Meatology at TTDI (2017 Menu)


Meatology at TTDI will overwhelm you, the first time you are here- there’s not really much that can be done about that. The new menu is adventurous and the true culinary charm reveals itself when owner Chef Yenni Law pours her heart and soul onto every dish that comes out from the kitchen. And out from the dining kitchen at the dining floor, it is a fire and smoke – fuelled locomotive that fills the dining room with sweet flambéed breath that promises juicy meats with some delicious char if you order the Spanish Neck on Fire (RM 58.80).


1.Meatology at TTDI

2.Meatology at TTDI


Strap yourself in for gravy unlike anything you’ve had before because instead of the usual mundane brown or black pepper sauce, chef Yenni boldly uses that not-so-popular-amongst-the-mass cheese, the blue cheese. With its bold, sharp, and tangy flavor, this cheese may be an acquired taste for a discriminating palate but this one is cleverly accompanying the meat in the most perfect way. Hog-Mahawk on Fire (RM67.80) promises 600g Paulaner beer-marinated Spanish tomahawk-cut accompanied with sautéed vegetables.


3.Meatology at TTDI


The layers of fat and lean meat is pinkish with satisfying chunk of thick cuts is the best when savouring with the truffle blue cheese sauce. It is inevitably the type of meat that’ll have you closing your eyes, leaning back as the combination of all the elements combines for the satisfaction like no other.


4.Meatology at TTDI
5.Meatology at TTDI


It is not called Meatology for no reason because you are in a pork frenzy when you dine in and for sharing is the Wild Boar Curry Pizza (RM29.80) – a generously topped pizza with pulled pork dominating in every bite. Slip into the stretchy pants and have fun chewing the glorious meats!


6.Meatology at TTDI


The meat frenzy didn’t just stopped there because we are looking at huge and enormous meatballs sitting on a bed of baked spaghetti covered generously with lucious cheese. A stealer for cheese lover but can be relenting to some point as a meal. I like some vegetables in my meal so solo diners might want to think twice if this is going to be your meal. We had this Baked Spaghetti Meatballs (RM43.80) as a sharing portion.


7.Meatology at TTDI

8.Meatology at TTDI


For those seeking something different, this eatery serves spicy and flavourful Cockles in a Bottle (RM24.80) that’s absolutely delicious but if that doesn’t take your fancy, the Poison Pork (RM28.80) and Pate de Foie (RM29.80) is just as satisfying. Cockles not overcooked, and every piece cleaned thoroughly because the last things you want in your cockles are those grit or mud. Poison pork casts spells on you with the semi charred caranelised pork bites that’s superb as a pub grub and that pate gives you an elegant spread of foie Gras minced duck meat minced on your toast bread.


9.Meatology at TTDI

10.Meatology at TTDI

12.Meatology at TTDI

11.Meatology at TTDI


Otherwise, may I introduce the Champion (RM25.80)- a mushroom medley, and creamy spinach surrounding the mash island hosting a half century egg. When asked why the century egg resides on the island of mash? Chef Yenni adorably smiled sheepishly and told us that it is simply because she loves a good century egg. Call it a bonus for dinners- we are treated with what the chef adores.


13.Meatology menu 2017


And if pork is not your thing, then how about the Lamb Loin (RM58.80) and the Wagyu Skirt Marble 8 (RM87.80)Because there is a serious attitude to meat and an impressive list of varieties when it comes to meats so between the cross of contemporary casual fine dine and homeliness, we are looking at meat with lovley mash and vegetables served by the side. Lamb is a 350g or loin with bones and fats and comes with two instead of the usual mint sauce to pair with. There is the shroom sauce to add a little happiness to flavour profile.


14.Meatology menu 2017


Steak is that good 220g cut of skirt with garlic pebbles and served with mash and vegetables.


15.Meatology menu 2017

16.Meatology menu 2017


The outmost impressive item on the menu is actually the Yee Sang 365 (RM32.80). I was more than delighted to chance upon this glorious leafy dish with delicious tang of flavour and satisfying texture of crunch. Now I can have yee sang anytime I want.


17.Meatology menu 2017

18.Meatology menu 2017


With dark interiors and casual non-intimidating dining vibe, the atmosphere sits somewhere between a bistro, casual eatery and restaurant. And to top off the meal, Raspberry Dream Pie (RM16.80) is delicious although some might actually prefer the exotic Durian Custard Affogato (RM16.80) although I personally find it a little too sweet to my liking. But hey, how about just toast to good meat and good vibes with the Pineapple Mojito (RM26)instead?


19.Meatology menu 2017

20.Meatology menu 2017


A very big thank you to Chris (PureGlutton) for extending the invitation and big gratitude to the very passionate Chef Yenni Law for firing up dishes after dishes of delicious and quality meal. I am so blessed to have such amazing people around me.


Click HERE for MENU and for more photos on flickr.

Meatology is located at TTDI at:
16 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727-4426
Business Hour : 4pm – 2 am daily (closed Sunday)
GPS: 3.154574,101.62301


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