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Pork Rendang Nasi Kerabu at ANTE @ Solaris Dutamas


Celebrating patriotism with Pork Rendang Nasi Kerabu .Love it or hate it, this vibrant blue rice leaves a memorable impression upon the first sight. It is not unusual to see one but it is rare, and when spotted one, will be difficult to take your eyes off it. Served with ulam, the mix of flavour profile from the assorted raw vegetables that is being cut and chopped into tiny pieces puts together so much excitement on a single plate. Here at ANTE, kerabu meal is prep with some oink factor and the main protein source in this fiber and vitamin loaded portion meal is of course non other than their signature – pork. They celebrate patriotism this year with kerabu with pork rendang and I must say they are indeed some porky doyen when it comes to handling and serving them fresh in your dishes.


1. ANTE pork rendang kerabu

2.ANTE pork rendang kerabu


That is further confirmed when they rolled out other pork dishes and there’s absolutely a couple of it that was impressive. Pork come in all forms of cooking method—roasted, grilled, or even some frying until sizzling, with some being quintessential pork lover’s fav and some fusion twist that’ll guarantee salivating. And together with some booze, would be another perfect evening. Chermoula Spiced Pork Shoulder Steak was grilled so perfectly for amazing tenderness I will order this again anytime with add ons of more vegetables, not because I simply want my vege but because I also love their zucchini sides. Iberico Baby Ribs and House Smoked Bacon were charming. Meat is incredibly tender rand juicy, every bite tastes like luxury.


3.ANTE pork rendang kerabu

4.ANTE pork rendang kerabu

5.ANTE pork rendang kerabu

6.ANTE pork rendang kerabu

7.ANTE pork rendang kerabu


Pork isn’t their only pride cause Green Curry Seared Duck deserves the limelight as well. Quite a spectacular place for anyone who values fun, flavour, freshness – and value at every price point.


10.ANTE pork rendang kerabu

8.ANTE pork rendang kerabu

9.ANTE pork rendang kerabu


ANTE’s Pork Rendang Nasi Kerabu will be available for the special month of August as a lunch feature (11am to 3pm) from August 1st to 31st daily, at both ANTE Solaris Dutamas and ANTE One Utama outlets.


ANTE Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)
A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas 1
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-6206 3364
Operating Hours: 11.00AM – 10.30PM, Daily

GPS: 3.1705892,101.665491


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Eatomo Publika


Poke bowl. Pronounced as ‘po- kay’, is a Hawaiian dish commonly mistaken as Japanese origin because of the fresh raw cuts of fishes. The confusion probably happened because of the similar dishes by the Japanese – most likely zuke Don or donburi, and that most of us were more familiar with Japanese food as the cuisine gained its popularity over the years. While it may seem like a new trend, this simple and addictive Hawaiian dish has been around for centuries. And because local Japanese in Hawaii is a big ethnic group in Hawaii, it is no surprise of the influence in their food.


Up until 2015, we haven’t caught wind of this Hawaiian dish but when pokebowl becomes widely accepted (thanks to social media), people started being creative and infusing local elements to redefine the dish. Take note the real Hawaiian poke though, isn’t really instagrammable. So, this one is close.


2.Eatomo Publika


Meet the Pokelantan Bowl. Here at the Eatomo Solaris Dutamas, this one is made with the usual raw cuts of fish before finishing with a toss of lime and chili padi drizzle marinate, this truly is a marriage of Asian pacific. Resembling local dishes, the combination in this bowl is bursting full when it comes to the authentic Asian flavour.


1.Eatomo Publika


Another amazing protein source for those not too keen with raw fishes, Mentaiko Tamago rice is a good satisfaction although I find the portion a little small to fit the huge appetite I had during my visit. Personally, I like my mentaiko just as they are, but most are probably more accustomed to slightly more diluted flavour profile so having this with them thick slices of egg omelette and fragrant rice is topgallant.


7.eatomo publika


That wasn’t the only crowd pleaser, fresh oysters and mussels come with the breeze of ocean and sea. The plump and juicy oyster of a perfect one mouth bite size was my ultimate favourite, followed closely by the pot of mussel with that fancy sweet flavourful broth of nothing but pleasant.


3.Eatomo Publika
4.Eatomo Publika
5.Eatomo Publika
6.Eatomo Publika


Meaty bowls are inevitable, but for anyone dying to have raw leaves then you might have to pick any of their salad bowl, which I really don’t recommend unless if the determination to improve wellbeing of your gut is the main concern. Salads are like many other Japanese eatery, boring and unattractive.


