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Burgers and Lobsters @ Sky Avenue Genting Highland – Still a hype in 2019?


Since their opening in the Sky Avenue Genting Highlands, Burger & Lobster has long been considered a gastronomic must for visitors so it was no surprise that it prompted massive queues consisting of both locals and tourists. Some would even make a day trip just to indulge in a meal of burger and lobster at in the chilly temperature of Genting Resorts. As straight forward as its name, the restaurant sells two items only. Menu is so simple it is either lobster in several cooking method or Burger for those loving thick beef patties in between buns. Gaining so much love from fans all over the world, this eatery’s global expansion has been nothing but a great success, especially when they feature a unique local flavour at each one of their outlets in different countries respectively. My first visit was when I tagged along for one of their bloggers engagement session but I wasn’t too impressed to be honest. Second visit was a casual hang out at Genting and it was equally unimpressive. The following visits were amusingly inconsistent with several dining session rather enjoyable while the rest of the time being rather disappointing.


Burger and Lobster Malaysia

Lobster served in intense thick chili that’s also in my opinion, uncharacteristically diminutive sweet, wasn’t really a thing for me especially when all it does was overshadowing any flavour from the lobster. Hence, it was a onetime experience only for me. Every other time was every other thing and this time, I had the best lobster roll out of the many other times of my visit here in Burger and Lobsters Malaysia. This time, I could taste amazing texture so juicy and bouncy, it was delectable.


Burger and Lobster Malaysia (1)

Burger and Lobster Malaysia (3)

Burger and Lobster Malaysia (2) Read my first visit HERE

Burger and Lobster Malaysia (5) Burger and Lobster Malaysia (4)

Skip the drinks at any cost but kudos to any gimmicky beverage. They are only good for picture taking.


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Burger and Lobster Malaysia is located at:

Level 1, SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands,
69000 Genting Highlands Resort, Pahang
Opens Daily

Phone: 03-6105 9186
GPS: 3.425403,101.79387


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Crab Factory @ Johor


Another exciting crab experience at the Johor food trip not long ago had me questioning how so that I have never once visited their Klang Valley outlet in PJ. Crab Factory brings Johor a unique seafood menu and interactive dining experience at this beautiful enclave much alike mini Paris (or a mini European township). Located not too far from Mount Austin, the second day with the bunch of makan kaki started with huge and fresh seafood as opposed to dainty bite sizes of sashimi from the first day. If you asked me, I think all our cholesterol probably raised by 20% during that 2 days. The amount of seafood (and everything else in between) can easily feed me for a week. Generous sizes and amount aside, it was by far the best seafood I have had in the past 6 months at least, if not the juiciest. How so I haven’t been eating at the PJ outlet? They were so good!


1.Crab Factory @ Johor
Crab Factory Johor


Unsurprisingly, the focus in crab factory is the seafood and the eatery promise nothing but the finest and freshest dishes. With no plating skills required, everything is eaten right from the table. And the sweet crustaceans are absolutely something I will gladly snap on a bib and dive right in at any time. Also feel free to mess the entire table so long as you don’t eat from the wrong pile.


Served in a plastic bag and dripping with a house sauce made from garlic butter, and together with vegetables, these meals are presented in packages as such: Crab Lover Shiok (2-3 pax), Crab Lover Party (4-5 pax), and Crab Lover Giler (7-9 pax) priced at RM 49.90 or RM 59.90 per pax. I thought it was a fantastic deal for seafood lover. I would eat this again anytime and work on the calories later.


3.Crab Factory @ Johor
4.Crab Factory @ Johor
5.Crab Factory @ Johor
5.2Crab Factory @ Johor
6.Crab Factory @ Johor
7.Crab Factory @ Johor
8.Crab Factory @ Johor
9.Crab Factory @ Johor
10.Crab Factory @ Johor
11.Crab Factory @ Johor


If fresh crabs, prawns, lobsters, crawfishes, or even mussels with every crevice coated with delicious sauce isn’t a reason to get messy then I don’t know what is. This one is indeed a lovely and ideal place to feast for every occasion and any celebration, so long as it is not a proposal. Don’t believe me? Watch this saved stories from the 2 days 1 night Johor food trip.



