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Bento Senya Express @ Plaza Mont Kiara


Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara is one that provides quick to go meals. It is a takeaway-friendly cubbyhole with a cashier counter to place your order and some semi ready made to-go lunch boxes placed side by side one another on their refrigerator racks, all inside a limited space lot. Making its way into the appetites of office workers within and around the neighbouring premise, these bentos are decently packed with very basic and fundamental series of Japanese classics. Sure it didn’t look very aesthetic and delicious at the first glance. But I gave it a go, and frankly was surprised with the freshness of the ingredients. If there is anything at all that I must be picking on would perhaps be the lack of vegetables in the bento. I had to order Green Salad (RM 4) to compensate the short of fresh vegetable but it’s not as if Malaysians love vegetables that much to begin with.


1.Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara


BBQ Pork Bento (RM 16.50) is assembled with BBQ Pork, Seasoned Egg, Macaroni Salad and Japanese Pickles. It isn’t exactly cheap on price, but it is filling and good as a bento. Grilled Saba Bento (RM 16.50) had the same sides but was strangely accompanied by pieces of deep fried chicken. Still it was nothing as strange as the macaroni salad. I thought it was too much carbs in one serving. Really, it would have been so much better if it is it was a little more balanced, if not in accurate ratio like the food pyramid.


2.Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara
3.Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara


Both pork and saba were equally impressive, store seemed really neat and clean, food nicely packed and safely placed at the fridge, so if there are anything that is falling short would be the limited seats. But having that said, it is a bento shop. Japanese bento is preferably to eat at room temperature but those who like really hot food, microwaves are self service available for reheating.


4.Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara
5.Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara
6.Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara
7.Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara
8.Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara
9.Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara


Bento Senya Express in Plaza Mont Kiara is located at:
D-0G-05, Ground Floor, Block D (next to McDs)
Plaza Mont’ Kiara, No.2, Jalan Kiara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50480
Tel: 03-6206 1799
Business Hour : Daily 9:30am- 10:30 pm
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/senyaexpressplazamontkiara


Click HERE for more photos and MENU on flickr.


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UberEATS launches in Malaysia


Most of us are very blessed to have such great diversity of food choices around us and with the launch of UberEATS in Malaysia, enjoying such privilege is within a couple of taps on our smart phone. With the power of Uber’s technology, we are now all spoilt with not only choices for culinary experiences, but the flexibility within our own comfort zone; all at the touch of a button from anywhere and everywhere. In another word, we consumers can enjoy the right food the way we want it, at a planed timing, at any venue of our preference. Whether it is home or office, or even mobile work stations, there should be no excuse to skip your meals. I’m benefiting a lot from food delivery because of my long and uncertain working hours so when I got my invite to the launching ceremony, I had to share it on my social media.



Starting 21st September, UberEATS smartphone app officially launches in Malaysia with Kuala Lumpur being one of the first to enjoy the delight of food delivery service by the same technology that made ride-hailing a norm around the world. Very well planned and organised, the launch ceremony and party at Le Blanc (Bangsar) recently was more than impressive. Shri Chakravarthy Gopalakrishnan, General Manager of UberEATS (Malaysia and Singapore) gave us a brief of what it’s like ordering food via the app.


1.UberEATS launches in Malaysia
2.UberEATS launches in Malaysia
3.UberEATS launches in Malaysia
4.UberEATS launches in Malaysia


Guests were treated with adorable presentation and tasty restaurant partners showcasing what they have to offer. While savouring the fancy ice cream flavours from inside scoop and tasting delicious good food from the Real Food, Sitka also exquisitely prepares tasty bites. On top of that, Uber Eats delivery partner delivered the dish that represents Malaysia most- the Nasi Lemak, and treated the guests with tasty nasi lemak in convenient bento boxes from the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa.



5.UberEATS launches in Malaysia
6.UberEATS launches in Malaysia
7.UberEATS launches in Malaysia
8.UberEATS launches in Malaysia
9.UberEATS launches in Malaysia


UberEATS begin serving KL neighbourhood with Kuala Lumpur central business district, Bangsar, and Damansara Heights being their first few but is rapidly growing very quickly to cover more areas in the near future. Payments are made with credit or debit card and there are no minimum order required albeit a small RM 5 flat of delivery fee for every order.


10.UberEATS launches in Malaysia


Bringing consumers, restaurant partners, and delivering partners together; braving traffic, constant battling of parking bay, and the dreadful queues is no longer the potential package that comes with our meals. I made my first order and albeit the slight error of address input, my Uber delivering partner called upon arrival and sorted it within seconds. At the same time, I was on the online chat and team Uber whom also resolved my error in less than 5 minutes. All that and I still received my and fresh sashimi sushi delivered right to my doorstep in approximately less than 30 minutes (that’s the time I usually take to prep myself to go out for my meal).


11.UberEATS launches in Malaysia
12.UberEATS launches in Malaysia
13,UberEATS launches in Malaysia


And to test the efficiency of communication between user on the app interphase, I’ve included my special request for extra wasabi. Ta da!!!! Got my extra wasabi nicely and neatly packed in my delivery package. Kudos to that.