8. Eatomo Publika


Seemingly trivial, but food is a way of life in the country and the ethnic diversity has resulted in such extraordinary food landscape. Who would have think that poke, a product of the indigenous native Hawaiian culture would fit perfect with the touch of Kelantan? This outlet gave me a better experience than the their first in Taman Danau Desa outlet for sure and at this blog entry point, there is a third outlet at Bangsar !!


Eatomo Publika is located at :
A2-G2-06 Solaris Dutamas,
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 KL
Business Hour : Monday (closed), Tues- Thurs (12–3PM, 6–10:30PM)
Friday- Sunday (12–10:30PM)
Phone: 03-6412 2280
GPS: 3.1708147,101.665288


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Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


There is so much more than just green curry when it comes to Thai Tuk Tuk in Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) and this here is a good option to explore regional specialties and the classic pick of most Thai restaurants. This chain restaurant puts a unique spin when it comes to their vibrant set up of the dining room.


1.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


There is nothing innovative for sure but we are looking at some collection of halal Thai dishes designed for sharing with familiar seafood options like Tomyum Seafood (RM 43.90 large),Stir fried Kailan with salted fish (RM 16.90), andStir Fried Prawns with petai (RM 19.90). The ordinary looking dishes are nothing neither amusing nor whimsical, rather it was plenty alike staples that usually appears regularly at any Thai restaurants expect that this one is in a more casual and contemporary feel. Don’t expect to be wowed by the dishes or impeccable service because dining is very casual here at Tuk Tuk.


2.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

3.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

4.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)//

5.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Of course the menu is sufficiently extensive and that kind of offering is good for diners. It pulls together the region’s popular dishes so we can easily orderHat Yai fried chicken with crispy onion (RM 15.90) and Green Curry chicken (RM 18.90) to go with white rice (RM 2.50), or have some of those breakfast dishes that goes equally as fabulous as any other dishes- Kai Krata (RM 10.90). Despite being a simple fried egg with sausages, it was tasty and comforting to add some protein to the meal.


6.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

7.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

8.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


The desserts and refreshing beverages are a little something for consideration, or perhaps more than just an afterthought with that price tag. We had Lemon Grass Juice (RM 5.90), Thai iced milk tea (RM 5.50), Thai pink milk tea (RM 5.50), Ice cream Thai Boran (RM 16.90) and Red Ruby with coconut (RM 10.90) which was okay; just not memorable. I would really skip the ice cream thou.


9.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

10.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

11.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

12.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

13.Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Expect the place to be lively most of the time but meal sessions are usually pretty crowded.


Thai Tuk Tuk Restaurant is located at :
A1- G2-9, Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)
1 Jalan Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
Opens daily: 11am-11pm
Tel: 019-6689297 .
GPS: 3.1708343,101.664732


Thai Tuk Tuk Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Meat the Porkers – Pork Biryani @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publiika)


Leave your diet at the door: the pork dishes at Meat the Porkers at Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) – the first iconic pork briyani restaurant- are some of the most unashamedly porky, calorific bad boys in this neighbourhood, and even in the whole of Asia. Don’t feel guilty with those tender bites of juicy pork meats in their authentically spiced Pakistan flavours for they are one of the kind that is a must for pork lovers.


3.Meat the Porkers
4.Meat the Porkers


The pages on the menu with plenty of dishes can be intimidating to those who is not familiar with the dishes but Meat the Porkers cleverly compiled a single page to recommend the best selling and the must try. The kitchen obviously excels in biryani rice so the Siew Yoke Biryani (RM 28) is very highly recommended especially when they cleverly put away only the skin from the roasted pork belly and lets the rest of the belly layers sink inside the moist and fragrant basmati rice.


6.Meat the Porkers
7.Meat the Porkers
1.Meat the Porkers
2.Meat the Porkers


Naan is outstanding if not over burnt and bacon makes a surprise appearance with splendid cheese stuffed in it. Bacon and Cheese Naan (RM 15) with that generous amount of bacon chips is good to go on its own but we had it with the Makhanwala. Big chunks of tandoori pork cooked in luscious creamy tomato and butter gravy and then flavoured with dry fenugreek leaves makes the most perfect Butter Pork (RM 28) I’ve ever had.


