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Utopia Vegetarian Cuisine @ Bandar Sunway


Utopia Vegetarian Cuisine at Bandar Sunway is one of those new generation vegetarian food that has left vegetarians spoilt for choice. Vegetarian cuisine never fails to amuse me whenever they use the meat substitutes- those mock meat are usually 70% close to the real thing. Recalling I once had mock pork with the texture so alike the real thing it was actually kind of freaky. This time I experienced the Mutton Curry served with white rice and the only thing missing from this mutton is probably their fatty acids. Perfect those who dislike the distinctive flavour of mutton (the gamy flavour from mutton are result of fatty acid of the animal).


1.utopia vegetarian cuisine - MUTTON CURRY


The Butter Milk Fish is incredibly creamy and because vegetarians do not consume garlic, the vegetarian dishes are usually uniquely different in flavours and aroma. The fish must be consumed quickly before the crisp becomes soften when soaked in the butter milk gravy. There is shitake mushrooms in it and garnished with chili.


2.utopia vegetarian cuisine -butter milk fish
2.1.utopia vegetarian cuisine -butter milk fish


When eating these dishes, try including the Spinach Soup. Clear soup with spinach and goji berries somewhat lacks a bit if comparatively served right next to the same soup with some real meat in it. Nonetheless, it is still refreshing when having this served as a communal dish.


3.utopia vegetarian cuisine -SPINACH SOUP


The menu is extensively wide with choices of dishes for family and group dinning to menus for the solo dinners. The Vegetarian Seafood Mee Suah sells at a reasonable price of RM 7.50 for the portion is huge with entire salver of noodles with a rich layer of mix slices of seafood cooked as gravy drenching the fried noodles.


4.utopia veggie cuisine sunway vegetarian veg. seafood mee suah RM 7.50


There is the Shanghai style Prawn Mee (RM 7.50) with noodle of relatively good texture eventhough the soup lacks plenty of umami.


5.utopia veggie cuisine sunway -shanghai style prawn mee RM 7.50 (1)


The Fried Loh Bak Kou (fried carrot cake) impressively perks the palate with the slightly light crispy outer layer and super delicious carrot cake on the inside. The texture is better than a lot more fried carrot cakes anywhere else.


6.utopia vegetarian cuisine -fried lohbak kou


Cooling off the heat is their healthy juice menu where they serve things like the Bitter Gourd Juice. Something eccentric less appreciated by mass crowd but the goodness in it is nevertheless promising.


7.utopia vegetarian cuisine- bittergourd juice (3)


If not, go for something sweeter like the Sesame Soya Bean.


8.utopia veggie black sesame soya bean-cuisine sunway (12)


This is where you will find very homely ambience and comfortably cozy at the same time. The only drawback is the lack of parking bays around the restaurant.


9.utopia vegetarian cuisine (22)
10.utopia vegetarian cuisine (25)
The Utopia Vegetarian Cuisine is located at :
5, Jalan PJS 11/288,
Bandar Sunway 46150
Tel: 019-3353557
Opening hours: (daily) 11 am – 3pm, 5:30 pm – 11 pm
GPS: 3.082087,101.6693093


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Million Dollar Restaurant @ Seksyen 19


What was known to be the Nanking Court Vegetarian House is now known as the Million Dollar Restaurant and although operating with a different name, it is still vegetarian meals that they are selling. Also not changing at this corner shop lot is the challenging parking spots around it. Despite not a big fan of vegetarian dishes, I enjoyed everything we had.


Starting with the King of four season vegetable; a combination of any four types vegetable oh which in this case comprises of brinjal, long bean, okra, and petai. Fried with a little chili and obviously no garlic, it was done with textures just right so every bite was pleasantly delightful.


1.nanking court vegetarian (1)


The nice lady also recommended the mutton curry, apparently their best seller and that’s when I was bowled over with the texture of their mock lamb. It was surprisingly really close to mutton and the flavour, somewhere in between mutton curry or rendang. The gaminess of mutton is of course nonexistent.


2.nanking court vegetarian (2)


We also tried their Sweet and Sour, and once again proven to be impressive when it comes to the mimic of actual poultry.


