Meat the Porkers – Pork Biryani @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publiika)

  Leave your diet at the door: the pork dishes at Meat the Porkers at Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) – the first iconic pork briyani restaurant- are some of the most unashamedly porky, calorific bad boys in this neighbourhood, and even in the whole of Asia. Don’t feel guilty with those tender bites of juicy … Continue reading

Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas

  Banana Leaf Rice in Hartamas may not offer that Bollywood symphony when it comes to the styles and decors but the simple offerings are much tuned to the liking of Malaysian. Also cooking few simple mamak dishes and our typical goreng dishes, I reckon they are probably trying to cater to meet the demand … Continue reading

Restaurant Menara Biryani @ USJ

  Restaurant Menara at USJ serves up excellent Pakistan and Indian dishes despite its rather irrelevant name and this surprisingly clean and tidy restaurant serves to cater the neighboring patrons with meals as well as catering services for occasions. They could use a better lighting to lighten the restaurant but food is mainly the highlight … Continue reading

Big Singh Chapati @SS 15

  Delicious smells waft from this Punjabi restaurant serving the usual ethnic fare, where all their breads are made to order. There is no scenic view or alfresco dining but the décor in Big Singh Chapatti is delightful and comfortable. Their attraction, their bread of course are complemented by a symphony of flavours and cooking … Continue reading

Hameediyah Nasi Kandar @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara

  Think Nasi Kandar and it probably has already staked a name for itself in Penang as one of the signature Malaysia-Indian cuisine. Packaged in a fast-food-style dining, Hammediyah Nasi Kandar in Kota Damansara is now serving hot and fiery in Sunway Nexis, the notorious hotbed of eateries.     When navigating through this heavily … Continue reading

Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields

  Located along the main road and occupying more than 5000 square feets, the Nagas restaurant is exactly opposite the La Salle School near the Brickfields police station. Parking availability is very challenging at anytime of the day. Serving South Indian Chettinad food, North Indian food, and few other Malaysian delights, things like our usual … Continue reading

Blazing Hot @ Fierce Curry House

  Living up to their name, they surely are fierce with their extensive choices of authentic Indian cuisine. The pull factor is none other than the practice of dum pukht, which takes a long time by means of very low flame in sealed silver pot. And that I am referring to the briyani rice which … Continue reading

South Indian Cuisine in Solaris Mont Kiara

  Leaf dining is another south Indian cusine like every other Indian restaurants we get in Malaysia. At least most Indian restaurant as I was told that North Indian cuisine is more intriguing. It is probably because we are too used to the South cuisine hence north cuisine becomes exciting to some point. We shall … Continue reading

Banana Leaf Rice with the twist of evolution

  Banana leaf rice is originated from South India and is often served with an assortment of vegetables, pickles, curry, and some papadum. Banana leaf rice meaning white rice serving on a banana leaf, and traditionally eaten with hands. Being in Malaysia, we really have the luxury of food from different cultures. Having said that, … Continue reading

All time favourite Indian Cuisine

  Indulge in a Banana Leaf Rice set with a whole range of spicy and tangy curries alongside with some vegetables in SS15 Subang Jaya for lunch on a weekday is probably one of the most enjoyable thing you can possibly think of doing with your close friends. And in order to do that, you’ve … Continue reading

Banana Leaf Rice @ Kanna Curry House

After my first review at Sri Paandi, there has been more demand from readers to publish more local Indian food. So I thought I could do another write up on one of my favourite famous banana leaf rice. Many would have already known them, but I thought it would be a good share. There are … Continue reading

Banana Leaf rice @ Sri Paandi (PJ)

The Indian cuisine is one of the few fascinating ones where they use a lot of nuts, roots and leaves in there cooking. If you go to an authentic Indian restaurant, a common serving on most tables would be the banana leaf rice. It is basically just white rice, with some dishes, normally 3-4 vegetable … Continue reading