Crab Factory Johor is located at :
G14, Block B,
Jalan Jaya Putra 1/1,
Bandar Jaya Putra,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
GPS: 1.567528,103.776731
Tel: 07-351 4062
Web: http://www.crabfactory.com.my
Hours: Tues-Sun: 12pm – 10pm, Mondays closed


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL


Gather your foodie gang and head to the brand new Lemon Garden at the Shangri-La Hotel for a true feast of feasts. With a massive array of everything you can think of in a newly revamped ambiance designed by Bond Design Studio Inc from Japan, the buffet features all local and international specialties with a surfeit of delicious cuisine from all over the world. Reopened on the 27TH Febuarry 2017 after four months of renovation, now is the perfect time to leave the stress of planning a family gathering or any occasion for that matter of fact and let the Lemon Garden pamper you with the selection of quality food choices.


1.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
2.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
3.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
4.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL


Sticking to the traditional buffet practices, feel free to browse and hop around from stations to stations. Their highlight is most probably the fresh seafood station. With fresh and delicious sea harvest like the scallops, crabs, prawns, mussels, sashimi or oysters, you can almost smell the scent of ocean at every bite of any of these. I am absolutely impressed with the freshness of these amazing selections.


5.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
6.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
7.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
20.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
8.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
9.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL


The Asian kitchen has plenty of authentic dishes we are all familiar with. Signature dishes representing all ethic culture spread elegantly for international travelers, especially when they serve up the most diverse range: from sushi to Indian curries, and satays to chinese pohpiah, as well as just about everything in between. Chinese brunch tapas comprising various dumplings and that double boiled black chicken with ginseng soup cannot be any more tempting than it already is.


10.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
11.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
12.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
13.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
14.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
15.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL


If Chinese food isn’t your cup of tea, this is kinda like a little food paradise featuring international cities like London or New York City with upscale assortment of lavish dishes all under one roof so there ought to be something you’ll like.


16.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
17.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
18.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
19.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
21.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
22.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
23.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
24.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL


Let’s not skip those absolute decadent looking of interational and local desserts ranging from your cakes and crepes to waffles and tarts, and kuih and ice kacang to ice creams and chocolate fountains; all of which are stylishly displayed at their refreshed galore display.


25.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
26.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL
27.Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL


What I have here is probably less than one third of what’s offered. Take a quick look at this one on my snap videos and hopefully there is a better idea of Lemon Garden’s new look.



Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Shangri La Hotel Kuala Lumpur is located at:
11, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur, 50250.
Daily: 6 am- 11:30pm
GPS: 3.15421,101.70627
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shangrilaKL/
Book a table at: https://www.shangri-la.com/hotels/shangri-la-hotel-kuala-lumpur/dining/


Additional Information (thank me for this so you can eat well without blowing the budget):

International Lunch Buffet
Monday – Friday (12noon – 2.30pm)
RM 128 nett (adult), RM 64 nett (child)

Saturday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 148 nett (adult), RM 74 nett (child)


International Sunday Brunch
Sunday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 168 nett (adult), RM 84 nett (child)


International Dinner Buffet
Sunday – Thursday (6.30pm – 10.30pm)
RM 158 nett (adult), RM 79 nett (child)


Seafood Dinner Buffet
Friday – Saturday (6.30pm – 10.30pm)
RM 208 nett (adult), RM104 nett (child)


Sunday Champagne Brunch (inclusive of 1 bottle of Veuve Cliquot per person)
Sunday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 488 nett (adult)


For reservations or more information, call (03) 2074 3904 or email restaurantreservations.slkl@shangri-la.com.


Lemon Garden Cafe - Shangri - La Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)


I thought we’ve reached peak lobster and burger but when the famous UK chain Burger and Lobster made their way to Malaysia, I was all excited again and what better place to host this restaurant than the all new revamped Genting Highland’s Sky Avenue. With an exciting facelift, the resort is now looking fabulous with this particular space elegantly decked with interior and panel partitions, filled with neon red lights which exude a warm and contemporary ambiance.


