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Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia x Hungry Bear @ Melaka


Some of the finest producers come together at the Pizzart campaign to once again bring patrons and customers an amazing food experience. Featuring dishes from some of the best restaurants, plus four pizza inventions specially created by Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia, the Taste of Anchor Food Professionals presents cheesy festive edition, and a whole new level of global food trends in the local scene.


Fonterra’s leading dairy foodservices segment, Anchor Food Professionals celebrate this festive season with lots of cheese melting and pulling, as well as lots of meats and a true satisfaction of pizza indulgence. As well as the participating kitchens, though, hungry punters can also look forward to supermarket and groceries where they can stock up on some of the finest ingredients in town.


14.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia


If you’d like to taste what these fine ingredients can do to your cooking and baking, look no further. Here’s what I had when I went down south and sampled some pretty gorgeous pizzas at Hungry Bear in Melaka. This exclusive blogger preview shared the same session of the house pizza eating challenge. Some of the participants were really young and boy it was super cute watching juniors eating so seriously. Made me wonder what had them signing up to eating challenge at the first place?


1.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
2.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
3.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
4.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
5.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia


Nevertheless, the contestants probably enjoy the pizza a lot like how I enjoyed it. Director of Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia, Ms Linda Tan was present at the occasion and has spoken about how the brand taps into their New Zealand- based research and going beyond their role as consultants to keep partner restaurants and clients. I don’t deny the taste of these amazing creations. My favourite is the Cheese Pretzza with options of minced chicken and despite naming it pretz, it is made with their pizza dough incorporated with Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream, and shaped into gorgeous pretz and meticulously filled with fillings in every single bite. Be ready to taste Anchor Cream Cheese, Anchor Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Anchor Colby and Cheddar Cheese; and cleverly pairing this with their house carbonara sauce as dipping sauce, this one I don’t mind having it again.


6.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
7.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
7.2Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
8.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia


Also sampling the Masala Pizza Rolls (RM 29.80), these inventive pizzas are definitely cool in not only the taste, but thoughtfully the size and shapes of it. Fun sized pizza filed and loaded with Anchor Shredded Mozarella Cheese, Anchor Shredded Parmesan Cheese and Anchor Colby and Cheddar Cheese along Masala meat and spinach, it was not the only thing that’s impressive. I’ve had the regular pizzas and they are good for pizza lovers. Tomyum flavour in particular really stands out with the spike of sharp tang and spicy.


9.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
10.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
11.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
12.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia
13.Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia


Hungry Bear is located at:
G1 & G2, BB Bazaar, Jalan Delima 2,
Taman Kerjasama, 75450
Bukit Beruang, Melaka
Tel: 06-231 2828
Opens: Monday – Sunday (9am-10pm)
GPS: 2.245645,102.2727865
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/hungrybear


Hungry Bear isn’t the only outlet with these artisanal pizzas by the Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia. It is also available at U Pizzeria in Subang, Selangor Pizza House in Bandar Utaman, Pizza 185 in Bandar Puchong Jaya, The Butcher’s Table in PJ, US Pizza in Bayan Lepas & Georgetown, Penang and Bukit Mertajam, and Mustard Sandwich house and Food & Desire in Ipoh, Perak. In Johor, head to Finale Kitchen Bar, and Kota Kinabalu, at The Chubs Grill and mad Ben Café. Also, in Sarawak, the Osome Wood Fired Pizza, Chillax Café & Bistro and Bistecca & Bistro.


Have a Cheessy festive celebration.


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Also read about SycookiesXMelaka for all the food trip in Melaka or Sycookies Food Travelogue when I travel out of Klang Valley for food.


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Proof Pizza and Wine @ APW, Bangsar


What determines a good pizza can be really subjective but I find myself growing fond of light crust and rich fresh toppings, and Proof Pizza and Wine at APW, Bangsar happens to fit into most of the things I seek in a pizza dining experience. Cosy yet lively, the tiny space accommodates no more than an estimation of 35pax at a time so reservation is very highly recommended. I walked out with disappointment several times before but if air conditioner is not mandatory in your life then perhaps Al fresco would give you another unique experience.


