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Taiwan Recipe @ IOI mall


Taiwan Recipe Restaurant is a sister chain outlet to Little Taiwan which serves halal Taiwan dishes. The outlet in IOI mall is very strategically suitable for those who want a quick bite or delicious snack menu. The two however is really different as this one serves pork in their dishes.


To begin with, the Special Combo was somewhat looking super tasty and tempting from the menu. The actual dish itself was not horrendous but it isn’t to my liking. There is no fried scallop so it definitely is a dish that is not served as illustrated. Nonetheless, what can go too wrong with anything deep fried?




All items in the combo were deep fried to golden brown and to name a few, there are spring rolls, fried wanton, corn melts, and some fish ball. We were promised scallops on the menu but it wasn’t delivered on the dish when it arrived. Both my sister and I had it anyway. My first bite was the corn melt. Everybody knows how much I like corns, so without hesitation I took a big fat bite. Later to regret it as it was not too pleasing with the taste. There were a lot of custard and very little corn. Hence the flavour and fragrant of corn was very diminutive.




The rest to come was not impressive in any way too. Those skewers of all these deep fried items sold in local night markets would probably be so much better than this. The only thing not disappointing on the plate is probably the raw salad right in the middle. And no, I am not kidding.




The next order that arrived was the famous Taiwan Mee Suah. It is a type of Chinese noodle made of wheat flour instead of rice or mung beans. This Taiwan dish is authentically served with fresh raw oysters in mee suah cooked in thick starchy broth. However, here in Taiwan Recipee Restaurant this dish comes with no oysters but chicken instead. The Chicken Mee Suah tasted exactly like the usual except the oysters are replaced with succulently diced chicken breast.




And moving on to the Prawn tempura rice set, the prawn was thankfully fresh. Four tempura prawns served with shredded cabbage and topped with some thousand island sauce. The idea of the chef’s tempura prawn is not our usual crispy coated flour but the similar or probably same flour used in their deep fried chicken chop. The similarity was right to the chili powders spotted on it. Those in love with the taste and flavour of Taiwan fried chicken chop would appreciate this a lot but in contrary I have a different perception of tempura prawn. I thought it heavy and thick as oppose to light and crispy.




The set comes with the usual Taiwan minced pork rice, soup and some authentic Taiwan side dishes. The minced pork is not the best I have ever had but is rather palatable.




The soup is pleasant to go with the set and it made the set meal moderately wonderful and pleasant. The side dishes too wasn’t the most interesting I have had but there are certain resemblance to very authentic Taiwan side dishes.




This stuffed cherry tomato with sour plum was really very authentic except the portion of sour plum is really ridiculous. The exact same thing in Taiwan would be really luscious and generous. The combination of mildly sweet cherry and tantalizing acerbic flavour from the sour plum is incredibly appetizing.




And lastly my favourite of the day, their new item on the menu-Sweet Osmanthus flower tea. This flower itself has a pleasant floral aroma. And when blended with the tea leaves produces pleasing and sweet fragrant at the same time. And watching the flower petal moves inside the jar, the tea looks really pretty too.




The Taiwan Recipe in IOI mall is a convenient place to dine and the location of the shop is so perfect for those in a rush or hurry to catch a movie, for the cinema is right next to it. The restaurant is spacious, comfortable, and peaceful and all services come with a pleasant smile.




Most importantly, the place is neatly clean and comfortable to dine. The food might have a lot of room for improvement but the dining was comfy and soothingly calm.




Taiwan Recipe is located at:
ET8 & ET9, 3rd Floor, IOI Mall,
Batu 9 Jalan Puchong Jaya
47170 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel :03-8075 0322
Website: http://www.taiwan-recipe.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TaiwanRecipeMY


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Fong Lye @ Sunway Pyramid


Serving Taiwanese food, this commercialized Chinese restaurant serves a lot of set meals with one main dish, accompanied by a soup, and 3 side dishes, including a pickled appetizer. This has been a trend adapted from the Japanese culture (think bento set) and Taiwanese, which I won’t be surprise since they were still very much adapting to Japanese culture from when the Japanese were colonizing the land back in . Ever since the success of Xian Ding Wei, now there is more, upcoming with the similar Taiwan cuisine Chinese meals. I visited Fong Lye in Sunway Pyramid, and I kind of like the layout of the shop. Friendly serving crews and comfortable seating layout gives a great dining experience.