5.Meat the Porkers
9.Meat the Porkers
8.Meat the Porkers


After a refit a in 2016, the restaurant formerly known as Fiercer than Fierce is now visually more welcoming and with the entry of pork as a draw factor, Meat the Porkers is even more so to be taken seriously when everything sings freshness and flavours. Prices are pegged slightly at the sharp end for a meal, but are totally worthy and even more admirable among pork lovers.



Click HERE for more photos and MENU on flickr.


Meat the Porkers is located at:
D1.G3.5, Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
1, Jalan Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur 50480
Tel: 0199871945
Business Hour: 12pm- 11:30pm daily
GPS: 3.1716515,101.664641


Meat The Porkers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Eight avenue bistro bar at Solaris Dutamas dishes up pork dishes that is truly satisfying on their recently revamped menu. Go for either the Karate Piggy Chop (RM44.90) or pork rib; both come cooked well with very little fatty edge being exceptionally juicy, with very little effort required to eat it. Beer Marinated Pork Ribs (RM53.90) and Honey Glazed BBQ Pork Ribs (RM49.90) both come grilled / bbq with Sweet, charry stickiness you’d want to luck your fingers if you are polishing it without utensils. The tender flavourful meat falls off the bone pretty effortlessly….you should be getting an idea of what it’s like right now.


1.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

2.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

3.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

4.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Pastas are usually best when they are made fresh, and despite this missing element and away from traditional roots, they still managed to fulfill satisfaction. While it may not have naturally been the most famous dish in a bistro, Oink Oink Sambal (RM29.90) here shouldn’t be overlooked. The slight spike of spiciness should be very appealing to the local palate.


6.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Other pork dishes include one that’s at a decent serving portion for either solo diner or sharing, and one that’s exotically rarely being served in most diners; Mini Pork Sliders (RM 19.90) and Braised Pork Cheeks (RM35.90). The lovely serving size made the first quite a delight to consume, especially when the accompanying wedges are so addictive crispy on every bite.


7.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

8.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


While most pork dishes were somewhat notable and impressive, Taco Bout It (RM22.90) and Chicken Pot Pie (RM 25.90) was a letdown will be easily redeemed with the Magical Lychee Pork Poppers (RM 28.90). Those pork meats aren’t the only thing with reputation because this starter is incredible. The idea of pork made even juicier swathed in lychee and a coat of tasty crumbed layer should tickle your fancy and this one here would guarantee to keep the taste buds real happy.


11.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

12.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

9.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Communal dining would have the luxury to also order their Mission Chilli A-Con-Plished (RM26.90) but this sinfully topped thin crust pizza would require some extra laps in the pool the next day. No problem for those who wouldn’t mind those extra calories (man I hate those people), but cheese lovers are all going to be so obsessed with this.


10.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Over the bar, glasses of creative hotchpotch of mixes of whisky, fruits, juices and syrups and all assortments blend to serve in perfect harmony. Don’t skip anything from over there because it certainly would be an awesome nighttime sipper that goes down a treat every time.


13.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

15.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

16.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Lastly, no one would be able to resist the sizzle over super tasty rich chocolaty dessert. Sizzling Brownie Points (RM21.90) is brought to your table on a hot plate and sizzled upon serving and that really triggered the saliva gland and warrants a perfect sugar rush after. Watch the actions on my snapstories too.


17.Eight avenue Bar and Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)



Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Eighth Avenue Bar and Restaurant is located at :
D2.G3.03, Publika,
Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 12-407 7045
Business Hour: 12pm -12am daily
GPS: 3.1716073,101.665331


The Eight Avenue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Okonomi Sushi Rolls @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Quality of sushi is usually measured by the finely-sliced fish flown in from Japan but for some, creativity and flexibility to craft your own sushi rolls matter more. Okonomi in Solaris Dutamas happens to be one that falls into this category. With a wide array of sushi rolls to offer, from reliable combination that never disappoints and a guide of steps to custom your own roll, this place does simple things right without hefty damage on the wallet. Dining with Missy and her family, we did our experiments and each came up with something interesting. Starting with some healthy greens, we made our salad bowls as appetisers to start the meal.


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)
Healthy salad bowl made with assorted lettuce, mango slices, cherry tomato, avocado, sesame seed, Japanese cucumber, with wasabi mayo dressing.


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Maki roll with wakame, pickled cucumber, salmon, mentai mayo, and tobiko


The mix and match process can be a little confusing if you are new at it, but only because there are too many options to consider. I know, I can be really greedy and indecisive at times. One can enjoy a hearty meal of salad and sushi roll accordingly to their preferences at ease. And if your concern is whether or not the combination picked could turn out to be a fear factor challenge? Fret not because the friendly crew in Okonomi would always provide friendly consultation to the potential best combo. Otherwise go safe with their ala carte options. Some of them are pretty creative and contemporary.


