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Namelaka Patisserie, Bangsar


Forget the pre cny detox- we always have the appetite for a good dessert, especially ones befitting the season. Namelaka Patisserie is the perfect pick for sweets to kickstart a year of indulgence.  Hidden away on the first floor in Telawi Bangsar, it is easy to missed the staircase leading to a bright and spacious room filled with calm and comfort. Look for the KK mart and the stairways will lead you to the simplicity of natural sweetness that wins my heart.


There is no shortcrust pasty or sweet filling and rich chocolate topping whatsoever, only the finest technique with the most creative input of inspiration gathered from both beauty and imperfection of real fruit. With lots of white chocolate, and celebrating mother nature’s creation of some of the tastiest fruits, Namelaka Patisserie created unique dessert taking form of real fruit accordingly to the flavor of each respective fruits, without even having to plate it to impress their customers. The brilliant twists lie in the form of the dessert molded in 3d and a ganache layer of fresh smooth fillings holding chunks of real fruits encased at the core of each dessert fruit, as this creamy filling hold the shape of the dessert. It will be a real challenge trying to pack this because from what I see, it is best consume in the house. And why not? Since the interior provide nothing but comfy and relaxing as well as sleek clean of immaculate white.


Attention to detail abounds. Passionfruit and pear have the most beautiful exterior and is aesthetically the prettiest if you badly need to feed your camera. Myself is so in love with the sleek green apple but while the names sounded like a breeze, it’s a dish best left to the professionals.


It’s not a cake and it looks almost too pretty to eat, but this fruit dessert is totally extraordinary not only in essence, it comprises real fruit, and when break open, creating an otherworldly confection that simple begs to be photographed.

Don’t forget to enjoy with their cocktail or coffee brew. I find myself drawn to their mocktail mainly thanks to the freshness of mint infused and the frizzy.
Namake is a very new establishment during my visit and more dessert would soon to come. It is not usual that I speak so highly on dessert places but I am liking no artificial sugar added so I am looking forward to what they have next.


Namelaka Patisserie is located at:

1st floor, No 34, Jalan Telawi 2,

Bangsar, 59100, KL

Business hour : Sun -Thurs 11:30am–8pm, Fri- Sat 11:30am–10pm, Closed Weds.

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/namelaka.my


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Harvest Ground @ Sunway Geo


Eggettes, otherwise also known as the egg waffle has always been an iconic Hong Kong street snack. One that is almost a quintessential and while it has always been classic and nostalgic, it has been really common in the recent years for innovative modern twists. Harvest Ground seemed to nailed their rendition with some of the most local falvours. I was instantly drawn to Jack the Baba HK Eggettes (RM 20) because of that interesting combo of jackfruit and ice cream. The generous scoop of fresh coconut ice cream was pretty amazing along the shredded jackfruit. Plus the choice of salted gula Melaka caramel sauce, was quite a fascinating match all together to the otherwise boring eggettes that could really use a little more of that crispy.


1.harvest ground

2.harvest ground

3.harvest ground


The egg waffle isn’t the only innovative modern twist and despite being unsure of the core selling point, everything else is pretty innovative. Gua bao here folds a tender strip of fried chicken and even though their menu did not exactly make things easy when it comes to decision making, I was told the Taiwanese Ru Rou Fan (braised pork belly over rice) was good.


6.4.harvest ground


Fries for snacking didn’t quite leave a very impressive impression but these hits and misses can always be fixed with a better standard operating procedure.


5.harvest ground

4.harvest ground


Harvest Ground is located at:
No A-01-08, Level 1,
Block A, Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan,
Sunway South Quay, Bandar Sunway
Subang Jaya 47500
Tel: 012-751 1963
Monday- Thursday (11am- 9pm), Fri- Sat (11am – 10pm), Sunday Closed.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harvestground/?tn-str=k*F
GPS: 3.0653684,101.609708


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Hands and Heart @ Bangkok, Thailand


Beyond their instagrammble white lay out, this coffee spot delivers for those serious about their brew. An understated coffee bar with minimal seating, it’s probably not the best place to linger but serious coffee drinkers will find this an essential destination for the passion of coffee brewing is hard core at this cafe. While coffee bean from various origins are part and parcel of this impressive coffee bar, there is one particular item on the menu that caught my heart, soul and everything or anything you can probably think off to have me returning again.