The set meals were amazingly generous in portions. It is almost impossible for anyone to finish the entire meal without any leftovers. First we have the famous Taiwanese three variety of supreme diced chicken. The ‘three’ stands for a mixture of three sauces mixed and marinated into the diced chicken. The chicken was very well marinated. So each bite is a three variety supreme.


4. 3 variety of supreme diced chicken @ fong lye (1)


All set meals are elegantly served on a nice wooden tray with Taiwanese minced pork white rice, side dishes, and a generous personal bowl of soup.


5. 3 variety of supreme diced chicken @ fong lye (2)


I also tried the spare rib with sweet and sour sauce set meal. Deep fried pork cutlets drenched coated with thick sweet and sour sauce. And similar to all other set meals, is served with rice, side dishes and soup.


6. spare rib with sweet and sour sauce set meal @ fong lye (1)
6.1white rice and minced pork @fong lye (5)
7. spare rib with sweet and sour sauce set meal @ fong lye


For those with kids and younger children, you can try the Fresh tomato with fish set. It is also served with rice, side dishes and soup.


8. fresh tomato with fish set @ fong lye (3)


The fish fillet and egg is very soft and fluffy in texture, with rice fresh tomato gravy on a mini stove with flame to keep it warm.


9. sweet and sour fish


As for those with not so much appetite for solid food, there is this porridge set which I love, called the mix porridge set. This one only comes with side dishes because the porridge itself is much liquefied on its own.


10. mix porridge set meal @ fong lye (1)


The porridge has a lot of ingredients in it; diced potato, carrots, mushroom, bamboo shoots, coriander, onion, and taro. Porridge is somewhat boiled and cooked from superior stocks so the taste is delicious.


11. mix porridge set meal @ fong lye


Speaking of soups, I must point it out that the soup that came with the set was rather superiorly boiled as well. The soup varies, but most of the time they serve radish soup. If you dig in the bowl, you’ll find a big slice of pork, some clams, and a generous piece of radish. So the soup wasn’t bland at all.


13set radish soup @ fong lye (1)
14.set radish soup @ fong lye


If you dislike the soup that comes with the set, there are always side orders in the menu. We tried the herb soup. I’m really surprised with the herb soup here. Apparently it’s boiled with pork intestine, with some barli and lotus seed. Taste like Chinese hot pepper pork stomach soup, minus the pepper in it.


32. herb soup @ fong lye


And the side dishes vary on daily basis as well. With one pickled dish, one fried dish, and one braised or stir fried dish.


15.side dishes @ fong lye (comes with set meals)


I was served pickled radish, crunchy and tangy, as well as pickled zucchini which was very tantalizing.


16.set side dish -pickled radish @ fong lye (1)
17.set side dish -pickled radish @ fong lye
18.zuchini pickled


I also get to taste the fried fish ball coated with bread croutons and the breaded cheese and mayonnaise with corns. Both of which were very crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.


19.fong lye (14)
20.breaded dumpling filled with cheese, mayonise and  corn (1)
21.breaded dumpling filled with cheese, mayonise and  corn (2)
22.breaded dumpling filled with cheese, mayonise and  corn


Next is the braised egg, and the stir fried pork with leak.


24.set side dish- pork stir fried with leak @ fong lye


Other than set meals, there are a lot of sides to order. I tried the Taiwanese deep fried chicken. Think bite size local uncle bob fried chicken.


25.tw deep fried chicken
26.tw deep fried chicken - fong lye


If you don’t eat much then sharing is great when dining with lots of people. You can order some sets and order additional rice. Taiwanese have minced pork top on white fragrant rice, which the locals adore. I personally am not a big fan.


27.white rice with minced pork @ fong lye
28.white rice with minced pork @ fong lye (1)


Lastly, they have a wide array of drinks and beverages. Including some really weird ones like the milk tea in French style, which I don’t get it at all. Are we not looking at Taiwan cuisine? Or perhaps the ‘French’ style is part of Taiwan cuisine.


29.milk tea in french style


If the beverages were too fancy for you, do take note that they don’t serve sky juice or plain drinking water. You can order bottled water thou. It comes with a cute mug!


