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The launch of The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS)’s new Ayam Rempah Aroma for Ramadhan

The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS), Malaysia’s leading chain of halal family restaurants, recently unveiled Ayam Rempah Aroma, a dish created especially for the Ramadhan to Syawal period. It is indeniable that the chicken rice one of the favourite for all Malaysians and this dish was developed by none other than Malaysia’s very own celebrity chef and Brand Ambassador for The Chicken Rice Shop, Dato’ Chef Ismail Ahmad.
Here’s a press release of the launch of this new dish and take note that concurrently, TCRS will also feature the A-Yam Your Fan contest, where ten lucky winners will be picked to celebrate Hari Raya with their favourite celebrity. This contest will run on Instagram from 5th June till 25th June 2017. Those who are interested to participate, please check the details at The Chicken Rice Shop Facebook or I instagram page.
The launch of Chicken Rice Shop (2)
The launch of Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS)’s new Ayam Rempah Aroma for Ramadhan
Inspired by the traditional Malay delicacies, Dato’ Chef Ismail combined the different flavours of a traditional Malay rendang with an assorted mix of herbs and spices to making this a wholesome yet truly harmonious dish.
In creating the dish, Dato’ Chef Ismail made sure that the freshest chicken is first grilled to perfection before aromatic herbs and spices like green chilli, lemongrass, shallot, fennel and cumin are used to complete the dish. Dried chilli is then sprinkled on the dish for that extra “kick”.
YM Tunku Dato’ Mu’tamir Bin Tunku Tan Sri Mohamed, Chairman of TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd (TCRS) said, “The Chicken Rice Shop has always been known as a place where all Malaysians can come together to enjoy a delicious, authentic and wholesome Malaysian meal.”
“In creating Ayam Rempah Aroma with Dato’ Chef Ismail, our aim was to create a special dish that takes its cue from age-old Malay cooking traditions so that all Malaysians can come together and enjoy it while appreciating the rich tapestry and culture we embrace here in our country.”
I am looking forward to sampling this, and would certainly share my experience here if I ever do so. Meanwhile, I want to wish all my Muslim friends and readers, Happy Ramadan.


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Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)

Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)


Melaka is already popular as one of the stop for heavenly food and being a state that is so rich in history and food culture, eating is considered leisure for the locals. It is a small town pack with delicious food, and people are always venturing new places to sample new taste. Old Town Chicken Rice Ball at Taman Malim Jaya isn’t new, in fact was made popular by tourists. Cleverly putting together every popular dish that represents Melaka under one roof, there is my all time favourite chicken rice ball, and the Taiwan pork chop noodles I’ve been eating for the past 20 years or so; all of that at one spot.


Locals would know where their best choice of chicken rice ball is, and where the renowned Taiwan pork chop noodles are. But this one makes a good spot for communal dining when everyone seeks a different dish. Chicken rice ball are soft and fragrant at every bite, good enough to be eaten on its own without the essential chili gravy that should have prominently blended to have more fragrant garlicky kick.


1.Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)
2.Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)


Their pork chop noodle was nothing close to Hin Loong’s but this modest coffee shop has other noodle dishes to offer, some of them looked pretty good from across my dining table. The patrons from around the neighbourhood probably knows what’s best to order, but I wouldn’t order the same noodle the next time I revisit.


3.Old Town Chicken Rice Ball @ Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka)


If anyone is running out of time to hop from one place to another, this is one good location to have both chicken rice ball and pork chop noodle at the same time. Of course, the toasted bread (roti bakar) and fresh half boiled eggs does look promising as well.


Also read Sycookies Food Travelogue when I travel out of Klang Valley for food, as well as other Eating and Drinking Places in Melaka


OldTown Chicken Rice Ball is located at Taman Malim Jaya (Melaka) at:
Jalan Berkat 3,
Taman Malim Jaya, 75250 Melaka
Phone:+60 17-678 1988
Open: Daily 8am- 5pm (Closed on Thursday)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oldtownchickenriceball/


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Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice Shop @ Sunway


Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice Shop at Sunway here brings a special spin to conventional chicken rice we are all familiar with. What looked so conservative and ordinary turns out to win the heart of many, especially the students from the adjacent campus. Serving only breakfast and lunch, the shop looks comfortable, not at all designed, but can get cramped up pretty tight with people lining up for take outs especially during the lunch hours. Make sure you have 15- 30 minutes waiting time to spare.


7.garlic roasted chicken rice shop @ Sunway


With a meal costing no more than RM 10 and the portion given, the owner was pretty generous and easy going. A simple one spread menu displayed at the entrance of the shop, making a selection of what to eat shouldn’t be rocket science.


