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Restoran Hua Mui @ Johor

Restoran Hua Mui @ Johor , Are they still the best in 2018?


Although it may, at first glance, seem a particularly right choice to hop on the bandwagon and just go right ahead with most websites raving and claiming how Restoran Hua Mui is the must visit when in Johor Bahru (JB), I for one disagree after this visit. And the continuous crowd and line became an unexplained occurrence and scene that baffled every single one of us, more so especially after our visit.



Coffee isn’t really the most amazing though it could be one of the best in consistency within this proximity, toast seemed ordinary with nothing much to rave about, and signature noodle simply wasn’t impressive to warrant a return even with a secured seat reserved ahead. I would beg to differ however, if anyone would totally have claimed that no one should be visiting and patronising the business, and I’m not saying they are lousy in anyway. With integrity accumulated from the years of operation, the business runs with great if not an obsessive attention to detail, passion, and quality of ingredients that perfectly reflects the multi-racial and culture of the local people. Anyone – local or foreign – can come here and taste a bit of the cultures that make up Malaysia. The typical kopitiam fare that most Malaysians and Singaporeans are very familiar with- toast and half boiled eggs, maybe the only thing that’s satisfying if higher grade of butter were to accompany the kaya for the buns or toasts. Upon the fall of that perfectly cooked half boiled eggs as it’s cracked open, you know they score when it comes to freshness. Every egg lover would be enticed the moment it falls like a droplet of wabbly dollop without breaking the yolk.


1.Restoran Hua Mui Johor

2.Restoran Hua Mui Johor
3.2Restoran Hua Mui JB

3.Restoran Hua Mui Johor

4.2Restoran Hua Mui JB

4.Restoran Hua Mui JB

5.Restoran Hua Mui JB

6.Restoran Hua Mui JB


Older practice and breakfast culture in kopitiam might have been improvised and probably transited to the revamped spaces, but this place speak through its offerings. Despite being over rated, it doesn’t change the fact that they offer comfort and that is more than just the execution of their business profile so anyone seeking comfort flavour of home cooking, try the Hainanese Chicken Chop. Then again, you can totally skip this if you are limited by the amount of calorie input because there’s something fancier around the corner. It is, after all the taste of nostalgia. But, travellers hankering for local food will find satisfying experience here for sure.


7.Restoran Hua Mui JB
8.Restoran Hua Mui JB


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Restoran Hua Mui is located at:
131, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Business Hour: Monday to Saturday, 8:30pm-6pm
Phone: 011-3505 8916
GPS: 1.4608465,103.7629612
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/RestoranHuaMui/?_rdc=1&_rdr


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Golden Smoothie Bowl with Mango and Orange (Recipe)


Mangoes are awesome when it comes the the rice aroma and natural sweetness of the fruit. And while the fruiting season is on, I’ve been having them for breakfast and mid day snacking with granola and nuts most of the time. Mangoes are the only fruit I don’t need to order because we have a mango tree that bears fruits like crazy at every fruiting season. Blended mango juice is great but it doesn’t beat a mango smoothie bowl. Plus, the bowl is obviously aesthetically a whole lot prettier than the glass. Let’s just say I do it for the gram. LOL.


mango smoothie bowl (4)


But this was one of the smoothie bowl recipe that I had on my workshop not too long ago.


Ingredients :
I cup frozen mango
3TBS instant oats
1/2 cup yogurt
1/4 cup cauliflower
1/2 cup water


Homemade Granola
Chia seed
Raw cacao nibs (Big Tree Farms Bali)
Pumpkin seeds


mango smoothie bowl (3)

mango smoothie bowl (2)

mango smoothie bowl (1)


Click to read more Healthy Eating Recipe , for the clean eats. Also click HERE for other smoothie recipes.


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Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL


I hadn’t expected to be feverishly scooping up asparagus ragout and spoonfuls of eggs at a French dining venue, but Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur delights in presenting brunch differently. In a pretty and damn good way. The brunch takes place every first Sunday of the month from 12noon to 3pm at RM 499nett per person with the remaining sessions will be on 5 November and 3 December 2017.


