Infused with love at Hard Rock Café


Infused with love at Hard Rock Café with their limited-edition menu and enjoy freshly prepared American classic favourites at an outstanding world class services with glam of rock and roll. With fine ingredients to create the best of authentic American style food, Hard Rock is always a lively venue offering plenty to keep entertained throughout and after the meal. Vintage posters and iconic music with variety of cocktails only means that there’s always something to relate to whenever visiting any of their branches. I’ve personally went to both Hard Rock Kuala Lumpur and Hard Rock Melaka within this duration of the availability of their limited-edition featured menu.


1.HardRock infused with love
Sizzling platters of Tequila and Lime Chicken Fajitas were impressive with chicken nicely cooked, lettuce freshly sliced, and very refreshing sour cream, avocado mashed, and cheese to accompany. The chicken marinated in tequila and lime, then grilled and seasoned with Tex Mex style spices, on a bed of grilled jalapenos and onions was delicious and generous when it comes to portion serving size.


2.HardRock infused with love 3.HardRock infused with love

4.HardRock infused with love
Crispy Chicken Sliders was probably the stealer and if anyone knows me well, would know that I am not into battered meat but this one got me eating quite a lot of it; as a matter of fact, I reordered the same at my second visit- it was that good! Beer battered crispy chicken on three toasted slider buns with melted Monterey Jack Cheese and pickled, served with seasoned French fries is probably one of their best featured item and I love the choice of Monterey Jack to be melted in between the sliders. And like the rest of their food serving, this one was generous as well.


6.HardRock infused with love 5.HardRock infused with love

7.HardRock infused with love
8.HardRock infused with love

9.HardRock infused with love 10.HardRock infused with love


Go with a group of friend, have fun with their cocktail and mocktails but most importantly, don’t skip the chicken sliders.


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Hard Rock Kuala Lumpur:
Wisma Concorde, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur, 50250
Opens Daily: 11:30am–1:45am
GPS: 3.1555754,101.7054


Hard Rock Melaka:
8, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
Opens Daily: 11:30am–1am
Phone: 06-292 5188
GPS: 2.1948705,102.2486035


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Burgers and Lobsters @ Sky Avenue Genting Highland – Still a hype in 2019?


Since their opening in the Sky Avenue Genting Highlands, Burger & Lobster has long been considered a gastronomic must for visitors so it was no surprise that it prompted massive queues consisting of both locals and tourists. Some would even make a day trip just to indulge in a meal of burger and lobster at in the chilly temperature of Genting Resorts. As straight forward as its name, the restaurant sells two items only. Menu is so simple it is either lobster in several cooking method or Burger for those loving thick beef patties in between buns. Gaining so much love from fans all over the world, this eatery’s global expansion has been nothing but a great success, especially when they feature a unique local flavour at each one of their outlets in different countries respectively. My first visit was when I tagged along for one of their bloggers engagement session but I wasn’t too impressed to be honest. Second visit was a casual hang out at Genting and it was equally unimpressive. The following visits were amusingly inconsistent with several dining session rather enjoyable while the rest of the time being rather disappointing.


Burger and Lobster Malaysia

Lobster served in intense thick chili that’s also in my opinion, uncharacteristically diminutive sweet, wasn’t really a thing for me especially when all it does was overshadowing any flavour from the lobster. Hence, it was a onetime experience only for me. Every other time was every other thing and this time, I had the best lobster roll out of the many other times of my visit here in Burger and Lobsters Malaysia. This time, I could taste amazing texture so juicy and bouncy, it was delectable.


Burger and Lobster Malaysia (1)

Burger and Lobster Malaysia (3)

Burger and Lobster Malaysia (2) Read my first visit HERE

Burger and Lobster Malaysia (5) Burger and Lobster Malaysia (4)

Skip the drinks at any cost but kudos to any gimmicky beverage. They are only good for picture taking.


