Little Taiwan New Menu 2016 @ Pearl Point

  This is a great place to go in Pearl Point at Old Klang Road if you fancy a quick bite of classic Taiwanese dishes. There’s noodle soup, dumplings, Taiwan sausages and more. The mains and set meals are excellent value for money not to mention their speedy services. The signature Taiwanese Sausage (RM 10.90) … Continue reading

Secret Garden Chinese Restaurant @ Taman Sea, SS 23

  Chopsticks at the ready! The Secret Garden Chinese Restaurant at SS 23 has opened their door for Chinese cuisine lovers. The ‘secret’ in the name makes it sound all mystifying and underground, which is far from the truth. In décor and cooking, Secret Garden is not just one of a kind but utterly wonderful … Continue reading

Two Pesos Malaysia @ Kota Damansara

Two Pesos @ Kota Damansara (Second Outlet)   Steamboat is a communal affair, and groups of diners usually enjoy steamboat in huge group but what happens when there is very few of you but would still like to enjoy cooking bits of variation in bowls of assorted bubbling stocks? The popular choice and answer to … Continue reading

Lai Lai Casual Dining @ Kuchai Lama

  When reviewing a Japanese restaurant in this neighbourhood, I stumbled upon this Taiwanese Chinese cuisine which I thought is worth a word or two to share in case anyone is interested. First of all, the prices are really reasonable. A glance at the menu and more than half of the dishes are pretty decently … Continue reading

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack Celebrates 10th Anniversary with new menu !

  Think Taiwan street snack and the only place that probably comes to everyone’s mind would probably be the Shihlin’ Taiwan Street Snack. Little did we know that it has been 10 years since they arrived on our shore, and since then have been mushrooming perpetually every where all around the country. Celebrating their 10th … Continue reading

D’dream cafe, a must visit for Doraemon fan

  Spending years collecting priceless collectibles from all over the world, a young man with lasting persistency to one day share his precious with fans and others who love and adore the work of late Japanese artist Fujiko Fujio begins his journey to fulfill both the love for Japanese anime ambassador, Doraemon and food, in … Continue reading

Cutest burger in town @ the Bear Paw

  The first outlet has been running well in Setapak and that is one place I am often reluctant to travel to due to the distance and the very challenging traffic on the road. When the launch of the new outlet in SS 15, I delightfully proceed to explore those cute paws which originated from … Continue reading

Taiwan Recipe @ IOI mall

  Taiwan Recipe Restaurant is a sister chain outlet to Little Taiwan which serves halal Taiwan dishes. The outlet in IOI mall is very strategically suitable for those who want a quick bite or delicious snack menu. The two however is really different as this one serves pork in their dishes.   To begin with, … Continue reading

Fong Lye @ Sunway Pyramid

  Serving Taiwanese food, this commercialized Chinese restaurant serves a lot of set meals with one main dish, accompanied by a soup, and 3 side dishes, including a pickled appetizer. This has been a trend adapted from the Japanese culture (think bento set) and Taiwanese, which I won’t be surprise since they were still very … Continue reading

Chatime Mini Bubble Pearls

  Chatime, literally translated at tea time has been around for quite a while and still coming up with new drinks every now and then. Originated from Taiwan, with their hot selling pearls, a very chewy texture with slight syrup boiled and cooked before adding to any choice of beverage you order. Next, you also … Continue reading

LaKaffa Coffee @ Wangsa Walk

  Coming to the third post in Foodeverywhere, each post introduces some Lakaffa beverages which I believe would no longer be foreign to most foodies. Just in case there are some that are still unaware of what Lakaffa coffee is, they actually sells flavoured mix of drinks with the finest ingredient for teas and coffees, … Continue reading

La Kaffa Coffee and movies at the GSC cinema

  From Setia Walk to Bandar Utama, La Kaffa coffee has made it again. Being one of the three major brands owned by this multi-unit beverage service company namely La Kaffa, they have not only brought us great coffee and beverage range of pearl and milk tea but giving us the pleasure and luxury to … Continue reading