the mood with dairy beverages, Anchor Food Professionals returns to debut six new dairy beverages following the success of their previous campaigns. Except previously, was showcased in food and this time around, cleverly done in beverages. These creative non- alcoholic beverages were conceptualized and created by Anchor Food Professionals chefs to showcase the delicious possibilities of dairy in beverages, bringing a sip of global trends to Malaysian consumers. This dairy foodservice leader from New Zealand is consistently exciting its customers by sharing new ideas and ways of doing things, this time around enticing mood with some crazy creative construction promising a melange of delicious possibilities within sips of delights.


We are looking at texture and flavour to lift the mood and the whimsical profile of each beverages to create emotions on the tongue. Lemon Mint Meringue puts together rich lemon with a hint of refreshing mint and with the crushed and blended ice, is ready to quench your thirst. And what can never go wrong is the White Chocoffee when the blend of white coffee mix is put together with chocolate and peanut butter. While these already lightening the mood at the table, the Kaya-Nika Fusion beguiled me with their presentation before getting me hooked onto the delicious layers of sweet and creamy with traditional `kaya’, `gula melaka’, `pulut’ and red beans. This one is truly Malaysian and I must highlight that piece of toast piercing through creamy brim of the mason jar. It was ridiculously delicious eating the rich buttery toast with icy cold bites of actual lumps of pulut rice and red beans- this could be a dessert on its own.


Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee  (1) Here in Love Tea F&B, these mood settlers are priced at RM 12.90 each. First 100 customers can grab your stress ball with cute emoji for free!
Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee  (6) Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee  (5) Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee  (4)


The Moodmojee campaign will see Anchor Food Professionals partnering with fifteen food & beverage customers in both Peninsular and East Malaysia, where these creamy creations will be introduced in phases nationwide starting from November 2018 until January 2019. Expect to see this clogging the social media feed and these Mood Boosters are available in Selangor in Choon Guan Coffee Shop and Gafe Kafe. Other locations throughout Peninsular Malaysia include Love Tea F&B, Living Room (Johor), Cofeology Café & Restaurant (Malacca), Overstepped (Kedah), La Taste (Kedah & Penang), Lavish Fusion Bakery, HIVE by Love A Loaf (Penang), Family Confectionary and Baker’s Hut (Perak). In East Malaysia, you can sip and enjoy these beverages in Delight Factory, Chub’s Grill, Chiu’s Café, and Lucky Bean in Sabah.


Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee  (3)


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Love Tea CAfe is located at :


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Restoran Hua Mui @ Johor

Restoran Hua Mui @ Johor , Are they still the best in 2018?


Although it may, at first glance, seem a particularly right choice to hop on the bandwagon and just go right ahead with most websites raving and claiming how Restoran Hua Mui is the must visit when in Johor Bahru (JB), I for one disagree after this visit. And the continuous crowd and line became an unexplained occurrence and scene that baffled every single one of us, more so especially after our visit.



Coffee isn’t really the most amazing though it could be one of the best in consistency within this proximity, toast seemed ordinary with nothing much to rave about, and signature noodle simply wasn’t impressive to warrant a return even with a secured seat reserved ahead. I would beg to differ however, if anyone would totally have claimed that no one should be visiting and patronising the business, and I’m not saying they are lousy in anyway. With integrity accumulated from the years of operation, the business runs with great if not an obsessive attention to detail, passion, and quality of ingredients that perfectly reflects the multi-racial and culture of the local people. Anyone – local or foreign – can come here and taste a bit of the cultures that make up Malaysia. The typical kopitiam fare that most Malaysians and Singaporeans are very familiar with- toast and half boiled eggs, maybe the only thing that’s satisfying if higher grade of butter were to accompany the kaya for the buns or toasts. Upon the fall of that perfectly cooked half boiled eggs as it’s cracked open, you know they score when it comes to freshness. Every egg lover would be enticed the moment it falls like a droplet of wabbly dollop without breaking the yolk.


1.Restoran Hua Mui Johor

2.Restoran Hua Mui Johor
3.2Restoran Hua Mui JB

3.Restoran Hua Mui Johor

4.2Restoran Hua Mui JB

4.Restoran Hua Mui JB

5.Restoran Hua Mui JB

6.Restoran Hua Mui JB


Older practice and breakfast culture in kopitiam might have been improvised and probably transited to the revamped spaces, but this place speak through its offerings. Despite being over rated, it doesn’t change the fact that they offer comfort and that is more than just the execution of their business profile so anyone seeking comfort flavour of home cooking, try the Hainanese Chicken Chop. Then again, you can totally skip this if you are limited by the amount of calorie input because there’s something fancier around the corner. It is, after all the taste of nostalgia. But, travellers hankering for local food will find satisfying experience here for sure.


