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Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)


Privileged to be tasting the new addition from my favourite dining establishment, there is absolutely nothing quite like the indulgence of the lovely Afternoon Tea especially when it is with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. Fritz Brasserie at Ground level of Wolo Hotel is now serving these tiers of sweet and savoury dainty bite sized treats featuring their new menu of delectable bites like the chicken curry kapitan with cilantro mayo and a smoked salmon croissant, as well as a variety of sweets, including their newest range of Baby Cakes. Being invited to taste the new serving, it was the perfect and most wonderful excuse to sit through the middle of the afternoon and leisurely sip through your tea or coffee.


1.1Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)

1.Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)

2.Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)

3.Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)

4.Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)


Serving high tea daily from 3-6pm and for RM 55+ per person, this is including a pot of tea of your choice, or if you’d prefer coffee. I personally love tea at tea sessions and appreciates the art of afternoon tea very much despite the higher sugar content in general. But the art of afternoon tea has gradually from where it is originated became what we seemed as a fashionable indulgence. Even more so when it quickly spread from common tea rooms to the garden. Here in Fritz Brasserie, things are better with the first-class services from their meticulously well-dressed service crew, in the overwhelmingly decorated interior at the establishment. This no – nonsense modern European designed establishment with grand chandelier over the space with high ceiling and tall window panes would be the ideal place providing calm and serenity to keep those hunger pangs in between lunch and dinner at bay.


5.Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)

6.Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)

7.Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)

8.Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)

9.Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)

10.Afternoon Tea @ Fritz Brasserie (Ground Floor, Wolo Hotel)


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Fritz Brasserie is located at:
Ground Floor, WOLO, Bukit Bintang Street,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour: Daily 7am-1am
Phone: 03-4065 0876
GPS: 3.1470646,101.711406


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St. Regis, KL’s pink high tea (#STREGISKLxBAZAAR)


Looking for a means of avoiding hunger pangs in the long gap between an early lunch and a late supper, what’s better than a delightful high tea session in support of the breast cancer awareness month? Since the birth of the first Harper’s BAZAAR Pink Project in 2008, BAZAAR has delved into a subject that was once considered taboo, and has pledged to raise breast cancer awareness in one way or another. This year, we are looking at nine exclusive pink merchandise as a symbol of empowerment and with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Foundation, BAZAAR has also teamed up with St Regis Kuala Lumpur for an afternoon tea indulgence.


1.St. Regis, KL’s pink high tea (#STREGISKLxBAZAAR)
2.St. Regis, KL’s pink high tea (#STREGISKLxBAZAAR)
With the happers pink bazar, this high tea session at the St Regis KL remained faithful to the classic combination of finger sandwiches, scones, and sweet pastries accompanied by a remarkable selection of lovely tea choices. All three of us ordered three different tea and all three were pleasant if not magnificent to pair with the tiers dainty sweet treats. Sampled morsels of their splendid sandwiches and experienced the friendliest and most charming service by the immaculately suited servicing team.


3.St. Regis, KL’s pink high tea (#STREGISKLxBAZAAR)
4.St. Regis, KL’s pink high tea (#STREGISKLxBAZAAR)


The wonderful selection features a bottomless sandwich canapés, scones and pastry with some lovely tea selection arraying from red to black (Grand Wedding, Jasmine Queen, Napolean, Sencha, Festive Night, and French Earl Grey). Tea steeped at the right strength to my liking was a delight to the session and those polished tea set is absolutely beautiful.


5.St. Regis, KL’s pink high tea (#STREGISKLxBAZAAR)
6.St. Regis, KL’s pink high tea (#STREGISKLxBAZAAR)
7.St. Regis, KL’s pink high tea (#STREGISKLxBAZAAR)


Cheers to breast cancer awareness in a fashionable way, this exclusive afternoon tea set in conjunction will be made to public starting16th Oct – 16th Nov (available fr from 3pm to 6pm) with each set (for 1 pax) being accompanied with 1 limited edition BAZAAR designer pink ribbon. Big thanks to Zid and Alyssia for the lovely session. Tea was lovelier with their companion.


8.St. Regis, KL’s pink high tea (#STREGISKLxBAZAAR)


SANDWICH CANAPES- Alaskan King Crab, Peppermint Citrus, Pomegranate on Ginger Bread Scottish Smoked Salmon, Chives Creme Fraiche on Rye Bread Egg Mayonnaise French Black Truffle Beet Chicken, Saffron Rouille on Walnut Bread


SCONES- Raspberry Scones Fig Fruta Scones Strawberry jam Original English Clotted Cream


PASTRY- Rose Villa Checkers Raspberry Pavlova, Light Lime Cream Cherries Macaron Strawberry Cheese Basil Shortbread Vanilla Rose Cupcake


Receive a complimentary pink ribbon with every Pink Afternoon Tea Set purchased. Part of the proceeds will be channeled towards charity.




