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    Eating is a mouthful of culture and knowledge. I believe one of the best ways to understand a culture is through their food. Like languages, eating customs are often culturally distinct and at the same time seeming strange and pointless to people of different backgrounds. At the same time, food also bring various personalities together. I enjoy sharing thoughts on different food so feel free to drop by my page with any suggestions and comments. Thank you for reading. May the world be blessed with food always…


A true Nyonya Chef; Debbie Teoh , and her galore of Nyonya Dishes @ PARKROYAL KL.

  One of Malaysia’s most exquisitely preserved treasure is none other than our very own heritage of the Peranakan Baba dan Nyonya, which is especially most apposite to be represented through culinary in their authenticity and the genius mix of abundant use of a great array of spices and herbs. The persistency in authenticity of … Continue reading

nyonya parkroyal

Best Of Malaysia: Nyonya Cuisine by Chef Debbie Teoh @ PARKROYAL KL

  Starting 5th September onwards, Chatz Brasserie at the PARKROYAL KL brings the tradition of authentic nyonya delicacies to live life through buffets and interactive cooking classes by the talented Chef Debbie Teoh . Being a Nyonya herself, her expertise and skills in culinary is especially impressive when it comes to traditional Nyonya dishes.   … Continue reading

jie mee wantan mee

Restaurant Jie Mee @ Hartamas

  The legendary wantan mee in Damansara Heights sent many patrons with disappointment and anxiety when it was closed somewhere last year. This wan tan mee somehow became an essential part for regular customers (at least the ones within Damansara Heights’ community) from when since they started their operations on Jalan Batai, thanks to the … Continue reading

micky's new york pizza

Mikey’s New York Pizza @ Bangsar

  When thinking of pizza, one often relates it to the Italians or the Americans. The idea of probably arise from who makes them and the widely influenced American TV shows portraying regular consumption of pizza as a quick and simple food in the states. Because pizzas are made popular by the Italians, we’d either … Continue reading

park royal crab

Seafood Buffet Dinner :10 Crab Flavours @ Chatz brasserie PARKROYAL KL

  This month, PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur is offering the ultimate seafood galore with their buffet serving of a good line up of fresh seafood with crabs taking centre stage and their headliners; an ambrosial 10 crab dishes every Friday and Saturday night. These crabs prepared in 10 different styles, on top of their seafood on … Continue reading

kees savoury

Kee’s Creampuff @ Subang

  Probably one of the freshest; if not the best pastry cafe around town and with creampuffs taking center stage, Kee’s Creampuff here is one of the few names that’ll come to mind when it comes to the perfect creampuffs. Taking pride in their fresh ingredients and innovative creativities, they are not only great when … Continue reading

the fix

FIX KL Coffee Stand @ The Gardens South Court (Lobby)

  Coffee might have been around for more than few centuries but yet up till this day is still pretty much being debated on the stimulating effects it has on humans. Being acidic, it is of course not recommended for anyone with a bad stomach. And while it is much discussed and studied, most studies … Continue reading

black market

Grand Opening of Black Market Malaysia at USJ Main Place

  When it comes to the black market, we often relate to illegal transaction or underground economy where services or goods are traded illegally. This Black Market here in Malaysia operates with nothing illegal except unless if we are referring to their motive to hook dinners with the good quality of food served. It is … Continue reading

thai mango2

Recipe: Thai Mango Sticky Rice Dessert

  Sticky rice is that delightful concoction that can be found accompanying many Asian dishes most often seen in Thai or Indonesian main courses. This delicacy is most commonly known as sweet glutinous rice in Thai cuisine as dessert. The recent mango season obviously got my palate so very spoiled with lovely apple mangoes. Apple … Continue reading


Delicious New Menu Bangsar Village 2

  Serving comfort food of home recipe, delicious started in 2004 and now the menu has grown over the years with both western and local favourites to satisfy palates of diners from breakfast till late supper. With their emphasis on fresh homemade food, delicious standby to their tagline – focusing on serving the best pastas, … Continue reading

la famiglia

La Famiglia’s Mobile Pasta @ SS 15

  The pop ups of recent food trucks around ss15 has been nothing but more than another upcoming trend that eventually benefits foodies and youngsters in the hipster community. The latest I’ve checked out was the humble and friendly food truck with the chefs doubling as waiters as well. Thou there weren’t any proper dining … Continue reading


US Fresh Potato Culinary Challenge 2014

  Earlier this month, chefs from top F&B outlets battled in culinary challenge headlining US potatoes with the hope to reign as champion to earn an interactive tour at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and joined by other chefs from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Central America for that exclusive opportunity of interactive … Continue reading


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