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Revisited Chir Chir Malaysia @ Pavilion


The existence of Korean fried chicken has added twists to the traditional fried chicken options in our daily lives. While some flavours and tastes come together with memories from childhood and nostalgia, it is always good to know there are more places with fancier choice of fried chicken fix. Korean fried chicken houses in KL seemed to be going the way of Korean BBQ joints when it first bloomed alongside the Korean Pop Culture. Also, like the BBQ joints, newer Korean fried chicken temples are emphasising trendy catch with many cheese and many flavours to choose from, with more brands from Korea opening shop all the time.


While it’s always good to know there are more places to get your fried chicken fix but, in terms of consistency, that’s the hook with Chir Chir Malaysia, a straight-up fried chicken brand which launched in January last year but has already become a massive cult fave ever since.


The vibrant dining space, with pendant light and quirky decors adorning the walls in their Pavilion KL outlet houses freshly cooked upon order assortment of deliciously satisfying pieces of authentic Korean flavours with a twist. Having tasted a bite of several dishes during my first visit months ago, this recent visit has proven consistency no matter what portion serving- be is solo dining or group of companies.


12.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !//

To begin, we tuck into the popular Honey Butter Chicken (RM 24.90 or RM 52.90 for double portion) and it taste exactly like how I remembered it. By any measure, the bird has no right to be as juicy as this. Wonderfully and perfectly cooked, the crispy boneless fried chicken chunks come together with potato wedges and rice cakes, and tossed with honey butter sauce and seasoning. And speaking of juicy bites, the Nest snow (RM 34.90 or RM 62.90 for double portion) is your Cajun Chicken tenders in rich cream sauce and sweet potato mash. And to add more moist to the entire dish in whole, there’s freshly whipped cream and grated cheese on it. I still think the whipped cream is not necessary at this second visit, but it seemed to worked real well for others.


1.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

2.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !


Next is the Spicy BBQ roasted chicken (RM 32.90 or RM 59.90 for double portion)- the oven roasted chicken with spicy BBQ sauce, an egg, alongside baked potato and sour cream. Sticky, gooey, and if I must say this, a glorious mess on your fingers when eating with hands, and just the right kick of spicy BBQ, this is quite a crowd pleaser. But order the Mac and Cheese (RM 16.90 or RM 30.90 for double portion) to go with this spicy bite of BBQ chicken.


3.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

4.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !


Chir Chir makes a solid case for sticking to a tried-and- tested formula on top of newly launched dishes. But the newly launched dishes absolutely earning quite a bit of spotlight from the regular favourites this time around. Chir Chir Curry Fried Chicken (RM 30.90 or RM 56.90 for double portion) and the Spicy Chi-bap (RM 33.90 or RM 60.90 for double portion), for some bursting sensation of flavourful bites. The first is a good marriage of chicken pieces deep fried in Chir Chir’s signature crispy batter and sprinkled with the much familiar taste of local flavours- the curry seasoning, to instantly elevate the otherwise usual chicken bites to its own wow factor. And for the love of Korean Kimbap, behold the revolutionary chi-bap. Spicy marinate of onion salsa and BBQ sauce coating each bite pairing with the crispy fries. A lovely enjoyment for anyone who loves spicy food.


5.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

6.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !


And not forgetting the Rose Queen Chiqueen (RM 33.90 or RM 60.90 for double portion) with the lovely chicken tenders fried and chunky wedge of potatoes piled up onto a hot plate of creamy cheese fondue. This island of crispy chicken and potato on an ocean of cheesy goodness is served on perpetual heating atop the portable stove.


7.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

8.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

9.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

10.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !


Basically, top service, ace authentic dishes and of course comfortable setting. Not forgetting the Grapefruit Yogurt and Pineapple smoothie (Glass at RM 14.90 or Jar at RM 30.90) for some refreshing sweetness and icy cool blend of tropical mix to cool of some of the heat from that spicy bites! Now don’t say I didn’t warn, some of the bites can be a little too hot and spicy to handle.