Click HERE for more photos and menu on flickr.




The Drawing Room, St Regis KL is located at:
No 6 Jalan Stesen Sentral 2,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: +60 3-2727 1111
GPS: 3.1364604,101.68662


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B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K


Being a contemporary Korean bistro, B.bap at Avenue K is that latest addition in the mall that offers not only popular Korean dishes we are all familiar with, but also specialties with local flavours infused for customers who are seeking quick and delicious meals. And introducing their Afternoon Delight for 2 pax at RM 49.90 nett, a three tier delicate bites of both sweet and savoury quirky bites is available at 3pm-6pm daily.


1.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K


Afternoon tea is the ultimate indulgence, and it doesn’t get much better than the way it se served fusion Korean style. Like the classic post-lunch, pre-dinner treat; this funky and modern Korean Bistro also delivers friendly services with unique petite items. On the menu, the Korean street food dominates the savoury selections, showcasing Korean dumpling, Kimbab, and Kimchi rice ball.


2.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K
3.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K
4.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K
5.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K
66.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K


Sweet treats were not too bold and beautiful but was fancy enough to please the sweet tooth. The tiers would have their menu playing around choices like shaved ice with fruits or churros with chili chocolate. Along with mochi and egg tart or gula Melaka kuih bahulu and more; the sweets treats would satiate those in love with desserts.


7.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K
8.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K
9.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K


Despite simple and plain-looking, the bites on the tiers are consist Korean flavours with each item painstakingly created to delight the fan of Korean food culture and those who fancy afternoon tea with a difference. However, I am a bigger fan of a more traditional and classy afternoon tea with sandwich bites, scones and clotted cream with perhaps a glass of champagne and s6me old fashioned sweets. But the varieties they have on their afternoon tea set was indeed alluring.


10.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K
11.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K
12.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K
13.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K
14.B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight at Avenue K


The B.bap Korean Bistro’s Afternoon Delight is priced at RM 49.90 nett for 2pax and is available from 3pm to 6pm.


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


The B.bap Korean Bistro is located at :
Lot L1,19 and SAL – L1 -1 ,
Level 1, Avenue K,
156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL
Tel: 03-28560328
GPS: 3.1594805,101.7113179
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/B.bap.my


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Mojo Nail Cafe @ SS 2


From shellac coating to spa pedicure, the entire procedure seemed to guarantee blissful streamlined that topped with a gentle girly touch, given the fancy and modern looking facilities here at Mojo Nail Café at SS 2.


3. mojo


Relax with a steaming cup of tea while your nails are prettified isn’t such a bad idea. Provided whatever they serve should taste as good as their glamorous presentation. High tea set is presented before us in tiers filled with lovely looking finger food.




Take note I mentioned lovely looking finger food, and not lovely finger food. In contrary to the appearance, this High tea set (RM 50) showcased very little effort, almost sloppy when it comes to their sweet bites especially the cupcakes. I find it astounding that anyone would actually serve this. This quick video best summarized my thoughts on the cupcakes.




Drinks did not manage any redemption from the bad quality of finger food but Latte, English Tea and Peppermint flower tea is not the perfect pick to back that statement. Plus, plain water is charged at RM 1 per glass.




Some nail salons attract customers in with fancy modern décor and while others, with their experienced technicians. This one seemed to want to distinguish itself with an attached cafe although failing terribly. Hopefully, their nail services get a good feedback from their customers.


Mojo Nail Cafe is located at:
No 105 First Floor
Jalan SS2/24 47300
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 0378630510
Operating hours : Tuesday – Sunday, 12pm -9pm
GPS: 3.1146424,101.62107
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MOJOnailcafe


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Renoma Cafe’s High Tea Set


Many would reckon Renoma as branding for clothing but when the Renoma café gallery opened not too long ago, the menu was mind blowing and breath taking when offering very extensive choices. Also a pull factor for them is the décor and the ambiance inside the café. What appears enclosed and ordinary from the outside is sophisticatedly stylish on the inside. During night, the place is beautifully lit with lights to create a comforting ambiance but the day’s natural sunlight was obviously warmer.


3.renoma (12)


There were displays of racks filled with books and mannequins with fashionable outfit as well as accessories at every corner of the café. The outdoor is displayed with chic design of lounges suitable for a chilling meal or romantic dates with the lover. There are high glass panels with tall ceilings which allow natural sunlight coming through and beautifully light up the place which would otherwise be dull and dim.


4.renoma (3)
5.renoma (14)
6.renoma (11)


When the sun sets, the lights and chandeliers light up the café while the alabasters create beautiful lighting to dinners. The clever use of black colour as theme colour to match the décor and the table cloths are simply giving a mystical scene to the interior of the café.