6.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar


By far a winner when it comes to truffle on pizza, Umbrian Black Truffle Pizza (RM 35 for 8 inch) is my all time favourite whenever the truffle crave kicks in.


2.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar

3.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar


Cooked inside the wood fire oven, the bases are lovely chewy and being that beautiful canvas, the base supports a good mix of mushroom and black truffle. Intensively covering up the entire pizza, the rich toppings harmoniously creates delicious bites, each one that is amore.


4.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar

5.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar

1.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar


La Americano (RM 45 for 12 inch) is an interesting combination of Hickory smoked pork bacon, broccoli, mozzarella, gorgonzola, and cherry tomatoes and while the combined flavours are robust, fresh salads won’t be your afterthought if you are pairing it with some wine.


7.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar
8.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar

11.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar


And the Luganega Pork Sausage Pizza (RM 33 for 8 inch) combines cauliflower, pork sausage, egg, yogurt, feta cheese into a rather ordinary and dull looking but reasonably palatable pizza experience.


10.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar


Surely they might not be an all round award winning sort of pizza joint, but they’ve got their charm when it comes to contemporary touches. So expect a long waiting list if you decide to bravely try your luck walking in, or you could rely on takeaway and have your pizzas under the starry night if the sky is even clear to begin with. It wasn’t quite a bad idea because APW is in such where most corridors or open space being the chill zone at anytime.


9.Proof Pizza + Wine @ APW,Bangsar


Proof Pizza + Wine is locatded at:


Lot 29-2, Paper Plates,
APW Bangsar,
Jalan Riong, Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/proofpizzaAPW/
GPS: 3.124316,101.674261
Open daily for lunch and dinner (except Tuesday, only dinner)
Wednesday-Sunday open at 12.15pm-3.00pm and 6.00pm-10.30pm.
Tel: 03-2788-3613


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Proof Pizza + Wine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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The world’s leading flatbread- Mission Foods has just introduced ambient pizza crust in Malaysia and even tough missing their recent launch at The Cooking House Bangsar, I feel the need to share the highlights because these ready-made crusts seriously made things so much easier for pizza aficionados. All that you need to sort out is how to make the best pizza from now on. I’ve been posting quite some that I’ve made on my social medias and if you think pizza is all about the calories than that’s when you have to follow my ig account at @sycookies .



But back to the Mission Foods Pizza Crusts, they are not only conveniently made to fit onto regular oven trays to ensure perfectly cooked pizza; but the 10 inch is great for either solo or sharing. Available in 2 flavours, plain and wholemeal, it’s versatility for both asian and western inspired recipes is so much fun when it comes to wholesome meal.




(From Right): Chef Frederico Michieletto, Mr Randall Tan, Brand Manager of South Asia and Mr Mark Tan, Retail Sales Manager of Mission Foods Malaysia with three pizzas created using Mission Pizza Crusts.


Mission Foods partnered with Italian Chef considered a maestro in his field, Chef Federico Michielleto, of Marble 8 and Marini’s on 57 fame. Chef Federico held an exclusive Masterclass and imparted tips and tricks from his 25 years of experience on how to create the best pizzas based on his most sought after recipes. At the Masterclass, Chef Federico adeptly demonstrated Tandoori Chicken Pizza with Sour Cream and Onion, Tom Yam Prawn Pizza with Pineapple and Apple Strudel Pizza with Pecans and Cream Custard. Although the toppings were delicious, the pizza crusts held their own, lending a crispy texture, and a delicate yet extremely flavourful dough, pulling all the ingredients together.




If you’ve ever wanted to become a pizzaiolio, Mission Pizza Crusts are the way to go for quick, simple and convenient meals enjoyed by the whole family. They can be found in bread aisles in all leading supermarkets.