1.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL


Damn good covers everything from their Lobster starter to made-to-order gourmet mains.


2.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL


A starter of Live Canadian Lobsters are cut into half, stuffed with old styled mustard and oven baked for approximately 10 minutes , and accompanied with Caviar and Foie Gras, but it was blown away by Smoked Cohiba Grilled Wagyu Beef and Grilled Octopus.


3.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Lobster: Live Canadian Lobsters stuffed with old styled mustard


4.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Caviar: Oscietre Prestige Kaviari


5.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Foie Gras: Halved apples roasted at 150 degrees and filled with foie gras and cocoa.


6.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Smoked Cohiba Grilled Wagyu Beef – Grilled wagyu beef cooked a la minute and smoked with Cohiba cigars. Served with cauliflower puree, lemon gel and oyster and seaweed emulsion.


7.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Grilled Octopus —Japanese octopus grilled and served with corn cream, Japanese black garlic puree and provencal sauce vierge – a French sauce made from olive oil, lemon juice, chopped tomatoes, onions and garlic.


Yet, I am a bigger fan of the Pan Seared Atlantic Cabillaud — Cod fish from France cooked a la minute and served with white beans ragout, baby squid and veal jus. The fish was cooked perfectly, with just the right amount of bite, while the white beans ragout was rich flavour, balanced by occasional note of nutty umami sweet from the baby squid and veal jus.


8.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Pan Seared Atlantic Cabillaud


Still, brunch is never complete without eggs and French cooking at its best shines in the Eggs Parfait Cooked at a wonderful 63 degrees, beautifully and silky soft. Swimming in delicious asparagus ragout, classy asparagus veloute sauce and covered with parmesan foam to present the most velvety texture I could mop up with any bread and that alone could be the most satisfying brunch dish.


9.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Eggs cooked at 63 degrees, served with asparagus ragout, asparagus veloute sauce and parmesan foam.


Pump it up with a little more elegance and exquisite with some sweet, juicy Hokkaido Scallops cooked a la minute and served with artichoke veloute sauce. Or blend stylishness with comfort from some slow cooked Spanish Lamb accompanied with gnocchi to complete the six gourmet specialties from the mains.


10.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Seared Hokkaido Scallops — Hokkaido scallops cooked a la minute and served with artichoke veloute sauce.


11.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder — Spanish Lamb shoulders slow cooked for 36 hours and glazed with juices and spices. Served with red onions, parmesan gnocchi, pomegranate gel and lamb jus.


For dessert, there is the French rum baba made out of orange, rum and raspberry gel and the Chocolate surprise which features sable Breton crumble, hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Desserts are worth ordering and with moreish options of wines, champagne, and cocktails all of which are free flow throughout the brunch session, it is no wonder we spent a splendid afternoon catching up and talking over Classic French cooking.


16.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Free flow of Veuve Clicquot champagne, Terrazas Reserva Chardonnay, Terrazas Reserva Malbec and a variety of cocktails


All -you-can-eat here is no vintage bore: you have a bustling room of live DJ music who know a thing about creating brunch session of indulgence. The second best thing is the obscene ooze of booze from the pistachio sponge topped with chantilly cream. The best thing? The Chocolate Surprise — a traditional dessert made with Sable Breton crumble (French shortbread cookie). This one is presented with vanilla ice cream, chocolate ball, chocolate syphon, fresh blackberries and old chocolate sauce. For some reason, the stomach makes space automatically after the first sink of teeth into the chocolate.


12.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

French Rum Baba — sponge cake soaked in rum syrup, topped with chantilly cream and served with pistachio sponge, raspberries and raspberry gel.


13.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL
14.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Chocolate Surprise — a traditional dessert made with Sable Breton crumble (French shortbread cookie). Presented with vanilla ice cream, chocolate ball, chocolate syphon, fresh blackberries and old chocolate sauce.


