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Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


No need to scratch your head when it comes to dining in Melawati Mall. The choices are so diverse one is spoilt with the wide selection. Scratch your head deciding what to order instead when it comes to the dishes that represents the heritage of Malaysia. The best of cuisine that is truly unique as a heritage of Malaysia is probably the Baba Nyonya dishes. Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili offers the wide selection of rich spices and herbs with dishes prepared upon order for their diners to ensure the freshness of each dish.


Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


Combining Chinese wok and claypot into local rempah, Chef Rimong made sure that the rich culinary flavour is delivered in their Peranakan dishes. Homey and comforting, the dishes were packed with flavours we are all familiar with. The dishes are not the only thing that’s capturing the heritage of Malaysia. . The interior and paintings on the wall is equally as heart-warming. Check out their batik prints on their menu. Every piece of menu has a unique piece of batik cloth on it. From the piping hot and savoury spicy claypot of Assam Pedas to the Sambal Petai Prawn and the kangkung Belacan, these dishes were delicious and goes fantastic with some white rice.


1Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


And just for the love of fried egg, the Cencalok Omelette is with no doubt on my “repeat order” list. The edges were crisp and textured just nice to balance the soft fluffiness of the egg. Also on the frying mode and the add-on-to-the-mains list is the Chicken Lobak. It could be good for nibbling but above all is Ayam Goreng Berempah that got my attention. Inside the meat was tender and juicy albeit looking a little dry. But hey, don’t let this fool you because it was delicious.


2.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
3.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


But if you love Peranakan dishes, the Chicken Pong Teh is not too shabby when it comes to generously portioned serving size. Serving hot in a claypot, the pieces of chicken submerging at the rich gravy will be a lovely companion for the white rice. And speaking of claypots, the fish is equally astounding and to be very honest was beyond my expectations. But nothing beats having a completely balanced meal with their vegetable dishes. I love the Kangkung very much- it was young plant and cooked to perfection at the correct timing to not ruin the texture of the green and still having that little bit of crunch in every bite. Plus, it wasn’t greasy despite the load of chili. Thumbs up for this one.


4.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
5.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
6.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
7.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


Lastly, don’t forget to treat yourself a little better sometimes for the most perfect meal isn’t complete without the desserts. Serving on the dessert menu is the Banana Fritters and Cendol. Myself is more of a fan or the later instead of the first but if you like breaded deep fried bananas, there is no reason to not order it.


8.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
9.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


This stop at the outlet here in the Melawati Mall was part of the Foodieville event organized by the mall and I also have the review on the rest of the participating fnb outlets for the occasion. Click HERE to read more about the rest of the restaurants in the mall.


Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili is located in Melawati Mall at:
100.1, L3 Jalan Sabah, Taman Melawati,
53100 Ampang, Selangor
Business hour: 10am – 10pm daily
Phone:+60 3-4161 6313
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sambalchillirestaurant/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelawatiMallOfficial/
GPS: 3.21066,101.7484403


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Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway stokes your cravings for the classic nyonya dishes when browsing through their simple and non intimidating menu. The few pages of laminated menu showcase nothing more than the few names of dish we are all familiar with as signatures of nyonya cuisine. And the non-existent décor and amateurishly presented menus of this tiny, no-frills homey restaurant might explain how they can do what they do: serving some of the best nyonya food in the capital at laughably reasonable prices is not low prices.


1.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


Malaysian cuisine consist a multicultural food element and Nyonya cuisine in particular is one that is prominent. It is a mixed, combined and a modified version of both Chinese and Malaysia culture, that stays exclusively unique and special till this very day. If there is anything that is auhentically and truly Malaysian, it would be our very own Nyonya heritage.
We ordered Roti Jala with curry chicken (RM 10.50) to begin. Chicken itself is tender, with plenty of sweet memories, very close to homely flavour.


2.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


Chicken Wings (RM 12) are to die for. It is the star of the show with that lovely coat of delicious marinates and is probably the best chicken wing you’d find around this district. Highly recommended this one.


3.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway

4.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


As comfortable as their curry chicken, another soulful, warm and comforting flavour that is so perfect to go with a plate of steaming white rice – Chicken Pongteh (set RM 10.50, ala carte RM 8.50).


