Harmonious CNY meal @ Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant


Happy Chinese New Year to all readers, and I hope the New Year has been great so far. Being in a country with a mix of race and culture, agreeing on food can be quite bit tacky when it comes to communal eating. The Muhibah restaurant serves a good range of dishes, suitable for all so this place makes a good gathering spot. There were ample parking spaces as well as dining spaces for the tables were nicely set to accommodate big crowds.


1.muhibah (1)


Any Chinese New Year meals would inevitably begin with some Yee Sang tossing as symbol for prosperous new year and all the good things to come with it. The in house Yee Sang was not prepared fresh but the generous slices of Yee Sang certainly pleased the dinners.


2.muhibah- yee sang (4)


And we obviously made a mess once again because we tossed it real high and hard. It was absolutely fun and joyful to toss like hooligans but we do feel sorry for the worker to have to clean the messy table.


3.muhibah- yee sang (15)


Named the Deep Fried Sotong (Everyone’s Favourite) and selling at RM 20, I supposed this one is a great dish as starter since the pop bite sized sotongs were all evenly and nicely coated with flour coat that’s crunchy and joyful to chew. Pair the amazing texture with their special dipping sauce, the flavour of sotong becomes even tastier. A bit of sweet, and sour and appropriate saltiness, this one is a good dish with good significant on auspicious festive like the CNY celebration.


4.muhibah-Deep Fried Sotong (1)


Selling fishes and seafood at moderate and affordable prices, I would say it was quite a good deal to have some Steamed Fish in Clear Thai Sauce when they sell at RM 65/kg. The fish was pretty firm in texture and the serving hot; the clear Thai sauce was a great company to the plump fish.


5.muhibah -Steamed Fish in Clear Thai Sauce RM 65kg (3)


Also on the menu is their Prawn Sambal and Petai (RM 29) which was great with the aaroma of the sambal and the spices that blends in the paste. The petai was a wonderful addition to those who love the distinctive flavour of petai.


6.muhibah-Prawns Sambal and Petai RM 29


Some meat for the carnivores and get the Beef with Thai Basil (RM 27) or the Diced Chicken with Dried Chilies (RM 21). Great to go with white rice, the sizes were delightfully pleasurable for continuous chew.


7.muhibah-Beef with Thai Basil RM 27 (1)
8.muhibah-Diced Chicken with Dried Chilies RM 21


And love it or not, we’ve got to have some Kangkung in Belacan (RM 13) and good thing they fried it good so it was a joyful dish as well. However, I enjoyed the Paku Pucuk (Fern Shoots) – Northern Thai Style Salad so much more than the kangkung and serving at RM 14, the Fern shoots were sweet and crunchy while the cold cause gives a refreshing sensation to the dish.


9.muhibah (35)
10.muhibah-paku pucuk (1)


Another great addition to communal dish is the Shrimp Omelette selling at RM 16. It was not too dry and was nicely fried to have light brunt aroma on the outside and retaining fluff moist and sweetness on the inside.


11.muhibah -Shrimp omelette RM 13


Have a harmonious meal at the Muhhibah and have a very Happy Chinese New Year. The Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant is located at:


Lot 2851, Jalan Seri Penchala,
Kg Sg Penchala,
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 0377273153
GPS: 3.161226,101.62391


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