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Meatology at TTDI (2017 Menu)


Meatology at TTDI will overwhelm you, the first time you are here- there’s not really much that can be done about that. The new menu is adventurous and the true culinary charm reveals itself when owner Chef Yenni Law pours her heart and soul onto every dish that comes out from the kitchen. And out from the dining kitchen at the dining floor, it is a fire and smoke – fuelled locomotive that fills the dining room with sweet flambéed breath that promises juicy meats with some delicious char if you order the Spanish Neck on Fire (RM 58.80).


1.Meatology at TTDI

2.Meatology at TTDI


Strap yourself in for gravy unlike anything you’ve had before because instead of the usual mundane brown or black pepper sauce, chef Yenni boldly uses that not-so-popular-amongst-the-mass cheese, the blue cheese. With its bold, sharp, and tangy flavor, this cheese may be an acquired taste for a discriminating palate but this one is cleverly accompanying the meat in the most perfect way. Hog-Mahawk on Fire (RM67.80) promises 600g Paulaner beer-marinated Spanish tomahawk-cut accompanied with sautéed vegetables.


3.Meatology at TTDI


The layers of fat and lean meat is pinkish with satisfying chunk of thick cuts is the best when savouring with the truffle blue cheese sauce. It is inevitably the type of meat that’ll have you closing your eyes, leaning back as the combination of all the elements combines for the satisfaction like no other.


4.Meatology at TTDI
5.Meatology at TTDI


It is not called Meatology for no reason because you are in a pork frenzy when you dine in and for sharing is the Wild Boar Curry Pizza (RM29.80) – a generously topped pizza with pulled pork dominating in every bite. Slip into the stretchy pants and have fun chewing the glorious meats!


6.Meatology at TTDI


The meat frenzy didn’t just stopped there because we are looking at huge and enormous meatballs sitting on a bed of baked spaghetti covered generously with lucious cheese. A stealer for cheese lover but can be relenting to some point as a meal. I like some vegetables in my meal so solo diners might want to think twice if this is going to be your meal. We had this Baked Spaghetti Meatballs (RM43.80) as a sharing portion.


7.Meatology at TTDI

8.Meatology at TTDI


For those seeking something different, this eatery serves spicy and flavourful Cockles in a Bottle (RM24.80) that’s absolutely delicious but if that doesn’t take your fancy, the Poison Pork (RM28.80) and Pate de Foie (RM29.80) is just as satisfying. Cockles not overcooked, and every piece cleaned thoroughly because the last things you want in your cockles are those grit or mud. Poison pork casts spells on you with the semi charred caranelised pork bites that’s superb as a pub grub and that pate gives you an elegant spread of foie Gras minced duck meat minced on your toast bread.


9.Meatology at TTDI

10.Meatology at TTDI

12.Meatology at TTDI

11.Meatology at TTDI


Otherwise, may I introduce the Champion (RM25.80)- a mushroom medley, and creamy spinach surrounding the mash island hosting a half century egg. When asked why the century egg resides on the island of mash? Chef Yenni adorably smiled sheepishly and told us that it is simply because she loves a good century egg. Call it a bonus for dinners- we are treated with what the chef adores.


13.Meatology menu 2017


And if pork is not your thing, then how about the Lamb Loin (RM58.80) and the Wagyu Skirt Marble 8 (RM87.80)Because there is a serious attitude to meat and an impressive list of varieties when it comes to meats so between the cross of contemporary casual fine dine and homeliness, we are looking at meat with lovley mash and vegetables served by the side. Lamb is a 350g or loin with bones and fats and comes with two instead of the usual mint sauce to pair with. There is the shroom sauce to add a little happiness to flavour profile.


14.Meatology menu 2017


Steak is that good 220g cut of skirt with garlic pebbles and served with mash and vegetables.


15.Meatology menu 2017

16.Meatology menu 2017


The outmost impressive item on the menu is actually the Yee Sang 365 (RM32.80). I was more than delighted to chance upon this glorious leafy dish with delicious tang of flavour and satisfying texture of crunch. Now I can have yee sang anytime I want.