Over the course of three weekends starting 6th May 2017, Malaysians can get their hands-on samples of delicious pizzas made using Mission Foods’ Pizza Crusts at supermarkets in select locations such as Aeon, MaxValu, Giant, Cold Storage, Tesco, Village Grocer, Mydin, Econsave and TMC Bangsar. List of participating outlets here: https://goo.gl/GaxXvR


*all event photos credit to Mission Foods Malaysia


Pizza making is now quicker and easier. Next up, I will be sharing some healthy pizza perfect for brunch. Stay close to my social media accounts.


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Skippy’s Pizza (Damansara Uptown) – The Real Pork Pizza Co.


This new comer in Damansara Uptown isn’t exactly a newbie for those who love pork pizza. Following the success of the first outlet within Phileo Damansara, Skippy’s Pizza is now flipping and tossing their pizzas at the second outlet in Damansara Uptown. Like the first outlet, this one is simple but smart, with cool Aussie decors within the outlet. Separating both indoor and outdoor is a smart move- dining in is much comfortable neat compared to my earlier experience at the first outlet.


1.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown


Starting with heavily spiced Chili Mussels (RM 30) and claimed to go well with Garlic Buns (RM 10), I reckoned this doesn’t warrant such high demand: gravy was a let down by a greasy texture.


2.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown
3.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown


Freshly baked pizza should be the mouth’s new best friend- a thin, slightly charred base all covered in melted mozzarella and spiced up with such texture of soft and rich, runny and crunchy and salty and sweet. The base doesn’t get soggy fast, so take your time to savour maximum flavour at minimum fuss. It’ll be your best friend until it when you reach the meatball. But I really didn’t mind the extra meat. A 9” pizza cost less than RM 30, and every bite is loaded with toppings.


4.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown
5.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown


Throw away all carb-caution and take note the pasta dishes are huge in portion; they are all good to share in a group. Pasta texture isn’t al dante but is packed with flavours, you’d find yourself eating the Carbonara (RM 17.90) easier than the Aglio Olio with Bacon (RM 16.90); the latter is a total fiery indulgence for spicy food lover.


6.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown
7.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown


And unlike most burgers, this one here doesn’t offer a wide variety of toppings nor does it play around with their bun instead, you get a dainty serving of a huge bun sandwiching a luscious patty of pork or lamb (RM 14.90/ RM 16.90) with very little lettuce or cheese or everything it is that is common inside a burger, alongside a bunch of fries to fill into the rest of the plate. Probably to avoid reaching overkill and have all attention focused on their particular strength – their meat patty.


8.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown
9.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown
10.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown


Also serving sides that are perfect as pub grub- the addictive luxuriously thick sauce on the Pork Ribs in 7 Sauces (RM 25) can be charming but I’ve deliberated, and digested many amazing ribs I stopped at the first rib( 10 ribs preserving).


11.Skippys Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Damansara Uptown


And with the dense variety of food in this enclave, the appetite for great value food has never been bigger. With the perpetual increase of living costs, knowing where to find a good budget meal is more important than ever (affordability can be very subjective). Also, the huge menu can be intimidating. Stick to Pizza and pasta for the best results.


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


Skippy’s Pizza , The Real Pork Pizza Co is located at:
33 Jalan SS21/56b,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkippysPizza/
Website: http://www.skippyspizza.com/
Business Hours: Sunday – Thursday (11:30-22:30), and Friday – Saturday (11:30-23:00)
For delivery, what’s app your orders to 0192699347 or 0192509347


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Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas (Outside Publika)


Thing sure is burning hot inside the kitchen of Fahrenheit 600 at Solaris Dutamas (outsidePublika) especially when this pizza-focused venture aims for invention on top of authenticity. Here, the menu tends toward the international and less traditional end of the spectrum but pulling it off solid, still offers many aroma and fragrant of the wide use of assorted herbs on their pizza.


1.Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas


To begin with, I was very tempted by the sound of egg and spinach on a square pizza and was to some point pretty eager to witness some of the yolk porn. And true enough, this Popoye The Sailor (RM 24.90) came topped with generous spinach and cheese, with herbs and chunks of chicken atop moderate thickness of crust and that golden egg cracked on before entering the oven that cooked even and perfect , still looking semi translucent when served upon us. This pizza with this winning formula, I’d gladly return again soon.