5.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway

6.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


Beverages are pretty local and authentic as well. Teh Tarik (RM 3) or Ginger Tea very well represents Malaysia except the ‘ah ne’ at the mamak probably do it a whole lot better than this one here.


7.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


Sarang Cookery is located at:
8 Jalan Galloway, Kuala Lumpur.
(Same row as VCR cafe)
Phone:+60 12-210 0218
Business Hour : Mon-Sat, 730am-10pm
GPS: 3.1430631, 101.70546
Website: http://sarangcookery.com/


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A true Nyonya Chef; Debbie Teoh , and her galore of Nyonya Dishes @ PARKROYAL KL.


One of Malaysia’s most exquisitely preserved treasure is none other than our very own heritage of the Peranakan Baba dan Nyonya, which is especially most apposite to be represented through culinary in their authenticity and the genius mix of abundant use of a great array of spices and herbs. The persistency in authenticity of peranakan dishes is especially loud and clear when it comes to Chef Debbie Teoh who would classically present the most exquisite peranakan dishes at artisan level. This month, PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur showcases the tradition of peranakan Baba dan Nyonya through the nyonya dishes from the hands of a true nyonya bred. For the entire month, Chef Debbie Teoh lets the food speak of the culture to its dinners through their nyonya buffet.


5.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (13)
4.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (3)


The nyonya dishes tells a lot about the culture and the perseverance and effort to making and keeping the traditional flavour to preserve and keep the culture alive is obviously admirable. With the noble effort and venerable initiatives, Debbie who is also a writer for numerous cookbooks and the Nyonya Food Consultant for Tourism Malaysia feels that the tradition of this culture should and must be conserved before sinking into the sands of time as it dilutes with the comfort enjoyed by the younger generations. Her passion to the tradition in Nyonya dishes brings out the best of Malaysia’s cuisine. A classic role model and inspiration to many, and a definite professional in Nyonya food, and is bringing her expertise to the PARKROYAL KL from 5 September to 12 October 2014 in her showcase of buffet range; the Best of Malaysia: Nyonya Cuisine .


parkroyal nyonya 14 august


PARKROYAL KL is hosting this luxurious showcase of Nyonya feast and is available every Friday and Saturday nights ( 6.30pm-10.30pm) at promotional price of RM 85 per person, or a high tea session on Saturdays and Sundays (12.30pm-4 pm) at RM 75 per person with a complimentary cooking class with prior reservation. Read about buffet review here or click on picture for full review.


nyonya parkroyal


PARKROYAL KL is located at:
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2147 0088
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Parkroyalkualalumpur


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Best Of Malaysia: Nyonya Cuisine by Chef Debbie Teoh @ PARKROYAL KL


Starting 5th September onwards, Chatz Brasserie at the PARKROYAL KL brings the tradition of authentic nyonya delicacies to live life through buffets and interactive cooking classes by the talented Chef Debbie Teoh . Being a Nyonya herself, her expertise and skills in culinary is especially impressive when it comes to traditional Nyonya dishes.


1.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (1)


Warm up and get the appetite kicking in with the tantalising Hu pio Soup (fish maw soup) with some really bouncy ball made with fresh prawns and some cabbages to add on more sweetness and umami to every sip you take.


2.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (4)


Then proceed with Nasi ulam with this fantastic aroma and flavours from the rich herbs included in this. The sprinkle of chili padi brings extra kick when eating this but it certainly drive the dinners up for the next dish.


3.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (9)


Presenting the stage and spotlight stealer is the star ingredient with infinite acquired taste preferences. Pais Buah Keluak is a paste made with mainly buah keluak, the nuts from kepayang tree – a mangrove tree found in Indonesia and Malaysia, with a little addition of seafood for the subtle sweetness and wrapped in banana leafs before steam cooking it. This Asian carviar has got velvet smooth texture and with unique taste, you’ll either love or hate it and is available on la carte order at Rm 30 nett for 2 pieces.


4.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (3)


If that is not enough to satisfy the love or curiosity for buah keluak can have the Ayam Buah Keluak where one can enjoy digging the rich creamy paste out from the keluak seed itself. And infused with flavours from the gravy, is a memorable dish.


5.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (13)


Moving North where the Penang Gulai Perut Ikan (Rm 35) bring a rich flavour most perfect to go with steamed white rice that is included when ordered ala carte. For as long as one can saviour this dish, the rich fermented flavour is perfect as a communal dish.