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Tempura squid with roasted garlic sauce (RM 25.90)


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Salmon Oyakodon (RM15.90)- Fresh salmon, avacado, tamago, tobiko layered with seaweed


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Katsu chicken burger


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Sweet and spicy prawn roll


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Chicken karaage with waffle


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Baby Octopus Roll (RM23.90)


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Smashing salmon roll


Okonomi can be popular for building your own maki rolls for all we are aware off, but at the same time this is the place that offers everything matcha when it comes to the sweet treats. The sweet finishing this time around is the Chocolate matcha lava cake (RM 18.90). This rich matcha cake filled with delicious matcha chocolate molten lava, drizzled with powdered sugar and served with vanilla ice cream and matcha chocolate sticks can quite easily take away all the stress for the day. Even the beverage lists a plenty of matcha choices as well. Matcha Latte (RM 8.90) and Matcha Shiratama float (RM 14.90) can a be a little overwhelming but as desserts, I have no complaints on this one.


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)
Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)
Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


The latest addition to their menu is this new entry of soft serve in waffle bowl with your own choice of toppings. This one is quite certainly something fun but it would remain only for the fun factor.


Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


The Okonomi Sushi Roll Restaurant is located at:

A4-G2-02 , Solaris Dutamas
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Jalan Ipoh, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 12-662 9041
Business Hour : Tuesday- Sunday 11am-11pm
GPS: 3.1707075,101.666780


Okonomi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Click HERE for their MENU and HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


With so much food around us, conventional dimsum has got to step up to the game if they are competing to be outstanding but whether it’s dimsum dare devil or classically play-it-safe, Dim Sum & Co. at Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) has it all. Pair your steamed or fried parcel assortments of delicious bites with beer. That’s right, beer with dim sums- that’s the house specialty, prepared by a line-up of diligent kitchen crew and served upon order. Housing two names under a roof, Dimsum and Co would serve your hot steaming baskets and crispy fried or baked indulgences; whereas the Beer Factory Express serves few selection of booze to pair with these Dimsum.


1.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


By comparison, the décor and menu are fairly contemporarily vintage looking and a sufficient spread that is at the same time not intimidating, making dining very relaxing compared to conventional dim sum restaurant that runs in the manner of a mass-market outlet. Of course, traditionalist would still love their dim sum to go with hot brewed tea in pots. But if you like that sweet finishing, I strongly recommend their slightly pricy Milk Tea (RM 9.90).


2.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Current factory sale: 3 pints Tiger for RM 50 and 3 pints Guinness for RM 60


3.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Milk Tea( RM 9.90)


4.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Oriental Tea – Cha Wong RM 6.80 (price per pax)


Moving on to the hot steaming baskets, they’ll take some time to arrived but hey , that’s all part of the package of leisure – you get booze and freshly made to order dim sums served steaming hot all day long. Starting with conventional dumplings that’s a must have otherwise do not represent dim sum meal- Siew Mai (RM 7.90). Then there is this innovative creation that replaces the steamed pork rib, instead the bony chicken wing parts were the clever substitution.


5.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

3 pcs Minced chicken & shrimp dumpling topped with masago


6.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Oriental Chicken Wings (RM 6.90)


7.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Homemade Fish Ball (RM 6.90) – 2 pcs


8.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Szechuan Dumpling (RM 8.90)- 3 pcs szechuan style chicken dumpling served with chili oil


15.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)

Shrimp Roll (RM 9.90)- Steamed rice flour roll with fresh shrimp in savoury sauce


Every dim sum place ought to have a certain basket that captures the attention of netizens, I supposed right here would be that adorable looking Molten Charcoal Bun (RM 8.90). This serves 2 pieces of molten salted egg custard encased in a charcoal bun and the cute way to eat it is to poke a tiny hole and squeeze the custard through.


9.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)
10.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)
11.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


If gimmicks doesn’t sell to you then you are like me, and the thing I am most impressed is some of the texture of these pork free dim sum. Diced Onion Bun (RM 7.90) didn’t wow me with the pan seared outer layer instead, I was impressed by the texture so close to actual pork, pretty much reflecting on meticulous preparation when chicken ligamens were cleverly picked to mimic the bouncy chew from actual pork. Same goes to the Tasty Chicken Ball (Rm8.90) that is servedwith mayo dip. How cool is that?


