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Meat the Porkers – Pork Biryani @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publiika)


Leave your diet at the door: the pork dishes at Meat the Porkers at Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) – the first iconic pork briyani restaurant- are some of the most unashamedly porky, calorific bad boys in this neighbourhood, and even in the whole of Asia. Don’t feel guilty with those tender bites of juicy pork meats in their authentically spiced Pakistan flavours for they are one of the kind that is a must for pork lovers.


3.Meat the Porkers
4.Meat the Porkers


The pages on the menu with plenty of dishes can be intimidating to those who is not familiar with the dishes but Meat the Porkers cleverly compiled a single page to recommend the best selling and the must try. The kitchen obviously excels in biryani rice so the Siew Yoke Biryani (RM 28) is very highly recommended especially when they cleverly put away only the skin from the roasted pork belly and lets the rest of the belly layers sink inside the moist and fragrant basmati rice.


6.Meat the Porkers
7.Meat the Porkers
1.Meat the Porkers
2.Meat the Porkers


Naan is outstanding if not over burnt and bacon makes a surprise appearance with splendid cheese stuffed in it. Bacon and Cheese Naan (RM 15) with that generous amount of bacon chips is good to go on its own but we had it with the Makhanwala. Big chunks of tandoori pork cooked in luscious creamy tomato and butter gravy and then flavoured with dry fenugreek leaves makes the most perfect Butter Pork (RM 28) I’ve ever had.


5.Meat the Porkers
9.Meat the Porkers
8.Meat the Porkers


After a refit a in 2016, the restaurant formerly known as Fiercer than Fierce is now visually more welcoming and with the entry of pork as a draw factor, Meat the Porkers is even more so to be taken seriously when everything sings freshness and flavours. Prices are pegged slightly at the sharp end for a meal, but are totally worthy and even more admirable among pork lovers.



Click HERE for more photos and MENU on flickr.


Meat the Porkers is located at:
D1.G3.5, Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
1, Jalan Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur 50480
Tel: 0199871945
Business Hour: 12pm- 11:30pm daily
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeatThePorkers/
GPS: 3.1716515,101.664641


Meat The Porkers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas


Banana Leaf Rice in Hartamas may not offer that Bollywood symphony when it comes to the styles and decors but the simple offerings are much tuned to the liking of Malaysian. Also cooking few simple mamak dishes and our typical goreng dishes, I reckon they are probably trying to cater to meet the demand of the lunch crowd. But then again, being a banana leaf rice restaurant means the banana leaf would still be the stealer so that is the only thing I tried when I dined in. Besides, I rarely say no to banana leaf rice.


1.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
9.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas


The masalas and marinates were tempting and trust me when it comes to their yogurt. They make pretty decent Tairu (RM 2). Order that to go with your Banana Leaf rice set that consist 4 dishes and rassam.


2.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
3.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
4.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
5.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
6.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas  Review on blog at: http://wp.me/p1tyh7-1UQ


Their homely dhal is lovely and plenty of their dishes are authentic rendering of South Indian cuisine. Roti are not available all day round but I was fortunate to be able to order the pratha and they were impressive enough to have me ordering the same at my future visit.


7.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas


Although not having the most alluring interiors, the place is neat and clean at a pleasant location with ample parking spaces.


8.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas


The Banana Leaf Rice Hartamas is located at:
17, Jalan Sri Hartamas 7,
Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone 03-6211 6772
Opening Hours: 7 AM to 9 PM Daily
GPS: 3.1574581,101.650132


The Banana Leaf Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Restaurant Menara Biryani @ USJ


Restaurant Menara at USJ serves up excellent Pakistan and Indian dishes despite its rather irrelevant name and this surprisingly clean and tidy restaurant serves to cater the neighboring patrons with meals as well as catering services for occasions. They could use a better lighting to lighten the restaurant but food is mainly the highlight here. This entertainingly named restaurant offers some very authentic dishes with original spices from India and Pakistan and if I must bring your attention to the wow factor, it’ll have to be the outstanding starter crackers and dip. We had several servings of these while waiting for our mains to arrive.


Restaurant Menara @ USJ


The enormous plates of their famous biryani are probably the best within this area, with high quality basmati rice cooked with rich spices. The comprehensive aroma is the first thing that would have your saliva gland working. The lamb biryani was simply delicious with lamb cooked to perfect tender and rice beautifully cooked to perfection and to my liking when it wasn’t as oily and wet as what’s served at the Big Singh .


Restaurant Menara @ USJ
Restaurant Menara @ USJ


The usual ethnic fares are available and if you’ve been a fan of all this robust herbs and spices in Pakistan cuisine, I recommend group dining.


Restaurant Menara @ USJ
Restaurant Menara @ USJ
Restaurant Menara @ USJ


I have this one on my snap stories (please don’t bother my nuisance) if anyone is interested. Please forgive the lousy photos- I didn’t have my camera with me .



