The launch of The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS)’s new Ayam Rempah Aroma for Ramadhan

The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS), Malaysia’s leading chain of halal family restaurants, recently unveiled Ayam Rempah Aroma, a dish created especially for the Ramadhan to Syawal period. It is indeniable that the chicken rice one of the favourite for all Malaysians and this dish was developed by none other than Malaysia’s very own celebrity chef … Continue reading

Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)

Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)   Melaka is already popular as one of the stop for heavenly food and being a state that is so rich in history and food culture, eating is considered leisure for the locals. It is a small town pack with delicious food, and people are … Continue reading

Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice Shop @ Sunway

  Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice Shop at Sunway here brings a special spin to conventional chicken rice we are all familiar with. What looked so conservative and ordinary turns out to win the heart of many, especially the students from the adjacent campus. Serving only breakfast and lunch, the shop looks comfortable, not at all … Continue reading

A Minor Place @ Plaza Damas (Hartamas)

  It’s usually when word and Instagram reaching me or my friends that determines our lunch spots. A minor place at Plaza Damas, is an exceptional. Or rather a coincidence because of the comfortable seating layout that’s a bit more spacious than a lot of other restaurants within the premise.     Progressive approach is … Continue reading

Restaurant Kar Heong Chicken Rice @ SS 14, Subang Jaya

  Restaurant Kar Heong has been around in SS 14 long enough to be gaining some reputation for their chicken rice, as well as few extended dishes from the chicken rice. Located at one of the shop lot in the SS 14, the shop welcomes customers from both front and back door. The front door … Continue reading

1977 New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Mid Valley

  Old but still sustaining while legacy and secret recipe are being passed on from one generation to another is always good in some way in gaining admiration and respect from others. The franchise opened their latest branch at the Mid Valley Megamall while featuring their first ever café in shopping mall to invite shoppers … Continue reading

Sang Kee Chicken Rice @ Taman Desa Petaling

  Chicken rice is no longer eccentric to most of us. As a matter of fact, this is a local delicacy so simple and delicious to enjoy or savour depending on how you like it. In Malaysia, the chicken rice somewhat have their disparity and mostly varies amongst states and origin. Some would serve with … Continue reading

Sing Kee Kitchen @ Taman Desa

  Sing Kee Kitchen is vouched by neighborhood patrons to be serving good chicken rice. Being a chicken rice lover like most Malaysians, I find my way there with craving for the roasted pork. Located in Taman Desa with signature dishes like the roast pork and barbeque pork (Char Siew), it was not difficult to … Continue reading

Chicken Rice @ Yee Fatt SS 15

  Chicken rice is one awesome Hainanese food which has obviously evolved to suit the liking of many other race and Chinese ethnic. In pace of the very busy city, chicken rice comes in so handy to easily prevail as a very delicious and convenient meal. And for some reason, the combination of chicken rice … Continue reading

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball (serving more than just chicken rice ball) @ Melaka

  Having published the Eat and Drink Melaka 4: Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball in previous post, the next ‘Eat and Drink’ chapter will be more Chicken rice ball in Melaka. In the previous post, I briefly summarized the history and origin of authentic Hainanese Chicken rice ball, of how it came about as well … Continue reading

Melaka Chicken Rice Ball in Klang

  Chicken rice ball is nothing new in Foodeverywhere blog as I have featured two different shops in the ‘Eat and Drink Melaka’ chapters in Eat and Drink Melaka 4: Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball and Eat and Drink Melaka 6: Famosa Chicken Rice Ball respectively. Both located in Melaka and if anybody must ask … Continue reading

Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball (Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball) @ Melaka

  Are you in love with those famous chicken rice balls from Melaka? Or getting all curious with what is the chicken rice ball? Apparently this local delicacy is one that speaks so loud and clear for the culture of the Hainan people namely the Li people. All the way in China, we often refer … Continue reading