Green but tasty Smoothie Bowl

  Food intake and energy expenditure are balanced by homeostatic system that maintains our body fat content and this system can be overridden by stressful stimuli, thus the choices of our eating habit at times (aka de-stress with food). I know, I know… binging is bad..   A huge portion of our dietary practices are … Continue reading

Healthy Pizza with Missionfoods Pizza Crust

Healthy Pizza with Missionfoods Pizza Crust   That one question that I always get is how a food blogger keep up with eating so much and at the same time staying fit and healthy. Eating correctly and planning your meals ahead plays a big role and of course that daily dose of stretching and working … Continue reading

Mango Smoothie recipe by Shell Harris of Smoothie web

  I think we can all agree to some point that food indulgence has been a big part in our lifestyle. However most people are forgetting that we are what we eat. I’ve been encouraging clean eating on my instagram page so hopefully people realized that eating correctly is ultimately the key to not only … Continue reading

Joyful Lunar New Year with SCS butter x ABC baking studio

  Joyful Lunar New Year with SCS butter x ABC baking studio     Cookies are simple joy in festive and celebrations. With the multicultural festivals that we have in our country, SCS butter is amongst the names of the game when it comes to baking. And as we prepare for the joyous celebration of … Continue reading

#The21daymission Programme

  With the good food around us here in the Klang Valley, anytime is the perfect time to overhaul our diet. And the #The21daymission Programme created by Mission Food Malaysia, is a great one to start with.     Research shows that it takes 21 days to create a new habit or change an old … Continue reading

Recipe: Cupcake; the basic

Everybody loves a good cupcake. And one has to admit that cupcakes are perfect for parties. I love cupcakes mainly due to the very convenient sizes. What I love in a good cupcake is the moist and the key to that can be easily determined by the ingredients and easily achievable, starting with a quality … Continue reading

Recipe: Kimchi; the very basic method

  Food preserving is part of food microbiology and since ancient time, mankind has been really clever when it comes to cultivating ways and methods to preserve food for storage and to get them through the change of climates and weathers. Koreans are one of the few great food scientists which came up with one … Continue reading

Recipe: Thai Mango Sticky Rice Dessert

  Sticky rice is that delightful concoction that can be found accompanying many Asian dishes most often seen in Thai or Indonesian main courses. This delicacy is most commonly known as sweet glutinous rice in Thai cuisine as dessert. The recent mango season obviously got my palate so very spoiled with lovely apple mangoes. Apple … Continue reading

Recipe: Prosperity Tea

  During this festive season, one other thing I enjoyed apart from the food and kuih is the visit from relatives and friends. I like sitting around and listening to my parents conversation, as well as answering the few standard questions from all relatives; study or work and single or married. I also enjoy sitting … Continue reading

Recipe: Prosperity cake (Fa gao)

  Traditionally a symbol of prosperity, the Fa Gao is commonly a significant cake during festive celebration like the Chinese New Year or during prayer ceremony as offerings to Chinese deities. The name of the cake is a pun and literally translates to “prosperity raise”, meaning more prospered and higher in all aspects.   I … Continue reading

Nyonya Kuih Bangkit Recipe

  Happy Chinese New Year 2014 to all readers. I just had my reunion dinner and before that, I make it a point to bake some kuih for my family in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration. It is not a custom for my family but just for the sake of it, I thought … Continue reading

Recipe: Traditional Steamed Egg Cake (aka Kuey Neng Koh)

  There are many ways to call this other than the steamed sponge cake; some called it Kueh Neng Ko while others go with “Ji dan gao (鸡蛋糕)”.Anyway, they are commonly known amongst the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore as traditional cakes prepared usually for prayers alongside the “huat geh aka prosperity cake (recipe coming … Continue reading