Kee’s Creampuff @ Subang

  Probably one of the freshest; if not the best pastry cafe around town and with creampuffs taking center stage, Kee’s Creampuff here is one of the few names that’ll come to mind when it comes to the perfect creampuffs. Taking pride in their fresh ingredients and innovative creativities, they are not only great when … Continue reading

Teddy’s Cookies – Homemade Cookies

  Cookies are lovely and amazing as a treat or snack at anytime of the day. What happens when you can’t bake? Or finding it hard to get it right or maybe just too busy with the usual daily routine? Whatever the reason is, fear not for Teddy is always around all year long. In … Continue reading

‘The Proposal’ a project by the Frames Catering

  The 7th of July marked the beginning of a beautiful journey for a lovely couple agreeing to Robert Frost that life is only life forever more together wing to wing and oar to oar. I witness a quixotic and touching proposal of my dearly friend, Shaz. This chivalrous groom-to-be definitely put in so much … Continue reading