Down to Bones @ OUG , Taman Overseas Union

Down to Bones @ OUG , Taman Overseas Union


Not a place for first dates and definitely not for white shirts cause things are way better digging with hands if you asked me. Down to bones (DTB) at OUG has always been that to go on my rib tearing and polishing list of ferocious pork rib stop. It can be a messy feed but plan ahead and be rewarded because the menu have developed a cult following amongst meat lover since the days from when their pop up store operates on weekends two years back. Plenty of lip smacking and finger licking going on. Salivation will be impossible to stop with the sticky rich coat over tender moist meat. Yet, there is more than just rib at this now-operating-at-a shop neighborhood eatery. Go for the comforting butter garlic sauce with pork chunks and this Butter sauce Spaghetti (RM 16) was nicely cooked and perfectly topped with a gorgeous boiled egg. And when indecisive of either Hot Wings or Honey Soy wings, there is the half and half option so greedy people like me can taste the both.


1.Down to Bones @ OUG , Taman Overseas Union
2.Down to Bones @ OUG , Taman Overseas Union


The star-status dish is DTB’s tender, two stick slow-cooked Pork Ribs (RM 23) in DTB sauce – they require just the right amount of tug to pull the meat clean from the bone. These beauties take their name in pride with the treasure coming with sticky saucy goodness. So get ready to roll up your sleeves and pile a tray with meat that falls off the bone. Forget about what comes accompanying the ribs because both the mash and coleslaw looked and tasted trashy next to the glorious meat. Called me old fashion but some old faithful pairing of rib and fries would be a superb experience here. That missing kick is compensated by a good icy cold beer which by the way is probably the best thing to order from their ridiculously tiny beverage menu. It is either that or bottled water.


3.Down to Bones @ OUG , Taman Overseas Union
4.Down to Bones @ OUG , Taman Overseas Union


Choices of food are old fashioned in general but classic pig is what it is. The sides and add ons are heavy and perhaps too fatty when paired with all the rib and creamy pasta but the only thing that appeared light and easy wasn’t flattering either. Coleslaw was especially thick and soaked in the rich dressing I can hardly taste the cabbage. Pork Soup reminds me of water brought to boiled to cook the many, many ribs which conveniently then turned into and served as soup. Not something I would recommend ordering.


5.Down to Bones @ OUG , Taman Overseas Union
6.Down to Bones @ OUG , Taman Overseas Union


The location hasn’t changed. Only now they are in a shop and if you are powerless to resist the smoke and oil from the stove, take the outdoor seats.


Down to Bones is located at:
8, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3,
Taman Overseas Union,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-7972 0130
Business Hour: Daily 12–3:30PM, 6–10:30PM. Thursday closed
GPS: 3.0735115,101.6718308


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  1. clevermunkey

    Powerless to resist the smoke and oil from the stove…lol! OUG, such a unexplored area for me…



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