Bento Senya Express @ Plaza Mont Kiara

  Bento Shop Senya Express at Plaza Mont Kiara is one that provides quick to go meals. It is a takeaway-friendly cubbyhole with a cashier counter to place your order and some semi ready made to-go lunch boxes placed side by side one another on their refrigerator racks, all inside a limited space lot. Making … Continue reading

UberEATS launches in Malaysia

  Most of us are very blessed to have such great diversity of food choices around us and with the launch of UberEATS in Malaysia, enjoying such privilege is within a couple of taps on our smart phone. With the power of Uber’s technology, we are now all spoilt with not only choices for culinary … Continue reading

3 Simple Steps that Saves You Time and Lunch Money

    Ever wonder how to enjoy lunch at work without much hassle? Here are the 3 Simple Steps that Saves You Time and Lunch Money by TrySmartBite     What’s the first thing that comes to mind every single day once the clock ticks for lunch time? We always hear these words that comes … Continue reading

Essenso Microground Black Coffee

  Essenso Microground Black Coffee is definitely the new way to kick start the morning before a whole productive day ahead. Instant coffee in sachet is taken to a whole new level when Essenso launched the satisfying Colombian and Mendheling blends. A fine cup of Arabica coffee with its aroma wafting as you sip and … Continue reading

Homemade Baked Goods with Fat Sunday Today

Fat Sunday’s homemade sweet treats #worthEveryMoment #whyNotToday #fatSunday   Malaysia is wonderful when it comes to the multicultural wonders, and there are no better ways to experience them with all the festive as they are always celebrated with traditional delicacies. During festive seasons, culinary heritage are made up of an assortment of classic cookies and … Continue reading

Chewies Delight’s Home Made

  When reviewing a pizza place recently, Kyrina of Chewies Delight showed me how homemade cakes can look so delicate and at the same time tasted amazing. Upon handed over, it took me a few seconds to come to realised it was lollipop cakes I was holding and that instantly bring out the child in … Continue reading

Teddy’s Cookies – Homemade Cookies

  Cookies are lovely and amazing as a treat or snack at anytime of the day. What happens when you can’t bake? Or finding it hard to get it right or maybe just too busy with the usual daily routine? Whatever the reason is, fear not for Teddy is always around all year long. In … Continue reading

Pizza Hut”s Double Sensation

  Pizza Hut is a chain franchise from America that offers many pizzas along with side dishes like the salad, pasta and garlic bread. In Malaysia, pizza hut comes in local flavours and the touch of local delight easily wins a place amongst the native foodies. Being one of the earliest pizza chains in Malaysia, … Continue reading

Hop with Skippys Pizza (dine in and delivery)

  Pizza is great especially when it made such simple and easy meal on one of those lazy days when you decide to not cook or eat out. To have Pork pizza is even more amazing for that pork lover and to have more than just pizzas on the menu should be a plus point … Continue reading

Wok in a Box

I really like the tagline “Wok in a Box” as it clearly illustrates food inside a box. And when relating boxes and food, it evidently exemplifies take outs and deliveries. In Australia, Wok in a Box delivers a good variety of choices for your meals whether you are all home alone, or setting up a … Continue reading

Foodpanda delivers my Canton Fare

Whenever Mr lazy holds you back at home, superhero Foodpanda comes to the rescue with your favourite food. There is more variety with Foodpanda delivery, and they make sure you never go hungry when Mr Lazy visits. I have tried using Foodpanda as my delivery platform and I love the entire system with so much … Continue reading

Feast with Foodpanda @ Paper + Toast

  If you believe that ordering food online should be fuss-free with no hassle, simple, yet healthy and delicious, not to mention easy, convenient and fun, then Foodpanda is the definite solution. is a fresh and new online food ordering website providing a convenient food ordering service for their customers. All you have to … Continue reading