Grand Shanghai Banquet @ Seri Petaling

  Grand Shanghai Banquet at Seri Petaling here is a perennial favourite with yum cha fans. Especially when it is decorated to resemble classic canto mansion, with huge ancient Chinese wooden door to greet and welcome diners.     Featuring some of the more interesting dim sum on offer, like la mian, congee and things … Continue reading

Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar

  The almost total lack of gimmicks at the Fancy Breakfast Club in Bangsar lets the staff concentrate on giving diners exactly what is proposed – a fancy breakfast, all day long.     The cool decor is defiantly minimal but the friendly staff won’t ever allow it to boring, they are filled with enthusiasm … Continue reading

Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar @ Mutiara Damansara

  Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara has built a reputation amongst the cafehoppers and food instagrammers out the ambiance: lots of sunlight, casual vibe; and the easy-going photogenic dishes (everything that I would approve to be instagram worthy).     With enough reasons to check them out, it’s no wonder taking a … Continue reading

Brunch and Munch @ G- village

  After a long week, there is no better way to reward yourself and spending a sometime at the Brunch and Munch at the G – village for a leisurely start of a lazy Sunday. Serving mouth watering pork dishes, the restaurant serves either a wholesome satisfying brunch portion, or a tiny nibbling portion. If … Continue reading

Brunch at #theBBP @ Club Bukit Utama

  #theBBP gastropub at the Club Bukit Utama joined the lou sang hype, this one done in porky style. Already serving a lineup of good old fashioned porky delights like the BBQ meats, caramelised pork and traditional ribs, the seasonal dish for the festive now presents the Suckling Pig*.     Celebrate this festive with … Continue reading

Square Q Cafe (I am not Waffle) @ Solaris Mont Kiara

  Square Q Café is one of the first few of the original maker of mochi waflle in Klang Valley. Raised from Mont Kiara and currently based in Solaris Mont Kiara’s highly saturated café enclave, they have cheeky tag line that emphasizes that they are not waffle despite how they mirror actual waffle.   // … Continue reading

Flingstones Café @ SS 15, Subang Jaya

  This pork cafe, Flingstone at SS15 has made a name for itself since the opening in a few months back. They offer a brew of good coffee to join the blooming trend of coffee culture, alongside the highlight to steel both your heart and the stomach- those pork dishes.     Prominent with their … Continue reading

Slappy Cakes @ Solaris Dutamas

  Frying pan ready and Slappy Cakes at the Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) is with no doubt the place that is most fun to flip those pancakes. And not any ordinary pancakes, the hip and cute type everyone would enjoy. When enjoying pancakes, it is important that they are made to order and you get … Continue reading

Pretz n’ Beanz @ Solaris Mont Kiara

  With a brand new look, Pretz n Beanz distinctively becomes substantial for the working crowd here in Solaris Mont Kiara. With good pricing of quick to go and simple meal, this instantly becomes a popular place especially during peak meal hours. Furbished with warm lighting and comfy seats, this cafe welcomes customers with friendly … Continue reading

Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas

  Crafting their menu that’s perfect for breakfast and brunch, late risers would be so please to know that Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge at Sri Hartamas has just the right list of dish that is almost specially catered for them. The quaint and unperturbed ambiance is perfect for all occasion and very relaxing.   … Continue reading

Locahouz @ Jalan Tokong (Melaka)

  The large paintings furnishing the white walls and the vintage decorations all over the cafe here at the Locahouz at Jalan Tokong (near Jonker Street Melaka) is a bold proponent of an unabashedly rusticated simplicity.     Coherent to the tranquility is the peaceful silence, putting this a lovely place a perfect stop for … Continue reading

The Jam And Kaya Cafe @ PJ Palms Sports Center

  Hiding in a little club house, by the swimming pool is the fabulous Jam and Kaya Cafe with nothing too focused on Jam nor the Kaya instead, Jam and Kaya at PJ Palms Sports Center operates with a full day breakfast menu that includes a simple selection of classic eggs with their own rendition … Continue reading