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Di Wei Chinese Cusine @ Empire Hotel Subang


Di Wei at Empire Hotel Subang really should have gotten more limelight amongst chinese cusine lover. Led by Chef Thian, the restaurant is taking pride in their new menu with plenty of sous vide dishes. Commonly a technique used aplenty in Western cooking, this technique is rare in preparation of chinese cuisine. Missing a couple of dishes at the meal, this would probably be one of the short and breezy posts. Arrived in time to savour their soup and a couple of their signature dishes, I should apologies for not being able to shoot everything that’s served. However, the complete serving for the night is already on Aunty Lilly’s post so I would recommend looking through it HERE .


Poached Vegetables in Soya Milk Broth (RM 24.80 regular, RM 49.60 large) was fabulous and certainly a delight. It was light and refreshing, with a slight green luxury in a luscious soya fragrant instead of the typical meat umami flavoured soups. And speaking of soya, their tofu dish was equally good and impressively showcasing the skills of their Chef. And their pretty dessert-is totally mesmerizing. Serving Purple Sweet Potato with Pumpkin Cream (RM 10) in a beautiful serving size, this one is a natural sweet finishing that is not relenting at all.


2017-09-06 11.36.49 1
Di Wei Chinese Restaurant at Empire Hotel Subang
Di Wei Chinese Restaurant at Empire Hotel Subang


Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant is located at Level 1 of Empire Hotel Subang. The other entrance will be via Empire Shopping Gallery from the first floor. For reservations, please call 03-5565 1268 / 03-5565 1388.


Empire Shopping Gallery,
16, Jalan SS 16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya
Monday to Saturday :
11AM – 2.30PM
6.00PM – 10.00PM
Sunday & Public Holiday :
10.00AM – 10.00PM
GPS: 3.081729,101.582302


Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Chicken Up @ Subang Jaya, SS 15


Fried chicken happened to not only be a cult fave in Korea but also one of my all time favourite. When Singapore’s leading chicken house (Chicken Up) made their debut in SS15 Subang Jaya, I never hesitated to visit them. Interior was very hipster and comfortable with vibrant colours and very friendly staffs.


1.Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia)
2.Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia)
3.Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia)


Plus, they have this signature that is very close to stealing all the limelight from every other dish on their menu. That we are referring to the UFO Topokki, better known as the Snow Squid Topokki (RM 68). A quick glimpse of it and many would naturally relate this to Omaya, or any of those cheese ring bbq but this one here is better when it comes to variety. You get a hot plate with neat slots to separate all that is to go with their main – a crispy battered giant squid on a bed of Topokki and vegetable.


4.Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia)


Best to share with 3pax at least, this hot UFO pan is served on portable stove for perpetual heat so the cheese sauce, egg, fried kimchi rice, and kimchi would cook continuously as you dig in. Be prepared to wash this super flavoursome dish off with lots of liquid and I’d say it would be alright pairing with beer instead of their Watermelon soju (RM 48) which happens to be on their top seller as well. The naturally refreshing watermelon fruit gives the tropical quench as the stove burns with heat before us. The soju is just doing what spirits does, making everything awesome.


5.Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia)
6.Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia)


The chicken wing here is served whole making it looking fabulously generous upon meeting it. Covered in a thin, close to crunchy if not crispy and salty soy sauce batter, the burst of flavour happens the very instant it touches the tongue. If there is any good to this would be the juicy meat retained within the thin batter coat. Never compare this to any of those stand alone Korean Fried Chicken house.


7.Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia)


There menu is massive but made easy to pick with the featured top 12 item. These are all on their top seller list and I can see why the Bulgogi Fries (RM 26) made it to the list. Juicy beef with a light crunch from the onion complemented the texture and taste of the otherwise ordinary serving of Fries. These are packed with flavours; it was a clear winner for the day.


8.Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia)


Next is the crispy golden onion, which weird enough made it to the top seller list but I am pretty sure this Yangpa Bomb (RM 18) here would have earned their spot on the top seller list with the huge portion serving and the rich batter mix coating on every single of the onion petals. Something their fan would definitely appreciate.


9.Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia)


The owner is real generous to offer their best selling dessert- Melon Bingsu (RM 38), served inside a half honey melon with delicious shaved ice filling all the space within all the empty space of the half sphere. And topped with a large scoop of ice cream to go with honey drizzled melon balls, the combination is a sweetheart for dessert lover. I thought they could have omitted the honey and the melon itself would be just fine.


10.Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia)


And here is the top 12 to help you decide. No need to thank me 


Chicken Up @ SS15 (Malaysia) MENU


This dinner session is compiled on video for those who want to see the actual experience and I must also take this opportunity to thank the owner for treating us with such warm hospitality. Dinner was on the house so while it may not be my thing, I’m feeling very thankful and extra blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy the best of Singapore’s Korean Fried Chicken here in Subang Jaya.