12.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)
13.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Everything is made to pair very well with beer but the brine and more robust flavouring is even better on their deep fried and baked dim sum. Hands down to that Cheese Chicken & Onion Puff (RM 8.90) and I can assure you that this 2 pieces serving of baked flaky charcoal pastry field with chicken onion and cheese is not sufficient.


16.Dim Sum & Co @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


Click HERE for their Menu and HERE for more photos on flikr.


Dim Sum & Co. is located at:
A2-G2-1@ Publika Shopping Gallery
Solaris Dutamas, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6211 9808
GPS: 3.16667,101.715


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Picknik Comfort Food Café @ Solaris Dutamas


With his reputation from master chef Malaysia (season 1), celebrity chef Nik started the Pick-Nick restaurant at Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) with plenty of local authentic Malay cuisine to offer, as well as a diverse of western bites and pastas.


After being around for a couple of years, they’ve decided to suspend operation from March onwards. The pastry delights is assured to have any sweet tooth hooked to this place and if you are one of those, then bear in mind to never leave this place without sinking your teeth into some of their peanut butter cream cheese dessert. And you have till Feb 29 to do so.


1.Picknik @ Solaris Dutamas


I’ve had my fair share of an gastronomic experience here. The main course shows off our Asian staple with the Nasi goreng kampung served with keropok, telur mata kerbau and sambal belancan (RM 16) and the Nasi lemak biasa (RM 12) with options to include assorted chicken like rendang or ayam goreng berempah made with a combination of good recipe and skillful talent.


2.Picknik @ Solaris Dutamas
3.Picknik @ Solaris Dutamas


Appetizer and light bites/tapas has more western dishes. There is the Deep fried squid (RM 16) – rings of battered squid fried to golden brown and served with wasabi mayo for the extra kick. There will be zero kick if it weren’t for the dipping sauce, so don’t be too afraid to dip into it. As well as lovely tortilla chips, these Nachos (RM 22) don’t come alone and accompanying it is sour cream, guacamole, and tomato salsa with minced beef tomato sauce.


4.Picknik @ Solaris Dutamas
5.Picknik @ Solaris Dutamas


The western twist at this Malay restaurant also put forward Chicken liver pate (RM 16). This pureed chicken liver in cream served with toasted bread is egregiously high in prices for a tiny serving of four pieces so it probably would have been removed from the menu by now.


6.Picknik @ Solaris Dutamas


Salted Caramel Brownies (RM 12) are superb. Being their famous dish, you won’t stop at the first bite so don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you are watching your calories, lay off this one. Peanut butter lover, their peanut butter dessert is the answer to your prayer.


7.Picknik @ Solaris Dutamas
8.Picknik @ Solaris Dutamas


Picknik Comfort Food Café is located outside Publika at:
A4-UG1-05, Publika Solaris Dutamas, 1,
Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur
Phone:+60 3-6411 6499


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Slappy Cakes @ Solaris Dutamas


Frying pan ready and Slappy Cakes at the Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) is with no doubt the place that is most fun to flip those pancakes. And not any ordinary pancakes, the hip and cute type everyone would enjoy. When enjoying pancakes, it is important that they are made to order and you get them fresh here at the Slappy Cakes because you get to cook your pancakes at your very own table.


Ordering is easy, they have the daily prep batter made from scratch in different flavours and to make step two a lot more fun, the batter is filled inside squeeze bottles. That makes step two real fun when you get to draw your pancakes. Instructions are given to for those who has no idea how to cook a pancake, and the cue to flip is when once they pop and when you see the bubbles forming at the edges of the pancakes.


1. Slappy Cakes @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


For anyone who makes pancake a lot, seeing those bubbles means you have got the batter mix correctly and that consistent bubbles are what’s making the pancakes fluffy. Both Buttermilk and Chocolate that we had was unfailingly downy.


2.Slappy Cakes @ Solaris Dutamas


Those squeeze bottles are great to shape your pancakes and I tried drawing myself on the pan and it looked like a horrible looking voodoo doll (I need to practice more on this one).


3. slappy cakes publika
4. Slappy Cakes Publika
5. Slappy Cakes Publika


Let’s face it, plain pancakes can be boring. Thankfully, they have aplenty of add-ons to sparkle up the plain old pancake. There are sweet condiments, nuts, savoury ones, and a lot of topping choices. Here is apples, bacon, and walnut and I couldn’t be happier to see my apple freshly cut and not oxidized. Here is a tip: pick a topping that gives you the extra moist cause I didn’t enjoy their peanut butter jam. Adding nuts onto the pancake is not a very brilliant idea.