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Burger and Lobster Malaysia is located at:

Level 1, SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands,
69000 Genting Highlands Resort, Pahang
Opens Daily

Phone: 03-6105 9186
GPS: 3.425403,101.79387


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.
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Mong Seng Kopitiam for some authentic Hee Kiaw Noodle @ Melaka



The coffee shop operates till late night, the only one lit along the street. On darker and colder nights, steams and lights from inside the shop and near the corridor at where a hawker cart is showcasing the Hee Kiaw is all that is visible from where parking is aplenty on the opposite road. The majority of items are less than RM 10 a bowl– you’ll get some spare change back when you order any of the noodle type, dry or soup, thick kuey tiao or yellow mee, bee hoon or even without the noodles if you choose to go with their tau kee alone instead. There is no hor fun noodles (I think), which is great because hor fun is only great and can only be fantastic as chicken hor fun. Sure, they are a lot chewier than kuey Tiaw, but it certainly isn’t going to replace kuey tiaw in certain dishes, especially in this case- it is going to be super clumpy put into dry hee kiaw noodle.


Unable to choose between yellow mee or kuey tiao, I went with mix of both. It’s an efficient operation, there’s no table service, customers order at the cooking station and the food comes to your table at lightning speed. A big bowl of noodle comes with basic fish cake slices, fish balls, and thick cut of smoky char siew. Sprinkled with fried shallots and topped with a generous dollop of chili sauce, with optional additional pieces of tau kee and assorted fish paste parcels, this shouldn’t be a supper portion at all. Take note the chili is a traditional sop for years so unless asked to opt out during when you order, you are getting the chili whether you like it or not. The chili though, was lovely if not great. Slightly briny from the shrimp or seafood alike ingredient that I believe was added onto it. Could be fish sauce, and while the saltiness isn’t to my liking, it’s hard to complain when you can get a decent meal for less than a tenner. Especially when the fish ball noodle and taukee pieces were so decently delicious.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181127234018920_COVER~2 Mong Seng Kopitiam Melaka - authentic fish ball noodle

Mong Seng Kopitiam Melaka - authentic fish ball noodle Mong Seng Kopitiam Melaka - authentic fish ball noodle MVIMG_20181127_234010~2 Paid RM 5.70 for this!!


Kedai Kopi Meng Seng is located along Jalan Tun Sri Lanang (same row with Tai chi Nyonya House and opposite the Volvo showroom)
GPS: 2.2035893,102.252860



Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Yu Jiao Me (Melaka)


When it comes to food, it is almost impossible to pick the best. Only what’s best to you or what’s best to her or him. Food is always subjective and there can never be right or wrong. I do however have an issue when business owners serve food without passion. And when a business runs for decades, there must be beauty in it whether you see it or not. Yu jiao Me is one that has expertly withstood the test of time for whatever reasons it is. I like it that it is simple and modest, and auntie is friendly. Smiles are everywhere and whatever plays on their choice of FM accompanies your meal time. Only a handful of choices available from both the stalls within the coffee shop – noodles or rice. Skipping rice this time around, we put noodles to our table. Egg noodle in wantan new was decently good without lumping and with no sticky starch coating the strands of noodle, and tasty char siew meat quite almost a little smoky in aroma, but really lack the vegetables. It seriously got me wondering as to why they are even bothered to even go through the trouble to put the two leaves onto the noodle? Laksa on the other hand didn’t appeal to me. It does deliver on this much-loved classic: the big, deep bowl has a rich broth, a good measure of coconut creaminess, puffy tofu, a good handful of beansprout and a nice warm hit of chilli that won’t break your taste buds mainly because of the heavy dose of sugar. I wish there were more kick to the laksa broth. They throw in fish balls and charsiew which would also appear in the rest of the noodle items on the menu but that’s good because it will then be fresh all the time.



Review at : Review on blog at :

Review on blog at :
I wouldn’t mind eating here out of convenient but to return on purpose would have to take more than just comfort wantan noodle and their overly sweet laksa.


Review on blog at : Review on blog at :


Yu jiao me is located at:
75, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75300 Melaka.
GPS: 2.1987636,102.239848


There is a really delicious fish ball noodle just right next to this one called the Oriental Noodle. Anyone could probably tell who wins the heart of noodle lovers, just by looking at the crowd in both this side by side coffee shop.


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Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang


With a chic interior and the top- notch service, Fritz Brasserie sits elegantly at the ground lobby of Wolo Hotel in Bukit Bintang. Polished in every way possible, the Fritz Brasserie ‘s remarkable interior absolutely got me enamoured of owner Christian Bauer and Eddie Chew’s sense of style and concept. The same name behind the renowned and iconic names such as Mr. Chew’s Chino Latino and Troika – sky Dining, it’s gusty modern Euro- inspired offering pleases, and excites in an equal measure, right from the small plates to crackling artisan bread with luscious quality butter, and fries discovered better by mistakes to meticulous curating of desserts. Whether you’re a food novice or seasoned gourmand, there’s going to be something you’ll enjoy here at the Brasserie Fritz.