1.garlic roasted chicken rice shop

2.garlic roasted chicken rice shop

3.garlic roasted chicken rice shop

4.garlic roasted chicken rice shop


The quick flow of customers means you defiantly get your chicken rice warm and fresh and true enough, our pick of Chicken Drumstick Rice (RM 4.50) was decent enough to put aside any debate- it’s agreeable that the meal is worthy of every cent. The chicken alone is tasty enough to take centre stage – smooth and not overcooked; and topped with the spotlight- fried garlic. A generous blanket of fried garlic gives the extra kick and fragrant to the otherwise ordinary plate of chicken rice is their signature if not the key to the very good business. Not stingy with ingredients, a dash of spring onions topped the serving, even though it is totally okay to eliminate it.


5.garlic roasted chicken rice shop

6.garlic roasted chicken rice shop


Restaurant Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice is located opposite the side entrance of Sunway International School at:
35, Jalan PJS 11/9 (Bandar Sunway),
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hours: Opens Daily 8am- 3 pm
GPS: 3.0674272,101.60318


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A Minor Place @ Plaza Damas (Hartamas)


It’s usually when word and Instagram reaching me or my friends that determines our lunch spots. A minor place at Plaza Damas, is an exceptional. Or rather a coincidence because of the comfortable seating layout that’s a bit more spacious than a lot of other restaurants within the premise.


Plaza Damas - A Minor Place (4)


Progressive approach is very minimal in this enclave filled with very hip and modern eateries, almost non existing with most of the local dishes kept close to typical if not traditional. No fun or funky setting at this restaurant, instead kitchen and operational space took up the entire shop – not that it is a big premise and diners dine at semi open air courtyard in front of the shop. Not rendered, this typical local delight serves for quick meal. Rice with roasted or steam chicken, and roasted duck of pleasantly moist fatty crisp skin.


Plaza Damas - A Minor Place

Plaza Damas - A Minor Place (3)


The place approaches quick and efficient services with their parade of various Chinese dishes, selling them as lunch and dinner buffet. I’m not sure if I’m up for that, so we ordered alacarte instead. Sour Choi Kiok is lip smacking mainly appetising from the sourness as well as the msg. Also expect generous amount of pork in it.


Plaza Damas - A Minor Place (2)


Dish pricing is slightly higher if not egregious and I’d definitely appreciate the bean sprouts to go with our rice if they were fatter and juicier.


Plaza Damas - A Minor Place (1)


A Minor Place is located at:


Block G-0-11 Plaza Damas,
No 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60362117418
GPS: 3.164114,101.656708
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/A-Minor-Place-290785964432600/


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Restaurant Kar Heong Chicken Rice @ SS 14, Subang Jaya


Restaurant Kar Heong has been around in SS 14 long enough to be gaining some reputation for their chicken rice, as well as few extended dishes from the chicken rice. Located at one of the shop lot in the SS 14, the shop welcomes customers from both front and back door. The front door is also where they flaunt their freshly steamed chickens and roasted pork. The standard meal offered in the Restaurant Kar Heong is nonetheless the Chicken Rice with optional add-on of beansprout which was indeed fatter and juicier since they use Ipoh’s produce.


2.restaurant kar heong (6)
2.1.restaurant kar heong (4)


Following that is the complimented soup to go with the chicken rice which tasted somewhat a little different from the usual complimentary soup elsewhere. Reason being, they also sell Ipoh Hor Fun which means prawns and prawn wanton would be one of the main ingredients used in this restaurant. As a result of that, the soup also acquires the sweetness and flavour of the prawns when cooking the prawns in the boiling soup.


3.restaurant kar heong (3)


If the soup appeals to you then try ordering them with wanton. Serves in two sizes (big and small) these prawn wantons are served with some vegetables in it too. This makes a perfect dish to order either for sharing or when you are not up for chicken rice.


4.restaurant kar heong (8)


Their chicken is nicely done with good taste and flavour but the texture lacks a little when it comes to a ultimately good steamed chicken. What’s usually chunky and crispy is somewhat mushy and soft. This however wouldn’t quite affect those who skip chicken skins.


5.restaurant kar heong (1)


Fan of chicken liver and chicken gizzard, please do yourself a favour and order some when having chicken rice here because they are amazingly fresh here. Prepared in such easy and simple way with some soya sauce and sesame oil while garnishing it with some spring onion, this one was super delicious.


6.restaurant kar heong (5)


The shop is not flourish outstanding but keep an eye on the signature. Also, parking should not be too challenging but lunch hours can be quite frustrating as well.