1.Hands and Heart, Sukhumvit 38 (Bangkok)
2.Hands and Heart, Sukhumvit 38 (Bangkok)
3.Hands and Heart, Sukhumvit 38 (Bangkok)


Myself could come up with reasons more than you can shake a stick at to revisit for their Kombucha Coffee. Being a huge fan of Kombucha mainly because of that unique and pleasant taste on top of the beneficial factors, the coffee Kombucha here is probably the best I have ever had so far. And to make it worst now that I am back home, I’ve not found any place in Malaysia with coffee Kombucha half as close to this one that I’ve had here in Hands and Heart Bangkok. Oh well…looks like I am visiting Bangkok again real soon.


4.Hands and Heart, Sukhumvit 38 (Bangkok)
5.Hands and Heart, Sukhumvit 38 (Bangkok)


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Hands and heart Café is located at :
33 Sukhumvit 38 Alley,
Khwaeng Phra Khanong, Khet Khlong Toei,
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
Phone: +66 81 442 7977
Opens Daily : 7 am- 7pm
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/handsandheartcoffee
GPS: 13.7215827,100.579373


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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D’Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok

Bangkok has a lot more than just Tom yam and green curry chicken. In fact, there’s not much that they don’t offer. This, we are referring to contemporary restaurants and cafes. And with very little time in Bangkok recently, I managed to slot D’Ark restaurant into our recent 4 days eating trip. D’Ark in the Pinman 49 complex offers elaborated meals covering brunch till late evening, and comfort food all day long with kitchen led by passionate cooks accompanying Michelin star background chefs. Walk through the path of Chef Jeriko Van Der Wolf’s Michelin star background as you dig into delicious mains and appetizers made to challenge the taste buds.

2.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok
1.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok

Some of the dishes that we ordered is perfectly encapsulated by quality mix of minimal and creative element and yet not having to splash out on your meals. Spend your hard earned cash here for some fun and delicious without reservations – just walk in and go nuts with the comfort casual and be sure to finish the dessert and booze. The likes of humble yet creative oven roasted Beetroot with Burrata Cheese, pomegranate, truffle oil and honey dressing (B330) or Crispy Snow Pea Salad (B190) covered with a blanket of grated Pecorino cheese, small cuts of cured smoked pork cheek, mint and dressing; share space with timeless classics done well, such as Pan seared sea water Barramundi fillet (B510) served on a bed of creamy and comforting mashed potatoes and roasted cherry tomato or English Cocotte (B 350) featuring a medley combination of Cumberland sausage, baked organic free ranged egg, baked beans in tomato sauce, roasted cherry tomatoes, eryngii and shimeiji mushroom.

3.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok
D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok
5.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok
7.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok

The short drinks list, meanwhile, pulls its weight admirably, showcasing classy wines and cheerful beers with playful mix of fun shakes with fancy toppings. We had some sparkling and picked a shake from the glorious page of assorted shakes. At the same time, D’Ark does have an amazing coffee reputation and it is confirmed that coffee choices are commodity. Just don’t go looking for artisanal craft. Take consolation in the smoothie but the small pleasures from the sip of thick liquid is far from the satisfaction from the ice cream.

8.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok

Monkey Shake (B 350)- Milkshake with banana, honey, peanut butter, topped with whipped cream, Reese chocolate, frozen chocolate banana, toasted marshmallow house made granola.

9.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok

Capuccino (B 115)- Pick with options like skinny milk, soy milk, extra shot or decaf etc, just add a B10 to suit your caffeine preference.

10.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok

Refine and elegant (B 330 per glass) -Vouvray ‘Pinon’ Brut Non Vintage, Domain de La Poultiere, Chenin Blanc, Loire, France .Bottle fermented Cremant from a deep chalky cellar.

Take note that they are generously portioned and deliciously served. I have had the best three picks of scoop with the 3 scoop pyramid (B125) but the worst decision of bread pudding when I ordered the Peanut butter Bread Pudding (B 330). Brioche Pain perdu with dollops of peanut butter may sound right but the horrid rendition of blackberry jelly totally ruined it.

11.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok
12.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok
13.D'Ark Café at Piman 49, Bangkok

D’Ark at Piman 49 is located at:
48/1 Klang Alley,
Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana,
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
Tel: +66 02 6627900
Daily 8.00 AM – 10.00 PM
GPS: 13.7322988,100.576384

Click HERE for MENU and more photos on flickr.