1.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang 1.1Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang
2.2Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang 2.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang


Steak (RM 95) here is showcasing the tender meat at its best: the cut blushing pink with juiciness at the prick of a fork. Fish and Chips (RM 75) is all about the crispy batter of Indian inspired flavours. The aromatic batter layering the plump juicy fillet carries Indian spices that could either be a work of a genius, or the opposite- depending on how much you can accept fish fillet with a hint of spice masking that sweet, juicy cod. It is inevitably impressive how well this tender-firm textured large flakes with high moisture is so well encased in that light airy batter casing. Serving generously with that signature fries, and those addictive dollop of raita, along some nicely cooked peas, this one is a memorable one. Mussels (RM 38) was radically different from anything we’ve ever tasted. This fresh black mussels in tarragon broth served with potatoes and choucroute is so tasty the flavour lingered in the mouth long enough for a smile. This if nothing else was worth another visit. Only, I’d wished for it to serve with some baguette perhaps.


3.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang 3.3.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang

4.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang
5.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang (2)

6.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang 6.6.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang

7.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang
Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang


Small plates are nearly stellar. Each dish, such as Soured Cucumber (RM 18)- Japanese cucumber and liquorice scented hummus with dill and Marinated Mushrooms (RM 38)-Mushrooms with lemon feta cheese, crushed peas and my favourite mint, is beautiful and thoughtfully rendered, packed with bold flavours. Also, on the table is another all-time favourite of mine- Roasted Cauliflower (RM 18). Herring Escabeche (RM 38) served with crème fraiche, onion, gherkin, celery, chives and chervil maybe pricey given the portion size, but it isn’t measurable with portion to begin with. Special mention should also go to the incredible bread and butter.


8.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang

9.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang 9.9Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang

11. Fritz
Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang


Desserts stayed loyal to the classics like Ice cream scoops (RM 16) and Crème caramel (RM 25). Ice creams are homemade from fresh milk, cream, and eggs and served with chantility cream and topping. Fritz Crème Caramel stacks cake and creamy caramel with marinated fresh berries- a combination to balance the luscious creamy and tangy sweet berry.


13. fritz
14.Fritz Brasserie @ Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang


Brasserie Fritz has gained a fast reputation for great service and even better food and ambiance, with some saying that the chips served here might very well be one of the best in town. I wouldn’t agree one hundred percent but it seemed to magically have me wanting to have every occasion celebrated at this establishment.



The restaurant menu is slowly being fine-tuned so prices might vary from when I visited.


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Fritz Brasserie is located at:
Ground Floor, WOLO Bukit Bintang
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur 55100
Business Hour: 8am – 12 am daily
Phone: 03-4065 0876
GPS: 3.1470646,101.7114057

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Macao Portuguese Egg Tart at Lord Stow original bakery


1.Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakery
2.Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakeryPhotography is not allowed but I had a gentle nod when asked if I can shoot. Thanks for being so accommodative.


Macao egg tart is probably most iconic version of sweet treat in Macao. One of the oldest and most famous of this English-Portuguese hybrid with this soft custardy filling inside the flaky shell with burnt and caramelised top, is none other than the famous Lord Stow. With a couple of outlets everywhere else, the oldest bakery giving birth to the reputation of Macao Egg Tarts is in Coloane’s central square. And it remains a must visit for what’s being offered isn’t just the sweet pastries alone-there’s so much history to this place and the tale as old as this place is surreal. Every brick and rock and smiles on the people’s faces, churches and all the Instagram worthy spots; they tell a story of their own. The recent trip to Macao with the Macao Tourism Malaysia got me learning so much more about this popular baker.


3.Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakery

4.4Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakery 4.Chapel of St. Francis Xavier

Chapel of St. Francis Xavier (Read up the history of this Chapel here:


9.Up and coming ig hot spot in MacaoTake your time here.There is plenty of tourist spot, including some up and coming ig hit spot in Coloane Town


5.Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakery
6.Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakeryOther pastry and breads sold to the locals in this peaceful town.