17.Meatology menu 2017

18.Meatology menu 2017


With dark interiors and casual non-intimidating dining vibe, the atmosphere sits somewhere between a bistro, casual eatery and restaurant. And to top off the meal, Raspberry Dream Pie (RM16.80) is delicious although some might actually prefer the exotic Durian Custard Affogato (RM16.80) although I personally find it a little too sweet to my liking. But hey, how about just toast to good meat and good vibes with the Pineapple Mojito (RM26)instead?


19.Meatology menu 2017

20.Meatology menu 2017


A very big thank you to Chris (PureGlutton) for extending the invitation and big gratitude to the very passionate Chef Yenni Law for firing up dishes after dishes of delicious and quality meal. I am so blessed to have such amazing people around me.


Click HERE for MENU and for more photos on flickr.

Meatology is located at TTDI at:
16 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727-4426
Business Hour : 4pm – 2 am daily (closed Sunday)
GPS: 3.154574,101.62301


Meatology Restaurant & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Bazaar Ramadhan TTDI 2017


During the Ramadhan month and buffets aside, we know that visiting the Bazaar is the other way to celebrate buka puasa during this holy month. If there is anything I enjoyed more than the spoilt choices of buffets, the Ramadhan Bazaar if the next in mind to break fast. Ramadhan bazaars are filled with endless choices of food of various kinds and the spiritual boost with many valuable moments to be experienced and there is no place better to experience harmonious and joy of understanding the culture. Personally, it is the yearly mandatory activity I carry out with my family here in KL. This year, we berbuka puasa with choices from the renowned TTDI Ramadhan bazaar and I took the opportunity to gather some footages for a quick tour of what to expect at the bazaar.



Food is a good way in bringing people together disregard of race, ethnic, cultural and religion. It is amazing how we learnt so much about one another through food and even greater when you realized how food is actually one of the best way to study a culture and probably the origin and history of an ethnic.


This is the time of the month when the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed and as a result, Muslims recite the holy text ardently. The fast is not simply about no food and water intake. It is also about self refrain from malicious behavior and the taxing challenge to demonstrate focused mindset. So as we savour the meals during buka puasa, keep in mind the spiritual significance of the fast.


Happy Ramadhan.


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Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL


Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) has finally landed in KL at TTDI’s Plaza Vads with full menu to offer and following their success in Singapore, this spot is not exactly the best kept secret. Potentially the next most talked about spot for brunch in the few months to come, expect this spacious eatery/café with modern furniture and friendly ambient to be exciting. The brew bar is exhilaratingly eye catching as we were greeted so promptly by the service crew while walking into the café-the kind that’ll put many other cafes in a lot of pressure and if the CMCR were to keep up to this, then the local café scene should really step up to the game.


12.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL
2.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL


This café and roaster from Singapore is now fully operating with a good two page menu featuring some of the popular items from Singapore itself. It could have been a good place to stop on your KL coffee crawl but would recommend their brunches as well. Coffee with high acidity and the lovely fruity sweetness and aftertaste pairs really well with their cooking. Go for the black coffee, hot; pick your eggs cooked as poached rather than any other methods. It’s overwhelming how the poached eggs are beautifully done, I am very impressed indeed. Alongside with detailed culinary touches as well as gorgeous ingredients on their plates, the wobbly poached egg is not the only thing getting the thumbs up.


3.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL


Common Man Veggie Wonderland (RM 38) – Two free-range organic eggs in any style (trust me, go for poached), halloumi, spinach, confit herbed tomato, wild mushrooms, avocado, lemon and chilli, with artisanal honey –rye or multi-grain bread. This stunning combination looks ordinary but very well balanced despite the medley ingredients that are going on in a single dish. And, it is fairly filling to still leave a little space for something sweet later on.


4.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL
5.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL


Common Man Full Breakfast (RM 39) – Two free-ranged organic eggs in any style, streaky beef. Smoked chicken sausage, confit herbed tomato, vegetable rosti, minted sour cream, wild mushrooms, with honey rye or multi-grained bread. I love the vegetable rosti and minted sour cream.


6.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL
7.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL


Fluffy brioche French toast (RM 27) – Blocks of thick toasts stacking on delicious sweet tangy berries compote, and drizzled with maple syrup and a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream. They are not bragging when they called it the “fluffy” brioche.


8.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL
8.1 Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL


Common Man Burger (RM 43) – House made bone marrow beef patty, provolone, a gorgeous kick from the sweet onion aioli in it, crisp lettuce and the interesting house made pickle that is absolutely intriguing, on fluffy brioche bun served with fries. And speaking of fries, the side order of Fries (RM 16) comes with sweet potato fries in it.


9.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL


Fries (RM 16) – A mix of hand cut potato and sweet potato fries with a light cheese sauce and spicy crab oil. This old fashion cut fries are crispy perfection, even after slathering them in that delicious cheese sauce. Leave all health concerns at the door here.


10.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL


The food is on both the traditional and the innovative sides. There are some outstanding brunch and lunch dishes, and good coffee is always found here. While they are still very new, they have actually proven so popular to maintain full hipster credentials, they are not taking reservations on weekends. Ice Mocha (RM 15), Long Black (RM 9), Latte (RM 15) with fresh juices and artisan teas also available for non coffee drinker.


11.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL
1.Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI KL
Common Man Coffee Roasters is located at:
A-G-1 New Podium, Plaza Vads
No.1 Jalan Tun Mohd Faud.
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3 7731 7095
Business Hours : Monday – Sunday, 7:30am – 6:00pm (last orders at 5:30pm)
GPS: 3.1397126,101.630021


Common Man Coffee Roasters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Click HERE for their MENU


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Viv’s Boutique Cafe & Restaurant @ TTDI


Cafes has not-so-subytly been sprouting up all over the place but boutique café is still on the marginal. Viv’s Boutique Cafe & Restaurant @ TTDI means serious business when it comes to feeding their guests. This boutique lounge café allow guests to comfortably relax themselves over the beautiful setting, very classic and elegant English look, segregating them from most hipster cafes in town.


1.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (1)
2.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (3)
3.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (4)


With the interior, a semi casual, pestle toned and neatly chic, the restaurant is located at a rather odd and not too commercial spot in TTDI, but serves up a fine menu of contemporary fusion cuisine. Each dish is nicely presented and infused with complex flavours .Salmon really standout and serves with good portion satisfying for one and great for small eaters to share. Mango Injection Salmon (RM 35) here was cooked very perfectly with fish still looking translucent and pinkish on the inside. The mango flavour fuses really well with very sweet and tangy finishing.


4.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (16)
5.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (12)
6.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (28)


Caesar Salad isn’t something I would recommend but here is an option for the grazers, as well as a perfect communal dish.


7.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (7)


Another perfectly crafted dish is the House Chicken Cajun (RM 23.90) serving a plump slice of deboned chicken thigh, on a bed of mashed potato served with sautéed vegetable with Pomodoro sauce. Everything on the plate was well seasoned and the tender chicken so perfectly cooked was very memorable.


8.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (21)
9.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (24)


Mushroom Soup (RM 15.80) wasn’t the best I have had but was a comforting starter. Served with toast bread, this one was least to my liking mainly because I really dislike coarse shitake blend.


10.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (6)


Apparently the dessert choices were aplenty to choose from. The assortments ranged from pancakes to cakes and ice creams to brownies. Here is a slightly overpriced vanilla scoop with brownie chunks mixed with chocolate syrup and beautifully garnished and presented in as a Chocolate Aquarium (RM 17.90).


11.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (33)
12.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (45)


Pancake were decent but wasn’t mesmerizing so the hardcore fan of pancakes would have no regrets skipping this one. Towered and layered with kiwi and banana slices in between each pancake, and accompanied with honey to drizzle is more appropriate for tea time or breakfast instead of dessert.


13.viv's boutique cafe TTDI (40)


Viv’s Boutique Cafe & Restaurant is located at :
16, Jalan Wan Kadir 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-7733 7911
GPS: 3.139024,101.62973


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Turkish Cafe Istanbul @ TTDI


The taste of Mediterranean is now closer than you think. Turkish flavour wafting through the Turkish Cafe Istanbul at TTDI along a humble and quiet lane, one that is least expected to have a restaurant as such. Inside the café, is settled with simple décor and mainly focusing on the space and comfort.