7.Restoran Hua Mui JB
8.Restoran Hua Mui JB


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Restoran Hua Mui is located at:
131, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Business Hour: Monday to Saturday, 8:30pm-6pm
Phone: 011-3505 8916
GPS: 1.4608465,103.7629612


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Crab Factory @ Johor


Another exciting crab experience at the Johor food trip not long ago had me questioning how so that I have never once visited their Klang Valley outlet in PJ. Crab Factory brings Johor a unique seafood menu and interactive dining experience at this beautiful enclave much alike mini Paris (or a mini European township). Located not too far from Mount Austin, the second day with the bunch of makan kaki started with huge and fresh seafood as opposed to dainty bite sizes of sashimi from the first day. If you asked me, I think all our cholesterol probably raised by 20% during that 2 days. The amount of seafood (and everything else in between) can easily feed me for a week. Generous sizes and amount aside, it was by far the best seafood I have had in the past 6 months at least, if not the juiciest. How so I haven’t been eating at the PJ outlet? They were so good!


1.Crab Factory @ Johor
Crab Factory Johor


Unsurprisingly, the focus in crab factory is the seafood and the eatery promise nothing but the finest and freshest dishes. With no plating skills required, everything is eaten right from the table. And the sweet crustaceans are absolutely something I will gladly snap on a bib and dive right in at any time. Also feel free to mess the entire table so long as you don’t eat from the wrong pile.


Served in a plastic bag and dripping with a house sauce made from garlic butter, and together with vegetables, these meals are presented in packages as such: Crab Lover Shiok (2-3 pax), Crab Lover Party (4-5 pax), and Crab Lover Giler (7-9 pax) priced at RM 49.90 or RM 59.90 per pax. I thought it was a fantastic deal for seafood lover. I would eat this again anytime and work on the calories later.


3.Crab Factory @ Johor
4.Crab Factory @ Johor
5.Crab Factory @ Johor
5.2Crab Factory @ Johor
6.Crab Factory @ Johor
7.Crab Factory @ Johor
8.Crab Factory @ Johor
9.Crab Factory @ Johor
10.Crab Factory @ Johor
11.Crab Factory @ Johor


If fresh crabs, prawns, lobsters, crawfishes, or even mussels with every crevice coated with delicious sauce isn’t a reason to get messy then I don’t know what is. This one is indeed a lovely and ideal place to feast for every occasion and any celebration, so long as it is not a proposal. Don’t believe me? Watch this saved stories from the 2 days 1 night Johor food trip.


Review on blog at


Crab Factory Johor is located at :
G14, Block B,
Jalan Jaya Putra 1/1,
Bandar Jaya Putra,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
GPS: 1.567528,103.776731
Tel: 07-351 4062
Hours: Tues-Sun: 12pm – 10pm, Mondays closed


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor


To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the symbolic raw fish salad is a must have at any dining table during the festive season. And to make sure you get the greatest satisfaction when it comes to those sashimi, October Japanese restaurant in Johor features fresh seafood ingredients in the form of colourful prosperity platters to usher the wonderful Year of Dog, along with some other auspicious specialties. It was one of the first few early “yee sang tossing” when we were at the restaurant last year but the vibe was totally present upon seeing the beautiful platter of vibrant sashimi.


This Prosperity Yee Sang with Assorted Sashimi in Wasabi Sauce (RM108 and RM68 for large and regular respectively) consists of varieties of deep water fish Sashimi – Norwegian Salmon, Maguro (Tuna) and Hamachi (Yellow Tail), with aplenty colours of assorted textures from the greens. For the crunch, be ready to be fall in love with pieces of fried Gyoza skin and almond flakes. Chopsticks at the ready!


1.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor


At the same time October Japanese Cuisine has prepared some auspicious specialties crafted by the chef. This Auspicious Flaming Nabe (RM68.80) is a pot miso and Japanese sake soup with generous ingredients packed in within. With Norwegian Salmon and slices of chicken breast, Shitake mushrooms, leeks and carrots, in a pot serving on flame with a pour of “KaoLiang” Rice Wine and sake stirring in to not only bring out more flavours of this dish but to also some flaming action. While the pot simmers and boil, the other thing pleasant to look at is their Fortune Sushi& Sashimi Platter (RM 58). I’m absolutely loving how each dish are given such abundance significance to represent the festive celebration. With six assortment of sushi ball beautifully placed in gorgeous rhythmic stairways along a medley bed of thick slices of fresh sashimi.


3.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor
2.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor
4.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor
5.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor
6.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor


Of course, there are plenty more creativity when they torch and flame up the Flaming Salmon Aburi Maki (RM 29.90) made with salmon, rolling in crab stick and drizzled with spicy sauce. Or when they present the October Special Bento (RM 59.90) holding a lovely assortment of meat, fish and vegetable; complete with hearty miso soup to aid digestion and improve immune function. I am a sucker for anything involving fermentation.


