Utopia Vegetarian Cuisine @ Bandar Sunway

  Utopia Vegetarian Cuisine at Bandar Sunway is one of those new generation vegetarian food that has left vegetarians spoilt for choice. Vegetarian cuisine never fails to amuse me whenever they use the meat substitutes- those mock meat are usually 70% close to the real thing. Recalling I once had mock pork with the texture … Continue reading

Million Dollar Restaurant @ Seksyen 19

  What was known to be the Nanking Court Vegetarian House is now known as the Million Dollar Restaurant and although operating with a different name, it is still vegetarian meals that they are selling. Also not changing at this corner shop lot is the challenging parking spots around it. Despite not a big fan … Continue reading

Vegetarian @ Nine Emperor God Festival Ampang

  Once a year, the temple of Nine Emperor God in Ampang would be the most happening place as the temple and its surroundings take on a carnival celebration for nine days in a row. Joss sticks, food, people, and all sorts of colours, sounds, and smells are few of those common things to lure … Continue reading

Think healthy at Simple Life @ Sunway pyramid

  Think eating healthy and I can only think of organic food, and vegetarian food. And to combine the two, would be a fantastic choice for a healthy meal. In Simple Life restaurant, they focus mainly on healthy vegetarian food using organic ingredients. Of course, think healthy and put bland into consideration when it comes … Continue reading

Nature’s Vegetarian @ Bangsar

  Last month I finally get to see my few other girlfriends and since Ursula, is a vegetarian on that day so we decided to dine at vegetarian restaurant instead of Nav’s usual, lamb , lamb, lamb, lamb, and lamb. Oh, and fries. I can’t remember who suggested Nature’s Vegetarian but I vaguely remembered that … Continue reading

A blessed Wesak, the Holy celebration

  On the 5th of May 2012, I was fortunate to be witnessing one of the biggest processions in Melaka town. It is said to be held only once every 10 years. More than 50 vehicles were decorated with flowers and lights, and statues of Buddha, as well as Buddhism and Chinese cultural iconic decorations. … Continue reading

Vegetarian Sushi @ Shiang Hai Vegetarian Restaurant

  Vegetarian food is some fascinating recipe and what more are fascinating would be the vegetarian ingredients. These processed flours were so well done sometimes one couldn’t tell if it is real meat or not. In Shiang Hai vegetarian restaurant, the chef recommended dish is the sushi rolls. There is a wide variation of sushi … Continue reading