1.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)
2.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)
3.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)
4.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)


Get your claws into their single page, nine items food menu and while this eatery represents remarkable swanky dining experience, it was nothing close to anything of a good value for money. The menu was simple; with either beef burger or lobster either steamed or grilled to offer, and all dishes are accompanied by chips and salad. Lobsters are plump and juicy, with inconsistent bounce but the price of RM 168 for your Chili lobster served with their signature brioche and no chips or salad, this one represents Malaysia well to be that exclusive variant available only in Malaysia outlet but I sure hope a fresher lobster in my claypot.


5.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)


The rolls are better, this one is The Original (RM 138) with Japanese mayonnaise and because it’s served chilled in their signature brioche roll, it worked for me. The simplicity of the dish while absurd for what is a fairly average meal- cut neatly [ast the usual seafood meal pricing is what bothers me when it comes to recommending it to my readers.


Burgers & Lobster in Malaysia
7.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)


If you’d like to make an evening of it, do the meal with cocktails and booze. Burgers looked fine with that substantial salad and chips. But then again, based on the lobster experience, food solely is the last thing that would offer satisfying experience in whole.


8.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)


So what you are actually paying for is the dining experience of seafood at high altitudeof 6000ft in the hills with lobsters transported from Canada, an identical theme of Burgers and Lobsters in London and that Chili Lobster dish only available at the Resorts World Genting. Tourists would love everything about it, especially now that the Ringgit is weaker in value but for the locals to travel solely for this, I’d say you put on your lobster bib somewhere else.


12.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)
13.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)
9.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)

Embracing the local culture and our mamak flavour, this is their rendition of teh o limau ice ikat tepi: the Time Keeper (RM21)- Black Tea, Calamnsi lime, kafir lime leaf, palm sugar.



Mango Coriander Lassi (RM 12)


11.UK’s Burger and Lobster in Malaysia (Sky Avenue Genting Highland)

Soft Drinks (RM 9)


Burger and Lobster Malaysia is located at:
Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting,
69000 Genting Highlands Resort
Phone: +60 3-6105 9186
Daily: 11am-10pm
GPS: 3.425403,101.79387
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burgerandlobsterRWGenting/


Click HERE for MENU and more photos on flickr.


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Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant @ Teluk Gong, Klang


Famous with their toddy and seafood, Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant at Klang is running in a very simple trend like most Chinese restaurant. Tables and chairs are all arranged in open air tent and the pavements were not smooth. The roofs are supported with huge timber as pillars in this restaurant. Most people come to this place for the seafood but common Chinese meals are also served here. Common dishes like the fried tofu with gravy, fried spinach, or the fried oyster with omelett are served with plain white fragrant rice.


@coconut flower
@coconut flower (1)
@coconut flower (2)


If you simply just want to enjoy seafood, try the bamboo shell fried with dried chili and soya sauce. Each was very plump and fresh. They were so sweet and succulent you’ll never stop popping them into your mouth. Especially when eating with chilled beer, or toddy.


@coconut flower (3)


And the replacement for rice can be the popular Fried vermicelli with lala. Although a tact salty to enjoy with other dishes, this one is a good dish to order at communal dining.


@coconut flower (4)


Note: Please forgive the very poor quality photos taken with mobile camera and the missing crab (gone before I manage to snap a photo).


Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant is absolutely stunning when it comes to ambiance if dinning on a good day without the rain; ventilation is nicely allocated with lots of fans all over the place. Parking bay should not be a problem if not breezy but know that the narrow and winding road is not a good place to park your car.


Coconut flower is located at :
702, Jalan Udang Galah,
Kampong Teluk Gong,
42000 Port Klang, Selangor.
Tel:03-31341 218
GPS: 2.961342,101.397223


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Brolly @ Menara Felda


Brolly at Menara Felda in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is an attractively spruced-up pub, with attentive staff and sensible pricing depending on what you ordered. The focus is on making both diners and drinkers unwind and relax themselves. Themed with mechanic tools, the bolts and wrenches, pipes and pliers and rims are all available all over– not just at the smartly dressed and lit dining space but the bar too.