6. Slappy Cakes Publika
9. Slappy Cakes Malaysia


Housemade Lemonade is selling at RM 8 and is a clever beverage on top of none other than the brew of coffees and teas. There is milk shakes as well, putting this as a really friendly place for children.


7. Slappy Cakes Malaysia


There are a lot more than just pancakes on the menu; all day breakfasts, salads, eggs benedicts, a couple of entrees and most importantly, the pancakes from their kitchen if you choose to not flip them over the grill at your table. But I can assure you, bonding over food can never get anymore interesting and fun than this one.


Click HERE for Slappy Cakes Menu.


Did you know? There is a Pancake Day we can all celebrate and the Pancake Day takes place 47 days before Easter Sunday. Because the date of Easter Sunday is dictated by the cycles of the moon, Pancake Day can occur anytime between February 3 and March 9. Of course here at Slappy Cakes, every day is a Pancake Day.


8. Slappy Cakes Malaysia


Slappy Cakes is located at :
A3-G2-3A, Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika),
No1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.17024,101.666992
Tel: 03-6211 9949


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The Eight Avenue @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


The beauty of Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar in Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) is that, while they take quality seriously, it’s done without pretence or show. There is no outrageous gimmick, just knowledgeable and friendly staff that is proud of what they are doing. Although food arrived at inconsistent timing while they are still new at it during our visit, you would be expecting a warm and friendly service from all the staffs resulting to everyone conveniently loosing track of our orders amidst the relaxed setting.


1. Eight Avenue Publika


Starting with the Angles and Demons (RM 14.90), it makes an elegant starter with smoked salmon wrapped in juicy cantaloupe and bacon wrapped prunes. It is common to see bacon wrapped prune on skewers but having them served as individual bite sizes is creative.


2. Eight Avenue Publika


And, we’ve seen dishes go global on plates and battered cauliflower is that popular Middle Eastern dish with this rendition here in Eight Avenue featuring their battered dipped plants with Manchurian sauce in it. This was a virgin sampling for me and I totally like the sauce combination on top of the flavour of cauliflower. Although a little soft inside on the cauli, with the spices mild and easy and the batter coating slightly sticky and chewy, and a pleasant sweet to go with the nutty cauliflower, this Cauliflower Manchurian (RM 11.90) can be a great pub grub or starter.


3.Eight Avenue Publika


Another amazing dish classically best to go with booze is the pork. Sticky Pig (RM 19.90) serves pork ribs stewed, and then grilled to perfection with toppings of caramelized apple and sticky sauce. The lovely match of coriander bundle is more than a delight although the rub of marinate is not intense. Being a fan of strong herbs, this one stole my heart with the rich bundle of corriander.


4.Eight Avenue Publika


The meat and their reasonable pricing are quite the draw here. So if that is not porky enough, how about the Pork Scallopini (RM 28.90) with lush cuts of grilled pork tenderloin poured with some creamy mushroom sauce and then nutritiously balanced with my favourite pea sprout. Those young shoots were perfect with the mushroom sauce.


5.Eight Avenue Publika


Also dizzyingly flavorsome is a good cut of nicely seared plump fillet of salmon, still juicy on the inside with a crisp skin and presented very beautifully on asparagus. The Sunny Salmon (RM 24.90) was indeed looking bright and joyful with cauliflower bacon sauce and sundried tomatoes.


6.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika


When it comes to pasta, either you are a traditionalist and love your pasta’s flavour inside out; there is a good range to offer. But that instant pick that caught my eyes is the trendy vege pasta, this one here eliminating the carbs with zucchini instead. Tossed in basil pesto Portobello mushrooms and sundried tomato, this Zucchini Pasta Doppelganger (RM 24.90) maybe a cheat to the eye, but this no carb pasta commonly served at comfort of home dining surprisingly made it onto the menu.


7.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika
8.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika


While some is worth every cent off your wallet, there are always a few that maybe burning a hole at it and that I am referring to the Pulled Pork Tacos (RM 29.90) and their dessert, the Angela’s Passion (RM 17.20). Both were delicious, only too ordinary to be charged at that pricing. The first is easily put together with soft Tacos and chili con carne to go with the braised pork shoulder, and the later has very little banana stewed in Passion fruit purée which was almost nonexistent, and covering that with chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream.


