Suki-ya Shabu Shabu @ One Mont Kiara


After reading several positive reviews, I have always wanted to try this Japanese steamboat called the Suki-ya Shabu shabu. The long waited opportunity arises when Lina wanted steamboat. Her loving husband decided to we should all go have steamboat and this is one offer I won’t say no to, for the best of both my favourite steamboat and Japanese fusion in one.


1.sukiya shabu shabu (25)


The layout is really neat and clean, with tidy table settings as well as a free flow of healthy choices of steamboat or in this case, the shabu shabu ingredients.




The healthy bar isn’t impressively filled with many varieties, but the choices of ingredients clearly skewed a little towards more vegetation and fungi instead of processed meats.


3.sukiya shabu shabu (8)


They have friendly choices which are suitable for the entire family. There is lots of vegetables, assorted mushrooms, tofu, seafood tofu, and cheese stuffed tofu fish, carrots, pumpkin, taro, etc. This place does not serve pork, so pork lovers might be a little disappointed with no pork.


4.sukiya shabu shabu (7)
5.sukiya shabu shabu (5)


However, the other free flow of meat slices are beef, lamb and chicken. Solid meat for the balance and healthy combination of diet, provided consumed at the right portion of course.


7.sukiya shabu shabu (16)


There are four types of soup of which we select two from Miso, Sukiyaki, Kimuchi and Shabu shabu. The kimuchi doesn’t appeal at the beginning, but towards the end of the meal, it simply gets better and better.


9.sukiya shabu shabu (4)


The right way to eat and savour the meal is printed clearly so study while you dine and you’ll probably learn some new ways of enjoyment in this. Things like how to enhance the sweetness in your soup, as well as the sequence to eating each ingredient and how to make the perfect dipping sauces.


14.sukiya shabu shabu (17)


And help yourself with the kimchi and sushi as appetizers while waiting for the soup to come to boil. The kimchi was not great though. And I wouldn’t pay much attention to the sushi as they weren’t really impressive either. Nevertheless, they come in handy if you are starving in between cooking time.




Lastly, the free flow dessert is unlike the usual steamboat buffet where there are more than few flavours. Here is only the green tea or chocolate soft ice cream with some topping choices like chocopops and nata de coco. There is option of honey cone to go with this as well. I must say that the choices are really few for a buffet in this restaurant, but the entire meal right up to the dessert was satisfying and delectable.




The price per pax varies for lunch and dinner. Lunch would cost you RM 29.80++ where else dinner is RM 33.80 for adults. Children from 5 to 12 years old would eat at 50% off adult prices and children below 5 years old eat for free. There are ala carte dishes as well, but I reckon the steamboat buffet is sufficient for a good meal.


The Suki-ya shabu shabu is located at :
L1-16, 1 Mont Kiara Mall,
No. 1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.


Other outlets:

Suki-Ya @ Tokyo Street / Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lot No. : 6.24.04, Level 6
Telephone +603 2141 4272

Paradigm Mall
Lot UG (4th)-12, Upper Ground Floor,
No.1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Telephone +603 7887 3042


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26 thoughts on “Suki-ya Shabu Shabu @ One Mont Kiara

    1. sycookies Post author

      I am not too sure if they will expand to Kuantan. So far, they don’t even have a lot of outlets yet in klang valley. Let’s hope they do soon!
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  2. missyblurkit

    I love a good steamboat meal minus the processed meats and balls whatsoever…this looks not too bad. Been some time since I visited Suki-ya


    1. sycookies Post author

      We were also quite dissapointed at the begining but at the end of it, my friends all agreed that it was ok even without pork.


  3. taufulou

    I always love their Kimchi and Sukiya soup.. worth the money spend with so much meat given . .hehe

    been to this place quite alot of times. .


    1. sycookies Post author

      It is my first time there, but won’t be the last I think. Before this I am just waiting and waiting. And waiting for someone to go with me, if it is not this one is working then it’s that one not free…lol! I guess they give so much meat cause there is no variety of seafood. And quite few choices of ingredients.


  4. ulric

    I like to pair their miso n kimuchi soups…their sukiyaki is too sweet for me…haha =)

    I enjoy dipping their meats into a self-concocted mixture of the ponzu, misotare and the uopn-request gomatare sauces…just lovely =)

    Did u try the roasted rice soft-serve ice-cream? It’s nice! =)


    1. sycookies Post author

      Wow, if this sukiyaki is sweet to you, then you shouldn’t try sake’s sukiyaki. They are way sweeter than this one. I should try the miso next time. And gomatare sauces… 🙂


      1. ulric

        Thank god I never tried Sake’s sukiyaki…if not my hair will stand up for weeks!…hahaha 😛


      1. kellysiew

        I’ve been there a few times, each time with different people. I don’t mind it, though after a while everything kinda tastes the same. Hahaha.



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