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Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall


The last stop at my recent visit to the Melawati Mall is a real down-home deal, a masterful comfort food with a quality coffee brewed with single origin imported from Gayo Highland’s Acheh Indonesia. Be it the gorgeous alfresco area or its stunning rustic contemporary mix of atmosphere; don’t let this modern design deter you because it doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. We are looking at brunch serving till 4pm and plenty of hearty and delicious dishes made to order. Start with tasty bites like Nachos and Quinoa & Mango Salad before digging into their modern plating of comforting meal options.


1.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall
2.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall


The main spotlight, however, should be the protein choices like the Beef lasagna and Rib Eye which either gets a roast and bake in oven and served as main or those that topped over al dante pasta coated with intensely flavourful pasta sauce. Also, who could resist those beautifully baked eggs? It is really wonderful that brunch serves till 4pm.


3.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall
4.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall
5.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall
6.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall


Also on the menu is luscious portion of sandwiches and if you noticed the accompaniment in each of the mains, they either pairing well in not only taste and nutrition but also composed authentically.


7.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall
8.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall
9.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall
10.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall


Be Sixth Comfort Food is located at the Melawati Mall at:
100.1, L6
Jalan Sabah, Taman Melawati,
53100 Ampang, Selangor
Tel: 03 4162 9919
Business hour: 10am – 10pm daily
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeSixth
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelawatiMallOfficial/
GPS: 3.21066,101.7484403


Click HERE for more photos on flickr and HERE for the Foodieville food hunt.


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Solomen Cafe @ SS 2


From ramen bowls made with long simmer pot bone broth, simple soy sauce based soup, or miso to rice bowls with delicious pork slices; we can now get our Japanese comfort meal fix in Solomen Cafe at SS2. There is not only an assortment of steaming bowls of thin wheat noodles in broth, but a good fare of Japanese classics to complete a wholesome meal. This plain and humble looking cafe is absolutely a very good space and ambiance for leisure and comforting meal.


Starting with the delicious pieces of Gyoza (RM 1190), it is something that I’d highly recommend as add ons or appetisers. These parcels of pan fried dumpling are succulently wrapped tightly to reserve the juice and moist of the fillings so that every bite is rich and packed with flavours. And skillfully controlling the cooking time, those deep fried homemade marinated pork chop is another good dish for communal dining. Tonkatsu (RM 20.90) are crispy on the outside and tender delicious on the inside.


1.Solomen Café @ SS 2

2.Solomen Café @ SS 2


Moving to their ramen bowls, both the Tonkotsu Ramen (RM 20.90) and Kimchi Ramen (RM 19.90) packs a flavoursome punch with the usual suspects of seaweed and eggs to be expected; as well as al dante bites of springy ramen noodle. The portions are amazing- not too gigantic yet great enough to satisfy ramen craving.


3.Solomen Café @ SS 2

4.Solomen Café @ SS 2

5.Solomen Café @ SS 2


Negi Miso Ramen (RM 20.90) also have those juicy pork but shredded to match the texture of fried leek on their ramen noodles simmered in delicious homemade miso soup.


6.Solomen Café @ SS 2

7.Solomen Café @ SS 2


Ramen isn’t the only thing you get because the menu also presents a couple of rice bowls and like their ramen bowls; these rice bowls are hearty and filling. Shiogayaki don (RM 21.50) was topped with stir fried sliced pork and onion in homemade ginger sauce while Hokkaido Buta Don (RM 22.90) had their rice topped with sliced pork on special homemade sweet sauce. Should the rice have a better texture, their rice bowls are close to perfect given the range of pricing they are tagged on. After all, mushy texture really won’t do Japanese rice grain any justice.


8.Solomen Café @ SS 2

9.Solomen Café @ SS 2

10.Solomen Café @ SS 2

11.Solomen Café @ SS 2

16. solomen ss2

15.Tori Karaage  (RM 14.50)


Hoikoro (RM 16.90) stir fried sliced pork with vegetables in homemade miso paste would put a smile to pork lover with the layers of evenly distributed fats in between the layers of pork belly slices. But if you are avoiding those fats, may I recommend the gigantic Tori Karaage (RM 14.50). There are no fats in this one, only super thick coating of flour enveloping the chicken cuts to lock all moist and juice of the meat. I didn’t enjoy the thick- almost close to goey in between the supposedly-crunchy outer layer and the succulent tender boneless chicken meat; but majority would love the huge value-for-money pieces of chicken.