Don’t miss the oyster bar over at the buffet table. Plus some delicious bites and sweet treats, at a grand setting as well as ala minute but most importantly, don’t forget eggs with smoked salmon and the chef’s signature appetisers such as cold cherry tomato shooters. It’s Executive Chef Olivier Pistre. and Executive Pastry Chef Paul Gardin’s light touches that make Beats and Brunch sessions so enjoyable. So, I say let’s kip the zeitgeisty café food for a week and treat yourself to some very fine dining – minus the panic attack when the bill arrives. Did I mention that we are welcome to also select from the buffet table?


15.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL
17.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL
18.Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL
19..Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL
20..Beats and Brunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel KL


Priced at RM499, Lafite’s Beats and Brunch is only available the first Sunday of every month from now until December. For reservations and further information, call 03-2074 3900, email restaurantreservations.slkl@shangri-la.com or visit www.shangri-la-specials.com .


Lafite is located at:
Shangri-La Hotel
11, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3 2032 2388


Lafite - Shangri - La Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Vege smoothie bowl


Ever struggled to eat raw greens? Or getting the little one to consume the nutrition from the greens? This one is a great solution to make sure we have as much greens as possible.


1.Vege smoothie bowl  (twinkle stars)


We all know the greens are best consumed raw but have always hated the flavour. The easiest way is actually masking the green with aromatic fruit to make the most delicious and nutritional smoothie bowl to start the day clean and stay healthier. When Kellogg’s released their latest breakfast product, I tried introducing it to my niece and made a smoothie bowl to go with the granolas. Topped it with bananas to make it fancier just so she would be convinced to eat it but to my surprise, it was polished in no time!


2.Vege smoothie bowl  (twinkle stars)
Vege smoothie bowl  (twinkle stars)


Ingredients :
1 cup blueberries
1 large banana
¼ cup greek yogurt
A handful of spinach


Toppings :
Banana, buckwheat, Chia seed, granola


3.Vege smoothie bowl  (twinkle stars)


Happy way to start the day.


Click to read more Healthy Eating Recipe , for the clean eats. Also click HERE for other smoothie recipes.


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New Asian favourites at the Forum KL @ Desa Sri Hartamas

At the Forum KL, western dishes have mainly dominated the menu and Instagram feeds ever since the cafe wave bloomed in the local food scene, including popular brunch selections. Remaining some western touches on the menu, the Forum KL recently launches the best of comfort food, showcasing Asian interpretations of soulful dishes.

For the starters there is the fried chicken wing than three ways. They’ll be serving six pieces of succulent Fried chicken wings (RM 17) done in one of the following Styles; Singaporean style with spices, honey, ginger served with Siracha sauce; Hickory style with our house made BBQ sauce and Buffalo style with a tobasco based marinade, served with blue cheese sauce & celery sticks. But for an area saturated with Korean Fried Chicken houses, I’m just not convinced with their renditions.

2.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

Popiah usually tickles my fancy but this one slightly overwhelmed me with the big pieces of prawn, and hard boiled egg. Popiah (RM 18) isn’t at a desirable portion and it certainly lack plenty of the flavours.

3.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

Straits dishes are probably one of the most unique when it comes to tatse profile and while some of us reserve our ferocious devotion to the love of laksa, they are cooking up Singapore Katong Style Laksa Lemak (RM 30) as their signature dish. With a blend of yellow mee and bee hoon simmered in rich coconut and shellfish broth served with sliced hard-boiled egg, prawns, Japanese scallops and bean sprouts, the thick and hot becomes a comfort factor when seeking nostalgic contentment through the palate. Too bad the Mee Rebus (RM26) didn’t quite live up to expectations. I’ll be happier if there is some tofu in it.

4.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

5.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas (2)

6.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

Another comforting flavour comes from their Nasi Goreng Forum (RM 26). This Malay style fried rice with chicken, sambal belacan and vegetables is accompanied with grilled chicken skewers and prawn crackers. Also hearty is the Ayam Masak Lemak (RM 26), served with steamed basmati rice and side prawn crackers. The rich coconuty curry pleases the palate and the fact that basmati rice is served instead of white rice just pleases me in general. LOL.