1.Brolly @ menara Felda
2.Brolly @ menara Felda
3.Brolly @ menara Felda
4.Brolly @ menara Felda


The handsome bar counter is lined with beers, but also offers cocktails and a global wine and whisky lists. Be impressed with their range of mocktails, and the funky presentation that is set to feed up your social media feeds in no time. Passion and Peach Mocktails (RM 15), Classic Beergarita (RM 28), Pineapple High-Ballrus (RM 26), Wild berry High – Ballrus(RM 26), Apple Mojito (RM 15), Maracuja and Pineapple Mocktails (RM 15), Passion Beergarita (RM 30), all serves not only pretty colours, but boozing the meal with lots of happiness and clink of glasses as we dig into the food.


5.Brolly @ menara Felda


Cooking is assured, and quite good enough to justify the prices: Two Medium sized crab of your choice of flavours is selling for RM 148 per bag. All is packed with sweet meat and bright orange lumps crab roe peeking out from the plastic bags.


6.Brolly Felda


Don’t miss the Brown Crabs (RM 209) which are packed with sweet meat. They’re a mess to eat, and you need to really work at them with crackers but fret not because the taps and basins are pretty cool. This enormous crustacean comes with fantastic steam and aroma escaping from the bags when it’s brought to our tables. That’s right, seafoods here are served Lousiana style. So hands on straight from the bags to the table with no cutleries and most importantly, no hand phones (People spend way too much time on the phone at the dining table).


7.Brolly Felda


500g of Mussel (RM 45) was delicious and easier to unshell for sure, and we dipped everything in excess at the bottom of the plastic bag, where all the sweet juices are.


8. Brolly @ Menara Felda


Certainly not a destination for fine dining for sure, it’s still a brilliant place those who absolutely love slurping ultra-fresh oysters. Brolly is apparently those who keep their oysters fresh and living inside their tank. Their Kelly’s Gigas Oysters (RM98 per dozen) crowned champion tonight on my most favourite list.


9.Brolly Menara Felda KL
10. Brolly Menara Felda


Bar snacks and pub grubs are cut-above: Fried Chicken Cincalok (RM 18) although interesting is not of my preference. Garlic Escargot (RM 24 ), Chicken Strips (RM 18), and Onion Flower (RM 18) is quite the perfect bites to go with booze but better value is to be found on their ala carte menu, where you get communal dishes like salads and pizzas.


11.Brolly Felda KL
12.Brolly Felda KL
13.Brolly Felda KL
14.Brolly Felda KL


From Grilled Ceasar Salad (RM 15) to the more elaborated Spinach and Feta Melon Salad (RM 22), both makes a good addition to a balanced meal with the later being a real charm with the touch of refreshing sweet from the melon.


15.Brolly Felda KL
16.Brolly Felda KL


Also, both the Seafood Matriciana (RM 28) and Thai Beef Guava (RM 28) teams up really well with beers. The Thai flavoured pizza is memorable with the hint of lemongrass distinctively balancing those velvet melting cheese.


18.Brolly Felda KL
17.Brolly Felda KL


There is so much beyond just seafood alone. Beef Sirloin (RM 34) was pleasant with luscious steak and humble side of mashed potatoes and some greens. Make sure you emphasized your preferred level of doneness; I recommend rare to medium rare for this one.


19.Brolly Felda KL
20.Brolly Felda KL


And while it is totally okay to skip their steak, be sure to save space for their desserts. Showcasing most of their dessert in mason jars, here are the Creme Brulee (RM 16), Rocky Road (RM 16), and that favourite nostalgic flavour of Ribena in their Ribena Poached Pear (RM 16).If you are a breakfast person like me, you’d enjoy the Chunky Peanut Butter Granola (RM 16) although this one is really heavy for dessert and obviously strictly for sharing. In fact, here is a very honest suggestion- all desserts in those jars are way too hefty if you are dining solo.


21.Brolly Felda KL
22. Menara Felda Brolly


While dining at Brolly, be sure to enjoy every piece of interior both indoor and outdoor and while one can totally mainly feel the influence of the Louisiana seafood, you would be amazed by how delightful the whole eating experience. Neophytes, beware – the place can be tricky to find first time around. Especially with the renovations that’s ongoing within the building at the moment.