3.nanking court vegetarian


Another impressive dish is the Fried Kailan with pork which was also recommended to us by the nice lady. Also in the dish is vegetarian pork belly which has a very close texture of the perfect pork, chewy and succulent.


4.nanking court vegetarian (3)


On our way in and out, some tables are having vegetarian steamboat. I am thinking twice about vegetarian steamboat, but those dinners seemed to be enjoying it very much. Maybe I would give it a try someday.


The Million Dollar Restaurant (previously known as Nanking Court Vegetarian Restaurant) is located at:
28 Jalan 19/3
Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7955 9863
GPS: 3.119115,101.629004


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Vegetarian @ Nine Emperor God Festival Ampang


Once a year, the temple of Nine Emperor God in Ampang would be the most happening place as the temple and its surroundings take on a carnival celebration for nine days in a row. Joss sticks, food, people, and all sorts of colours, sounds, and smells are few of those common things to lure visitors to this auspicious and angelic celebration. Assorted stalls would invade the temple ground with fascinating riot of beautiful colours and sounds. Upon entering the temple compound, almost all stalls are selling this bun shapped like a tortoise. And they come in assorted shapes and colours as well. Not to mention some also comes with decorative items.




Next thing you would see is the joys stick. Not just any joystick but various shape designs and sizes.




Also embellishing the place is assorted colourful flowers. Many stalls also sell fresh flowers so beautifully decorating the entire place. Not to mention how the place is so pack and filled with devotees dressed in traditional white, carrying incense and candles.




Also, there are few who free the captive birds after chanting and praying. According to Wikipedia, in East Asian Buddhism and particularly in China, the release of animals, particularly birds or fish, into their natural environment became an important way of demonstrating Buddhist piety. In China it was known as fang sheng. This practice is based on a passage in the Mahāyāna Sūtra of Brahma’s Net (Ch: Fanwang Jing), which states that “…all the beings in the six paths of existence are my parents. If I should kill and eat them, it is the same as killing my own parents. … Since to be reborn into one existence after another is the permanent and unalterable law, we should teach people to release sentient beings.” In the later Ming dynasty, societies “for releasing life” were created, which built ponds in which to release fish that were redeemed from fishermen for this purpose. They also bought other animals which were sold in the markets and released them.




Apart from all these rituals, I enjoy the sculptures and decorations on the temple. On the walls, the roof, as well as those alters.




Next, moving to my favourite part of the day is all the food stalls around the temple area. There are assorted vegetarian food and noodles, juices and snacks, and cakes and desserts. Dking is here selling their famous fried frozen durian. Think fried cempedak, and this is somewhat similar to that except replacing the fruit with our very own king of fruits.




There is Mochi, Sesame ball, and Peanut pancake.




Something else that intrigues me is the Sat Kei Mah which comes in different colours. It comes in black sesame, and seaweed on top of original flavour.




Also, the fragrant of those fried cempedak instantly filled the surrounding with sweet aroma you can smell from a distance of one kilometer away.




For those main meals, there are many stalls with vegetarian food. The one thing that amazes me is the Vegetarian roasted pork. Pinch your nose and start chewing this blind folded and you would be impress with how similar the texture of the vegetarian pork is to the real roasted pork. I tried the glutinous sticky rice as well but I didn’t like it.


34. DSC00817


The rest are almost everything else it is that you could possibly think of in vegetarian dishes. This is the time when you can witness and try all those vegetarian dishes it is that’s available. This place is like a database of all vegetarian dishes.




My favourite juice of the day is the Umbra juice (kedondong) which is always refreshing and cooling. It is all pure fruit juice with no additional sugar or water. My favourite snack is the Salty steam peanuts.


39. umbra juice


This celebration last for nine days. It is believed that there will be rain throughout the nine days of celebration. Some devotees would stay at the temple; eat vegetarian meals and performing their prayer rituals and prayer chants. I supposed we have been experiencing continuous rain for the past couple of days, of which I really hope that a sunny day awaits as soon as the celebration ends.