7.Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakery


Macau egg tarts were initially and commonly considered a Portuguese import. But in my opinion, it is very much defined by the origin of early influences from both British, as imported from Hong Kong, and tuned with cream pastry by Portuguese immigrants, and made to the likings of local Chinese. With the birth of this pastry treat, and the effort put into continuing the legacy, it is safe to say that Portuguese Egg Tart is synonymous with one of what defines Macao (or at least, the tourism of Macao).


8.Macao Portuguese Tart at Lord Stow original bakery
Portuguese Egg Tart is one sweet treat that is synonymous with what defines Macao (or at least, the tourism of Macao). Here is a good place to visit whilst grabbing some of these freshly baked egg tarts.



Lord Stow’s first bakery is located at:
1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane Town Square, Macau
Tel: (+853) 2888 2534
Opening Hours:
Open Daily 7am – 10pm
Tel: (+853) 2888 2534
GPS: 22.1181731,113.549123


Chapel of St. Francis Xavier is at:
Rua do Caetano, Largo Eduardo Marques, Coloane
Opening hours: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
GPS: 22.1168916,113.54929


Content made possible by Macao Government Tourism Office Malaysia and check out all the other food places I’ve reviewed with #sycookiesxMacao . Food places I have covered in Macao is also pinned on Gastronomy Macao map , so this hopefully would be a great help for reference for anyone planning on a Macao food trip.


Click HERE for more photos of Macao on flickr.


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Authentic porky meal at Yeah Cuisine, Jalan Awan (Ampang)

Yeah Cuisine at Jalan Awan Ampang

Yeah cuisine shouts authentic and delicious flavour at Jalan Awan, Ampang. They’ll tell you to go for the pork patty. They’ll tell you it’s a juicy bite of delicious umami minced with fresh herbs and sweet meat. And they’d be right. It is. Meals are available up until 3pm. And it’s well worth doing. Minced pork patty- isn’t too fat or too coarsely minced, but it wasn’t paste like either, the right fat-to-meat ratio. Pork patties serving on top of warm rice, this is the kind of bowl you will look forward to. I would of course like it with more vegetable but the salted fish in the patty was so amazing I didn’t mind the lack of vegetable.
With a variant of patties available to top that steaming fluff of white rice, choose from Coriander Pork Patty, Salted fish Pork Patty or even Dried Squid Patty, which by the way is very umami packed. The best thing is, noodle is available. Pork patty will rest on a bed of braised pork so if the patty isn’t quite what you are feeling, go for the Braised Pork Rice. Cubes of fat and meat layer from the pork belly with our staple grains and a whole braised egg is so good. Did I mention the bowls each comes with a sinful spoonful of fried lard? I swear to you it was some mixed emotions but if your stomach (or artery veins in this case) have only quota or space for one thing, then go for the pork patty.

1.yeah cuisine

2 yeah cuisine jalan awan

4.yeah cuisine 3.3yeah cuisine

5.yeah cuisine

6.yeah cuisine

such generous spoonful of pork lard (CYC)- dayuuummm..

Should you have more space in the stomach, or more people to share your meal, then get a Chinese burger. The white cottony soft and fluffy mantao bun was so good with the dried squid pork patty. With the right thickness for the right amount of chew and plenty of umami from the dried squids, and the patty slightly bigger than the bao, every bite is enjoyably assured to have meat in it. Cleverly sandwich with some pickled vegetable, this can actually be a meal on its own. Other snacking option isn’t as interesting but it was really good to offer for variety. Especially for neighbouring patrons, Yeah cuisine can have you screaming for meal time every now and then when thinking of comfort food of honest serving. The restaurant is not stingy with their ingredients.7.yeah cuisinec

8.yeah cuisine

9. jalan awan ampang yeah cuisine

10.yeah cuisine

Noodle is a great breakfast option but oh that rice roll…. And that curry… Malaysians will swear on that authentic curry is an entitlement and this Hakka heritage delivers an inimitable complex flavour that’s closer to the roots of Hakka palate. I personally feel that Hakka dishes are a little heavier when it comes to flavour but it is what makes them unique in defining their culinary history.

Yeah Cuisine is located at:
No. 53, Jalan Awan, Kuala Ampang,
68000 Ampang, Selangor
Daily Hours: 7:30am – 3:00pm
Phone: 017-310 1783
GPS: 3.1658113,101.748872

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