Hong Sang Mix Rice (Chap Fan) with more than 100 dishes @ Cheras


One of the best budget foods we can find in Malaysia is probably the economy rice aka known locally as “chap fan” which literally translates to mix rice. Commonly found in hawker stalls, coffee shops, or food stalls, the chap fan is always popular with lots of people lining up and bustling around the stall whenever there is one.


5.chap fun (9)


Most stalls would typically serve a number of troughs of cooked food showcasing ingredients like poultries, vegetables, eggs, tofu, preserved dishes and pickled dishes and customers select any combination of those dishes before being charged accordingly to the amount of picked dishes.


4.chap fun (2)
1.chap fun (8)


Some place would be known for their delicious food, and some the value for money. In Cheras, this area somewhat thrive to popularity with their many choices of dishes. The stalls serve more than 50 dishes at one go on a daily basis.


2.chap fun (4)
3.chap fun (6)


To make things even more interesting, there is more than one stall with this glorious number of dishes. Having wanting to “stall hop” them, I realized it was a mission impossible after I happily picked too many dishes.




Each dish is averagely charged at RM1.50 ++ accordingly, and free soup of the day would be served free flow. Also free of charge is their Chinese tea so a decent meal here is pretty economic.


7.chap fun (27)
8.chap fun (40)


Herbal tea and can drinks are for sale but it was least popular compared to the free flow daily soup and the free of charge Chinese tea. The huge pot of soup is placed at a corner and a worker would be station there to be serving the bowls of soup.


9.chap fun (44)


The glory of assortment was almost mesmerizing and at a glance of it, first timers are usually taken aback, not even knowing where to begin. Satiate yourself on their varied dishes of poultry, vegetable, seafood, tofu, eggs, or vegetarian mock poultry, with any cooking style anyone can think of.


10.chap fun (41)
11.chap fun (43)


Not many chap fan stalls can achieve anything like this. Think about the number of dishes with the same excellent taste, not many can accomplish this and they does. Also, it would be real silly to want to count the number of dishes because there would be a constant queue that is moving at constant pace.


12.chap fun (46)


The stall is a great place for anyone at the neighbourhood to get a decent meal fixed economically. But it was seriously nothing impressive apart from the great glory of number of dishes. Locate them at:


Restaurant Hong Sang is located at :
Jalan Bunga Tanjung 10 (Taman Muda),
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 60392832132
GPS: 3.118442,101.76151


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