11.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !


I have the snippets from my stories on Instagram in case anyone misses it, but the short clips doesn’t quite justify the quality servings.



Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Chir Chir Malaysia is located at :
Lot 1.108.00 Level 1, Pavilion Elite
Pavilion KL
168, Bukit Bintang Street,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.1487063,101.7131118
Tel: 60321104867
Open daily: 10am-10pm


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Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL


If it’s a classic Christmas that you’re after, look no further than Morganfield as they offer some very special treats this season for both dine in or home celebration and party, from a slow-cooked, turkey for a quiet dinner, to slabs of ribs for communal eating. If you have been following me on snapchat, you’ve probably seen the early Christmas celebration at the Morganfield Pavilion last month. With the restaurant transforming into a full blown party house, I enjoyed the warm and hearty dinner, as well as the lineup of games to brighten up the occasion.


1.Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL


According to Dr Jeffery Goh Sim Ik, the founder and group CEO of Grand Century Restaurant Sdn Bhd, “Christmas is a season to share and spend time with loved ones.” I couldn’t agree more and they have meticulously created several offerings that are perfect for that special get-together with friends and family, where one can savour the delicious dish in festive ambiance.


Datuk Jeffery Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL


Presenting the Jolly Christmas Platter (RM 249.90) that is enough for 3-4 or perhaps even 5 person if you are a small eater; this one consist ½ slab spare ribs (choice of Hickory BBQ, Garlicky BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn or Spicy Lemongrass), Jack Daniel’s Glazed Baby Back, Roasted Whole Turkey Drumstick marinated with herb yogurt basted with BBQ sauces, grilled Foot long Farmer’s Bratwurst sausage, grilled Herby Hog sausage, grilled Spicy Devil sausage, Christmas stuffing, seasonal veggies, garden salad, grilled corn on the cob, flat chips, cranberry jam and gizzard gravy. A smaller size of the same thing is their Mini Jolly Christmas Platter (RM 159.90) is also available and that is recommended for 2-3 person.


2.Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL
3.Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL
4.Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL


And to bring Morganfield home for this Christmas, they are sticking to the tradition and promises a raw weight of about 5.2kg whole Turkey, there is a Roasted Whole Turkey (RM 349.90) traditionally marinated and slow roasted with pork and nut stuffing by the side. Also accompanying this is sautéed paparika potatoes, cranberry jam and giblet sauce and served with seasonal veggies too.


5.Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL


This one is perfect for a big group of 6-8 person but if you are celebrating quiet Christmas dinner with 2-3 person, there is always the Roasted Whole Turkey Drumstick (RM 79.90) with a raw weight of 1.8kg.


6.Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL


This hearty Christmas celebration at Morganfield also include meals and dishes for 1-2 person , and diners can still enjoy some of the most tender and succulent pork ribs in town. Whether it is the Roasted Rack of Lamb (RM 94.90), or the Sticky Bones (RM 92.90), or even the Baby Back Ribs (RM 69.90), just make sure to loosen that belt as you swap gifts over the satisfying meal of the finest ingredients available.


7.Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL
8.Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL
9.Morganfield’s Christmas 2016 @ Pavilion, KL


Watch how the ribs got polished effortless during the rib eating competition on my snapchat and you’ll know I’m not lying if I were to tell you that the ribs are deliciously tender that they come right off from the rib super easily.



Visit their website for all the Morganfield’s outlet in Malaysia. This party took place at their Pavilion outlet at:
C4.03.00, Level 4
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang,
55100 KL
Tel: 03-21413192
Business Hour: 11am-1am daily
GPS: 3.1496178,101.712167


These creations for the festive will be available at all Morganfield outlets starting 21st November 2016- 1st January 2017


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Morganfield's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Social Influencers Dining Loft Dinner Event @ Pigs and Wolf


Pigs and Wolf at Pavilion is synonym of everything pork. With their cute cartoon icon everywhere, there is no prize for guessing what they specializes in. No wolf is being served but the pork is in everything. Although showcasing unlimited signature dishes, the night is both focused and thrilling with the crown headed to the 3 course meal featuring their latest addition to the menu. Starting with Prosciutto & Rocket Salad, this one is served with 18 month Italian dry-cured ham, rock melon, rocket, grana Padano, and balsamic vinaigrette.