9.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika
10.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika
11.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika


I am happier with their enthusiasm and attitude mainly because the service was polished and overwhelming friendly. Our Manchurian cauliflower was on the house when I was contemplating so much between the choices of my starters. Over on their booze menu, the well-chosen wine list is for rich people (little below RM 90). Try to avoid the excessive richness, order the right things and you’ll have a great time.


Click HERE for their menu


The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar is located at:
D2-G3-03, Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur 50580
Tel: +60 12 407 7045
Business Hour: Mon- Sun (12pm-12am)
GPS: 3. .17141, 101.66497


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Kilo Grill Barbeque Restaurant @ Publika Solaris Dutamas


For the ultimate barbeque in Publika, head to Kilo Grill. Sit with the smoke and sizzle and oil, thanks to insufficient ventilating ergo a surely need of shower and hair wash right after the meal. At the same time, enjoy the seemingly endless supply of lettuce and a limited assortment of banchan. Order the produce from farm and harvest of sea accordingly and cook them yourself over the table barbeque, using charcoal.


1. Kilogrill Publika


Pickled sides with particular of spicy cabbage being the essential to accompany a feast of barbeque were unexciting. The sides were less spicy than expected, but the buffet meats and seafood was good enough to compensate. For meat eaters, grilling meats at the table is fun but most importantly eating barbeque buffet can be real satisfying especially when doing so with a huge party.


2. kilogrill

Side dishes


Be sure to give the Grill oysters and Scallop skewers a try. These fresh seafood arrive at your table’s grill and while taking control of the grill, be sure to not over cooked the Mackerel Fish. And then watch those fresh Tiger Prawns turn into beautiful bright red as it cooks on top of the grill.


3.Kilogrill Publika

Grilled oysters

4.Kilogrill Publika

Mackerel fish and Scallop Skewers

5.Kilogrill Publika

Tiger Prawn


Today’s winner with all spotlights on it has got to be the Mackerel fish. This fresh and beautiful piece of mackerel was juicy and moist with a crispy crackling from the skin.


6. Kilogrill

Mackerel fish


Beef and Pork add to the platter when you order their homemade Sausages, Pork Bacon, and Pork Belly. With or without marinating, these juicy barbeque bites are delicious when the soft lettuce leaves wrapping a bite-sized piece of grilled meat combines for the perfect balance.


10.Kilogrill Publika


11.Kilogrill Publika


7. Kilogrill Publika


8.Kilogrill Publika

Pork Belly

9.Kilogrill Publika

Sausages, Octopus, Squid


While it resembles Korean BBQ, this grilling restaurant offers so much more than just meats. This all you can eat buffet is priced at RM 49.90 nett on weekdays and RM 59.90 nett during the weekend. Making a reservation is strongly encouraged. I waited for about 20 mins or so. Here is their menu; the selections are fantastic but most importantly the fresh turnover made their serving a very good impression.


kilo grill menu


Kilo Grill Barbeque Restaurant is located at:
Publika Solaris Dutamas A2-UG1-01
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6419 0811, 011-23577701 (after 3pm)
GPS: 3.17062,101.66485


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Koosh Koffeez @ Solaris Dutamas (Outside Publika)


There is absolutely more to Solaris Dutamas coffee shops than just great brews. The last few years show a massive explosion of coffee culture and aroma wafting from the corridors of coffee bars is no longer solely the scent of roast Arabica alone. Koosh Koffeez being the most recent addition to the bloom of cafe in Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) promises to deliver their motto -creating miracles in the mouth. Couches are in velvet and cushions hold you back from leaving right after the meal.


All coffee begins with espresso and is well made, from Brazilian and Ethiopian beans provided by their roasters and endorsed by Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). Baller Koffeez (RM 16) serves a double espresso with a whisky ball, and a flask with either soda or creamer.


1. Koosh Koffeez @ Solaris Dutamas


Of course you’d find the fancy concoction to tickle your taste bud and things that are both simply classic and innovative are all within a comprehensive list. Things like their Karamel Macchiato (RM 14) and Kappucino (RM 13) does a good job on a hot day to ease the thirst.


2.Koosh Koffeez @ Solaris Dutamas


But when it comes to invigorating, nothing quite beat the Mojito mocktail with refreshing bubbly in the refreshing zest.