6.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (14)


Continue with more seafood to enjoy the Ju Hu Char (Stir Fried Cuttle Fish) served with fresh lettuce leaf. An authentic nyonya dish to be eaten wrapped in leaf, this one is super refreshing.


7.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (2)


Then moving South Nyonya culinary, behold for the famous Melaka Ayam Pongteh, something I’ve always in favour with when served with white rice. Along with lovely pieces of potato, this can be a favourite for lots of kids.


8.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (11)


Also impressive to go with the white rice is the lovely Lemak Nenas Ikan Sepat if you like sweetness and aroma of pineapple in your food.


9.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (12)


Keep the palate refreshing with Chef Debbie’s Kerabu Jantung Pisang with Prawns and find yourself indulging in a rather strong and astringent, yet appetising dish. With the galore of dishes rather rich in flavour, this dish is a good one to clean the palate.


10.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (6)


The wide spread of amazing Nyonya food is even more exciting when moving to the desserts as Chef Debbie showcases her delicious traditional kuih. Talam cendol, Rempah Udang, and Kuih kasui for dessert lovers.


11.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (10)
12.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (7)
13.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (8)


In between dishes, clean the palate with their Serai Drink and Kedondong juice.


14.parkroyal nyonya 14 august (5)


The Buffet dinner is available on Friday and Saturday from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, priced at RM125 nett per adult and RM62.50 nett per child. Diners may enjoy this promotion at a promotional rate of RM85 nett per person. During the weekends, bring the entire family for a Hi-tea, available on Saturday and Sunday from 12.30pm to 4pm. It is priced at RM78 nett per adult and RM39 nett per child. Diners will also have the chance to enjoy complimentary Nyonya cuisine cooking classes before HI-tea commences with prior reservations.


Prior reservation is required for Best of Malaysia: Nyonya Cuisine By Chef Debbie Teoh. For reservations or enquiries, please call 03 2147 0068 or email chatz.prkul@parkroyalhotels.com.


PARKROYAL Hotel Kuala Lumpur is located at:
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Toll free: 18002200021
GPS : 3.14479,101.712745


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Malaysia’s Home Cooked Dishes @ Mum’s Place


Mum’s place has all this crazy dishes that would almost drive you nuts when looking at their very homely and localized dishes. With the very extensive choices of poultries, vegetables and seafood, I would say the dishes are real suitable for communal eating but not individual or solo eating. The mix of choices is somewhat a whirled up combination of Chinese, Malay, and Nyonya dishes. Starting with the Protugese “Devil” Curry which is not entirely devil. In contrary, it was lovely tangy spicy selling at RM 16.80.


1.mum's place -Protugese “Devil” Curry RM 16.80 (1)_副本


Followed by the Fried Cencaru Fish with Chili Padi Paste and Petai, this one doesn’t have very complicated flavours. But the petai would be distinguish and outstanding along with the piquant gravy paste.


2.mum's place -2.Fried Cencaru Fish with Chili Padi Paste and Petai_副本


Next is the Lemak Kuning Pedas Prawn which sells at RM 29. The flavour is great with lots of spicy sensation. The prawn lack freshness so that did not quite make this dish a star that night.


3.mum's place -Lemak Kuning Pedas Prawn RM 29_副本_副本


This Fried Otak-otak Cubes served with Thai Sauce is a good dish for appetizer. Selling at RM 16.80, the cubes are addictively tasty with the cube size just nice for bites.


4.mum's place -Fried Otak-otak Cubes served with Thai Sauce RM 16.80 (2)_副本


To balance off the meal with some plants, the Daun Keledek with Lime Juice, dried Shrimp and chili padi is great at RM 13.90. Very mildly spicy despite the chili padi in it and instead the lime juice enhances the dried shrimp flavour and brings out the sweetness in this dish.


5.mum's place -Daun Keledek with Lime Juice, Dried Shrimp and chili padi Rm 13.90 (1)_副本


Also similar to that is the Four Angle Beans with Belacan or with garlic. Also selling at RM 13.90, this could be slightly pricier given how this dish is so commonly sold everywhere else at a lower price.