This Kau Ong Yah temple os located at :
Jalan Merdeka, Ampang New Village,
68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.493 E101 45.888

The climax of the celebration is said to fall on the ninth day of the celebration. I suppose this is worth a visit.

Love, Sycookies




Think healthy at Simple Life @ Sunway pyramid


Think eating healthy and I can only think of organic food, and vegetarian food. And to combine the two, would be a fantastic choice for a healthy meal. In Simple Life restaurant, they focus mainly on healthy vegetarian food using organic ingredients. Of course, think healthy and put bland into consideration when it comes to the flavours. Embrace yourself with plain and refreshing flavours in Simple life, with absolutely no artificial colouring, preservatives, or MSG added to all the food served here.


0.1 DSC05530


First of all, to compliment their set meals as they serve generous set meals for individual consumption. That is very suitable for those lunch hours. The Curry Set Meal comes with some awesome curry, healthy rice, soup, some pickled vegetables and a bit of fruit.




The rice served in this restaurant is the brown rice and we all know the nutritional benefits of brown rice compared to white rice if you really have to consume rice. Brown rice is considered as a kind of whole and natural grain. Although the brown and white rice still have similar amount of calories and carbohydrates, the brown rice would have more vitamins as well as dietary minerals as compared to regular white rice. However, they have coarser texture compared to soft and fluffy white rice.




The Curry is prepared vegetarian with ingredients like the deep fried tofu (tau fu pok), ladies fingers, brinjal and long beans.




The set is complimented with some tangy pickled and deep fried vegetarian Poh Piah with sweet sauce, and served decorated with some alfafa. The crispy poh piah outer later is amazingly crispy.


4.simple life


The soup is served real clear, most probably due to having vegetarian ingredients. Conventional soups are normally slightly mild cloudy, but this one appears absolutely clear. If being too comfortable with conventional Chinese style soups, then this might just turn out to be a little too bland for the palate.




Think healthier than that would be the Porridge set which is also cooked with brown rice. I really like the texture of the brown rice in porridge.




The set meal comes with vegetarian meat and tofu, which to me are the same source of nutrients in two different forms of texture. Vegans obtain their protein mainly from the tofu so the meal combination is actually pretty nutritiously balanced.




Not to forget the addition of some stewed peanuts, vegetables and fried bean curd skin to go with the porridge.




This restaurant sells only organic and vegetarian food. The beverage is also organically served to the consumers. The watermelon tasted commonly as refreshing as any watermelon juice found anywhere else, with the goodness organic fruit.


11.@simple life vegetarian food


Start eating healthy at the Simple Life :
LLG 2-126A, Blue Atrium,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/simpleliferestaurant


Love Sycokies


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Nature’s Vegetarian @ Bangsar


Last month I finally get to see my few other girlfriends and since Ursula, is a vegetarian on that day so we decided to dine at vegetarian restaurant instead of Nav’s usual, lamb , lamb, lamb, lamb, and lamb. Oh, and fries. I can’t remember who suggested Nature’s Vegetarian but I vaguely remembered that it was Suba’s call.


Known to have made all of their food with soya bean, gluten, and tofu it might not have been the best vegetarian place I’ve been so far, but the dishes were great. The staffs were really friendly, but converse with very limited English. My Cantonese came in really handy and suddenly so pro, seeing the crowd that I am with. LOL. However, the menu was really helpful with lots of pictures and descriptions in English. We were firstly served some nice Chrysanthemum tea in pot. Nothing out of the ordinary, except I thought it was overpriced at RM12 a pot.


1.@nature vegetarian07


Then we had some Shark fin soup with crab meat which I enjoyed a lot. Having this once again reminds me that we don’t need real shark fins for the delicious shark’s fin soup so popularly favourable amongst Chinese as a cultural and traditional status representation in gastronomy.


2.shark fin soup


Mock meats in vegetarian food always amuses me especially this time around, we had Fried Chicken with Dried Chili, served sprinkled with roasted cashew nuts. That combination is a star. It was mildly spicy, and a little tangy from the tomato as well as amazing texture of the chicken.