1.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion


Main Course serves the Lone Wolf Baby Back Ribs with fries and vegetables making up the appropriate selection of sides. This lovely two bone ribs, imported from US, glazed smoked BBQ, onion ham, mustard remoulade and rainbow slaw made a fantastic dining experience on top of my lovely dining companions. The meat is succulent and falls of the bone. With delicious sauce layered on top and light refreshing salad serving well as palate cleanser, this is designed to keep the carnivorous cravings going.


2.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion


Dessert is most interesting given this being the first time I sink my teeth into a bar of fried Mars. Yup, a bar of Mars chocolate lightly coated with a thin layer of tempura. Deep Fried Mars Bar is served sitting on a scoop of ice cream with a light refreshing mint leaf. I thought an entire bar of chocolate was a little overwhelming but this one intrigues me in every way.


3.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion


And with the festive season coming soon, there is no end-of-year staple quite like a good slab of rib. The night didn’t only fill us with their US pork, the rest of the dishes were substantial as the ultimate guide to what’s serving at the Pigs and Wolf. As a lucky plus one, I will persuade myself to not work so much. Hence I didn’t get the names of the rest of the dishes – please accept my apology.


4.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion

5.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion

6.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion

7.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion

8.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion

9.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion

10.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion

11.Pigs and Wolf @ Pavillion


Watch this on my snapchat here:



Pigs and Wolf is located at Pavilion at:

Lot 7.01.07, Level 7,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Raja Chulan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3-7722 3561
Opens daily from 10am-10pm
GPS: 3.1497863,101.712615


Pigs & Wolf Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Grandmama’s Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL


The Malaysian favourites are dishes with abundant of fresh herbs and spices and seeing how this complex cuisine celebrates Ramadan at Restaurant Grandmama in Pavilion, this could be a good place to buka puasa especially when you are right in the heart of KL city.


This sleek and contemporary stylish restaurant has has put decent range of dishes close to what you might find on streets of KL as well as those close to home cooking. Traditional dishes that represents Malaysia as well as fashionable mish-mash of flavours of wide variety including some Chinese dishes. You can get an idea of the spectrum of flavours involved in this in house favourite in Pavilion shopping mall. Kicking off with things like Sup Kambing Berempah, Seafood Curry Hot Pot, Udang Masak Gulai, Ayam Masak Sambal Tomato, and Ayam Goreng Berempah.


1.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL

Sup Kambing Berempah


2.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL

Seafood Curry Hot Pot


3.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL

Udang Masak Gulai


4.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL

Ayam Masak Sambal Tomato


5.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL

Ayam Goreng Berempah


The Grandmama’s Festive Flavour Set Menu this year (for Pavilion KL & DA MEN USJ) starts from prices ranging from RM98.00+ (2-3 pax), RM188.00+ (4-5 pax),
RM298.00+ (6-7 pax), and RM398.00+ (8-10 pax). Their set menu is offering at tempting selection with few special dish created for this Ramadan on top of their signature dishes. Signatures that are sold ala carte can be a good deal for solo diners. Local favourite like the feisty Nasi Ayam Istimewa (RM 24), the popular Grandmama’s Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken (RM 18), comforting Dry-Fried Sang Har Egg Noodles (RM 42), as well as the delicious Beef Kueh Teow (RM 18) were all consistent.


