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Street Eats: Melaka- Gor Hiong (5 spice)/ Prawn Crackers @ Jalan Tun Perak


When it comes to food obsession in Melaka, you definitely don’t need the disposable income for best restaurants because street food is your saviour. All the cheap eats of exceptional flavour and experience served either in dinky plastics and paper wraps are the best experience to dive into the local eating habits and food culture. The city is also blessed with well preserved heritage and is listed as UNESCO world heritage site in 2008, making this a wonderful place to visit at a convenient distance of less than 2 hours car ride from city centre Kuala Lumpur.


Malacca street eats - gor hiong


The locals are blessed with all sorts of food and the best are on the street because they carry the roots of origin and history. Gor Hiong (5 spice) here, also known as Prawn Crackers snack in Melaka is in fact a combine mixture of fried taukua, fried fish ball, some kuih and cucumber cuts with the star item, the prawn cracker. If anyone remembers my post sometime ago, I love the moving stall in Jalan Bunga Raya because on top of all these, that one run by a more senior owner offers fried fish roe as well. Comparatively to this one here, that also crown champion when it comes to their prawn crackers and portion. What may looked simple and ordinary is in fact one of the most addictive snack for anytime of the day.



I happened to drop by spontaneously because the foodie gene in me was telling me that something delicious is happening by the roadside as I curiously checked them out. Without a business name, this vendor sells only one kind of snack and business was very good when I decided to join the crowd. Watch the footage and you’ll know what I mean.


Street Eats: Melaka- Gor Hiong (5 spice)/ Prawn Crackers @ Jalan Tun Perak


The pack of gor hiong snack must go with their chili and sweet sauce combo that comes with a sprinkle of sesame. Every piece of ingredients is cut into bite sizes and with the dip of the spicy sweet dipping sauce, is the gate to happiness.


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This mobile stall usually operates along :
Jalan Tun Perak, Kampung Enam
GPS : 2.2089229, 102.2427603
(Can also look for ‘kedai ubat i-hua’)


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Nasi Kukus Lejen @ Damansara Uptown


Nasi kukus is probbaly one of the most eaten dish in the country. Whether it is lunch or dinner, or even breakfast, we love this dish very dearly indeed. Nasi kukus lejen at Damansara Upotwn is conveniently the place to seek this comfort dish. Serving in paper wrap instead of plates, the best way to eat it is with your hands. The warm steamed rice topped with spicy sambal, together with a delicious piece of ayam goreng berempah is one of the most satisfying meals especially on a Sunday for late brunch.


1.Nasi Kukus Lejen @ Damansara Uptown
2.Nasi Kukus Lejen @ Damansara Uptown


You would normally get a random chicken part but I am sure you can request for your favourite part. I usually like my chicken rib. And for a price of RM 6.50 for either the Nasi Kukus Ayam Goreng Kunyit or Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah, one should not complain too much on the inconsistency. We sound that some chicken pieces can be a little dry although mine was tender and delicious. The silvers of pineapple added to the dish was really helpful brining out so much more flavour to their sambal and the spicy easily gets you salivating non-stop.


3.Nasi Kukus Lejen @ Damansara Uptown
4.Nasi Kukus Lejen @ Damansara Uptown


Those who are not in favourable to spicy food can help yourself with their beverage but I recommend skipping that. After all, we are in Damansara uptown. You can cool it off with some icy dessert within the enclave. I can tell you anyone of those is way better than what they have to offer here. Our corn drink has an obvious taste of chlorine but it was subtle in the Coconut Shake maybe because it was overpowered by the vanilla scoop in it.


5.Nasi Kukus Lejen @ Damansara Uptown


Definitely returning for the nasi kukus with cat fish, I would say this could easily be my next favourite spot for nasi kukus. The curry and sambal were too addictive indeed. Plus, the cheap prices and quick service make this place a winner.


7.Nasi Kukus Lejen @  Damansara Uptown


Nasi Kukus Lejen is located at:
3, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS21/56B, Damansara Utama,
47000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
Phone: +60 13-237 2207
Business Hour: Daily 10am-9pm
GPS: 3.137868,101.6229
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NasiKukusLejen/


Nasi Kukus Lejen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Restaurant Kah Lok Economy Rice @ Puchong


Restaurant Kah Lok in Puchong joins the neighbourhood as staple provider, offering both classic and some innovative dishes to impress diners; especially when the lineup is offering such an incredible amount of choices.


1.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
2.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


There is no way we could have sampled everything so we started with a few at random pick. For something a bit more familiar, those stir fried vegetables were in beautiful colour, looking neat and not overcooked at all. The dishes aren’t anything special, but the comfort of these staple has a magical effect when one is craving wholesome meal.


3.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong

4.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong

5.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
6.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
7.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
8.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


Having to compete with a couple of restaurants nearby, complimentary drinks and soup is a standard offering in chap fan places within the area. Walk into any of these restaurants and you’d find that they all have complimentary drinks and soup. On a lucky day, you’ll get the “right” soup of the day- one that you are familiar with and very homey.


9.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong

10.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


Should anyone feels chap fan in Puchong area; their rotating assortment has earned them some bragging rights there.


11.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


Restaurant Kah Lok is located at :
No 20, Jalan Helang 15,
Bdr Puchong Jaya, 47100 Selangor
Tel: 0123059950


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Restaurant Jie Mee @ Hartamas


The legendary wantan mee in Damansara Heights sent many patrons with disappointment and anxiety when it was closed somewhere last year. This wan tan mee somehow became an essential part for regular customers (at least the ones within Damansara Heights’ community) from when since they started their operations on Jalan Batai, thanks to the offices around that area. Now that they are back in town, some loyal customers probably already know about the three sisters making a comeback at their new location in Taman Sri Hartamas.


1.restaurant jie mee (4)
2.restaurant jie mee


With wantan mee and curry laksa as their main attraction, customers enjoy pairing the curry to the wantan noodle as well as adding delicate morsel of cockle flesh or luscious braised chicken feet. Also showcasing a balanced of good protein is their nicely poached chicken, flavourful char siew slices and silky smooth wanton wraps.


4.restaurant jie mee (3)


Egg noodle was skillfully cooked with perfect timing for that springy texture so delectably enjoyable and topped that with the fresh ingredient and decent selling price, makes this a good stop for wholesome lunch.


6.restaurant jie mee (9)
7.restaurant jie mee (2)
3. jie mee wantan mee prices


Rich and thick curry gravy with long beans, tofu puffs and lovely sambal topped onto this coconut milk broth for the extra kick of spice and the lovelier mix of colour.


8.restaurant jie mee (10)


Also not to be missed is the authentic heavenly pair of pickled chili pieces to go with any of their wantan noodle.




Like many conventional coffee shops, drinks variable did not deviate far from the usual local delights. The calamansi juice is apparently what’s popular among regular customers but I would say they are not too great or impressive.


10. drinks jie mee


Make your way to the Jalan Batai’s Wantan noodle at their new location at :
Restaurant Jie Mee
No.18, Ground Floor,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 8
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.157816, 101.650512


Jie Mee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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