1.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (15)
2.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (16)


And when sampling the flavours of the Silk Road, it is inevitable to think of fare, dips and humus definitely, as well as some kebabs and the tanginess that’ll keep your palate entertained with lots of amusement. Take the Mixed Appetisers (RM 27) for instance- a platter so perfect for sharing and for unleashing the greediness in me to try everything it is that they have on a single plate.


3.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (11)
4.'Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (13)


Especially intrigued by this grape leave wrap, this Turkish Stuffed Grape Leaves are amazing in taste as opposed to the boring looking presentation. Wrapped to tiny sizes with the grape leaves, and stuffed inside with rice cooked with other flavourful vegetables, this one can be quite filling too. Take note that appetisers are served with Turkish bread.


5.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (14)
6.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (12)


Also in this meal was the Chicken Adana Kebab Rice (RM 15) and it was only because we fear their kebab platter was too huge of portion. This kebab dish is good for solo diners, with a good ratio of meat, vegetables and option of rice or chips. Their rice is delicious with each grain cooked to perfection and packed with very lovely aroma and fragrance of herbs. And pair with their juicy meat, makes a lovely combo.


7.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (10)
8.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (9)


For the ones not too adventurous when it comes to foreign food, I believe the good old Fish and Chips (RM 15) warrants an assurance that nothing could possibly go wrong. For a decent pricing, a huge slice of fish, battered and fried is served with some chips and tartar dip.


9.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (4)


Lastly, here is one of the few places to find some authentic fix of Turkish Coffee (RM 8) and Turkish Small Tea (RM 3). The coffee is crazy strong where else their tea was pretty similar to what most Malaysians could adapt to. One of us went on the entire night like a mechanical toy powered perpetually with endless flow of energy. It would probably be stronger than the usual espresso for some people.


10.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (1)
11.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI


Turkish Cafe Istanbul is relatively young in the neighbourhood but should be receiving more diners in a couple of months when words spread. After all, the flavours are pretty authentic. Parking is easy as breeze here during dinner and services are friendly. Despite the language difficulty, the staffs tried their best to explain the dishes. Their meats is a must order.


12.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (18)


Turkish Cafe Istanbul is located at :
12, Jalan Wan Kadir 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7731 1644
GPS: 3.139238,101.62959


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Table Talk @ TTDI


Table talks are essentially great especially when food is good and everyone gets a bite from the delicious menu and this Appetiser Combo (RM 35) here is perfect addition to a good table talk session. Served with French fries, coleslaw with fresh celery, fried prawns and drumettes, and marinated wings all in one good mix of appetiser, each is unique in taste and is more than what meets the eye.


1.table talks@ ttdi (28)


Crumb coatings were crunchy and pleasant with both the drumette and prawns each having a distinguished flavours of their own. Marinated wings were deliciously moist and juicy, with the tinge of extra flavour from fish sauce used in the marinating. It was a delightful platter everyone would enjoy as a communal dish.


2.table talks@ ttdi (31)


Tom Yam Seafood Carbonara (RM 22) here is an interesting pasta with a sharp and edgy flavour of tom yam blending into the creamy carbonara sauce, making this unrelenting at all.


3.table talks@ ttdi (18)


Oxtail Linguine (RM 32) was good to wash any creamy texture but at the same time it was deliciously pleasant to consume.


4.table talks@ ttdi (23)
5.table talks@ ttdi (26)


Chicken Parmesan (RM 28) compiles pan fried chicken breast topped with Turkey Ham slice and cheese, and served with Mashed potato and side salad. Mashed potato was really simple and very lightly seasoned to compensate the intense flavour from the gravy and cheese. Chef is very meticulous when it comes to compilation and composition; side salad was in good size with a light drizzle of balsamic dressing. Apart from gravy, beneath the chicken breast is a bed of garlic stir fried spinach as a balance to the moisture for the dish in general.