6.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL

Nasi Ayam Istimewa


7.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL

Grandmama’s Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken


8.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL

Dry-Fried Sang Har Egg Noodles


9.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL

Beef Kueh Teow


Oh and we would never let go off their ABC. Also a signature here, ala carte is going for RM 9 but the Festive Flavour Set Menu gives you the option to add on this one for RM 4.90. This makes a lovely finishing with the rich rose syrup adding such lovely aroma to those icy ans creamy mixture from the shaved ice and ice cream scoop.


10.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL

11.Grandmama's Festive Flavour Set Menu @ Pavillion KL


With its good, honest food at very fair prices, this perennial favourite in Pavillion is just the kind of friendly restaurant that everyone could do with in their most comfortable self. All prices are inclusive of 6% GST and subject to 10% service charge. Take note KLIA outlet offers a different set menu so click HERE for the full pricing and dishes assortments of respective set.


Also HERE for more photos on flikr.

Grandmama at Pavillion is located at:
6.01.02, P6.01.00 & P6.02.00, Level 6, Pavilion Mall
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:+60 3-2143 9333
Business Hour: Daily 11:30am – 10:30 pm
GPS: 3.1496313,101.712667


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Santouka Ramen @ Pavilion


With most ingredients to be imported from Japan, Santouka is almost as authentic as they come while they strictly maintain the exact cooking standards as any other Ramen Santouka restaurants around the world. Their slurpy ramen in milky pearl colour tonkatsu soup is a bowl of goodness on top of their signature toppings. Restaurant is decorated in such where calm and chic comes together and dining was indeed a pleasure.


1.santouka ramen pavilion (24)


Classic toppings like the Cha-shu (pork belly) comes with a good balance of meat and fatty portions. Others like the bamboo shot and jelly ear contributed some light crunchy to the texture and of course there were no extra seasoning to keep the consistency of the flavour. Finishing the toppings on this signatureShio Ramen (Rm 31) is a Japanese pickled plum. This mild and creamy soup ramen is the only ramen topped with the pickled plum. It was lightly sourish and crunchy in texture and certainly boasts the appetiser of this one.


2.santouka ramen pavilion (9)


The Miso Ramen (Rm 26) showcases their noodle with soup made from a mixture of pork broth and hearty miso paste. Traditional to its core, bamboo shots and fungus completes the bowl of goodness.


3.santouka ramen pavilion (4)


Aburi Tokusen Toroniku (Rm 17) is the house Roasted Premium Pork Cheek; the most delectable Char-siu pork made from the “rarest of the rare” pork cheeks. Served elegantly on individual concrete griller, with actual fact to mildly heat the pork slices instead of actually grilling them.


4.santouka ramen pavilion (1)


Forget about grilling them and they serve Tokusen Toroniku (Rm 15) beautifully and perfectly for communal eating. These premium slices were chewy and lightly fragrant with the sprinkled sesame seeds on top.


5.santouka ramen pavilion (2)


While the classic ramen is a joy to enjoy, made with a simple soup that could be savored to the last, the Pork Gyoza (Rm 12) serves as a good sharing platter or appetiser. It was flavourful, alas wasn’t juicy enough to impress a finickle eater.


6.santouka ramen pavilion (3)


Tori Karaage (Rm 12) is a must order and goes too perfect with their homemade mayonnaise. Each bite is flavourfully juicy and moist and tenderly delicious. And with a squeeze of lemon wedge, it just went from great to amazing.


7.santouka ramen pavilion (11)


Of course Japanese dessert to end the meal and like any other Ramen restaurants, Japanese ice cream is a common item to offer as a sweet treat.




Santouka sells very decent ramen with good pork broth that is mildly flavourful and I’m glad that the ramen didn’t have to sink beneath a layer of oil given the pork slices in the bowls. And serving lean pork cheek slices would appeal to the health conscious crowd. Thanks food malaysia for the review and Santouka Ramen is located at:


Lot 6.24.03 Level 6 Pavilion KL,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-2143 8878


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Click here for more photos on flikr.