2.renoma (2)


Recently, they promoted their high tea set which I happily tasted and enjoyed the savoury bites if not the sweet ones. The coffee or tea is refillable but at the same time the sweet items were short to please the high expectations. The choices of tea are within the range of St. Dalfour Tea which includes the English breakfast, Peppermint, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Lemon and Ceylon.The Freshly Brewed Premium Coffee includes Macchiato, Espresso, Double Espresso, Long Black Café Latte, Café Mocha, Cappuccino, Vanilla Coffee, Macadamia Coffee, Caramel Coffee, Double Mocha, Choca Coffee, and Nutty Hazel Coffee. Tea was fine while the Latte was really fresh so coffee lover should not miss it.


7.renoma (45)
8.renoma (62)


The set is good for two and was a good way to spend the afternoon. The savoury choice includes a 4 piece set of assorted sandwichs, while the sweet choices came with assorted French pastries and Tartlets. On top of that, there are scones served with fresh cream and strawberry jam. Tea time is best when served something sweet and accompanied with hot tea. The sugar in the delicate bite sizes seemed even more amazing during late afternoon especially when sugar level is low in the body. That was also the time when these little beauties assured a greater satisfaction to the palate. Most tea sets for two would come with pairs of everything but this one makes it difficult for the dinners to pick when every different piece came solo. On top of that, the colourful mixes do appear so pretty, girls would normally be very pleased with it. Therefore, that was the perfect time to embrace ”sharing is caring” with your high tea partner.


9.renoma (53)


Instead of the usual sandwich or croissant, the savoury bites here were beautifully served with flavourful ingredients like salmon, mushroom, rocket leaves, duck meat slices and pretty garnishes like ebiko and melted cheese. These bite sizes were perfectly done but was definitely not the best I have had.


10.renoma (44)
10.1renoma (37)


The scones came from a good recipe but ultimately still falling far from expectations. Good food comes from good recipe via fresh ingredients and most importantly, is to be served fresh. These scones might appear attractive, but it doesn’t score the palate satisfactory when it comes to freshness.


11.renoma (30)


While I retrace the familiar flavour of sweet desserts, the presentation once again took my breath away and the creativity in it was beyond the imagination. Each piece was delicate and really pleasurable to viewing so I really appreciate the effort in this. The taste and flavour was palatably decent and not disappointing and I especially love their Chocolate mousse with that perfect bitter sweet ratio.


12.renoma (32)


The Panna Cotta did left quite some impression that I would remember to ask for this the next time I dine in. The creamy gelatin had the perfect texture and the mildly creamy flavour accessorized with some tangy sweet and served nicely in matching utensils. While the lovely flavour roamed and linger after it melted in your mouth, the tart pastries was contrarily flat in texture and essence of flavours. Of course we can expect quite a bit of sophistication but it certainly didn’t vouch a guarantee return just for this given its hot spot in Bukit Bintang.


13.renoma (31)
14.renoma (33)


Availability of parking bay sure is promising but the traffic would be real tedious for anyone to visit, especially on weekdays. So I suggest weekend unless if you happened to be around that area.


The Renoma Café Gallery is located at :
Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur, 55100
Tel:03-2143 9919
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/renomacafegallery


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High Tea set at coffee Vienna


My favourite meal of all time is definitely tea time. That is the time of the day when your sugar level is normally already low. Having said that, most tea break comes in light bites with great sweetness. I love that very much. Here at the Pear International Hotel there is a café with awesome coffee and delicious cakes and strudels being the main selling items for high tea. There are main dishes on the menu as well but it is the High Tea Set we are interested with. The high tea is served with coffee or tea and it comes with light sandwiches and cakes.


1.@vienna coffee (8)


The sandwiches are great because the ingredients are really fresh. Their tuna spread didn’t quite fascinate me but I do like the ham sandwich. Every tiny piece of those sandwiches has tremendous effort with nicely sliced tomato, lettuce and pickles in it. The fruit tarts were impressive as well. Fresh and crispy tart filled with fluffy soft and fresh cream, topped with a slice of kiwi.


3.Picture 286


My favourite would be the cakes. They were surprisingly fresh. I love their Opera and Tiramisu. Although I really don’t fancy anything that tasted like coffee, but the Tiramisu was indeed lovely. I guess freshness is the key to this amazing experience. It probably might not have tasted all that great if it weren’t that fresh.




The place is amazingly peaceful, with comfy couches as well as outdoor seats. Which is not bad approching dusk.




All three tiers arranged and placed so carefully by the staff and when brought to the table, you kinda just instantly wish to gulp everything at one go. Greedy me….



The tea set was good so I might go back again and check out the rest of the meals and dishes.




Café Vienna is located at :
Lot 1.0.67 Ground Floor
Pearl International Hotel,
Jln Klang Lama 58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel/Fax: 03-79833900


Every set of high tea for 2 person only cost RM28. With such great and soothing atmosphere, Coffee Vienna is the perfect place to just sit back and slow down your afternoon over some fairly good quality light bites .


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