7.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

8.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

The introduction and launch of aplenty local and Straits dishes was a bold move but they seem to have remained their best Western favourites as well. The Forum Big Breakfast (RM 30) serves the free ranged eggs cooked to your choice of liking and along with the usual suspects of turkey ham, beef bacon strips, hash brown, sautéed mushrooms, grilled herb tomato, baked pumpkin and 2 slices of artisan bread as well as a chicken Vienna sausage. This no frill breakfast could still use a little tweek to match some of the famous big breakfasts served around this enclave.

9.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

10.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

11.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

If fish is your favourite protein source, skip the Fisherman’s Lunch (RM 19) and go ahead with the Grilled Atlantic Salmon (RM 39). Together with charred corn, green lentils, couscous, rocket salad, dill & lemon aioli, this one easy if you ever find yourself in dilemma when choosing your fish. Otherwise, there is the Chicken Roulade (RM 30) with spinach and mushroom rolled with a filleted 30 herb-encrusted chicken thigh served with sautéed cauliflower, tomato salsa & pumpkin mash. It was cold when we have them but I reckon this would be lovely while it was hot.

12.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

13.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

14.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

Speaking of cold, most of the servings were a little cold upon arriving to the table. Given some more time to perfect their flow from in the kitchen to the dining table, would put this place delightful for communal dining, as well as for private functions. And if anyone is interested with their fusion creation, they have some “interesting” Rendang Burger (RM 29) as well as the Moroccan Burger (RM 28) that will prolly be very subjected to individual palate.

15.The ForumKL

16.The ForumKL

Hearty Quiche Pie (RM 23)
Forest and Field Mushroom Soup (RM 18)
Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup (RM 17)

17.The ForumKL

18.The ForumKL

19.The ForumKL

Click HERE for more photos on flickr and the MENU

The ForumKL is located at The Signature:

3 Jalan Sri Hartamas 22,
The Signature Serviced Suites &, Studios,
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3-6412 0833
Monday to Friday (12-10pm)
Saturday to Sunday (10am-10pm)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onlyattheforumkl/
GPS: 3.1637437,101.652070

The Forum @ The Signature Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Mango Smoothie recipe by Shell Harris of Smoothie web


I think we can all agree to some point that food indulgence has been a big part in our lifestyle. However most people are forgetting that we are what we eat. I’ve been encouraging clean eating on my instagram page so hopefully people realized that eating correctly is ultimately the key to not only looking good but feeling great when you are enjoying good health. And I have to be very honest, clean eating is not boring at all. I have here today a breakfast mango smoothie by guest blogger, here is Shell Harris and her fabulous way to start the morning.


Shell Harris Smoothieweb mango smoothie recipe


Busy in the mornings? This is the perfect get up and go breakfast smoothie that is easy to throw together when you are in a rush in the morning. You can mix it up by adding your favorite cereals so that it is suitable for the kids too for a healthy but on-the-go family breakfast that means you don’t skip the most important meal of the day.




Serves Two

• ¾ Cup Frozen Mango

• 1/8 Cup Porridge Oats

• 2 Teaspoons Ground flaxseeds

• 1 Cup Skimmed Milk

• 2 Tablespoons Honey


To Make


1. Add the milk, mango and 1 tablespoon of honey to a blender and mix until creamy.

2. Add the oats and flaxseeds and blend further on high speed until mixed completely

3. Pour into a glass and drizzle over the last tablespoon of honey.


Why These Ingredients


The frozen mango is a thickener for this smoothie and also acts to chill it to the appropriate temperature for serving. The honey gives a sweet flavor to cover the oats and flaxseeds for a better taste.


Nutritional Analysis

Calories: 170

Fat: 2g

Protein: 1g

Sugar: 20g

Fiber: 3g

Sodium: 50mg

Suitable for Vegetarians




Full of antioxidants which can help to reduce the risk of cancers, such as; breast, prostate and colon, flaxseeds provide a lot of nutrition per tablespoon. They can lower the risk of diabetes for those with precursors for the condition by improving glycemic control due to the healthy fats and fiber it contains. Menopausal women can also find relief from the symptoms such as mood swings and hot flashes by frequently adding flaxseeds to their diet.