Chicken Up is located at:
No.7, 7-1, 7-2 Jalan SS15/4E
57500 Subang Jaya, KL
(Opposite Texas Chicken)
Tel: 017-577 9377
GPS: 3.0771983,101.586661
Business hours: 11.30am – 12am (last order 11pm)


Chicken Up Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Click HERE for more photos and MENU on flickr.


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Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya


Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House is one of the latest additions to the blooming Chinese restaurants in SS14 neighbourhood shoplot. The yong tau fu serving here is indeed pretty authentic if not the best of Hakka yong tau fu in town.


1.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya


Unlike the usual fish paste-stuffed yong tau foo, hakka yong tau foo mainly consist vegetables and tofu that is stuffed with ground pork and fish paste and that is exactly what you get at the Yee Kee yong tau fu House. Patrons begin with picking a selection of raw vegetables of their choice and it is then being stuffed with their meat paste and cooked accordingly; either boiling or deep frying.


2.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya

7.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya

10.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya

8.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya

9.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya


The result of it- expect crispy tofu skin, Taiwan sausages and fish cake deep fried; shitake mushrooms, brinjals, and fried fritters (you tiao) are stuffed with delicious meat paste before frying at high temperature to keep the juicy and bouncy filling within the textured vege or fungi. And a generous bowl of sweet leaf soup that somewhat resembles pan mee soup with extra flavours and umami from the stuffed vegetables and tofu.


3.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya
4.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya
11.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya
15.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya
12.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya


White rice is available but rice roll (Chee cheong fun) seemed to be a popular choice amongst the regulars – judging from how they are on every table as I looked around. Simple serving of this is to be accompanied by sweet sauce and perhaps a little of their chili sauce that may have contributed to the entire dining experience. It resembles the chicken rice chili that we are all familiar with but less pungent and gingery. Instead there is more vinegar in this one for that pleasant tang to balance the sweet sauce, making this quite a star element to bring out the flavour of all the yong tau fu pieces.


5.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya
6.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya


Having easily access to yong tau foo at almost every corner of state, it is only natural that this delicate Chinese food becoming a part of us and thus, making this a comfort food. It becomes a flavour and taste that significantly represents the Chinese culture in one way or another. Here at Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu house, menu is vey focus with mostly only yong tau foo. Beverages are very simple but popular- judging from how they sold the last glass of kedondong juice at 6pm.


13.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya

14.Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House @ SS14 Subang Jaya


Yee Kee Yong Tau Fu House is located at:
9, Jalan SS 14/1,
Ss 14, 47500 Subang Jaya
Phone: +60 12-380 9303
Business Hour: Daily 11am- 9pm
GPS: 3.0727653,101.58871


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Restaurant Menara Biryani @ USJ


Restaurant Menara at USJ serves up excellent Pakistan and Indian dishes despite its rather irrelevant name and this surprisingly clean and tidy restaurant serves to cater the neighboring patrons with meals as well as catering services for occasions. They could use a better lighting to lighten the restaurant but food is mainly the highlight here. This entertainingly named restaurant offers some very authentic dishes with original spices from India and Pakistan and if I must bring your attention to the wow factor, it’ll have to be the outstanding starter crackers and dip. We had several servings of these while waiting for our mains to arrive.


Restaurant Menara @ USJ


The enormous plates of their famous biryani are probably the best within this area, with high quality basmati rice cooked with rich spices. The comprehensive aroma is the first thing that would have your saliva gland working. The lamb biryani was simply delicious with lamb cooked to perfect tender and rice beautifully cooked to perfection and to my liking when it wasn’t as oily and wet as what’s served at the Big Singh .


Restaurant Menara @ USJ
Restaurant Menara @ USJ


The usual ethnic fares are available and if you’ve been a fan of all this robust herbs and spices in Pakistan cuisine, I recommend group dining.


Restaurant Menara @ USJ
Restaurant Menara @ USJ
Restaurant Menara @ USJ


I have this one on my snap stories (please don’t bother my nuisance) if anyone is interested. Please forgive the lousy photos- I didn’t have my camera with me .



Click HERE for their MENU


Restaurant Menara is located at:
1-1& 1-3, Jalan USJ 9/5P,
47620 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 0380246751/0126991184
Business Hour: 10AM–10:30PM Daily
GPS: 3.0459349,101.586019


Restoran Menara Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Big Singh Chapati @SS 15


Delicious smells waft from this Punjabi restaurant serving the usual ethnic fare, where all their breads are made to order. There is no scenic view or alfresco dining but the décor in Big Singh Chapatti is delightful and comfortable. Their attraction, their bread of course are complemented by a symphony of flavours and cooking styles of dishes from homely dhal to grilled meats and biryani rice worthy of the waiting time. Cheese Prontha (RM 6.90), Onion Prontha (RM 5), Cheese Naan (RM 10), Parotha (RM 3), Chapati (RM 2) are not very much too highly priced but it was consistent and fantastically keen.


1.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15
2.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15
3.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15


The kitchen also excels in biryani. Biryani Mutton Dum (RM 18.90), Biryani Chicken Dum (RM 15.90), and Biryani Chicken (RM 17.90) have prices pegged at the sharp end, but these delicious rice with your protein in it are at a good portion perfect for sharing. At communal dining, there is the option of smaller Briyani rice (RM 4).