6.mum's place -Four Angle Beans with Belcan or with garlic Rm 13.90 (1)_副本


And as mentioned earlier, the whirled mix of dishes comprising of many choices which happened to also include some for those who do not fancy piquant flavours. There is the Steamed Taufu with Minced Chicken (RM 13.90), “Foo Yoong” Tan (Chinese-Style Omelete)(RM 13.60), and the Steamed Egg (RM 13.60).


7.mum's place -Steamed Taufu with Minced Chicken RM 13.90 (3)_副本
8.mum's place -“Foo Yoong” Tan (1)_副本
9.mum's place -Steamed Egg RM 13.60 (1)_副本


The Fried Honey Sotong was a little hard and tough when I tried it, and if is supposed to be as such, then I absolutely would not order this again when I return. This is priced at RM 16.80.


10.mum's place -Fried Honey Sotong RM 16.80_副本


With a wide selection to cater for dinners, the restaurant also have sweeter dishes like the Honey chicken which would inevitably leave a smile on any child after eating this. This dish sells at RM 16.80.


11.mum's place -Honey chicken RM 16.80 (2)_副本


For those with fond memories of authentic home cook soup, here is where you get a taste of it and would be blissful after the meal. The Lotus Root Soup with Groundnuts and Chicken Fillet sells at an affordable price of RM 14.80 per portion and every portion serves up to 4 pax.


12.mum's place -Lotus Root Soup with Groundnuts and Chicken Fillet RM 14.80 per portion serves 4 (3)


And lastly some ice flakes of Cendol with red beans for RM 5.90. With generous amount of red beans, and rich Melaka coconut sugar hence makes this as a refreshingly sweet and great dessert after such delectable meal.


13.mum's place -Cendol with red beans RM 5.90_副本
14.mum's place -Cendol with red beans RM 5.90 (2)_


Mum’s place has got this huge space which keeps dining so pleasurable. The decors at each corner are absolutely charming and creatively exploited into partitions to create privacy for dinners. One of the rooms is filled with pictures and old memorabilia which palpably add few dashes of character to this otherwise very blandly themed colour of the restaurant.


15.mum's place (13)
16.mum's place (9)
17.mum's place (63)


The Mum’s restaurant is a great place to introduce the local home flavours under one roof. With the bright signage, it is easily spotted. Also, the parking bay is easily available around the restaurant.


mum's place


Mum’s place is located at :
33-1 Jalan PJU 8/5a,
47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7727 8443
Website: mumsplace.com.my


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Authentic Nyonya Kuih @ Publika (Eat Food Village)


Kuih, is a term used for snacks that are often bite sized amongst Malaysian. The very popular Kuih amongst Malaysian is those made by the Straits Chinese, also known as the Peranakan. Because the peranakan are a mixed race decendants of Chinese and Malay, the culture speaks itself through the traditional dishes and Kuih. This cross cultural influencing makes it hard to distinguish the Kuih of Malay or the Peranakan. Mum is a peranakan and I am always impressed with the hard work and the tedious steps in making those delicate Kuih. Reason why the nyonya Kuih are often so unique and delicious because back in olden days, men would work and bring home income where else the ladies would stay home as the perfect house wife and mother to nurture the kids and make delicious food for their families.


To name a few of my personal favourite, the ondeh-ondeh, Kuih lapis, Ang ku kuey, Chai tow Kuey, and many more. Mum kept her recipes and would always try to get any one of us to learn how to make them. I might probably just leave that to my sis as she seems to have more talent in cooking than I do. And besides, I conveniently get them in malls whenever I feel like eating them. In Publika’s food village, you find this awesome cart with varieties of kuih, much more than you can imagine. Having said that, nothing beats mum’s kuih.


1.@publika kuih


The custom built cart that brings you all the way to the 60s and 70s here in the EAT Food Village is simply impressively an eye candy. With all the woven baskets and hanging packets of delicious snacks, this would be the brilliant stall to reminisce some old time flavour.


2.@publika kuih (5)


Look at those pretty and colourful cakes, you might just be too tempted to buy one of each. But take note of this, these Kuih are not made to last too long so you might not want them to go rotten before you can taste them.


3.@publika kuih (1)
4.@publika kuih (2)


From cakes to puddings, to biscuits and dumplings made from rice or glutinous rice and flour that is steamed or baked, the taste of sweet or savoury is great with most with coconut milk in it. I still think mum makes the best Nyonya Kuih, but this one has got my attention and appreciation as well.