23. Brolly Menara Felda
24. Menara Felda Brolly


It was totally an experience for us, even if it meant getting our hands dirty.


25. Brolly Menara Felda KL


Brolly is located at:
Ground Floor, Menara Felda,
Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: Open daily, 11am-11pm.
Tel: 03-2181-4122
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brollymalaysia


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Drunk Cat @ Kuchai Lama


Great for large groups and all occasions, the drunk cat is one of the restaurant with the perfect location that comes with ample availability of parking bays. Ranging from very simple and heartwarming dishes we are all familiar with, diners get a taste of home with basic dishes like the Tomato Fried Egg (RM 9). Egg lovers wouldn’t mind the Steam Mix Eggs (RM 9) and if not as salty, one cannot feel closer to home with their egg dishes.


1.drunken cat @kuchai lama (1)
2. drunken cat


Then move on to Fu Yu Pork (RM 15) where the good recipe meets good ingredients and executed by cook with good chinese culinary skills. I had problem with the layer of fats but pork lover should have no issues with it. Salted pork (RM 15) is good to go with white rice and could obviously go easy with the salt.


3.drunken cat @kuchai lama
4.drunken cat


The Chinese cuisine are made up by the many dialects and each symbolises good luck or joyful mood. Fried Four Season Vegetable (RM 12) stir fried a mix of four vegetables, hence a pleasant variety. Bayam Soup (RM 11) substantially comforts the stomach with the delicious superior soup.


5.drunken cat kuchai lama
6. drunken cat


Seafood lover should be glad and relief with the good quality of ingredients in their seafood dishes. There is the Lala in Supreme Soup (RM 18) served with candle lid at the bottom to preserve heat to the soup; sweet and superbly delicious, great to be presented at communal eating.


7.drunken cat @kuchai lama (2)


There is something for everyone and tofu lover would be please with the assortment of tofu variables. Square ones or round ones; anything that appeals would be ideal at communal meal. Pork and Beancurd (RM 10) composition matches the fragrant and sweetness mainly from the pork and the thick gravy. And if desiring some stir fried noodles or rice, the selection was immense. Seafood Fried Rice was pretty luscious with lots of medium sized prawns.


8. drunken cat
9.crunken cat


Homely and friendly, the assortment of dishes and varieties of selection are amazing. From the barn and farm, the many ways of cooking are fantastic. And seafood lovers can be rest assured to be very pleased and happy with the sea harvest. From fishes to shells and clams to squids, matching them with a beer or two should be amazing with the perfect company. And like many other ‘tai chau’ restaurant, drinks didn’t stray far from what’s commonly served elsewhere.


The Drunk Cat is located at :
Jalan Kuchai Maju 7,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
57100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7980 2573
GPS: 3.089538,101.68627


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Backlane (Longkang) Cockles @ Tong Bee’s Stall (Melaka)


Longkang cockles, cockles at the back alley, bunga raya cockles, bunga raya si ham, Melaka longkang siham, Bunga Raya kerang rebus, longkang lala, Tong Bee’s stall and many other names; all referring to the same dodgy stall operating at the back alley along the Jalan Bunga Raya Melaka.


1.Mlk lala (28)


Notoriously renowned with their gloom and shabby surrounding, with tiny stools made of wood placed at a back lane adjacent to the drainage. Anyone with sensitive tummy should lay off to be safe, but it’s what’s brings this part of the street alive once it gets dark. The eating experience is what’s on the spotlight instead of what’s on the menu.


2.Mlk lala (4)
3.Mlk lala
4.Mlk lala (27)


Diners don’t get too much choices, only shell creatures to start off but has later expanded
to some vegetable, rojak and tauhu bakar. Shell creatures were simply boiled to cook where else most flavours rely heftily on their dipping sauces. Sweet sauce with chili to match accordingly to your liking and each item served with either skewer stick or tiny fork.


5.siham bunga raya
6.Mlk lala (19)
7.Mlk lala (15)
8.Mlk lala (17)
9.Mlk lala (9)
10.Mlk lala (24)


While the food is nothing quite to be shout out loud and about, it was the ambiance and the late operating hours that is keeping this business and this back alley hype and alive with locals and tourists every night.