Mangos can also aid those who are diabetic as they have a low glycemic index which can normalize insulin levels and reducing the blood sugar levels from spiking which is common when drinking fruit smoothies. Other benefits of consuming mangos include reducing the risk of cancers such as: breast, leukemia, prostate and colon due to the high antioxidant enzymes they contain. In addition to this, the high content of vitamins A and C helps to prevent nutrition related breakouts and clear the skin which is particularly useful for those on a diet or weight loss program. Mangos can also maintain low cholesterol and keep a healthy heart due to their high fiber content.


Fun Fact: You can add some of your own cereal to this recipe like cheerios or other whole meal cereals to make it more exciting for kids to involve their favorite foods.


You can find more delicious and healthy smoothie recipes at www.smoothieweb.com


Please head over to Shell’s smoothie blog and here is a big thank you to Shell for sharing this recipe.


Remember….always start your day clean.


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VCR Bangsar


So much has been written on VCR café in KL and now, it is happening in Bangsar. There is nothing like a decent cup of joe with some pleasant all day brunch menu. Having trained so many amazing baristas since the booming coffee culture, VCR remained a reputable decency when it comes to caffeine with no fancy gimmick and has gone the extra mile creating their own set of menu that’s not only pretty on instagram, but lovely to go with the coffee selection.


Note: this unagi sandwich is not available in VCR Bangsar outlet.


Surely Bangsar is notorious with bars and drinking holes then but coffee houses seemed to most certainly rival it. And with VCR coming into this neighbourhood, the enclave is now finally blessed with fabulous coffee. What is missing here is the sunlight-filled windows but this no sunlight-filled space in Bangsar still serves up some of the best brews in Telawi.


1.VCR Bangsar
2.VCR Bangsar
3.VCR Bangsar
3.2 vcr bangsar
4.VCR Bangsar
5.VCR Bangsar


With a full operating hour, this is by far to date the best place for brunch in Telawi. Plus the quality of their all day brunch menu; not only are the taste buds to be treated well, you’ll like the option of power food and clean dishes. Avocado toast is definitely my all time favourite- classy and simple with creamy splat of mashed avocado and topped with a twinkling rubies of pomegranate and basil sprinkled onto the cheerful sunny side up. To balance the proteins, the raw leafs are beneath it.


5.VCR cafe Bangsar


There is no unique brunching experience but the staples are fantastic offerings for brunch lovers. typically an all star and best pick for big eaters, the All day Big Breakfast (RM 36) remains a top choice for guys. Complete with a wholesome combo of eggs, sausages, bacons, toast and some greens, this one is a firm favourite for those who likes plenty of texture and flavors in a single plate. The simple yet hearty selections are guaranteed to please the palate of even the most exacting of brunch goers.


6.VCR Bangsar
7.VCR Bangsar


Although getting a little recognition on the brunch scene, VCR café should not be overlooked about their creative innovations. What’s lack in grandeur is made up with some originality. Hot cake to start the lazy weekend is not such a bad idea when it is topped with some pretty amazing blueberry homemade yogurt. This dessert cum main is done right with plenty of super ingredients – rich antioxidant and pretty looking berries, grains and seeds like the buckwheat and flax seed, as well as refreshing pieces of mint leaves. Getting the right texture for the thick hot cake is a challenge so until they nail the perfect consistency, let’s stick to the Pennsylvania Waffle – juicy fried chicken pieces served with their signature potato waffle.


8.VCR Bangsar
9.VCR Bangsar
10.VCR Bangsar


But if you must have dessert, Jaslyn cake would have a greater variety to pair with mediocre coffee. Otherwise, stick to VCR for great coffee pairing with adequate dessert choice.


11.VCR Bangsar
12.VCR Bangsar


And because there is no signboard and I don’t think they intend to install one, I am going to do everyone a favour to give you the best landmark. VCR Bangsar is located in Telawi at the same row as Hong Leong bank, and in between Hanbing and Alexis.


Address: 31, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3-2201 0011
Opens Daily: 8:30am – 11pm
GPS: 3.1316661,101.671093
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vcr.my/


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.



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VCR Coffee & Cakes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato