Meatology at TTDI (2017 Menu)

  Meatology at TTDI will overwhelm you, the first time you are here- there’s not really much that can be done about that. The new menu is adventurous and the true culinary charm reveals itself when owner Chef Yenni Law pours her heart and soul onto every dish that comes out from the kitchen. And … Continue reading

Bazaar Ramadhan TTDI 2017

  During the Ramadhan month and buffets aside, we know that visiting the Bazaar is the other way to celebrate buka puasa during this holy month. If there is anything I enjoyed more than the spoilt choices of buffets, the Ramadhan Bazaar if the next in mind to break fast. Ramadhan bazaars are filled with … Continue reading

Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL

  Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) has finally landed in KL at TTDI’s Plaza Vads with full menu to offer and following their success in Singapore, this spot is not exactly the best kept secret. Potentially the next most talked about spot for brunch in the few months to come, expect this spacious eatery/café with … Continue reading

Viv’s Boutique Cafe & Restaurant @ TTDI

  Cafes has not-so-subytly been sprouting up all over the place but boutique café is still on the marginal. Viv’s Boutique Cafe & Restaurant @ TTDI means serious business when it comes to feeding their guests. This boutique lounge café allow guests to comfortably relax themselves over the beautiful setting, very classic and elegant English … Continue reading

Turkish Cafe Istanbul @ TTDI

  The taste of Mediterranean is now closer than you think. Turkish flavour wafting through the Turkish Cafe Istanbul at TTDI along a humble and quiet lane, one that is least expected to have a restaurant as such. Inside the café, is settled with simple décor and mainly focusing on the space and comfort.   … Continue reading

Table Talk @ TTDI

  Table talks are essentially great especially when food is good and everyone gets a bite from the delicious menu and this Appetiser Combo (RM 35) here is perfect addition to a good table talk session. Served with French fries, coleslaw with fresh celery, fried prawns and drumettes, and marinated wings all in one good … Continue reading

Pickle & Fig @ TTDI

  Pickle & Fig is interestingly a suitable name to suit the concept of the café. Starting with their many interesting mixes of smoothies and juices, it offers a wide range of choices for an extended range of customers who loves healthy and natural ingredients in their food and beverages. Caffeine addicts and coffee lovers … Continue reading