11.Mlk lala (2)
12.Mlk lala (6)


Locals always know where to hunt for food and this is the right place to fix that si ham craves at night. Tourists simply need to experience that local flavour when travelling to this friendly little heritage town.


13.Mlk lala (8)


Tong Bee Stall is located at :
Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka
Phone:016-645 8108, 012-6011621
GPS: 2.199948,102.251406


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Manhattan Fish Market New Menu 2014


The Manhattan fish market is no longer foreign to most Malaysian. Serving the locals with inspiration from reputable Fulton fish market which was once located below the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, dining get to enjoy a wide variety of lip-smacking American style seafood, it a fun and casual dining experience. Some lobsters and scallops to ocean perch, the Manhattan fish market offers the wide array of seafood options. And we get that 5 signature cooking style; fried, baked, poached, grilled, and flamed along with the newly launched menu.


With a touch of Mediterranean flavour which easily ensembled and recognized by the local palate, get ready for lots of spiciness and many flavours from the use of various herbs and spices to elevate the dining experience bound to be excited. Starting with a good game of Oyster Roulette (RM 14.90), one out of four poached oyster shooters comes with an extra shot if spiciness. So it’s going to be eenie meenie miney mo for that extra heat.


1.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (1)


The mains focuses on stronger flavours of the Mediterranean. The Volcano Island (RM 57.90) is the island of spicy jewels. Dive into the juicy seafood in Murray curry, fried scallops, poached spicy dory nuggets, volcano mussels and accompanied by crispy baguette to soak up those flavourful sauce; all these on a bed of garlic herb rice.


8.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (17)


The sharing platters are probably the memorable ones when it comes to communal eating. Their Fried Giant (RM 57.90) is like striking gold with crunchy prawns, crispy fish fingers, cherry snapper fillets, battered onion strips and calamari coated with crushed peanuts, alongside with dipping sauces of your choice- cajun honey mustard, smoky chipotle, tartar and onion glory dip. These trawler-sized portions are strictly for sharing if you ask me.


9.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (4)
10.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (5)
11.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (19)


Every now and then, you tell yourself it is alright to have some fun food. Not only is the name fun, the new Fishy Chicky Bang Bang (RM 20.90) also looks fun. It is a chicken and fish fillet sandwich and held together by the cheddar cheese and match with sunny side up nestled on a fried spaghetti basket and served adjacent with fries and salad. I thought it could use more cheddar in this one but was nonetheless and fun serving.


2.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (2)


Go for the Flaming Cheesy Baked Rice (RM 20. 90) if you can’t get enough of those cheddar. This one is served with fish on a bed of those amazing rice, and baked with foil hence preserving the flavours in that single wrapping. And as the name suggested, watch the crew flamed them at your table before serving.


3.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (27)
4.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (29)


Another good option for solo diners is their Coastal Baked Seafood (RM 21.50), with an assortment of seafood with dory, calamari, and juicy scallops baked in savory marinade, served with those soft and fluffy garlic herb rice and side veggies. This is for sure a good ala carte for the solo diners, something that is wholesome and delicious as well as a healthier choice for those health freaks.


5.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (7)
6.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (8)


Those amazing harvest from the sea are great for the seafood lovers. Finish the fantastic satisfaction with their desserts. There is the Super Fruit Crumble (RM 8.90) and Strawberry Flamin Go (RM 8.90) for those who like that tangy in dessert and Sizzling Banana Fritters with Ice Cream (RM 12.90) if you like that sizzling sensation from the hot plate. It is uncanny to match ice cream with banana poured over by coconut milk but as you sink into it, it was somewhat acceptable.