6.table talks@ ttdi (40)
7table talks@ ttdi (33)


Mini Wagyu Burgers (RM 38) is no mini at all, with gourmet patty that is thick and luscious to match the bun.


8.table talks@ ttdi (17)


Served with some fries on a nice serving board with their signature, this is a good item for sharing. And did I mention that their french fries are fried with air fryer?


9.table talks@ ttdi (12)


The menu is at a diverse range of fusion creations yet their signatures are inevitably addictive and impressive. Table Talk Signature Hot Plate Pancake (RM 15) serves directly from cast pan and topped with fresh fruits for that natural mix of sweet and tangy.


10.table talks@ ttdi (46)


The scene stealer of the day has got to be the Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream (RM 15), also served hot on the cast pan with caramelized banana to go with it. Sweet and caramelized with the aroma of mellow bitterness from the chocolate matches the ice cream for that ambrosial finishing.


11.table talk


Table Talk provides quaint and comfortable environment for the neighbourhood and is definitely a community friendly place to dine in.


12.table talks@ ttdi (7)
13.table talks@ ttdi (8)


Table Talk is located at:
4, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7733 7718
GPS: 3.140665,101.629986


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Pickle & Fig @ TTDI


Pickle & Fig is interestingly a suitable name to suit the concept of the café. Starting with their many interesting mixes of smoothies and juices, it offers a wide range of choices for an extended range of customers who loves healthy and natural ingredients in their food and beverages. Caffeine addicts and coffee lovers would be able to enjoy their choices of caffeine and non caffeine drinks along with a spectrum of creative menu of sandwiches.




It is calmly soothing and spacious in the café, and there are assorted furniture of various design to ensure maximum comfy for dinners. Whether you like it on stool, cusion, or bench, which ever gives the perfect comfy to chill and hang out. There are lots of space in the café and some fun for the creative ones to be explored.




Something to be given a deep thought off at the wall of “conscience”….What would you like to do before you die…




I did not try much of their drinks but I tried quite a bit of their sandwiches. Eunice had the Mocha at RM 9, where else Ben ordered the Latte which sells at RM 8.


7.mocha RM 9 pickle and fig . latte RM 8 pickle and fig (1)


As many already know, I am no fan of coffee so tea and juices would be the next in line for beverages. We tried the Mango Mint, Avocado Dates and the Bananalicks which happens to be my favourite. The mango mint is a mixture of mango, mint leaf, banana and pineapple. As for the avocado dates, there is obviously the avocado and dates with some milk and yogurt. It was their best seller and I find it rather bland despite the ice cream yogurt in it. Dates are used to substitute honey for the sweetness in the usual avocado smoothie. That probably explains the lack of sweetness in this. As for the bananalicks, it was a genius combination of horlicks, banana, milk and yogurt. Do note that they don’t use natural yogurt but ice cream yogurt instead. I love this one and got carried away without a photo. My apology….


But, I did get the Goji Me which is a combination of strawberry, goji, apple, pineapple, and yogurt for RM 12 as well as the Blue Healer which includes the blueberry, blackberry, banana, and apple. The later is priced at RM 10 . Their smoothies were great and smoothly flavoured with creative and rich ingredients.


9.Goji Me -strawberry, goji, apple, pineapple, yogurt RM 12 and blue healer -blueberry, blackberry, banana, apple RM 10  pickle and fig (3)


If smoothie is heavy in flavour, there is the Gryphon Artisan Tea with assorted flavours at RM 8, and served with a tea pot. I love my Marakesh Mint mainly due to the green tea in it.


10.Gryphon teas .


With the mint and lemongrass, the ordinary green tea becomes extraordinary.


11.Gryphon teas


Tea and coffee is good after meal, but smoothies should ideally be taken in the morning. Let’s proceed to the food menu, for there is quite an extensive range of sandwiches which is served with salad and wedges as sides. Starting with their only choice of soup on the menu, which is the Onion and cheddar, this is selling at RM 8. They use spanish onion so expect a lot of sweetness in the soup. Served with baguette slices, it makes a comforting starter.