2.Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas


Pizzas are not their only forte. This taste maker manages to find an excellent balance to offer the diners with a good list of salad to choose from. Mr duck quack (RM 21.90) cleverly putting together the perfect match of flavours and aroma, get your taste buds tantalized with the mix of duck breast slices, sweet cherry tomatoes, tangy oranges, lovely cranberries and a hefty pile of rocket tossed with mouth watering home dressing and sprinkled with sunflower seeds for the many layers of textures. The plate demonstrates the perfect sharing item to order when dining in a group.


3.Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas


Mr Healthy and Wealthy (RM 18.90) and Mr Caesar Chicky (RM 17.90) is lighter in flavour, with the first compiled from various lettuces, cheery tomato, avocado, cranberry, pumpkin seed , balsamic dressing, and olive oil, and the later with grilled chicken breast, parmesan cheese, croutons, and Caesar dressing, and topped with medium boiled egg.


4.Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas
5.Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas


The similar ingredients pulled off differently on the pizza. Henry the Duck (RM 28.90) serves a 9 inch pizza, good for sharing, with Smoked Duck slices, cherry tomato, some few tiny pieces of avocado, and orange supreme on Fahrenheit 600’s signature tomato sauce. Cooked orange supreme was a little overwhelming but certainly appeal to orange lovers.


6.Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas


And good for munching over some lovely conversation, is oven baked nachos, with mozzarella cheese and avocado, plus a sprinkled of feta cheese. This Avocado and Cheese Nachos (RM 15.90) needs more avocados considering the name of this dish.


7.Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas


And with the bloom of coffee frenzy and more coffee enthusiasts searching for a good cup of coffee, Fahrenheit 600 extended a coffee bar to not only fulfill coffee drinkers with their premium coffee beans, but to have a good segregation of beverage to offer. With a well trained and professional barista on the move at the bar, hot latte (RM 9.90) comes real quick with that beautiful pour of art. But if you are not a coffee drinker, fret not for the Ice House Chocolate (RM 11.90) is to die for too.


8.Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas


If not, there are always juices for the health conscious ones. Here is the Fresh Orange Juice (RM 11.90) and the Vintage Lemonade (RM 10.90).


9.Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas


Then there are the desserts, there are some nice cakes on the menu but is pretty redundant since chances are high that there’ll be out. Head to the cake displays adjacent the coffee bar and place your pick with their staffs. We had the Apple Pie (RM13.90) , served warm and with a scoop of ice cream on top. Ice cream was weirdly a little pungent, and garlicky; makes me wonder if its garlic flavour?


10.Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas
Fahrenheit 600 is located at:
A4-G2-06, Solaris Dutamas
No1, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.170997,101.6665
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fahrenheit600


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Mikey’s New York Pizza @ Bangsar


When thinking of pizza, one often relates it to the Italians or the Americans. The idea of probably arise from who makes them and the widely influenced American TV shows portraying regular consumption of pizza as a quick and simple food in the states. Because pizzas are made popular by the Italians, we’d either relate to that or the misconception of huge consumption of pizzas by the Americans. No doubt pizzas are quick and easy and sometimes delicious as well, the driving factor is the convenience of pizza delivery to your doorsteps. But when on the go and at fast moving pace, slices of pizza became real popular in New York and now the idea has been brought over to KL except most people would still prefer dining in and order pizzas in slices instead of whole pies here at the Mikey’s New York Pizza.


1.mickey's new york pizza (8)


This fancy pizza cafe is located in Bangsar, and the pizza slices targets a different customer market than what’s supposedly on the go. Diners would order from counter and food would be served to your table following a fancy number plate commonly appearing in intagram feeds from almost all who visited this place.


2.mickey's new york pizza (7)


Focusing on their menu, pizza choices might not be at abundance but sufficient to trigger your taste bud. Tony soprano (RM15.88) and the Classic New Yoke (RM 8.88) slice certainly is charming with the classic blend of cheese melted over fresh tomato sauce typically finished with some herbs. The first was a classic collaboration of both Italian and American specialties; meatballs, sliced steak, pepperoni, roasted peppers and roasted garlic, topped with mozzarella cheese. And it was little posh in term of price for a slice. The second being a classic thus expect lots of flavours from the blend of melted cheese and temporarily leave aside the guilt.