11.manhattan fish market new menu 14
12.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (31)
13.manhattan fish market new menu 14 (34)


The new menu is very fine tuned to the local palate, with rich flavours of Mediterranean in amazing options and choices of serving portions. Great place for a big group of diners and absolutely family friendly. Manhattan Fish Market has many outlets so refer to the website for the nearest outlet and this review took place at :


Manhattan Fish Market Mid Valley Megamall
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur
Website: http://www.manhattanfishmarket.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MFM.My


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Best of Malaysia : Seafood Buffet Dinner @ Chatz Brasserie, ParkRoyal


Approaching year end is where festive approaches with long school term break on the way and the best time for family to get together and enjoy the best of Malaysia flavour in Chatz Brasserie’s Seafood Buffet Dinner. From October 17th till December 27th this year, seafood lovers would be able to experience endless variety of marine harvest.


1.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (11)


Crossing the Malaysian flavours with international favourites, enjoy a wide range of seafood namely grilled seafood with choices of stingray, pomfret and parrot fish, as well as a selection of shellfish, and fresh sashimi and sushi.


2.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (15)
3.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (18)
9.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (16)


The salad bar offers not only fresh leaves but a fancy mix of cocktail serving Caribbean Shrimp Salad, Mussel with Apricot and Thai Chilli or Roasted Eggplant with Salmon Roe and Tomato Coulis.


6.park royal
4.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (13)
5.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (14)


Main dishes with sea harvest as main ingredient easily enlightens non locals with flavors of Malaysia, and tantalizes the locals with familiar essence of Malaysian cuisine. Butter Mantis Prawn, Claypot Kung Po Squid, Sang Ha noodle, as well as Baked Grouper with air asam; all serving fresh and delectable.


8.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (24)


While featuring a diverse range of seafood, other local delights are available too. Beggers Chicken or assorted Dimsum, was quite a delight and don’t forget to hop at the a la minute counter for delicious dishes.


10.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (42)
11.park royal


While dining to this seafood buffet range, diners will be able to order ‘Seafood Plates of Pleasures’ featuring the mud crabs. Back by popular demand from their previous Crab galore promotion , the crabs are cooked in six signature flavours; Kam Heong Crab, Butter Meat Crab, Wok Fried Meat Crab with Salted Egg, Wok Fried Chilli Meat Crab, Wok Fried Crab in Marmite Sauce, and Sweet and Sour Meat Crab. These crabs are selling at RM 78 nett per crab, RM 138 nett for two, or RM 268 nett for four crabs.


12.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (34)
13.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (32)
14.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (31)


Dread nothing if claws and shells are not your thing, because the fish dishes are really fresh and delicious. Steamed grouper or sea bass cooked in Superior Shoyu Sauce, Sichuan Taupan Sauce or Garlic Sauce is available at RM 78 nett per fish. Also included in ‘Seafood Plates of Pleasure’ is Braised Sea Cucumber in Sichuan Style. This spicy dish can be prepared for two to four persons, priced at RM 108 nett or RM 158 nett for bigger group of five to eight persons.


15.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (8)
16.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (9)
17.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (7)
18.Park Royal seafood nov 14 (35)


This ‘Seafood Buffet Dinner’ is available on Fridays and Saturdays from 6:30pm-10:30pm and priced at RM 128 nett including free flow of juices and soft drinks. Including some booze, three glasses of pouring wine or Tiger draft on top of the buffet range, is priced at RM 168 nett.


For reservations and enquiries, please call 03 21470088 or email chatz.prkul@parkroyalhotels.com


Chatz Brasserie at ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur is located at:
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur


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Seafood Buffet @ Traders Hotel KL (Gobo Chit Chat)


Seafood lovers can now include Traders Hotel’s Gobo Chit Chat onto their list for their seafood indulgence. Being invited as a plus one to attend one of their recent review sessions (thanks to Mr. Taufulou ), the galore of sea critters was impressive given the offered pricing. The buffet lineup serves crabs, prawns, lobsters and many more with many cooking style and culinary presentation. Starting with the fresh and raw ones, there is the sushi and sashimi bar, with assorted Japanese dishes.


1.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (38)
2.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (2)
3.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (4)


Fresh seafood is all served beautifully on ice to preserve freshness and the finest quality possible.


4.gobo chit chat @ traders KL
5.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (29)
6.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (20)


These fantastic offerings from the sea draw the spotlight on their crabs and diners who love the shells and clams should know that there is a beautiful range offered.