1.restaurant kar heong


Restaurant Kar Heong is located at:
60, Jalan SS 14/2, Ss 14,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opens Daily from 9 am- 9pm ( may vary on public holidays)
Tel :+60 12-389 0399
GPS: 3.0728136,101.590132
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waroengpenyetmalaysia


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1977 New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Mid Valley


Old but still sustaining while legacy and secret recipe are being passed on from one generation to another is always good in some way in gaining admiration and respect from others. The franchise opened their latest branch at the Mid Valley Megamall while featuring their first ever café in shopping mall to invite shoppers to dine in their two story café serving this delicious traditional meal which is love by almost all Malaysians.




The shop is nicely washed in bright colours to potray a modern and clean ambience while the lighting and potted plants create a calming mood for dinners to fully savour their meals. On the signature Ipoh Chicken Rice that many have come to love, expect new dishes such as Hokkien Mee (a first for the restaurant, available only at Mid Valley Megamall), a few selection of vegetarian dishes, specialties like braised tofu with pumpkin, various meat dishes and plenty more. This definitely is a great place to dine after a long day of shopping. Spinach and century egg with broth was comforting but is typically loaded with msg for the extra flavour.


2.1977 chicken rice (4)


The taste and quality on the other hand is not as good as half of what is sold in most hawker centers out there. It might have been a onetime occurrence only and may be due to lack of consistency; the dishes aren’t as good as what I had from the branch in Jalan Gasing many years back. That is before I discovered the satellite chicken rice shop of course. I haven’t had the opportunity to explore the full galore of extensive choices but they promise more than just chicken rice even though it pioneers as a chicken rice shop.


3.1977 chicken rice (1)
4.1977 chicken rice (2)
5.1977 chicken rice (3)


The chicken rice here promises some steaming hot bowl of chicken broth, a plate of fresh and crunchy bean sprouts, delicious pork balls served with delectable chicken rice and steamed chicken at a price you’ll love. Pretty reasonably priced at RM 11 for chicken rice of 2 pax, and the Beans Sprouts sells at RM 5.


6.1977 chicken rice
7.beans sprout R m5 @ 1977 new restaurant ipoh chicken rice mid valley (2)


It was not anything that is fantastic, but this one is the place you can consider as one of the options to what’s for dinner after a long shopping session. The food is palatably good even though they might not have been the best chicken rice shop around. They are fantastic to trounce famine, but not good enough to satisfy a chicken rice lover’s palate.


8.1977 chicken rice (5)


Most set or value meals would come with some drinks, but at the same time the popular choice of beverage here is the Umbra Juice (RM 6.50).


9.umbra juice 6.50 @1977 new restaurant ipoh chicken rice mid valley


1977 new restaurant Ipoh chicken rice has many outlet and this one is at:
Mid valley
T-013D and 061, 3rd Floor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NRICR


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Sang Kee Chicken Rice @ Taman Desa Petaling


Chicken rice is no longer eccentric to most of us. As a matter of fact, this is a local delicacy so simple and delicious to enjoy or savour depending on how you like it. In Malaysia, the chicken rice somewhat have their disparity and mostly varies amongst states and origin. Some would serve with roasted or barbeque pork while the rest would go with bean sprout or braised eggs and tofu.


1.sang kee chicken rice (7)


The Sang Kee Chicken Rice (not to be confused with Sing Kee Chicken rice ) serves chicken rice with optional steamed or roasted chicken. Also common here is the add on dish, Kai Choy (sour Chinese Mustard). The Kai Choi was perfectly appetizingly while the sourness tantalizes the taste bud. The leaves were nothing too close to mushy giving the right texture to this dish.


2.sang kee chicken rice (6)


The chicken was fresh when I had it but was rather bland when it comes to the flavours. As much as the chicken rice chili sauce would bring out the flavour of the chicken, the chili sauce itself was slightly diluted but healthier with lesser chicken oil in it. Chicken livers and gizzards are available and they were cooked nicely to the perfect texture the way I like it.


3.sang kee chicken rice (3)


The rice really came out short on both the texture and flavour. It was hard, almost close to unpleasant when gnawing. The aroma and fragrant was far from stunning as opposed to most chicken rice stall that is relatively good.


The shop retains their neighboring customers while keeping them returning with the affordable price. Alas, it was nothing close to getting anyone returning for more.


4.sang kee chicken rice (8)


Sang Kee Chicken Rice is located at:
1-33 Jalan 1/125d, Taman Desa Petaling,
57100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.082966,101.705047


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