Edo Ramen @ MidValley Megamall


From the management and the same team of Goku Raku Ramen , Texchem Group brings a whole philosophy and concept to offer affordable ramen to the mass audience in Malaysia whilst insisting on authenticity of ramen’s essential quality. Presenting a simpler menu and retaining their best selling items and flavour, diners also enjoy their meal at similar comfy with a new look.


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Now known as the Edo Ramen, the seat layout remained spacious with warm alabaster and neat structured arrangements. Attentive staffs that are passionate and discipline, makes dining pleasurable.


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Showcasing four types of broth namely the Tokyo soup (classic chicken with seafood broth), Tonkatsu (classic pork bone broth), Miso (classic pork bone broth with Japanese soybean paste), and Black (classic pork bone broth with Japanese fish powder and fragrant garlic oil), each is available at standard portion or the ultimate bowl. Both standard and ultimate distinguishes by the topping choices. The first sells with simpler toppings, suitable for moderate eaters with tender succulent char siew, pakchoy, sweet corn and spring onions. The later comes with complete variation of toppings and is the perfect choice for ultimate ramen lovers. The ultimate topping comes with–with tender, succulent char siew, kakuni(braised pork belly), lava egg, naruto(Japanese fish cake), seaweed, pakchoy, sweet corn and spring onions.


SUK00200 GRR A3 Menu V16 FA embed_(behind)


Starting with Tonkatsu Ramen (RM 9.90 regular, RM 11.90 large), diners are presented with a balanced and good mix of homemade noodle, corn, vegetable and their signature char siew. Pork is hardly wrong when it comes to ramen, and refreshing audition of vegetables and corn compliments the umami flavour of the soup.


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The Miso Ramen (RM 10.90 regular, RM 12.90 large) presents in a totally different dimension, different from the usual miso flavour we are all familiar with. Thick flavour from the pork bone broth slightly empowers soybean paste but nicely pairing with the noodle and a nice pungent from sprinkled onion with the contentment from a moderate portion to make way for some add on.


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Featuring something unique this time is their Gyukotsu Ramen (RM 9.90 regular , RM 11.90 large) which was probably one of the best from them to tickle your taste bud if you are a fan of beef noodle. Thick creaminess from the beef broth to pair with lovely slices of beef; all the glory of generous ingredients in one bowl warrants a satisfaction. This special beef bone ramen served with their own homemade japanese ramen with their soup boiled over 7 hours.


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The Introductory Offer discounts RM 2 per serving. (RM 9.90 regular , RM 11.90 large instead of RM 11.90 regular, RM 13.90 large)


7.edo ramen @ midvalley (13)


With everything scaled to simpler size and categories, ordering becomes easier and portion easily caters to solo diners. Add ons like Boiled Gyoza (RM 4.90) and their signature Pan Fried Gyoza (RM 4.90) serves in 3 pieces each makes a good addition to their ramen.


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The famous appetiser, Aburi Japanese Char Siew (RM 11. 90) also doubles as the perfect add on for those who is fan of balanced layer of fat and meat. Topped and garnished beautifully with spring onion and goji berry, there is a great aroma and is wonderful if it is served hot.


10.edo ramen @ midvalley (24)


With the many ramen houses in town, one that is decent and affordable is challenging to come by. Edo ramen promises Tokyo style ramen of a unique recipe by notable ramen connoisseur Mr Tetsuya Fukino to bringing the fresh approach to ramen indulgence at greater value.


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Edo Ramen is located at:
Level 2, North Court,
Mid Valley Megamall
1, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22018779
Operating hours : 10am-10 pm.
GPS: Mid Valley Megamall
3.117327, 101.677443
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdoRamenAsia


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2 thoughts on “Edo Ramen @ MidValley Megamall

    1. sycookies Post author

      This one’s got their own style, nothing close to tonkatsu. But I must say…For ramen, they are not heavy at all. You go check them out. 🙂



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