Celebrating Teddy-licious festive @ Teddy Bear Cafe (TBC), Melaka


The Teddy Bear Cafe (TBC) at Melaka (Dataran Pahlawan) celebrates the taste of joy this festive season with their Christmas Set (RM 15.90) of Teddie’s hearty dessert and drink with their slice of happiness spectrum. The slice of rainbow cake is beautifully decked in lovely colours of castella soft layers; with cream between each layer for that extra moist.


1.TBC Teddy Bear Cafe Melaka


And a special fun and joyful reverse fruit juice with cubes of fruit puree dissolved to blend with their soda water to go with the cake for this festive. Flavours containing magical concoctions of fruits and soda water (which is more interesting than it sounds); it’s an all-round holiday for your insides. Like my previous visit , these reverse juice were still as popular amongst their loyal customers and the crowd seemed to really fancy these dulcified beverages. Pairing the cake with their Christmas set is the Grape Soda with Sangria Cubes.


2.TBC Teddy Bear Cafe Melaka


At the same time, the expanded and revised menu did a good job delivering comforting and homely meals at very reasonable and decent pricing. Chicken Ham Quiche (RM 12.90) serves 3 pieces of TBC’s signature chicken ham quiche made to order yet it failed to tickle our taste buds with the slightly bland and under seasoned custard fillings.


3.TBC Teddy Bear Cafe Melaka
4.TBC Teddy Bear Cafe Melaka


Although much restriction of space at their tiny open kitchen, TBC manages to pull off a good array comprising of both local delights and western dishes with diligence to serve food with no added msg; but not nonexistent following the use of instant mixes or sauces and condiments. Spaghetti Napolitana (RM 9.90) brings the classic Italian pasta served with tomato based sauce alive with the al Dante texture.


5.TBC Teddy Bear Cafe Melaka


Desserts are probably their next forte after those reverse soda fruit juices; there are few selections of sweet treats to offer and they come with flavour approved by the mass – Nutella spread on instantly made to order waffles.


6.TBC Teddy Bear Cafe Melaka

Waffle with Nutella (RM 6.90)

7.TBC Teddy Bear Cafe Melaka

Lime Soda + Mint Leaf’s cubes (RM 9.90)

8.TBC Teddy Bear Cafe Melaka

Mango Soda + Mango Cubes (RM 9.90)


With plenty of limitations and shortages on both the food and beverages menu, this cafe is still popular amongst tourists and younger crowds- thanks to its pretty decor filled with teddy bears or all sizes. Check out their extra large teddy with seasonal costume. I heard it is going to transform into god of Fortune for the next festive.


9.TBC Teddy Bear Cafe Melaka


Take note the café do not have a second outlet/branch as of this visit and despite not having anything too intriguing on the menu, the customers do love the teddy bears in the café. This promotion last till 3rd January.


The Teddy Bear Cafe (TBC) is located at:
Lot F3-021, F3-022, Level 3,
Terminal Pahlawan, Bandar Hilir,
Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka
Phone:+60 6-281 9423
GPS: 2.1887723,102.2517
Facebook: httpshttps://www.facebook.com/tbcmelaka


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