12.Solomen Café @ SS 2

13.Solomen Café @ SS 2

14.Tori Karaage  (RM 14.50)


So because they are also a café, the beverage list conquers 2 pages of the menu. Cucumber Mojito Sparker (RM 10.90) was really refreshing and perfect as to beat those fiery weather out there and you get your caffeine fix too if are merely just chilling after the comforting meal. Latte (RM 9.90) fares well to go with their selection of cakes- both the Cempedak Lover (RM 13.90) and Tiramisu (RM 11.90) .


17.solomen cafe ss2

18.solomen cafe ss2


Click HERE for MENU and more photos on flickr.


Solomen café is located at:
16, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, MY
Phone: +60 16-289 9079
Business Hour: 12pm- 10pm (Monday Closed)
GPS: 3.1131367,101.620376
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/solomencafe/


SoloMen Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara celebrates Malaysia Day with Nasi Lemak

Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara


If there is one dish that represents Malaysia and if that particular dish must fit into any meal of the day (all breakfast, lunch and dinner); then it would inevitably be the nasi lemak for sure. And with the celebration of Merdeka and Malaysia day in August and September respectively, we are celebrating it with an assortment of nasi lemak renditions. We have the nasi lemak kukus, nasi lemak bungkus, and even nasi lemak with pork rendang. Fifth palate at Kota Damansara is celebrating patriotism with the national dish itself with the addition of Pork rendang on top of the usual suspects.


1.Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara
2.Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara


Their intereperation of this emblematic national dish is well executed here at the Fifth Palate. Not only did the sambal perfectly complementing the pandan infused rice, their pork rendang itself was absolutely delicious with aroma and thick flavours to accentuate the umaminess of the tender pieces of pork.


3.Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara


Together with this dish is the Teh Tarik with Gula Melaka. This combination was cleverly done albeit a little weird but to go with their nasi lemak, is pleasantly acceptable.


4.Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara


Finishing with their pandan flavoured eggette folded and filled with tasty coconut ice cream, is probably the best dessert to complete such satisfying meal. Sprinkled with some juicy corn kernels, this dessert can be a meal on its own if you are not sharing but hey, best things are shared and what’s a better to celebrate Malaysia if not over some sweet treats with your best bud?


5.Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara
6.Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara


The Pork Rendang Nasi Lemak and Gula Melaka Teh Tarik is available now till 18th of September so take note to not miss out on that delicious pork rendang.


7.Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara


Happy Malaysia Day.


Fifth Palate is located at:
Blk D-G-1 Encorp Strand Garden Office Malaysia,
Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Phone: +60 3-6144 0055
Opening Hours: Thursday- Tuesday (8:30am- 5pm)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fifthpalate/
GPS: 3.1545671,101.5967697


Fifth Palate Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Click HERE for MENU and more photos on flickr.


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Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar

A good meal completed with a good dessert is the most perfect meal and if you know where to begin, desserts are more than just sweet treats. Upperhouse Bangsar is a place specialized in desserts that would put a smile across your face every time the plate of dessert is served upon you.

1.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar

The flow of dessert tasting starts with sweet and light refreshing Apple (RM 18), where there are thin slices of apple and kyuri as blanket, covering exquisite portion of hazelnut, chrysanthemum, vanilla, apple celery sorbet; all combined into a party of sweet refreshing tang texture of light juicy crunch from the apple slices. A light dessert after a heavy meal, a lot like a palate cleanse if taking just this.

2.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar

As the savouring continues, the journey moved towards heavier and richer sensations as it progresses. Lemon (RM 22) showcases mainly lemon curd, and even though presented with some distinctive flavours like vanilla, lavender, raspberry, and coconut ice cream; it wasn’t prominent with the obvious eggy husking over the rest of the elements on the plate. On a side note, Coconut ice cream was very fresh when I had it. Alas, I savour the ice cream as it is a whole lot more than together with the rest on the plate.

