Melaka Chicken Rice Ball in Klang


Chicken rice ball is nothing new in Foodeverywhere blog as I have featured two different shops in the ‘Eat and Drink Melaka’ chapters in Eat and Drink Melaka 4: Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball and Eat and Drink Melaka 6: Famosa Chicken Rice Ball respectively. Both located in Melaka and if anybody must ask where this delicacy is originated, I can tell you that they are definitely made popular in Melaka. And since they are mostly found in Melaka, I might have to agree that it is a Melaka delicacy. Like the Satay Celup , Chicken rice ball is also in Melaka only.

If so, people in Klang Valley won’t get to taste it. Thank goodness we now have on in Klang. It is hilarious when I texted Lina and said, “Lina, let’s go eat Melaka chicken rice ball”, and she thought that we are spontaneously heading to Melaka. Later to find out that I was actually referring to a chicken rice shop in Klang that sells the famous Melaka chicken rice ball. The shop is really new and is called the Pengkalan Rama Chicken Rice Ball. And if you don’t know, Pengkalan Rama is a place in Melaka town. It can be quite misleading when not elaborated clearly. Looking real clean and neat while offering indoor and outdoor dining experience, the shop is in a place where parking bay is not complicated or difficult.




The shop isn’t stuffy and is pretty cosy and comfortable.




Their dishes are great in general. Starting with their Steam Taugeh, which is freshly juicy sweet with a simple yet at a perfect equilibrium of sesame oil, soy sauce and sprinkled onion and chili. Topped with some crispy fried shallots for that great aroma and fragrant, this is real tasty to go with the chicken rice.




Also accompanying the beansprouts is the Steam Beancurd. This is a super simple and yet real delicious dish especially when it is served hot. I remember having this elsewhere and most of the time the cooks would normally prepare ahead prior to any orders so that they can serve the dish quick and fast upon being ordered. This one is still hot right to the core of the plump piece of tofu.




Moving to the main dish of any chicken rice shop is the chicken dishes. Authentic chicken rice would serve steam chicken but suited and evolved to the demand of local palate, roasted chicken are also available in most chicken rice shop. Similarly, they also serve roasted chicken as alternative for those not in favourable to the steam chicken.




On top of that, there is the chicken liver and gizzard for those liking it. There isn’t much catch with this dish because all liver and gizzard would taste the same. The difference would be their texture. Some would be hard and some chalky mushy. Depending on your flavour but mine is the later.




Since I am not a meat lover, the chili sauce and the texture and fragrant of rice would determine if it is a good chicken rice meal. signature chicken rice chili is really tasty as they are briny delicious with chicken broth, ginger and garlic. The chili sauce here isn’t bad but is not all that great. I think it could use a little more garlic and ginger.




As for the rice balls, it lack a little grain texture and like most chicken rice ball they are soft with palatable fragrant and aroma. It comes in generous sizes as well. I am already full by the time I reach the fourth ball.




In general it was a good meal and I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank Join Me for the meal. And I might return whenever I need to fulfil those crave for Melaka chicken rice ball.




Pengkalan Rama Chicken Rice Balls is located at :
23, Lorong Batu Nilam 21C,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,
41200 Klang, Selangor.
Phone: 03-33192238



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Love Sycookies




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