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    Eating is a mouthful of culture and knowledge. I believe one of the best ways to understand a culture is through their food. Like languages, eating customs are often culturally distinct and at the same time seeming strange and pointless to people of different backgrounds. At the same time, food also bring various personalities together. I enjoy sharing thoughts on different food so feel free to drop by my page with any suggestions and comments. Thank you for reading. May the world be blessed with food always…

tokyo pastry

Tokyo Pastry @ Avenue K

  Hearty Mushroom Soup (RM 10) comes in loads of fresh mushrooms cooked to perfection with porcini oil. Aroma and goodness of mushroom in every sip with the right texture which goes beautifully with the slice of toasted garlic bread. Another homemade soup is the Salmon Chowder (RM 10) with salmon bites served in this … Continue reading

coconut shake klebang

Klebang Coconut Shake @ Melaka

  The coconut shake maniac started in Melaka and as a proud Malaccan, I ought to pay a visit to the pioneer coconut shake in Klebang. The long queue was indeed a shocker and not only did the scene did some obstruction the traffic flow at the very narrow road in Klebang, it also put … Continue reading


Sakae Sushi in Sunway’s World of Cravings

  With 23 outlets in Malaysia and the popular green frog logo, the sakae sushi has been around for long enough to redeem and vouch as one of the many Japanese sushi chains which offers not only value for money dining experience, but a range of tantalizing choices of sushi, sashimi, yakimono, agemono, tempura, Japanese … Continue reading

gokuraku ramen

Goku Raku Ramen @ Mid Valley Megamall

  Ramen has long established its reputation among Malaysians and with distinct preferences back in Japan, the Japanese developed various styles and here at the Goku Raku Ramen, we get a taste of “Horikiri Style”. Comfortably set inside the MidValley Megamall, parking would never be quite an issue. Seating are cosy, spacious and neatly clean … Continue reading


Restaurant Songket’s 4th Anniversary and New Menu Launch

  City center probably is one of the few places that is always glamorous with lots of high rise and city lights and hosts busy hubs for patrons to eat, drink, and watch football or listen to live bands. Whatever it is, there is something to offer at any corner here. And nested at a … Continue reading

sushi flash

Affordable sushi @ Sushi Flash (SS 15 Subang Jaya)

  Sushi usually boast most Japanese restaurants and chains with assortment, such that visitors interested in eating varieties of sushi feel like they’re kids in a candy store, not even knowing where to begin. To whet the palate, one would normally visit those with a conveyor belt. That way, you get a lot more satisfaction … Continue reading

dora cover

Foodeverywhere and 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo (Malaysia) 2014

  The appearance of popular Japanese animation, Doraemon is more than overwhelming to many of us and being the first in the South East Asia to host the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo, this certainly adds more joy to kick start the visit Malaysia 2014. Supported by the ministry of tourism, this mega expo certainly … Continue reading

maison francaise

Maison Francaise KL ( Lunch Menu)

  With some chandeliers and wall lights at different nook, I reckon after sunset would emerge to deliver a romantic and relaxing experience. Lunch seating are treated to luxurious feeling of trace sunlight while the spacious greeting strikes suspense while building an elegant welcome to this delicate classic contemporary refurbishment. Adding a dash of character … Continue reading

sang kee chicken taman desa petaling

Sang Kee Chicken Rice @ Taman Desa Petaling

  Chicken rice is no longer eccentric to most of us. As a matter of fact, this is a local delicacy so simple and delicious to enjoy or savour depending on how you like it. In Malaysia, the chicken rice somewhat have their disparity and mostly varies amongst states and origin. Some would serve with … Continue reading

hot or cold

Hot and Cold Properties of Food According to Chinese Medicine

  Having so much food around us is obviously a blessing but how many of us are actually aware of what to avoid and what not to be eaten with a particular food? Eating irregular or too quickly would cause some serious discomfort to the stomach, most of us are unaware of. I recently came … Continue reading


Tesco Online Shopping!

  Being a food blogger is definitely a lot of fun but I can assure you cooking is more fun than eating. Experimenting the flaovurs and how mix and matching each ingredient can come up with all sorts of surprises is one process I can never get bored with. A great cook would have spent … Continue reading

sing kee kitchen

Sing Kee Kitchen @ Taman Desa

  Sing Kee Kitchen is vouched by neighborhood patrons to be serving good chicken rice. Being a chicken rice lover like most Malaysians, I find my way there with craving for the roasted pork. Located in Taman Desa with signature dishes like the roast pork and barbeque pork (Char Siew), it was not difficult to … Continue reading


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