3.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar
4.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar

The Watermelon (RM 24) then came to salvage, and encompassing strawberry cotton cake, watermelon, hazelnut, basil, vanilla and a scoop of strawberry sorbet; this is particularly a food memory of Australia’s watermelon cake hype. The “artist” here painted the plate beautifully with the shade of watermelon red and while there isn’t really a proper way to eat this, you kind of just take all the bits and pieces mixing whatever flavours you think would work together- the perks of savouring deconstructed dessert dish. Generally, everything chosen by the chef matches well together in this one to create a refreshing bite of summer with the presence of watermelon in it.

5.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar
6.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar
7.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar

Moving to richer taste, Carrot Walnut (RM 20) is presented and plated with Greek yoghurt, clever addition of honeycomb, and added extra moist with a scoop of burnt honey ice cream. After this, it is time for the major-hit-amongst-their-customers- dessert to come into the lime light. The Mille-Feuille (RM 24)- with crispy and light flaky layers of puff pastry, orange milk chocolate mousse, pineapple, almond, and my favourite hay ice cream; this one clearly is a big hit because it was extraordinarily pretty. Let’s be honest, have you seen any other café with a pretty mille-feuille dessert like this one. Alas, the flavours didn’t work as well as the looks and it didn’t impress me as much as the presentation. Eating this blind fold kinda reminds me of Cadbury zip bar- specifically the orange flavour.

8.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar
9.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar
10.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar

Last but not least, something I’d strongly recommend. One of the mass favourite of course- Chocolate (RM 25). If you only get to pick one and only one dessert from this place, go for this one. But no, don’t restrict yourself to only one. That’s real sad.

11.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar

The consistency of the chocolate texture was totally on the point and it offered a nice balanced taste to go with the honey comb, and all the toppings as well as the pairing ice cream. And that we are talking about 70% Callebaut , toasted rice, burnt honey ice cream.

12.Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar @ Bangsar

The kitchen also serves savoury. I’ve sampled the Cacao Ravioli which comes on a bed of capsicum sauce and I love it. Handmade pasta, done the proper way – al dente, and every parcel filled with delish mix of cheese and yummy forest mushroom. Plus the board with pieces of fried chicken drumettes lining up and escorted with dollops of aioli, this two is a good way of light savoury start before sampling their desserts.

13.Upperhouse Bangsar
14.Upperhouse Bangsar
Upperhouse Bangsar
Upperhouse Bangsar

And finally, the newest addition to their menu, the beautifully stacked tiers of delicate and delicious bites and pieces of savoury and sweet treats comprising of most of their best selling. Except this one comes in more elegant petit sizes of stylish and graceful presentation. Afternoon Tea Set (RM 65) showcased their signature Cacao Ravioli, two types of sandwiches and Parmesan breadsticks on the lower tier; and on the upper tiers, that best-selling Mille Feuille, macarons, Chocolate Pralines, Dark Chocolate Cake, Passionfruit Trifle and Raspberry Banana Bread.

15.Upperhouse Bangsar
16.Upperhouse Bangsar
17.Upperhouse Bangsar
18.Upperhouse Bangsar
19.Upperhouse Bangsar
20.Upperhouse Bangsar
21.Upperhouse Bangsar
22.Upperhouse Bangsar
23.Upperhouse Bangsar

The genius behind these pretty canvases of edible art work is Hester Ling and Gerard Ng, who are both professional pastry chefs that is not only clever and good at what they are doing, but incredibly passionate about desserts. This Australian-inspired dessert bar and kitchen that aims to introduce contemporary western cuisine and plated desserts to stimulate one’s taste buds is set with very simple vibe of casual setting to welcome family and kids. Chocolates in Upperhouse are
made to order using single origin cacao beans from Callebaut, reputed to be one of the finest
flavour cacao beans around due to soil, climate and habitat. So it is rest assured that chocolate drink is comforting at anytime of the day.

24.Upperhouse Bangsar
Upperhouse Bangsar

Striving to introduce the Australian-inspired casual dining with modern plating to the local food scene, it is totally a good bang for bucks because the ingredients are fine and well executed with plenty of effort and passion. I know this is a super lengthy post but click HERE for more photos on flickr.

Upperhouse Bangsar is located at:
27-A, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 10pm
Closed on Monday
Telephone no. 011-28720083
GPS: 3.1317316,101.668824
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/upperhousebangsarkl/

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Agak Agak @ APW, Bangsar


Agak agak in APW caters to the trendier and more adventurous tastes but while they innovate and pushes the boundaries for a fusion excitement, this hipster space at this hippie enclave is offering its take on Asian comfort food, enriched by the embrace of western trend.


