Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


For a place with such good reputation for its food and cocktails, and entering celebrating its second anniversary, the Locker and Loft is refreshingly cosy: classy furniture, neat tableware, and a handsome bar counter lined with whiskies, ales, beers, cocktails and a good list of wine varietal. It has a hidden entrance but upon entering is a calm and cool place to eat and drink. Especially with their newest menu specially crafted for the cleaner taste profile. I was privileged to sample some of their newest cocktails and boy I love them less sweet and more refreshing than ever! That we are looking at bubbly remix of carbonated fresh coconut water with real coconut and the mild sweetness from the aromatic pandan leave especially when it gets close to your nose whilst bring it close to sip. K Rock! (RM 25)maybe lower and calorie but that really isn’t a bad thing. Because that means some more calorie quota for the CNY 2018 special- Babi Lu Mary (RM 40). One that has bakwa infused tequila, and some bold addition of with tomato juice, lemon juice, brown sugar, Lea & Perrins, Tobasco, salt, pepper & olive brine. Not forgetting the Blueberry milkshakes (RM 34)and The King (RM 38). The first really got me frenzy and while the later might be a crowd pleaser, durian really isn’t my thing. But dear durian fans, you are going to be drinking a controversial natural durian cocktail with vodka, Baileys, hazelnut liqueur, vanilla ice cream, almond syrup and cinnamon powder. (At this point, I realised that I’ve subconsciously held my breath as I described it.)


Of course there are some that I really enjoyed- all Tea Garden, LC 1 (RM 32) and Kopi Ice (RM 35) were all super easy to drink. I’ve always dislike eggwhite in cocktail but I do not dislike this, probably because of the floral hints from lavender. Despite looking ordinary, I am putting LC1 and Kopi ice as a strong contender for one of the tastiest cocktail for the night.


1.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)
2.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)
3.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)
4. Locker and loft-01
5.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)
6.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


Their focus is on making both diners and drinkers feel happy and comfortable. Apart from their list of new cocktails, there’s new shot glasses made of ice and clients can now order the cocktail- catering service for a pop-up bar at private occasions. This one is real intriguing. But moving to the new food menu, it is a symphony of fantastic flavours we are all somewhat familiar with.


From delicious bites like Malacca Style Roti (RM 16), Salted Egg Prawn Cocktail (RM 23), and Varuval Quesadilla with Pineapple Chutney (RM 23), to succulent meat dishes like the Hainanese Chilli Chicken Wings (RM 25) and Peanut sauce Pork ribs (RM 26), you’ll never suffer regular pub grubs to accompany your alcohol. Malacca style roti really reminded me of Melaka roti john and that really is something I fancy. That quesadilla is one innovative complement to the pineapple chutney.


7.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

8.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

9.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

10.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

11.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


Kitchen also apparently excel in seafood preparations. Seabass Fish Fingers (RM 21) cooked with precision, came crunchy on the outside and breaded nicely without falling apart.


12.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


Mains are hearty, as well as glorious when you get pasta loaded with big flakes of sardine as well one with so big cuts of bacon bits. I like both the Chili Padi Sardine Bacon Pasta (RM27) and Pasta Masak Lemak with Bacon Bits (RM26) especially when the pasta are cooked perfect to my liking- al dente that is.


13.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

14.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


It’s a pleasure to pair and enjoy alcohol with quirky selection of food because the food at Locker and Loft is clearly presented by someone who cares about flavour. Not every dish was a knockout but where there were failings it was down to being over generous rather than unskilled; sardine and bacon maybe a little too much in ratio to the pasta resulting a slight overpowering of salty but most of the menu offers satisfying, moreish, somewhat complex dishes, the kind you always want from dining experience and so rarely get. Yup, I tried the Mini sliders consisting of 3 different patties and I enjoyed it very much.


15.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


Cempedak Goreng with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM16) wasn’t the greatest, but it’s something I would order again on my next visit. And yes, revisiting is most likely happening. I love cempedak still wrapping the seed and they are serving this seedless. But hey, it’s about how much you love fried cempedak and how this one is so perfectly pairing with the scoop of ice cream it combines to become a dessert that is absolutely delicious.


16.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)

17.Lockers and loft at Damansara Kim (2018 New menu)


The Locker and Loft isn’t a place where tables brushed and every detail seen to by the serving crew but it is super chill place eat, drink and have plenty of fun enjoying everything they have to offer. Among its upcoming events are KL Rum Fiesta, GT Week, KL Amateur Bartender Challenge, The Shooter Week, Do The Classics and Sangria Sessions. There are also other regularly-scheduled events like Shake N Take (make your own cocktails every Thursday), BBQ Sunday, Sake Sundays and Dames Night. So make sure to follow their updates on their page. There is so much fun factor coming from the folks of this establishment.


Locker and loft is located at:
40A Jalan SS20/10
Damansara Kim
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7496-7222
Business Hour: Tues- Sat : 5pm- 1am, Sunday : 12:30pm-1am, Monday Closed
Tel: 03-7496 7222
GPS: 3.135152,101.629063


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