7.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (37)
8.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (30)
8.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (27)
9.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (1)


Straight up from the stove, we had butter milk crab in claypot.


10.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (10)
11.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (34)


And of course if you dislike waiting, there are more from the sea and barn cooked and prepped or the salad bar, with fresh vegetables and fruits.


13.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (3)


Surely there is more than this in their full buffet galore, but one can only indulged this much. The dessert section will also be something not to be missed.


14.gobo chit chat @ traders KL (39)


Priced at RM 108 per person, this offer is available from 8 Aug 2014 through 29 Nov 2014, every Friday and Saturday night. This one is quite a remarkable pricing for seafood lovers. Proceed to Taufulou’s site for full review.


Gobo Chit Chat is located at the Traders Hotel at:
Level 5, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2332 9888
Website: http://www.shangri-la.com/kualalumpur/traders/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TradersHotelKualaLumpur
For more information or reservations, please contact them at: gobochitchat.thkl@tradershotels.com


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Ding Ding Grill Fish Steamboat at Private Kitchen @ SS 2 Chow Yang, PJ


Steamboat is forever a great option at anytime of the day, in any sort of weather. Steamboat lovers may have their own criteria when it comes to picking the right steamboat restaurant. The whole idea of steamboat is to gather people around and spend relatively a longer time over the table while bonding over the delicious boiling pot of assorted ingredients. Whatever preferences at any steamboat sessions for steamboat lovers, it will always not sway far from the biggest factor to a good steamboat – the fresh ingredients.


1.private kitchen (24)


Having tried almost most of the ingredients here at the Private Kitchen, ingredients are surprisingly fresh with their chef managing the ingredients perfectly at the correct shelve period. They did a fantastic job keeping the ingredients at their best quality so when presented to the diners, are at the most premium condition.


2.private kitchen


There aren’t too many choices of these processed meats but what was served were nothing like the ordinary. Frozen processed balls are not only fresh but delightful to be eaten; some have special ingredients in it and was a joy and lots of fun to consume them so long as they don’t burn your tongue when you bite while it’s hot. (Guess whose tongue got burnt here?)


4.private kitchen (18)


Choices of proteins, leaf and fungi are vast so there must be something for everyone.


5.private kitchen
6.private kitchen


But to be very honest, those ala carte add ons mentioned above might not even be necessary since the featured steamboat here is the Ding Ding Grill Fish Steamboat. A star dish with an entire fish grilled before being placed in to a tray, submerged in preboiled soup along with some spices and ingredients from the soup, and then served to replace conventional steamboat pot.


7.private kitchen (30)


Fish was grilled three quarters cooked one one side before adding to the soup to shorten cooking time at the table. Soup was impressively amazing as it cooks along the way while dinners add and cooked the steamboat ingredients inside the same pot. For a net price of RM 58 (Red Pearl Fish) and three choices of soup base to select, decisions shouldn’t be too tough to segregate them to either hot and spicy or sweet and soourish. This Fragrant Spicy Soup Base give the hinge of fiery sensation especially when boiling hot.


8.private kitchen (34)


And something milder crafted to suit the majority, Fresh Tomato and Sweet Corn Soup Base makes the perfect choice since the soup is sweet and appetizing at the same time. Great for those who are not into spicy pot. Submerging in this is lovely mix of ingredients that creates sourish sweet flavour for diners. There are corn, tomato, tofu pok, zuchinni and soy sprout all in one pot with a fish, and beautifully garnished with coriander.


9.private kitchen (32)


When cooking takes too long, having add ons like the Claypot chicken will be a wise move so while the steamboat is cooking, sink in to juicy chicken generously infused with flavours from seasonings and spices.


10.private kitchen (37)


The private kitchen provides a comfy dining space, with warm lighting and good, cooling ventilation. Adequate space to make dining very pleasurable with a even and sufficient spread of tables with various sizes to accommodate different crowd sizes.


11.private kitchen
12.private kitchen (2)


Ding Ding Grill Fish Steamboat of Private Kitchen is located at:
20 A, Jalan SS 2/10, SS 2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7874 8399
GPS: 3.115547, 101.616717
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/privatekitchenmalaysia


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