1.Agak Agak APW

2.Agak Agak APW


Starting with simple crispy fried chicke wings, they serve this tantalising wings with cream fraiche and a fallopian of black caviar. Simply called the Chicken and Caviar (RM 28), the combination of these two elements work well. Let the caviar finish sent the umami senses straight into overdrive with their generous amount.


3.Agak Agak APW

4.Agak Agak APW


Talked about usage of unique ingredients, further evidence of such excellent effort is seen in the Chili Pate Mee (RM 32) and Sapporo Wantan Mee (RM 32). The two is abandoning authenticity completely for sure. The first is obvious when incorporating chicken liver pate and kicap nitamago, and the second; red miso as the primary umami flavour for the otherwise lacking in taste wanton noodle.


5.Agak Agak APW

6.Agak Agak APW


The two dishes rendered far from the time-honoured flavour and the thing you’ll absolutely never get for sure is to have these combinations plugging into the definition of food memories. Such classic dishes being tempered with modern influences could turn out a fusion mess depending on how you look at it.


7.Agak Agak APW

8.Agak Agak APW


They are fine so long as you dismiss what they are and openly accepts it as something new. Prices are slightly on the heavier side but if you are up for some creativity and bold flavours, then why not? Take their home soup for instance. The serving of the day is my favourite Cauliflower Soup (RM 14) and they certainly spoilt their patrons when including a generous dollop of caviar into the smooth creamy soup of the day.


9.Agak Agak APW


Desserts are more likely to earn all spotlights with my all time favourite being the Earl Grey Milk Tea Cake (RM 14). Most of the desserts are classic desserts with with creative flavours of both traditional and contemporary coming together to create that spark of happiness. Think milk tea infused grey bundt cake draped in an earl Grey tea cream cheese frosting.


10.Agak Agak APW


Or a dense bundt cake made of local key limes for some tang sweetness. Tart and creamy, go for the Limau nipis cake (RM 14). Otherwise, the Kacang Tumbuk (RM 14) is offering yet another bundt cake made using three layers of local peanut candy, kacang tumbuk bits in, on and around it is ever ready to fill you up with all the sugar sweetness.


11.Agak Agak APW

12.Agak Agak APW

13.Agak Agak APW


For something a little more solid and friendly for sharing, go for the Pengat Pisang French toast (RM 22). It serves thick slice of custard milk bread pan seared and served with a side of pengat pisang and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


14.Agak Agak APW


Drinks menu is a single page list of some concoctions as well as some familiar taste of local palate. We tried Kopi Susu (RM 7.90) and Kopi O (RM 7)- our local ipoh coffee with and without condensed milk; and the Teh Serai + Halia (RM 10)- our local black tea with lemongrass and ginger. Everything were slightly a little sweet to my liking. And since the cakes are already devil sweet, I highly recommend requesting them to eliminate addition of sugar. Take the ginger tea without sugar. Make it a hot serving. Their perfect to pair with the cakes.


15.Agak Agak APW

16.Agak Agak APW

17.Agak Agak APW


Click HERE for more photos and their Menu on flickr.


Agak agak is located at:
29, Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3-2788 3590
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agakagakcommunity/
GPS: 3.1243612,101.6741068


Agak Agak Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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Marmalade Cafe @ Bangsar Village 2, Bangsar


Marmalade Café @ Bangsar (Bangsar Village 2)


Now is always a good time to get satiate and energised with healhty meals but finding one that would please the entire family or everyone in the crowd is never an easy task. Not everyone is up for nutrition filled juices, and children sometimes still have tantrums getting their hands on the greens. Marmalade café in Bangsar Village caters to all and if you are ever stuck, pick from their all day brunch menu. The menu is simple, essentially great for picky eaters as well as those who simply need a comforting wholesome meal.
5.Marmalade Cafe @ Bangsar Village 2


Jump on the detox bandwagon with their fresh juices and give yourself a nutritional upgrade. I love my Single Beetroot Juice (RM 12) although I doubt it is a crowd pleaser but beetroot lover and healthy conscious ones are going to love this as much as I do. Apart from juice mixes and milkshake smoothies, there are espresso brews as well as tea and some usual quenches commonly found in most cafes. Flat White (RM 12) is not any healthier than any other cuppa but it would help with the caffeine fix.