Click HERE for their MENU


Restaurant Menara is located at:
1-1& 1-3, Jalan USJ 9/5P,
47620 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 0380246751/0126991184
Business Hour: 10AM–10:30PM Daily
GPS: 3.0459349,101.586019
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Restoran-Menara


Restoran Menara Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Big Singh Chapati @SS 15


Delicious smells waft from this Punjabi restaurant serving the usual ethnic fare, where all their breads are made to order. There is no scenic view or alfresco dining but the décor in Big Singh Chapatti is delightful and comfortable. Their attraction, their bread of course are complemented by a symphony of flavours and cooking styles of dishes from homely dhal to grilled meats and biryani rice worthy of the waiting time. Cheese Prontha (RM 6.90), Onion Prontha (RM 5), Cheese Naan (RM 10), Parotha (RM 3), Chapati (RM 2) are not very much too highly priced but it was consistent and fantastically keen.


1.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15
2.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15
3.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15


The kitchen also excels in biryani. Biryani Mutton Dum (RM 18.90), Biryani Chicken Dum (RM 15.90), and Biryani Chicken (RM 17.90) have prices pegged at the sharp end, but these delicious rice with your protein in it are at a good portion perfect for sharing. At communal dining, there is the option of smaller Briyani rice (RM 4).


4.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15
5.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15


The add on for hungry patrons, there is a splendid spread of dishes based on clever use of classic herbs and spices. Sink your teeth into some tasty slow cooked chunks of chicken and mutton with lovely mix of masala, spiced with sweet spices and pounded herbs were all outstanding. I love their Mutton Keema (RM 15.90), and Butter Chicken (RM 19.90). Also, spice levels are at authentic levels for the Lahori Chicken (RM 11.90) and Bhindi Masala (RM 11.90) but the creamy gravy were luscious and lovely to go with those bread or rice. Naans are best to go with Palak Paneer (RM 15.90), and despite the hindsight guilt feeling, I’d still say it’s worthy of the calories. Just make sure you balance this out accordingly (I’ve added 15 minutes to my daily yoga session for the next few days).


6.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15
7.Big Singh Chapati @ SS 15
8.Big Singh Chapati @ SS 15


Speaking of masala and I can tell you it doesn’t just stopped at the dishes. We had the Masala tea hot (RM 3.50), Masala tea cold (RM 4) and Teh Tarik (RM 2) for that perfect ending for this satisfying meal. For some reason, this combo really worked out for that satisfaction guaranteed after meal sensations. Otherwise, there are those healthier options- Mango Lassi (RM 7.50), Mint Lassi (RM 6.50), Plain Lassi (RM 5.50), Watermelon Juice (RM 6.90), Lime Juice (RM 4.90), or the Teh O Ais (RM 2.30). Game lovers are well looked after with their super huge menu for beverages.



8.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15


The rich, warmly spiced masala dishes and grains of delicious biryani rice is worth getting messy for; and those soft and chewy warm buttery chapatti makes the perfect foil. Forget about the cutleries, some things are worth remaining finger licking.


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Big Singh Chapatti is located at:
41, SS 15/5A,
SS 15, Subang Jaya 47500
Business Hour: 11 am -10:30 pm daily
Tel: 0126016130
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bigsinghchapati
GPS: 3.0800952,101.590595


Big Singh Chapati Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Hameediyah Nasi Kandar @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara


Think Nasi Kandar and it probably has already staked a name for itself in Penang as one of the signature Malaysia-Indian cuisine. Packaged in a fast-food-style dining, Hammediyah Nasi Kandar in Kota Damansara is now serving hot and fiery in Sunway Nexis, the notorious hotbed of eateries.


1.Hameediyah Nasi Kandar @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara


When navigating through this heavily saturated enclave, Hammediyah Nasi Kandar stands out in bright yellow and pleasant green, with tidy seats and tall ceiling with warm lighting and a delicious wafting scent of spices. We often see nasi kandar stalls with mamak, traditionally wearing a sarung on the waist and friendly smile beneath that moustache. Here, it is represented on the walls to making it family friendly to dine in. Eat outdoor when it is breezy, or dine on mezzanine level for a bit more privacy.


2.Hameediyah Nasi Kandar @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara


If the fancy décor gives you any doubt on the authenticity of the dishes, fret not. Instead, be rest assured that the simmering meats and golden rice grains is one hundred percent Malaysian comfort food at its best. Fresh serving from the high turnover (from the perpetual line of diners) is amazing, and what’s more impressive is the hint of rich spices in those generous chunks of meats meshed every plate of our meal.


3.Hameediyah Nasi Kandar @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara
4.Hameediyah Nasi Kandar @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara


Add on more dishes when sharing- I like my sotong and papadum. It’s incredible this generously- portioned dish with a drink causes about RM 15 with meats, vegetables, eggs, etc. Don’t forget to complete the meal with soothing sweet and delightful teh tarik before leaving happy.