3.Koosh Koffeez Publika


For something a little more typically picture worthy, order something with a good free pour on it. Order their signature Koosh, namely the Romeo (RM 12). The roses and mocha is to melt your moment, and to clog up social media feeds.


4.Koosh Koffeez @ Solaris Dutamas


To fill your belly, there is quite a fair bit of interesting selection. Starters can kick start from France and then traveled all the way to the Mediterranean. The Escargots a Pail Gratines (RM 23) with naked snails oven baked in creamy sauce is good for sharing although totally fine to skip this if having to choose between this and the Bruschetta Trio (RM 25). Taste the tomato and basil, foie gras terrine and smoked salmon and dill all nicely placed to bite sizes.


5.Koosh Koffeez @ Solaris Dutamas
6.Koosh Koffeez @ Solaris Dutamas


And the lovely platter from the Turkey, is a playground comprising authentic Turkish flat bread. Served as Lamb & Sun Dried Tomatoes (RM 21) and Grilled Chicken & Mushrooms(RM 19) for variety with both also showcasing sauteed shimeiji and white button mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, hummus, garlic aioli, sour cream and salsa.


7.Koosh Koffeez @ Solaris Dutamas


You can pay serious money for crabs and steaks but Koosh Koffeez serves relatively inexpensive meals and sleek design is not the only thing you’d see in their interior but on their dishes as well. From crusty tomato infused pizzas to thick coating pasta to steaks and meats, there is technique aplenty, but its food made to be relished and admired too. Starting with the King Krab (RM 23), where a whole soft shelled crab karage sits atop a hill of roasted sesame spaghetti or the Karbonara (RM 23) for a good creamy and velvet indulgence. The later comes with beef and duck bacon swirled in signature carbonara cream enriched with sharp parmesan and topped with an onsen egg.


8. Koosh Koffeez publika
9.Koosh Koffeez publika


Should the cream pasta be too overwhelming and relenting, have the Smoked Duck in Tomato -caper Cream (RM 25) instead. Thick slices of smoked duck breast swirled in a creamy tomato-capers sauce which gives a tart of sharpness from the tomato and capers maybe the right thing to go for. Although not the typical al Dante texture, the sauces were critical when it comes selecting the pasta of your choice. Those in the white sauce easily rule out the rest, in particular the Cinnamon Bolognaise (RM 23), with the regular bolognaise with option choices of beef, chicken or lamb and a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.


10. Koosh Koffeez @ Publika
11.Koosh Koffeez @ Publika


For sharing, both Acapulco (RM 25) and Kasablanca (RM 25) was good, with the first filled with grilled chicken and sundried tomatoes in handcrafted pesto and the later dancing to flavour of Moroccan favourite of cumin- fried minced lamb, with sour cream, capsicums, onions and jalapenos.


12. Koosh Koffeez @ Publika
13.Koosh Koffeez @ Publika


And for those who are mad on meat, they may not have the finest and juiciest cuts in town, but they are inexpensive to savour. Peppercorn Steak (RM 38) gives you a 200g of thick prime sirloin, grilled to perfection, with rich peppercorn gravy, dripping juices on a bed of fries and buttered vegetables.


14.Koosh Koffeez @ Publika


Lamb Shank in Coffee Stew (RM 45) is there on the menu to please lamb lover. A tender whole lamb shank basted in a stew of coffee, carrots and onions, then drizzled with a special espresso glaze on a pool of mashed potatoes, it was a delight and very much an enjoyment, except there would be no space for dessert after this.


15.Koosh Koffeez @ Publika


Speaking of dessert, they take pride in their waffle but I disagree with the overcrowding elements on each plate. Handcrafted Gourmet Waffles James’ Brownie (RM 18) has a chocolate waffle riddled with brownie pieces, topped with toasted marshmallows and almonds, chocolate and covered strawberries, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. On a hot day, polish this fast before it becomes waffle pudding.


16. Koosh Koffeez Solaris Dutamas


Like the earlier, the Tyramisu (RM 18) is also ridiculously a crowded plate (and intentionally spelled as such) but has a clever espresso infused waffle topped with mascarpone, dark chocolate shavings, strawberries ,whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and espresso dipped lady fingers with a dusting of Arabica powder that’ll totally appeal dessert lover.


17. Koosh Koffeez @ Publika


Click HERE for their menu.
Koosh Koffeez is located at Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) at:
D5-G3-03 Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
03-6211 1586
GPS: 3.17154,101.667384
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday (8:30am-10:30pm), Friday- Sunday (9:30am-11:30pm)


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