30. mineral water @ fong lye (1)
31. mineral water @ fong lye


Fong Lye Restaurant is located on the Lower Ground in Sunway pyramid shopping mall , LG 1. 43A, in Bandar Sunway, petaling Jaya.


Call 03-56333699 for reservations.


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Chatime Mini Bubble Pearls


Chatime, literally translated at tea time has been around for quite a while and still coming up with new drinks every now and then. Originated from Taiwan, with their hot selling pearls, a very chewy texture with slight syrup boiled and cooked before adding to any choice of beverage you order. Next, you also have a whole lot of gorgeous toppings to add to all your beverages. With Rm 1 , you can top your drinks with either one of the following:


Coffee jelly
Aloe vera
Aiyu (Fig jelly)
Red bean
Grass jelly
Coconut jelly
Rainbow jelly



(Clockwise from top left ; milk tea with grass jelly, jasmine tea with aiyu, milk tea with pearl, and pure cocoa with pudding)


2.5 Picture st 053


And let me just say this; there are more than 70 choices of beverages so I’ll suggest you pick your favourite and stick to it. Cause there is no way you would wanna taste all of them. And if you know your math, all these with all the above choices of toppings are going to give you more than a thousand choices.


3. dec food 071


So let’s break it down into categories, there is mellow milk tea, fresh tea, coffee, the chatime special mix (mainly comprises of fruits and tea), oriental pop tea ( Japanese sencha, oolong, chrysanthemum pu-erh etc), QQ jelly (combination of tea or coffee of fruit juices with QQ jelly ) and the smoothie series (comprises of fruits and milk shake) . And those with health conscious taste bud, there is choices of sugar options ranging from non-sugar, all the way to extra sugar. Not to mention ice options of range from mo ice, to extra ice. Also, bear in mind there is this category called the energetic healthy juice mostly comprises of fruits and tea. And one that I really like, the yakult lemon juice; tangy!


3.2 dec food 069

From left to right; uji matcha milk tea (topped with pearl and red bean), milk tea (topped with red bean), chrysanthemum pu-erh black tea, pearl milk tea, strawberry pudding au-lait.

4. Picture st 050
5.1Picture 006
6.1 Picture st 052


This is a great dessert or after meal drink, comes in 2 sizes and it is a great enjoyment anytime of the day.


7.2 Picture 009


Their latest is the mini pearls. Half the size of the normal pearl, I find it more difficult to chew them.




Follow them on their Facebook Page for outlet locations and updates.


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LaKaffa Coffee @ Wangsa Walk


Coming to the third post in Foodeverywhere, each post introduces some Lakaffa beverages which I believe would no longer be foreign to most foodies. Just in case there are some that are still unaware of what Lakaffa coffee is, they actually sells flavoured mix of drinks with the finest ingredient for teas and coffees, juices as well as many fancy toppings for that fun factor in our drinks. With coffee dominating most of choices in their menu, these beverages have shaped our culture whether being part of our daily life as an essential energy booster at work, home, or on the road.


Lakaffa Coffee which is already available at the Setiawalk Puchong and One Utama GSC cinema is now serving us in Wangsa Walk. Located right next to the entrance of the mall, the café brings you all the convenience for fast take a way into the mall while you shop as well as a quick take a way on your way out.




Having a two storey café definitely have all the advantage for they would cater to the love of great and quiet ambience just pleasant and perfect for those wanting to sip in peacefully. The ground level connects people with the mall as you get views of shoppers filled with laughter.




The cosy lighting and the tempting aroma of freshly brewed tea and coffee fills the entire café would easily tempt and surprise the palates of even the most finicky taste buds.




Being really mesmerized by their Sea Salt Coffee, I had to try another sea salt beverage and this time around we went with Sea Salt Rose. Such appealing name, I was also empowered with full anticipation when waiting for it to be prepared.




Rose tea gives a calming sweet rosy fragrant while it was later finished with thick and smooth creamy foam with sprinkles of sea salt.




This drink comes with an optional topping choice of which I picked the Coconut Jelly. At the first sip, you taste none other than the salty creamy textured foam and later the rosy fragrant. Gradually, the sweetness would empower the rose tea.