3.mickey's new york pizza (15)
4.mickey's new york pizza (14)


Wild mushroom pizza (RM 10.88) was the champ of the day with the smoky and earthiness aroma of wild mushroom and of course topped with generous amount of mozzarella cheese. Sink into a mix of shitake, oyster and Portobello mushrooms all sautéed in butter, olive oil, fresh basil and spread on top of fresh tomato sauce.


5.mickey's new york pizza (13)


Offering pizzas in slices would mean tasting different flavours but if you dine in a huge group, ordering a whole pizza would add so much joy and excitement. When ordering a whole pizza, prices could look a bit hefty in the range of RM 50++ to RM 88++ depending on the flavours ordered. Half and half pies are available but check out the size of the pizza and tell me if you are not thrilled with the measurement. Pie size gaugable from the photo thanks to the lovely Nicole in the photo.


6. nicole and pizza


An additional option for communal eating is their Bronx Waffle Fries (RM15.88). Probably one of the very few places to sell waffle fries, it wasn’t too bad with the old school mix of meatballs, Mikey’s signature marina sauce and mozzarella cheese melted on top.


7.mickey's new york pizza (16)


If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll see my post on KFC ‘ S latest addition to their menu; waffle fries with cheese and mayonnaise topping and some might find that more of a joy to eat. Mozarella cheese topping contributes a lot to the chewiness in general and sauce turns crispy waffle fries soggy after awhile.


8.mickey's new york pizza (19)


Beverage was nothing too impressive with the ordinary usual choices of Soft drinks, some kids cocktails, and a range of homemade specials comprising of tea and soda. Lemonade sells at RM 8 but was a decent choice to go with pizzas.


9.mickey's new york pizza (6)


I wouldn’t call this a hipster restaurant but the décor and interior is worth a bit of appraisal since tiny efforts can be seen some corners but having located at this busy traffic area, parking is never a breeze.


10.mickey's new york pizza (26)
11.mickey's new york pizza (3)


Mickey’s Original Pizza might not be the perfect pizza but was a decent choice for pizza around this area.


12 micky's new york pizza (30)


Mikey’s original pizza is located in Bangsar at:


17, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2202-0080
Mon-Sun: 12:00pm – 11:00pm
GPS: 3.132009, 101.671736
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mikeysoriginal


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Pizza Gallery @ Solaris Dutamas


I can’t really recall since when pizzas comes in so much varieties and from where we come from, the mix of culture defines the amount of mix fusions in recipes. Here at the Pizza Gallery is where a showcase of a range of pizza varieties and more is passionately made and served to impress dinners.


Located along Coffee Society near a steep corner, one would easily miss it when driving passed it. With a very neat and spacious décor, it offers both indoor and outdoor seating with vibrant red and colourful wall paper to turn on happy mode when dining at the restaurant.




Starters and appetisers were all decent for sharing and one which warrants an order when I return would be their Signature Chicken Wings (RM 15.90). It has really thick layer of crusty bread crumbs with generous BBQ sauce.


2.pizza gallery -Signature Chicken Wings RM15.90


Like any regular pizza place, Soup of the day (RM4.90)would always be on the menu. This one is no exception. The soup didn’t quite impress me but was palatable and comforting as starter. The Caesar Salad (RM8.90) had nothing to shout about but the freshness was notable.




Another interesting dish that is great for communal eating is the Cheese Bread (RM6.90) and this was served in pieces of 4. It was simple yet classically easily acceptable for majority pizza lovers. The mayonnaise beneath the cheese adds to the smoothness on top of crunch from the toast.