UberEATS launches in Malaysia
14.UberEATS launches in Malaysia


So guess what I did with this extra time I had? I managed to complete my styling sketches for my client’s approval, and paid some bills online.


15UberEATS launches in Malaysia


The app is new, and some areas are yet covered within their delivery but be rest assured that it wouldn’t take them too long to deliver to more areas in Malaysia. If anyone is interested to try out the breeze or to rediscover the lost art of not cooking, here is the promo code to enjoy RM 15 off your first order : eats-syg20ue



Follow UberEATS on their social media for updates.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UberEATSMalaysian/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ubereats_my/


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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3 Simple Steps that Saves You Time and Lunch Money



Ever wonder how to enjoy lunch at work without much hassle? Here are the 3 Simple Steps that Saves You Time and Lunch Money by TrySmartBite



What’s the first thing that comes to mind every single day once the clock ticks for lunch time? We always hear these words that comes out from our colleague’s mouth;
Where to eat? Where should we go? It’s so jam outside la! Sien ah, I don’t know what to eat today.. Don’t you worry child, TrySmartBite has got a plan for you.


All you have to do is log onto www.trysmartbite.com / , enter your current location and check to see if TrySmartBite delivers to your office building. It would be a catch if you’re in the center of Kuala Lumpur and Mid Valley but fret not as we are expanding to other areas in Klang Valley.


Here are 3 simple steps to begin with and you will be able to get daily menu sent to you.


Try smart bite delivery service.


TrySmartBite is an innovative food delivery company that aims to bring convenience to you during lunch at your work place. You will be able to order meals below RM10 with a daily change in menu with different options for you to choose. There will be no minimum orders and the prices has already been included with service charge plus the prices are NETT. Who wants to be paying additional charges? It’s a win-win situation.


Not only it is value for money which also saves you time from getting stuck in the traffic, it is also easy to order with over +50 partnered restaurants that you can choose from without leaving your office building.
If you’re interested to make payment more easily, you can top up to get additional credit and it makes your meals even more value for money up to RM13 of extra credit for your very first top up!


Try smart bite delivery service.


What else is there to think la? Quickly sign up an account at http://www.trysmartbite.com and begin your journey of hassle free! Here is a promo code for you! Begin with “SMARTBITE8” and get RM8 off your first order!



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Essenso Microground Black Coffee


Essenso Microground Black Coffee is definitely the new way to kick start the morning before a whole productive day ahead. Instant coffee in sachet is taken to a whole new level when Essenso launched the satisfying Colombian and Mendheling blends. A fine cup of Arabica coffee with its aroma wafting as you sip and savour the caffeine made by finely grounded coffee beans is probably the best way closest to perfect to make the best of the morning.


1.Essenso Microground Black Coffee


From the kitchen of pop up dining KL and taking place at the beautiful Brew and Bread Cafe in Kota Kemuning, a 6 course breakfast was served with delectable creations cleverly and creatively infused with Essenso’s microground coffee.


2.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
3.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
4.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
5.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
6.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
7.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
8.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
10.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
11.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
12.Essenso Microground Black Coffee


Also happening at the launch is a quick coffee art workshop presented by Malaysian’s first coffee Caricature artist- Vivian Lee. Art and coffee is both a therapeutic way to de stress and now that we combined them, the outcome was stunning.


13.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
14.Essenso Microground Black Coffee


Whether it’s a full body and light roast palate of fruity note with mild acidity or a darker roast of fresh woody notes, both these single origin of Colombian and Mendheling blends are promising as the barista of the day demonstrates his creations with the new Essenso Microground Black coffee. Tan Sau Yang, new star of hand brew coffee throw down 2017 1st runner up and Taiwan Transworld University Latte art 2016 Champion walks us through his creations and served creative concoctions to go with our 6 course breakfast.


15.Essenso Microground Black Coffee

16.Essenso Microground Black Coffee


Essenso Microground Black coffee is the latest addition to the Essenso line of microground coffee. After the success launch of their 3in1 and 2in1, we are now treated with the black coffee sachet packed with nitrogen to preserve an intense aroma and robust richness of coffee. With the right bean and correct technique, beans are finely grounded at low speed in oxygen free and ultra low temperature to preserve natural essence of the coffee. Freshness at its top notch, these sticks of happiness is priced at RM 10.90 per box of 20 sachets.


17.Essenso Malaysia


Today’s dishes by pop up dining KL:
Red Snapper Tartar on Sourdough Tart, Chicken liver pate layered with green apple chips and raspberry maro beetroot tart.


Cured salmon, Essenso brown butter soil, Dill Emulsion and Rose


Broth of cherry tomatoes & grapes and basil oil


Meatloaf, smoked egg and new potato cooked in Essenso


Grain Granola, berries and flowers


Essenso Macron, fig bar and apple tart.



Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Follow Essenso on their social media for some more caffeine stories: https://www.facebook.com/ESSENSOMalaysia/


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Homemade Baked Goods with Fat Sunday Today

Fat Sunday’s homemade sweet treats
#worthEveryMoment #whyNotToday #fatSunday


Malaysia is wonderful when it comes to the multicultural wonders, and there are no better ways to experience them with all the festive as they are always celebrated with traditional delicacies. During festive seasons, culinary heritage are made up of an assortment of classic cookies and confectionary. And the practice of gifting and sharing, has also been traditionally passed on since many generations ago. This Chinese New Year, I’m much thankful to receive some really amazing baked goods. One that I’m very eager to share is these lovely delight from the Fat Sunday.



You’ve seen them appearing on my insta stories as well as on my instagram and I am most impressed with their popcorn. Despite the guilt at every piece of richly coated fluff of popcorn, this delightful treat was gone in no time because it’s just to addictive. The caramel coating was a luxury and the crunch would have probably come from baking soda. It beats all commercial popcorn at a finger snap and the best of them all, the pack comes with a zipper seal (although I personally thought it’s pretty redundant, mine was gone within hours). It sure is a great way to add more joy to the festive when families and friends gather at this auspicious season. This is one treat that’s absolutely ridden with guilt and regret but is still worth it.


1.Homemade Baked Goods with Fat Sunday Today

2.Homemade Baked Goods with Fat Sunday Today


Moving to their Pineapple and Sesame bites, the two were innovative and cleverly made into a fantastic bite size. Consuming them was really easy and this one as gifts is of course super convenient and seemly, all thanks to the beautiful packaging. At the heart of embracing the sense of nostalgia through exquisite aromas, the classic flavour remains in the new look of these bake goods.


Fat Sunday’s homemade sweet treats #worthEveryMoment #whyNotToday #fatSunday

4.Homemade Baked Goods with Fat Sunday Today
5.Homemade Baked Goods with Fat Sunday Today
6.Homemade Baked Goods with Fat Sunday Today


There are cookies and cakes for all occasion and they are available online. If I am not wrong, they are on consignment at supermarkets but its best to get it delivered of pick-up for free. Find out more about their handmade deserts and sweets on their websites or social medias at:


Website: https://fatsunday.my/
Instagram: @fatsundaytoday
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FatSundayToday


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Chewies Delight’s Home Made


When reviewing a pizza place recently, Kyrina of Chewies Delight showed me how homemade cakes can look so delicate and at the same time tasted amazing. Upon handed over, it took me a few seconds to come to realised it was lollipop cakes I was holding and that instantly bring out the child in anyone that is looking at it.


1.chewies delight (1)


Everything is edible with the stick as acceptation and because it was so pretty and fine on the outside, I was contemplating to pop it right into my mouth if it weren’t for the sake of photographing the cross section. Enclosed smoothly on the outside with coarse sugar coat to decorate is the fondue while inside was moist and flavourful.


2.chewies delight (13)


On the other hand, the cupcakes were impressive as well. I am not a huge fan of anything too sweet but any sweet indulgence I really wouldn’t mind. And this is one of those that I enjoyed very much. The cake itself was airy enough yet moist and what sends this to a next level is the beautiful decorative cream on top.


3.chewies delight (10)
4.chewies delight (11)


Fan of cakes and dessert would adore this and if not a fan would still enjoy this very much. Kyrina (KC) certainly is talented and her passion and patience were absolutely admirable.


5.chewies delight (6)
6.chewies delight (4)


Chewies Delight bakes for all occasion and apart of designer cakes and cupcakes, they have cookies to offer as well. Get in touch with Chewies Delight:


Kyrina (KC) 013-6410818
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChewiesDelight


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Click here for more photos on flikr.


Teddy’s Cookies – Homemade Cookies


Cookies are lovely and amazing as a treat or snack at anytime of the day. What happens when you can’t bake? Or finding it hard to get it right or maybe just too busy with the usual daily routine? Whatever the reason is, fear not for Teddy is always around all year long. In one of the recent bazaars that I attended, I came to know about this lovely couple where the husband bakes while the lovely wife helps with preparations and sales. These Teddy’s cookies are available in a few flavours and I was fortunate to get to try two of them, of which I absolutely love the Oat Berry. The berry contributes to the moist and chewy texture within the crunch in the mouth popping sized cookies, while the oat balances the sweetness of berry.


Another that I tried was the Original flavour. The texture was not over gritty and this one is a crisp cookie. There were ample chocolate chips in it to put a smile on anyone and there was also a well balanced of coarse crumb with cragginess, you can instantly tell that the right amount of gas bubbles reacted and an even rise in the process of making them. The outcome is this amazing texture although I would prefer a slightly bitterer chocolate chip that is better tempered.




In general, they are still great for any occasions be it celebrations, parties, events, or as gifts during festive seasons.




Locate them in Plaza Damas with the Pop up haven bazaar or alternately, show some support and here is how to order them:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teddyscookies

Tel: 012-3838588/ 012-3656761


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