Orders are proceeded real fast and swiftly after a few minutes visit their coffee house on the first floor and this outlet has got some really nice layout which is perfect and great for meet ups.




In case if anyone is wondering if there are any hot beverages, there are some nice teas in the menu. My regular Jasmine Green tea is a perfect especially when it was raining when I visited the outlet.




For those ChopChop Loyalty mobile users , this is another outlet where you can scan for your loyalty chops.


Lakaffa Coffee is located at:
Lot GL-05, Wangsa Walk Mall,
1 Jalan Wangsa Delima, Wangsa Maju, 53300
Kuala Lumpur.


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Congratulations LaKaffa Coffee Malaysia with the opening.


Love, Sycookies.






La Kaffa Coffee and movies at the GSC cinema


From Setia Walk to Bandar Utama, La Kaffa coffee has made it again. Being one of the three major brands owned by this multi-unit beverage service company namely La Kaffa, they have not only brought us great coffee and beverage range of pearl and milk tea but giving us the pleasure and luxury to enjoy these amazing choices of beverages with our favourite movies as well.




Having providing us with great coffee and milk tea alongside wonderful ambience at the Setia Walk outlet, they now gives us great drinks at quick grab into the cinema. No more sneaking in fancy drinks to the cinema all because the cinema have got only a selected few of boring beverages and soft drinks. Proceed to the Glitters café right next to the ticket counters and walk straight in with your selection of drinks into the cinema to enjoy with the latest movies.




I personally thought this was great and amazing for those fans of cinema because you don’t have to stick to soft drinks only. I went pitch perfect with the purchase of my Sea Salt Coffee and I enjoyed every bit of the movie and the coffee. Made with light and smooth foam that tasted salty on top of this perfectly brewed black coffee at the bottom, every sip is uniquely intriguing with salty turn bitter sweet and aromatic flavour that roams.




Now that is something to think off when selecting which cinema to go. I’d like to be able bring in more selection of choices of beverages in to my movies at the cinema.




Follow the coffee aroma of La Kaffa Coffee at One Utama’s GSC cinema at:
Lot E403, 4th Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama Bandar Utama Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lakaffamalaysia


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Love Sycookies



Lakaffa @ Setia Walk Puchong


Many love starting the day with a nice hot cup of coffee. Some likes it so much because they are so much addicted to the aroma of the coffee. Love or hate it, drinking and enjoying coffee from whole beans has changed our lives in many subtle ways. Whether we grind and brew at home, or drink our coffee in cafes, coffee has already been playing quite some role in the world even since historical times when the coffee industry places large effects on the economy and cultures where it came from and currently being enjoyed. Today, the indulgence of coffee is prominently seen as lifestyle essentials in Malaysia. With coffee houses like the Starbucks or Coffee Bean, one can hardly find anything else more complete and convenient under one roof.




La Kaffa coffee, one of the three major brands owned by this multi-unit beverage service company namely La Kaffa, has finally landed on our shore. Together with familiar names, Chatime and Zen Q, La Kaffa Coffee brings some of the top and finest quality of teas and coffees, juice, and toppings to satisfied different consumers. These flavoured mix of drinks and toppings have taken many country by storm and is currently residing in Malaysia too. Find your way to the Setia Walk Puchong to see for yourself the amazing ambience this café offers because right here, La Kaffa brings better coffee to Malaysians.




Most people would agree that these dessert/tea/coffee/juices beverages has becoming a cultural trend among people of all ages. This outlet happens to offer all that it has to almost everyone. The seats and interior are nicely done and the aroma of those freshly brewed teas and coffees that comes with it is simply breath taking.




My first sip of anything from the menu was the Taro Milk Tea. Although the Taro flavour seemed really thick, but the tea flavour somehow still roams after a while. In its widest sense, which includes aroma, taste is a very complex property that has so far not been assessed chemically. However, I find this combination somewhat interesting and intriguing. Next is the Chocolate Milk Tea which I recommend some pearls to go with it. Coffee lover should take note of the Sea Salt Coffee with this salty foam on the top and aromatic coffee at the bottom.




