Pie Face, pies with expressions !


Welcome to the first chapter of “Eat and Drink Australia”. Pie Face is an Australia micro bakery cafe that offers mostly pies, and few other pastries, along with some coffee and pastry desserts. The aroma right around the outlet is usually astounding. The aromatic smell of coffee beans plus fresh out of oven pastries filled the air and instantly triggers the saliva gland. Not to mention how cute they all look.


1.@pie face (1)
2.@pie face


They serve yummy handmade sweet and savoury pies, mini pies and sausage rolls, pastries, muffins, sandwiches and wraps, even sweet dessert pastries like apple pie, cherry pie, chocolate pie, lemon pie and many more.


3.@pie face (3)
4.@pie face (4)
5.@pie face (5)


The varieties of pies are amazingly tempting and luscious. There isn’t enough space in the stomach to try them all.


6.@pie face (7)
7.@pie face (8)


The excitement whist looking at all those faces on the pie got me forgetting my own pie before I whack it. I’m afraid I might just have to share the pie in future when I revisit. I would make sure I remember to snap a couple more photos especially of what’s inside those pies. Many apologies….


8.@pie face (6)
l.pie face


I thought it was a great concept to sell a bit of fun along with those delicious pies. The fillings were great and perfect for a quick grab and go.


Locate Pie Face the next time you are in Australia and look out for updates on their website and Facebook page at :


Website: http://pieface.com.au/

Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/piefacecafe


Follow me on twitter @sycookies for all micro updates and see more photo pin ups of everything else on Sycookies Pinterest boards. Also, click here for more photos and updates on Foodeverywhere’s facebook page.


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12 Responses to “Pie Face, pies with expressions !”
  1. So cute! And the name is very easy to remember. 😀


  2. KY says:

    almost too cute to eat. haha


  3. cute smiley-faced pies! an interesting way of differentiating themselves from other stores’ pies, yeah 😀


  4. Anne Lee says:

    haha, the art on the pie so cute one.


  5. The Yum List says:

    I’ve seen these shops around Sydney, but have never dropped in. Cute faces.


  6. Why so cute wan?? :’) I wanna eat ittt (manly take pictures with it first) !


  7. missyblurkit says:

    Those smileys are so cute….I will actually buy them for the sake of those faces!


  8. thammelissa says:

    EEee….smiley face pies! They look fresh and flaky. I would love to have that mini chocolate pie too.


  9. Ciana says:

    That’s a lot of variety there!

    Yum to the pies! =D


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