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The existence of Korean fried chicken has added twists to the traditional fried chicken options in our daily lives. While some flavours and tastes come together with memories from childhood and nostalgia, it is always good to know there are more places with fancier choice of fried chicken fix. Korean fried chicken houses in KL seemed to be going the way of Korean BBQ joints when it first bloomed alongside the Korean Pop Culture. Also, like the BBQ joints, newer Korean fried chicken temples are emphasising trendy catch with many cheese and many flavours to choose from, with more brands from Korea opening shop all the time.


While it’s always good to know there are more places to get your fried chicken fix but, in terms of consistency, that’s the hook with Chir Chir Malaysia, a straight-up fried chicken brand which launched in January last year but has already become a massive cult fave ever since.


The vibrant dining space, with pendant light and quirky decors adorning the walls in their Pavilion KL outlet houses freshly cooked upon order assortment of deliciously satisfying pieces of authentic Korean flavours with a twist. Having tasted a bite of several dishes during my first visit months ago, this recent visit has proven consistency no matter what portion serving- be is solo dining or group of companies.


12.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !//

To begin, we tuck into the popular Honey Butter Chicken (RM 24.90 or RM 52.90 for double portion) and it taste exactly like how I remembered it. By any measure, the bird has no right to be as juicy as this. Wonderfully and perfectly cooked, the crispy boneless fried chicken chunks come together with potato wedges and rice cakes, and tossed with honey butter sauce and seasoning. And speaking of juicy bites, the Nest snow (RM 34.90 or RM 62.90 for double portion) is your Cajun Chicken tenders in rich cream sauce and sweet potato mash. And to add more moist to the entire dish in whole, there’s freshly whipped cream and grated cheese on it. I still think the whipped cream is not necessary at this second visit, but it seemed to worked real well for others.


1.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

2.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !


Next is the Spicy BBQ roasted chicken (RM 32.90 or RM 59.90 for double portion)- the oven roasted chicken with spicy BBQ sauce, an egg, alongside baked potato and sour cream. Sticky, gooey, and if I must say this, a glorious mess on your fingers when eating with hands, and just the right kick of spicy BBQ, this is quite a crowd pleaser. But order the Mac and Cheese (RM 16.90 or RM 30.90 for double portion) to go with this spicy bite of BBQ chicken.


3.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

4.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !


Chir Chir makes a solid case for sticking to a tried-and- tested formula on top of newly launched dishes. But the newly launched dishes absolutely earning quite a bit of spotlight from the regular favourites this time around. Chir Chir Curry Fried Chicken (RM 30.90 or RM 56.90 for double portion) and the Spicy Chi-bap (RM 33.90 or RM 60.90 for double portion), for some bursting sensation of flavourful bites. The first is a good marriage of chicken pieces deep fried in Chir Chir’s signature crispy batter and sprinkled with the much familiar taste of local flavours- the curry seasoning, to instantly elevate the otherwise usual chicken bites to its own wow factor. And for the love of Korean Kimbap, behold the revolutionary chi-bap. Spicy marinate of onion salsa and BBQ sauce coating each bite pairing with the crispy fries. A lovely enjoyment for anyone who loves spicy food.


5.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

6.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !


And not forgetting the Rose Queen Chiqueen (RM 33.90 or RM 60.90 for double portion) with the lovely chicken tenders fried and chunky wedge of potatoes piled up onto a hot plate of creamy cheese fondue. This island of crispy chicken and potato on an ocean of cheesy goodness is served on perpetual heating atop the portable stove.


7.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

8.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

9.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !

10.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !


Basically, top service, ace authentic dishes and of course comfortable setting. Not forgetting the Grapefruit Yogurt and Pineapple smoothie (Glass at RM 14.90 or Jar at RM 30.90) for some refreshing sweetness and icy cool blend of tropical mix to cool of some of the heat from that spicy bites! Now don’t say I didn’t warn, some of the bites can be a little too hot and spicy to handle.


11.Pavilion KL, Chir Chir Malaysia’s New Menu !


I have the snippets from my stories on Instagram in case anyone misses it, but the short clips doesn’t quite justify the quality servings.



Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Chir Chir Malaysia is located at :
Lot 1.108.00 Level 1, Pavilion Elite
Pavilion KL
168, Bukit Bintang Street,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.1487063,101.7131118
Tel: 60321104867
Open daily: 10am-10pm


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