The menu is basically not over flooded with choices, but I would say they have more choices of coffees. They have few others somewhat similar to the Chatime. But you have to try it to tell the differences. The staffs were all friendly and helpful, but may take a little longer than expected in making the best and most perfect drink they could offer. As they are still pretty new, I reckon it would probably take them a little while to fall into the rhythm.




I definitely would return to try a few more of their drinks on the menu, and once again I must congratulate La kaffa Coffee on the grand opening and thank these proud owners for inviting me on the opening ceremony.




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Follow the coffee aroma of La Kaffa Coffee at:
E-05-G, BLOCK E, SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160
Puchong, Selangor
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lakaffamalaysia


For those worrying to add on more bulk to their existing loyalty cards stack, worry not because Chop Chop Loyaty is also with the La Kaffa.


Love, Sycookies



UFO has landed in Kepong!

Weekends are usually pretty contradicting when I always confuse myself and not being sure of whether I want to get out and have some fun or perhaps pampering myself with a spa or something, or if I should stay home grow mold. Last weekend however was another review session and this time, my favourite type of food. Thank FOOD for the invitation as it really saves a lot of trouble thinking of what to do or what needed to be done.


The invite came all the way from Kepong and I really didn’t mind or going all the way there for some lovely desserts. The thing about dessert is that you sometimes love and hate them at the same time. Although, UFO seemed to have done it well conveying more love than hate to the gastronomy indulgences. And with the trending Taiwan and Hong Kong dessert around Asia Pacific, people do get confuse with the many choices available in the market. In order to stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to either have very fancy and fun layout in your shop, or really amazing dessert to create the taste sensory image that seals to your tongue and brain. UFO seemed to have done it the later method. Thumbs up for that.




UFO sells some simple yet delicious drinks, hot dessert, and lusciously flavoured snow ice so perfect for the tropical weather, as well as light snacks that are pretty ideal for sharing. The best seller is the Pearl milk tea at RM 4.50, Ai-yu lemon Green tea at RM 4.50,Honey Peach Yogurt Drink at RM 4.50 (added rainbow jelly), and Winter melon tea at RM 3 (add grass jelly). Like most dessert chains, all drinks come with *sugar percentage options.




And for the casual meet ups and bonding sessions among friends and family, they have Fries with assorted flavours. No they did not alienised the fries, but it does come in assorted flavours. My favourite is the wasabi. Crispy fries drenched with wasabi flavour and it makes a perfect sharing snack. They also have fried calamari rings and fried chicken for those in desire for something a bit more solid and filling.




The toppings on the fries were amazing because they were never stinge with the toppings. Each and every bite explodes with blasting flavours keeping the aroma roaming in your mouth.




You really don’t need to get on a spaceship to get the star because it is right here in UFO. The best QQ balls series I have had since that light and fluffy ice started falling on our shore here in Malaysia. There they are known as the Taro balls. I love the chewy texture and the flavour. They are mildly sweet and lightly filled with aroma and fragrant of the sweet potato.


5.qq balls series


Another delicious and healthy dessert is the Soya ice series. Topped with bitter sweet grass jelly, QQ balls, yam and a plump amount of red beans.


8.soya ice series (1)


Speaking of healthy choices, pamper yourself with option of either the icy cool flakes, or the deliciously hot choices. I personally really like those mini QQ balls. Saves a lot of chewing hassle, and those little devils are as chewy as the big ones!




The grass jelly has this great bouncy texture; you can practically play with its wobbliness and have some silly fun while enjoying the desserts. At the same time, calm your connoisseurs indulge with the matcha series. Those ice flakes with green tea flavour is refreshingly soothing with the toppings. Not to mention how I love those Yogurt popping ball. Think Japanese Ikura texture, with bursting yogurt from inside those balls.


6.matcha series


And if tangy sweet if your kind of thing, than have some of their Ai-yu lemon ice with those Yogurt popping ball. It is fantastically cooling and refreshing. If not then just stick to grass jelly series.




Ufo does not just serve awesome dessert, they also go green by offering Chop Chop loyalty privileges to their customers. Chop chop is an innovative mobile app created to help organize the stacks of loyalty cards you have in your wallet.




UFO is located at :
No. 53, Jalan 3/62a,
Bandar Manjalara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +60 3 62626478
Mon – Sun: 1:00 pm – 1:00 am


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Love, Sycookies