1.Marmalade Cafe @ Bangsar Village 2


Although nothing said organic (not that I paid attention to) but there are no processed food, only real food to create hearty and comforting meals bursting with flavors. Marmalade combines great food with relaxed environment supplemented with a good child play area; the café feels very family and crowd friendly. I am very happy with their smoothie bowl, it wasn’t difficult to pick when there is the Berry Bliss (RM 20). Blueberries, strawberries and banana blended for base and topped with chia seeds, sliced bananas, and an assortment of berries.


2.Marmalade Cafe @ Bangsar Village 2


Moving to the delicious brunch menu, Crab Cake Benedict (RM 32) gives you a beautifully poached egg covered in hollandaise sauce laid on a deck of crab cakes with seared tomatoes and grilled asparagus, along French onion and a crispy potato rosti.


3.Marmalade Cafe @ Bangsar Village 2
6.Marmalade Cafe @ Bangsar Village 2


Norwegian Bagel (RM 26) gets all the limelight the moment I sink my teeth into smoked salmon sandwiched between a toasted poppy seed bagel, nicely flavoured with a spread of zesty cream cheese, accompanied with pickled cucumber and red radish.


4.Marmalade Cafe @ Bangsar Village 2


There is so much on the menu that I wanted to try but there were only two of us and to avoid food wastage, we decided to hit on Salmon Laksa (RM 29) and Garlic Basil Pesto (RM 26) and the both totally score with the texture of the chewy udon noodle and al dante spaghetti. Udon here sits in spicy laksa broth with plenty of salmon chuicnks, diced pumpkins, beancurd puffs and topped with shredded cucumber and onions. Garnished with mint leaves for a beautiful finishing. And as for the pesto pasta, they are all coated in pesto and smashed broccoli, tossed with cherry tomatoes, and topped with baked parmesan. Pesto and broccoli in fantastic ratio along with the garlic and pine nuts, this combination is nothing but superb.


7.Marmalade Café @ Bangsar (Bangsar Vilalge 2)
8.Marmalade Café @ Bangsar (Bangsar Vilalge 2)
9.Marmalade Café @ Bangsar (Bangsar Vilalge 2)


This is such a good place for delicious meal that offers a selective choice for metabolic reset to get you to a healthier lifestyle. Special thanks to Lisa for inviting- I wouldn’t have another favourite place to go now if it weren’t for this invitation.


10.Marmalade Café @ Bangsar (Bangsar Vilalge 2)


Marmalade Café is located at:
1F-18 Bangsar Village 2,
1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +60 3-2282 8301
Opening hour: 10am- 10pm daily.
GPS: 3.1301915,101.671272
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marmalade.kl.my/


Marmalade Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Click HERE for MENU and more photos on flickr.


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If anyone if interested, watch this appearing on my vlog here:




Chocha Foodstore KL


Chocha Foodstore in the heart of kl is another addition to the retro hipster café trend that is good for a cultural fix. With the vintage ambiance and preserved architecture, the retro décor takes a journey of nostalgic trip back in time into this piece of local history. Every corner displays such amazing lighting that is absolutely perfect for photo taking; this once upon a time a hotel has quickly flood all social media platforms with shots of every corner of their beautiful spaces. 

1.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL

Review on blog at: http://wp.me/p1tyh7-1Yr Watch this appearing on my snapstories vlog at: https://youtu.be/NX2S2yIOUIg


(Don’t miss your opportunity to pose ah lian-ish outside the vintage Mah-lian signage)- photo credits to John.L.


Their mash-up of Chinese and Western dishes inspired by local ingredients makes it unabashedly a fusion café eatery that cooks up brave and unconventional dishes. Although a letdown, their Cucumber Salad (RM 15) Kyuri cucumber, green apple, semi dried tomato and lettuce with cumin vinaigrette seemed to cool down the hot weather and serves as a great appetizer. Otherwise let their sharing snack that has been getting all rave impress you with that lovely coating evenly enveloping juicy bites of flavoursome shrimp sauce marinated chicken. Cincalok Fried Chicken with summer salsa (RM 25) is accompanied by tomato and pineapple salsa as well as the house tomato chutney. 