3.fried chicken with dried chilis @nature vegetarian18


Then Nav wanted the Homemade Beancurd that came with wonderful colours from the beautiful ingredients in the dish. There is my favourite baby corn, as well as an array of mix vegetabels and mushrooms. And since that doesn’t quite seemed to satisfy her leafy craves, we also had the Fried Kailan in Oyster sauce. The vegetables were really crunchy and fresh. And I am surprisingly okay with the ginger shreds stir fried in the dish.


4.homemade beancurd@nature vegetarian17
5.fried kailan in oyster sauce @nature vegetarian15


And lastly, Yam Basket filled with a great mixture of bite sized ingredients of various texture and taste. I adore the chestnut giving the sweet and chunky crunch texture. I recommend this to any Yam basket lover.


6.yam basket


The meal costs RM 120 and the most precious value from the meal is definitely great company. Click here for more photos and updates on Foodeverywhere’s facebook page or follow me on twitter @sycookies .


7.@nature vegetarian21


Nature’s Vegetarian is located at :
24, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +60 3 2283 5523



NOTE: Special moments are meant to be with joy and happiness. I’ve had lovely times with my girl friends after not being able to meet up for such a long time. Not too long after sharing such amazing meal, came this news of Ursula losing her beloved brother. This shocking news got us all startled in disbelief and may his soul rest in peace. I am sure brother of Ursula must have been a great encourager to people around him. Now that he is called home to be with the Lord, let his spirit be in memorable to all and to Ursula, stay strong for those who still need your strength and support. We are all here for you.


Love, sycookies


Vegetarian Sushi @ Shiang Hai Vegetarian Restaurant


Vegetarian food is some fascinating recipe and what more are fascinating would be the vegetarian ingredients. These processed flours were so well done sometimes one couldn’t tell if it is real meat or not. In Shiang Hai vegetarian restaurant, the chef recommended dish is the sushi rolls. There is a wide variation of sushi and I picked Mango sushi and the Lettuce sushi. The texture of the ingredients rolled inside was very similar to actual sushi. One actually tasted like real ham. The mango sushi…..*inhales….* was breathtaking. Better than most fusion sushi.




There are many ala carte dishes, of Noodles and even Steak. The Black pepper steak definitely has the texture of medium raw steak, but the flavor roams away and that isn’t anything like the real steak. But yet again, it is a vegetarian steak. One that is great. Also, the Siang Hai noodle was great thanks to the many bean sprout in the noodle. It tasted really refreshing. Another fabulous noodle is the Yam Mifen (yam bee hoon) .


3.@restaurant shiang hai (7)
1.@restaurant shiang hai (13)
2.@restaurant shiang hai (6)


This restaurant has many choices of vegetarian dishes from fish, to tofu, to seafood and vegetables. So the difference of vegetarian and non vegetarian stir fried vegetables is that the vegetarian veg will not have garlic. Try the Ginger fish and the Tempura, as well as the fried broccoli. Pumpkin lovers would be real happy to have the Fried pumpkin and the Butter pumpkin. Butter pumpkin has tofu as main ingredient with thick gravy. Be prepared to converse in Mandarin or at least Cantonese because all the staffs are mandarin speaking. However, worry not as the menu is written in English and it comes with illustrations as well.


6.@shiang hai mentari sunway (18)
8.@restaurant shiang hai (8)
10.@shiang hai mentari sunway (20)
9.@restaurant shiang hai (14)
7.@shiang hai mentari sunway (15)


There is option of white or brown rice and varieties of quality Chinese tea to choose from.
11.jasmine @restaurant shiang hai


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Shiang Hai Vegetarian Restaurant is located at:
32A, Ground Floor, Jalan PJS 8/2,
Mentari Plaza, 46160 Sunway Mentari
(Opposite Sunway Pyramid) Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-5621 1016 / 03-5621 1017
Fax : 03-5621 1016


You can locate it with GPS at Longitude:101°36′ 53″Latitude :3°4′ 49″. To see location on the map, use this link. Total bill is RM 140 and I highly recommend the mango sushi.


Love, sycookies