5.Hameediyah Nasi Kandar @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara
6.Hameediyah Nasi Kandar @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara


Watch my saved snap stories of this place in case anyone missed it on my Snapchat .



Click HERE for their MENU and HERE for more photos on flikr.


Hameediyah Nasi Kandar is located at :
AGF.01, Block A, Ground Floor, Jalan PJU 5/8,
Dataran Sunway, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opens Monday to Friday from 11 am- 10 pm
GPS: 3.1500735,101.594341


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Hameediyah Nasi Kandar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato




Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields


Located along the main road and occupying more than 5000 square feets, the Nagas restaurant is exactly opposite the La Salle School near the Brickfields police station. Parking availability is very challenging at anytime of the day. Serving South Indian Chettinad food, North Indian food, and few other Malaysian delights, things like our usual favourite are available at all time. Nasi lemak, mee goreng and assorted nasi goreng are all served within few minutes and the restaurant operates 24 hours. No service tax here because you help yourself with the ordering and paying. That probably is one of the drawbacks, but it didn’t stop diners to frequent the restaurant. Food serving is very fresh thanks to the speedy flow of serving and rapid turnover of customers.


7.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields
8.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields


Diners select their choices of dishes and vegetables (RM 1.50) and poultry or seafood dishes (RM 3-5) to go with rice and this is great for communal eating.


9.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields

10.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields

11.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields


Otherwise, solo diners can enjoy their Briyani Rice (RM 11).


12.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields

13.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields


The tosai is really not bad, but the best is the gravies- the chutney is awesome, and their dahl and curry is very tuned to the local palate making this a superb place to dine. There are assorted traditional Indian kuih (RM 0.50- RM 2) alongside many varieties of local favourites with the crowd pleaser- the delivious curry puff.


4.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields

5.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields

6.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields

1.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields

2.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields

3.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


Nagas is located at:
No.3339, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
50470 Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2273 7475
Fax: 03-2273 7476
Opening Hours : 24 hours daily (except Sunday, 5:30am – 12am)
GPS: 3.1275357,101.682926


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Blazing Hot @ Fierce Curry House


Living up to their name, they surely are fierce with their extensive choices of authentic Indian cuisine. The pull factor is none other than the practice of dum pukht, which takes a long time by means of very low flame in sealed silver pot. And that I am referring to the briyani rice which is prepared using dough to seal the individual pots to retain the essence of flavours, keeping the moist and steam from escaping.


0.fierce curry -briyani (1)


With an assortment of selection for the briyani, they certainly are awesome enough to be shortlisted Best Cheap Eats and Best Indian of the Time Out KL Food Awards last year. The aroma of the rich spiced briyani and chicken instantly triggered the saliva gland as tearing the dough to remove the lid when it was wafting though the steam.


8.fierce curry -briyani (6)_


The rice was harmoniously accompanied by fiercely hot curry and vegetable dishes. When the fragrant from the briyani meets the powerful flavour of the curry, it was a pièce de résistance. The hustling from the surrounding momentarily freezes for that few seconds before I greedily dug into my meal.


9.fierce curry -briyani (2)_
6.fierce curry -dahl and chicken curry (2)_


Of course, we must not cut short the signature dish when representing the Indian Cuisine. Banana leaf rice is probably on top of the list when referring to the Indian cuisine. The Fierce Curry House did not fall too far behind ferocious when serving the banana leaf rice.


1.fierce curry -banana leaf rice (4)


Serving beautifully on silver plates with cut out banana leafs beneath each dishes did not represent authenticity of this dish, but it is inevitably neat and clean looking. The dishes were supple to compliment the otherwise underwhelming and least impressive white rice which was too hard to my liking.


4.fierce curry -banana leaf rice_
5.fierce curry -banana leaf rice (3)


Next in line is the Fierce Tandori Chicken which was amazing when the lime bring out the flavour of the tasty pieces of chicken. The chicken had a perfect moist which tantalizingly addictive to polish every single piece of bones within the chicken.


7.fierce curry -tandori chicken_


Certainly living up to the name of the restaurant, I must admit the spicy level is slightly above majority Indian restaurants in town. But fear not, as the beverage covers a variety of Malaysian favourite as well as authentic Indian recipes.


10.fierce curry teh ais, nescafe ice


Having looking ordinary on the outside, every nook in this restaurant is decorated with effort to please dinners and creating comfortable zone for customers to enjoy delicious Indian dishes.


2.fierce curry (24)
3.fierce curry (26)


Presented with a bold signature on the shop facing the road, it is not difficult to miss this exciting sensation. I am returning for the Lobster Briyani in no time so let’s watch out for the burning excitement very soon.


11.fierce curry (31)


The Fierce Curry House is located at
16, Jalan Kemuja, KL, 59000
Tel :019-383 0945


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