Chucuk Halal Satay Celup @ Melaka


Satay celup is a famous dish amongst Malaysians, especially Malaccans. As a matter of fact, satay celup has becoming a signature dish of the Historical city. My previous post of the Capitol satay celup elaborates most of what’s available there. They might have probably be one of the pioneer and popular satay celup in Melaka. And being the popular satay celup in Melaka, any other satay celup would inevitably being followed by a fair comparison to the Capitol. There were also few others, but I bet the Halal satay celup is rather rare.


Here I am in Bukit Beruang Melaka, in the Chucuk-Chucuk Halal Satay Celup whereby they serve more than just the typical satay celup. When mentioned satay celup, any fellow foodie would instantly tell the differences between the celup of Melaka style and anywhere else. This one interestingly offers a few bases for the celup (dipping/cooking) of which their best selling is ironically is the TomYum soup. The owner is really friendly and she explains how most Malay customers are not too familiar with the peanut sauce. Therefore most of them would eat from the pot of their choices of soup just like steamboat, except the ingredients are already skewered.




Talking about the dipping sauce and soup, I had the peanut sauce gravy which I thought was alright. The sauce is definitely different form the rest. It was nothing close to satay sauce, and nothing near rojak sauce. Definitely different from any ordinary satay celup sauces too. There were no texture of spices or grinded peanut in the sauce. Hence, I would describe the sauce being really smooth. And the fragrant of peanut aroma is extremely thick. So thick it kind of roams a bit longer, so peanut butter jam lover would instantly love this.




The selection of choices caters to almost everybody. Wide range of skewers preserved at low temperature and what I really like is the fine work on the skewers. They are a nicely done so each stick becomes real convenient for eating.




The boiling pots were really deep and slightly bigger in diameter compared to the usual and the sauce were filled right up to half full, reason being so it does not spill out of the pot when boiled.




And if you look close, the dining ambience is really amazing. The broad table prevents the hot steam from hitting you and gives more space to dinners under a cooling atmosphere.




The tables are all one size and what actually supports these tables are this vintage and classy leg of the sewing machine. Cool or what?




The skewers still has some limited ingredients because the restaurant is halal. Pork alone would have added on to many more choices of ingredients. But it offers the best of halal ingredients you can get.




There is almost something for everyone. I see they’ve got something to get the kids to eat. This is the first time I see angry bird balls. Hmm….that didn’t sound right. But the assorted fancy designs and sausages would definitely got the kids going rather excited.




Need not worry about the spiciness of the sauce for in my scale of 10 chilis, this one probably go with 1 or 2. There are other fresh ingredients like prawns and squids, octopuses and some meat slices.




If still worry about the heat and temperature, they’ve got an entire list of drinks that might have your interest or attention. Barli is always the good companion to the celup meal.




However, drop that impression because the place is fairy airy and cooling. Don’t forget to check out their wall of fame.




Each skewer sells at RM 0.90 each. The interesting part of this shop is that they serve other Malay food as well if there are a few of you who might want something other than steamboat/satay celup, they have a other dishes like the nasi lemak celup. Sounds intriguing since Malaysians really can’t live without rice.




Dip and celup at :
Chucuk Halal Satay Celup
653 B, Jalan Delima 3,
Taman Bukit Melaka,
75450 Bukit Beruang,
GPS: +2° 14′ 44.28″, +102° 16′ 28.98″
Tel: +606 231 0540


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7 thoughts on “Chucuk Halal Satay Celup @ Melaka

  1. Slouching Somewhere

    Great post! I love anything satay and this made me hungry from the very first photo.
    I was lucky enough to visit Malaysia many years back for work. We only made a quick stop to Melaka though and I didn’t get a chance to try satay celup. Making a mental note to try it if ever I do get a chance to visit again. 🙂



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