4.pizza gallery -Cheese Bread RM 6.90


Next to explore would be their pizza gallery. This gallery showcased an impressive range of pizza; both classic and fusion. Starting with the Beef Pepperoni Pizza (RM 22.90) on thin crust, with generous amount of toppings that blends in well with the thickness of the crust itself. The pizza holds firmly without falling in to pieces when pulling the slices. Thumbs up for that. Then fan of Island Seafood Pizza (RM27.90) should be happy to know that this one here was good and satisfying thanks to the generous toppings. Every bite had something in it.


5.pizza gallery -Beef Pepperoni RM 22.90
6.pizza gallery -Island Seafood RM 27.90


The thin crust was great but for something a little more filling and satisfying, order their classic crust. A pan crust freshly made upon ordering, and topped with desired choices of pizza.


14.pizza gallery (46)


The Sweet and Sour Pizza(RM 24.90) is the house pizza, our usual version of Hawaiian pizza. Pineapple adds to juicy and tangy sweet sensation, making this an absolute favourite for everyone. Nice crust to accommodate some tuna flakes, pineapple, lime sauce and mozzarella to promise joy when eating it.


7.pizza gallery -Sweet and Sour Lover RM 24.90 (2)


For something a little out of the ordinary, try the Satay Delight (RM 25.90). Think satay chunks, onion, cucumber and cheese, on top of thin dough of bread that is thick enough to nicely hold the toppings, and garnished with chili and cucumber. Using satay sauce instead of tomato paste beneath the cheese and toppings, it is interesting to have to decide if this is satay or pizza.


8.pizza gallery -Satay Delight RM 25.90 (3)


And the star of the day would be the Tom Yum Special at Rm 29.90 each. I love the spices on this the sensation of spike spicy that roamed before masked by cheese flavour in the topping. It was probably one of the spiciest pizzas I have ever had so far. The toppings were awesome generous with tom yum sauce, squid, prawn, crabstick, onion, garnishing with cilantro and kaffir lime leaves and mozzarella to impress any pizza lovers.


9.pizza gallery -Tom Yum Special RM 29.90 (1)


If that hadn’t gotten your attention, be sure to order the TomYum Spaghetti (RM 15.90). The flavour nicely coating each strand of spaghetti and I must say that most people would find this a little spicy. I though the pasta was a little over cooked but like the spiciness, it is subjected to personal preferences.


10.pizza gallery 10.-Tom Yum Spaghetti RM15.90 (1)


If chili is not your thing, let’s go with something simpler like the Spaghetti Seafood (RM 15.90). It was creamy but not relenting, thanks to the seafood and some cherry tomato and olives. Also appropriate for solo dinners would be the Aglio Olio (RM 10.90). I would be madly in love in this if it weren’t because of the soft and overcooked pasta.


11.pizza gallery -Spaghetti Seafood RM 15.90
12.pizza gallery -Aglio Olio RM10.90 (1)


The Cheese Macaroni (RM12.90) was heartwarming and pleasant to eat. I’d like mine a little thicker and creamier but I assure you this is great for kids.


13.pizza gallery -Cheese Maxcaroni RM12.90 (1)


And lastly, a great deal for all; selling at RM 12.90, you get a huge Chicken Burger with a fresh leaf, tomato slices, cheese, fried egg and a good piece of chicken fillet and served with crinkle cut fries. This one is seriously a good portion for sharing.


15.pizza gallery-Chicken Burger RM12.90 (4)


Drinks in this restaurant are simple; common soft drinks and fresh fruit juice in the range of RM 4.90-RM 7.90. Gourmet coffees are available with reasonable price range between RM5.90 and RM 6.90.




Take note that buffet menu is available at RM 25 per pax and I think big eaters should really drop by for this deal. There is a whole range of signature dishes along with beverage.


17.pizza gallery (48)


All pizzas comes in 12’’ but special options are available at RM12.90 for any personal 6’’ pizza. Any additional toppings or cheese would be an addition of RM 3 respectively. For any types of private functions, birthday parties and corporate lunches, call or email and the venue would be a great one for pizza and more.


18.pizza gallery


The Pizza Gallery is located at:
Lot D5-G3-02, Publika,
Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Kuala Lumpur 50480
Tel: 03-62078111/0364190232
GPS: 3.171416,101.667571
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PizzaGalleryPublika


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