7.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor
8.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor
9.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor


Then there was this Grilled Edamame (RM 9.90) with spicy Japanese Togarashi seasoning and then sautéed for extra smokiness. It really got me wondering if these extra preparations are even necessary given how people already fancy a simple quick boil of this green goodness. Skip this if you have limited space and go ahead and order the Kushiyaki Moriawase (RM44.90)- a plate of grilled skewers of assorted classic favourites. Either that or the Tempura Sweet Potato (RM 9.90). Made from mashed sweet potato and yam coated with breadcrumbs before deep frying to crispy outer layer. Pairing this is the tartar sauce by the side for some fancy combination of flavovurs.


10.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor


Some might have already seen this on my insta stories when it took me hours to get to Johor but I was glad I joined the food trip with so many other blogger friends. Johor is one of the place I felt compelled to revisit again and again but it was never for their Japanese food. This was my first visit to the restaurant albeit having been to this part of Johor several times and I have no idea about the huge parking space at the back of the restaurant. I’ve been to most of their neighboring resto but never this one where I should have. It was cosy comfy with some nice garden view separated by glass windows- a great place for ootd too. Watch my 2 days of nuisance and a peek of what’s next on the blog.


11.October Japanese Restaurant @ Johor

Review on blog at


October Japanese Restaurant is located at :
6a, Jalan Persiaran Jaya Putra 1
Bandar Jaya Putra (JP Perdana)
Johor Bahru 81100
Opens : daily 12-11pm
Tel: 016-365 7910
GPS: 1.5743025,103.777009


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)


In Malaysia, we are experiencing scorching heat all year long. In fact, this kind of weather has us yearning delicious quality smooth beer at anytime. Fans of starker beer should en thrilled to know that the first starker bistro is launched in Johor Bahru last week with special treat of famous Taiwanese singer -Lin making a special appearance at the ceremony. Beer lovers and diners alike showed up along with many of A-Lin’s fan and celebrated the night with plenty of Starker beer and delicious dishes that pairs superb with the fresh German beer.


1.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

2.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

3.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)


Brewed with rheumatoid finest malts imported from Europe, with a strict 7 days shelf life policy and served straight from the wooden barrel, we are looking at Starker Lager, Starker Dunkel and Starker Aromatic. Of which the later has proven to be the crowd’s favourite for the night with hint of citrus sweet of fresh fruits, and herbal aroma of floral that is unique enough to have earned a bronze for the Asia Beer Awards and Best of Flavour last year.


4.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

6.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)


And speaking of awards, Starker Lager earned gold 3 consecutive years starting 2010 at Asia Beer Awards whilst Starker Dunkel swiped gold the following year in Asia category and silver for world category. Plus a bronze and crowned the Best of Dunkel in 2016. These unique brews are priced at RM 32.80 (half pint), RM 57.80 (one pint), RM 218 (2L barrel) and RM 478 (5 L barrel).


5.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)


Complementing Starker Fresh Beer, the bistro serves delectable appetisers and mains as well as sweet finishing, inculcating true German beer drinking culture. Signature meat dishes like the Starker Traditional Pork Knuckle (RM 93.80) to share and accompanied with mashed potatoes and authentic Starker beer sauce; as well as the delicious Roasted Pork Belly, and Starter Classic Wings (RM 25.80) to gracefully satisfy the dining experience.


Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

7.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

8.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

9.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)


If Spanish tapas is on your list of must try, the Gambas on Toasts (RM25.80) is the perfect match. Bringing you back to the streets of La Rambla, Sautéed shrimps with garlic, Spanish style, the one of a kind dish is served with toast on the side.


10.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)


Seafood Pizza and Truffle Fries as well as the Sausage Platter or Luncheon Fries also rules the menu to encourage taking more bites even though the stomach holds plenty of meat from earlier. Or, there is also the luscious and creamy soup for the comfort start. And although pub grubs meant to nibble and pair through sips or beers, the night calls for celebration for this grand launch as the music gets louder.


11.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

12.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

15.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

16.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

13.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)

14.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)


Congratulations to Starker ‘s very first in Malaysia and with the success of this 8th outlet opening from the Starker Group establishment , this European styled setting with its provincial rustic decor featuring wood beam and stone walls have both semi alfresco and indoor conditioning to accommodate 300 diners comfortably. With outlets already serving in Singapore, Malaysia is now serving authentic German style fresh brew for beer connoisseurs at Taman Sutra Johor Bahru.


17.Starker Bistro Malaysia (Grand launch)


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Starker Bistro is located at :
61, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3,
Taman Sutera Utama
81300 Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: +607-554 2260
GPS: 1.5155439,103.668370
Business Hours: 3pm- 1am daily.


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