This authentic kuih cart is located in Food Village (near Chatime) at the Publika:
E.A.T. Food Village,
Publika Shopping Gallery,
1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Opens daily from 10am to 9pm


6.@publika kuih (3)


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Penang Nyonya


Being a half Peranakan, I was never fascinated with most of the commercialized Nyoya cuisine around me. Like the rest, Penang Nyonya in Subang Parade is not an exceptional. Even though, I really do like a few of their dishes in the menu.


I like how I can conveniently head to Subang Parade for some Roti Jala set which is served accompanied by chicken curry.


14.roti jala @penang nyonya subang parade (5)


The Nasi Bojari in particular became my favourite. Perhaps because my mother has rarely made that at home, so what you don’t have is always in your wish list. Thus it instantly became my favourite.


1. penang nyonya subang parade (16)


See how colourful is the rice. Simple yet pretty looking, I thought it was brilliant. The sambal and chili is amazing, fiery hot and spicy, but palatable and divine to me.


2.penang nyonya subang parade (17)
3.penang nyonya subang parade (26)


So because I have such a spicy tongue, I couldn’t resist getting all the spicy food that was luring from the menu like there is a spell casting from within the menu. Hence, Asam fish curry that came with some ladies fingers in it. It is good and at RM 20.50, I guess they have to give you a plump slice.


4. penang nyonya subang parade (27)


Next dish is the Asam laksa, which I regretted not ordering it with vermicelli. Well, to be fair to them, it’s somewhat subjective because I happen to favour vermicelli to the usual noodle which supposedly to go with asam laksa. Now, note to Ms Kim Lee whom have been requesting for a good asam laksa on Facebook page, this is a good commercialized asam laksa just to satisfy your crave.


5. penang nyonya (2)


So the soup had thick stock of actual fish with lots of finishing garnish of onions, chilis, mint leaves (my favourite) and lemon grass. I’ve always thought that the use of lemon grass into asam laksa is a fantastic choice. Adding both the lemon grass and fresh peppermint leaves to the asam laksa really help mask the astringent taste of the other ingredients.


6. penang nyonya (3)


What is nyonya food without Nasi lemak ….yum. Hot steamed pandan and santan rice was okay. Not fabulous compared to what I’ve been having all these while from home. But I really like the fresh served nasi lemak. Freshly cut cucumber has always been something I am rather particular with when I eat sliced cucumber. So when ordering this, always expect hot steaming rice with hot curry chicken served with fried groundnuts and crunchy fried anchovies. Don’t forget the cooling freshly cut cucumber and half a boiled egg.


7. nasi lemak penang nyonya


If you aren’t too enthusiast with fiery flavours, there is mild choices in the menu. Cantonese fried kuey tiao or the western menu. Because this is a halal restaurant, eating Chinese menu here isn’t a very wise choice if you are a non-halal consumer. I thought it kind of lack a little without the pork and fried pork cutlets.


8. cantonese fried kuey tiao  @ penang nyonya


However, they compensate with rich seafood ingredient and chicken. I somewhat dislike how they prepare the fried kuey tiao before hand, and throw in the thick gravy into the wok with a stir. I dislike how the kuey tiao sticks in a lump.


9. penang nyonya subang parade (2)
10. penang nyonya subang parade (1)


The western menu is good. They were served in big and generously delectable portions. Children would love this so this makes the restaurant a great family hangout place as well. See the Black pepper chicken chop for instance.


11.penang nyonya


Speaking of children’s love, there is an array of authentic nyonya desserts which everybody loves. We tried the Bubur cha cha and Cendol, and I love it. Of course there are much better ones, mostly on the streets. I guess you can’t enjoy both privilege of having air condition, comfortable dining place and scrumptious meal at the same time. At least not here in this restaurant, but it was still good. It could use more gula Melaka for the cendol. And they should try not overcooking the taro. Don’t forget to try their Teh-c. It was quite good for a commercialized restaurant. Nothing beats those made by the uncles from old kopitiams. But this was not bad.


12. cendol n teh c
14.penang nyonya subang parade (15)
13.penang nyonya (4)


The restaurant has a spacious dinning layout


15.penang nyonya subang parade (11)
16.penang nyonya subang parade (12)


The Penang Nyonya is located at :


LG29A, Lower Ground Floor,Subang Parade,
No. 5, Jln SS 16/1,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


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