2.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL

3.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL


Another highlight was a properly luxurious tea servings that came partnered with warm roasted chestnuts. Their tea is bucketloads of Chinese indulgence balanced with hippie and trendy pairing with their dishes. Not to worry if you are no tea connoisseur because menu displays description of their tea leaves. Shui Hsien tea (RM 18) meaning narcissus or water sprite is an Oolong tea from Mount Wuyi in Fujian Province, China with a heavy honey fragrance. Cheaper varieties are grown elsewhere in the province and have a burnt taste. Lapsang Souchong (RM 16), is the first black tea appeared in the tea history. This is also the original tea of Earl Grey. Tea is produced from Fujian Province of China. In addition to its smoky aroma, it gives a dried long aroma. 

4.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL

5.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL

6.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL


They are not pretentious with ingredients and uses some of the ingredients that represented the locals pretty well so you’d also see some familiar ingredients like kailan. Apart from slightly salty, what seemed to appear a little cloying looking is actually not at all a disaster; in contrary, this creamy stir fried kailan was uniquely enjoyable. 

7.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL

8.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL


Then when you talk about unique, I have already attempted several times to remake the Ulam stew Barley rice (RM 28). The fresh aroma from the ulam pesto balanced the custardy flavour from the blanket of shaved salted egg on top of the bed of barley and sautéed fresh squid with crispy dried shrimp so well that this one is like nothing I’ve ever seen anywhere else. But, I would probably swap the squid with cod fish if I am making this again. 

9.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL

11.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL


But then again, they are not all phenomenal when it comes to being authentic and ingenious. The Biang Biang inspired Noodle (RM 16) wasn’t impressive- not to me at least. Trying to challenge the taste bud with some sze chuan chili oil, the house made flat noodle is also tossed with toasted peanut and seasoned soy vinaigrette but it turned out rather boring actually. 

12.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL


Best to be pairing with some of their most outstanding dishes, the addition of wine on the menu worked out very well with these zingy Asian flavours. Helps to pace yourself for the ultimate dining experience. Otherwise, just enjoy the food and then order your cuppa joe while enjoying the semi open space with sunlight comes shinning through. 

13.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL

14.Chocha Foodstore @ Jalan Petaling, KL


Watch this appearing on my snapstories vlog HERE and click HERE for more photos and MENU on flickr. 

Chocha Foodstore is located at:
156, Jalan Petaling,
Kuala Lumpur 50000
Phone number: 03 20221100
Business Hour : 10am- 11pm daily (closed on Mondays)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chocha.foodstore/

GPS: 3.1408669,101.6980858 

Chocha Foodstore Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Malaysia Coffee Fest 2017 @ KL Convention Centre

Malaysia Coffee Fest 2017 @ KL Convention Centre


Malaysia’s first ever Coffee Fest officially launches this morning at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and is dedicated to celebrating all that embraces our very own coffee culture. The community here is already enjoying a promising growth when it comes to quality coffee culture and there is no sign of this creative caffeinated community slowing down. Everywhere in the country, we see Malaysia’s kopi being served up in some of the most contemporary and unique method.


The event bring together top notch coffee personalities- baristas, local artisan roasters, independent specialty cafes, bean and equipment suppliers and distributors, All that you need to see and know about coffee is here at one place. it is your one stop for everything coffee, and the only stop for all coffee enthusiasts.


Malaysia Coffee Fest - Music Cafe//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
Malaysia Coffee Fest - Food Truck Fiesta//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
Malaysia Coffee Fest 2//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


From tasting the different nuances of coffee beans sourced from all over the world to witnessing the creations of intricate latte art live, the Malaysia Coffee Fest promises an immersive multi-sensorial trove of activities that embraces Malaysia’s unique and robust kopi heritage. In addition to great cups of coffee from some of Malaysia’s best coffee roasters and cafes, festival goes can also learn about coffee at Coffee Clinic, enjoy delicious food from theFood Truck Fiesta, all to the beat of live music at Music Cafe.


Also not to be missed, an exciting battle amongst some of Malaysia’s top baristas and latter artists as they vie for the top spots at the first ever Malaysia Open Barista hampionship and Malaysia Open Latte Art Championship. Organisers releases some highlight of the day and if you haven’t got plans over the weekend, you’d know where to go now.


Malaysia Coffee Fest 2017 happening now at:


Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Hall 5
Saturday, 6 May 2017 from 11am to 8pm
Sunday, 7 May 2017 from 11am to 5pm
GPS: 3.154248,101.712914


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.



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