11.2. onion n cheddar- spanish onion n melted cheddar soup n baquette slices RM 8 pickled and fig


Follow by the Avocado Mixed Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette. Salad lover would adore this Mesclun salad, sliced avocado, and toasted almonds with raspberry vinaigrette. Despite the name, there is very little avocado in it. For RM 13, this can be a great add on dish when sharing.


11.3 n 13 (1)


With their proud Panini, we had the Coronation Chicken Sandwich pricing at RM15. With sliced chicken breast and caramelised onion as well as raisins coronation sauce and alfafa sprout on ciabatta. I really love that generous alfafa sprouts on the chicken.


12.Coronation Chicken Sandwich. RM15 Sliced chicken breast + caramelised onion + raisins coronation sauce + alfafa sprout on ciabatta. All panini are served with triple cooked wedges (6)


All panini are served with triple cooked wedges with house sauce and dressings that are all made from scratch.


11.3 n 13


The sauces and dressings are good to go with the wedges. I thought their mayo could use more egg yolk.


14.Aioli Russian Coronation Mayo-all sauces made from scratch (1)


The portion for all the sandwiches is pretty awesome with decent amount of wedges, and salad. My favourite of the day is this Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich. Selling at RM 19, there is a generous amount of my favourite Smoked salmon, capers, the flavourful chives cream cheese and lemon taragon mayo, on my favourite focaccia bread.


15.Smoked Salmon &Cream Cheese Sandwich. RM19 Smoked salmon + capers + chives cream cheese+ lemon taragon mayo + mixed on focaccia (5)


I am obviously in love with this and I thought it was brilliant to have tossed little capers in it but I am quite disappointed with the focaccia bread. It was obviously thin and would be great if it can be more solid in texture.


16.Smoked Salmon &Cream Cheese Sandwich. RM19 Smoked salmon + capers + chives cream cheese+ lemon taragon mayo + mixed on focaccia (6)


Moving to the Smoked Turkey Roll &Cheddar hot pressed Panini, this would blow your mind with the rich flavours from the turkey roll, as well as the thick cheddar. This one sells at RM15, and this is not only the attractive generous amount of smoked turkey toll that is exciting but the sauteed mushroom and cheddar plus infused oil on either wholemeal or white bread.


17.Smoked Turkey Roll &Cheddar hot pressed Panini. RM15-Smoked turkey toll + sauteed mushroom + cheddar + infused oil on wholemeal or white bread.


I didn’t quite like the texture of the pressed wholemeal slices for a slow eater like me take a longer time to eat and by then, it gets hard when it cools.


18.Smoked Turkey Roll &Cheddar hot pressed Panini. RM15-Smoked turkey toll + sauteed mushroom + cheddar + infused oil on wholemeal or white bread.


The Hoisin Chicken &Grilled zucchini did well with white bread and I do find this pleasant because the fillings in this are moist and juicy. Making the texture enjoyable at the price of RM16.




Another choice is the Rotkraut Pastrami which sells at RM19. This one has beef salami, basil pesto, mozzarella and butter spread in either wholemeal or white bread.


20.Rotkraut Pastrami. RM19-Beef salami + basil pesto + mozzarella + butter spread in wholemeal or white bread-pickled and fig


When dining in a big group, try their Nachos . With RM 12, there is round tortilla chips and melted cheddar with sliced black olives and japapeno slices with salsa roja.


21.nachos -round tortilla chips n melted cheddar n sliced black olives n japapeno slices n salsa roja RM 12 pickled n fig (3)


Here is a sneak peek of what might be coming soon on their menu in the near future. The Fish and Chips has got great batter which is lovely when served hot and the thick piece of fish is absolutely filling. This one is served with mushed pea and wedges. n chips-pickled n fig


I like the Panini at this place as well as the choices of beverages available. On top of that, the space and the ambience are great to hang around with a bunch of great people. Cards and simple games are available for those interested in something more than just some good food.




Pickle & Fig is located at the TTDI at:
26, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2858-9960
Open 10am-10pm (11pm Fridays & Saturdays)


Thank Ah Bok for the invitation, and the great company of the beautiful Anna , Eunice , Ben , and Ken . Not forgetting to also thank Pickle & Fig with their generous food.


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