4.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15
5.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15


The add on for hungry patrons, there is a splendid spread of dishes based on clever use of classic herbs and spices. Sink your teeth into some tasty slow cooked chunks of chicken and mutton with lovely mix of masala, spiced with sweet spices and pounded herbs were all outstanding. I love their Mutton Keema (RM 15.90), and Butter Chicken (RM 19.90). Also, spice levels are at authentic levels for the Lahori Chicken (RM 11.90) and Bhindi Masala (RM 11.90) but the creamy gravy were luscious and lovely to go with those bread or rice. Naans are best to go with Palak Paneer (RM 15.90), and despite the hindsight guilt feeling, I’d still say it’s worthy of the calories. Just make sure you balance this out accordingly (I’ve added 15 minutes to my daily yoga session for the next few days).


6.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15
7.Big Singh Chapati @ SS 15
8.Big Singh Chapati @ SS 15


Speaking of masala and I can tell you it doesn’t just stopped at the dishes. We had the Masala tea hot (RM 3.50), Masala tea cold (RM 4) and Teh Tarik (RM 2) for that perfect ending for this satisfying meal. For some reason, this combo really worked out for that satisfaction guaranteed after meal sensations. Otherwise, there are those healthier options- Mango Lassi (RM 7.50), Mint Lassi (RM 6.50), Plain Lassi (RM 5.50), Watermelon Juice (RM 6.90), Lime Juice (RM 4.90), or the Teh O Ais (RM 2.30). Game lovers are well looked after with their super huge menu for beverages.



8.Big Singh Chapatti @ SS 15


The rich, warmly spiced masala dishes and grains of delicious biryani rice is worth getting messy for; and those soft and chewy warm buttery chapatti makes the perfect foil. Forget about the cutleries, some things are worth remaining finger licking.


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Big Singh Chapatti is located at:
41, SS 15/5A,
SS 15, Subang Jaya 47500
Business Hour: 11 am -10:30 pm daily
Tel: 0126016130
GPS: 3.0800952,101.590595


Big Singh Chapati Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Fonterra Foodservices Malaysia’s “Anchor Say Cheese” campaign launch at RT pastry SS15


Fonterra Foodservices Malaysia recently launched their second phase Anchor Say Cheese campaign following the success from their first campaign in 2015. Together with one of their partner bakery, the launch of this second phase took place at RT Pastry SS 15, Subang Jaya- a lovely place to hang out for quick coffee.


1.Anchor Say Cheese campaign launch at RT pastry SS15


And being New Zealand’s largest company and a global leader in dairy nutrition, the full range of dairy products such as Anchor Butter, Anchor Cream Cheese, Anchor Culinary Cream and Anchor Milk has always been familiar brand amongst not only household consumers, but also a brand of choice for many professional chefs and bakers. This campaign showcases initiative to introduce and get people tasting Anchor desserts.


2.Anchor Say Cheese campaign launch at RT pastry SS15


The signature creations- Lady Marmalade, Almond Rosa, First Love and Cheeznie are made entirely made out of Anchor products and is exclusively prepared to by their in-house patisserie chefs.


3.Anchor Say Cheese campaign launch at RT pastry SS15

Lady Marmalade – sweet bread filled with orange cream
cheese filling.


4.Anchor Say Cheese campaign launch at RT pastry SS15

Almond Rosa – classic sponge cake with a nutty taste, layered with cream cheese


5.Anchor Say Cheese campaign launch at RT pastry SS15

First Love – bread with brown sugar & cream cheese filling, sprinkled with brown sugar for a crunch.


6.Anchor Say Cheese campaign launch at RT pastry SS15

Cheeznie– two delectable layers of chocolate walnut brownies with generous cream cheese layer in the middle.


Anchor’s signature creations are available from now until December 2016 and the partners include Bread History in Penang, The Bakers Hut in Seri Manjung, Born n Breads in Ipoh, Patisfrance and Yeast Pastry in Malacca, Veluxe Cake House in Skudai, Fung Seng in Muar, Port View Euro Bread in Kota Kinabalu, Taka in Kuching and Hot Cross Bun in Miri.


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


Whup Whup Cafe in Subang industrial area has already created hype amongst the younger crowd within this heavily dense and student packed area. Tucked within a dead end with a small and un-showy restaurant facade, who would have guessed the show begins the minute you enter.


1.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang

2.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


Revamped from an existing factory outlet, Whup Whup also made a name for itself with a compact but perfectly formed menu, as well as an easy going conviviality. Dishes are very creative and contemporary; with tables arranged loosely to create ample space for comfy dining- loosely placed, but during peak time it can get a little noisy. Even so, take your time to enjoy the ambiance; the space is very calming and impressive. Very instagramable too.



Want those Rosy Cheeks (RM 10)? Go for their starter soup. Rosy Cheeks is their soup of tomato with onion and served with a slice of bread. There is a perfect balance of sweetness to balance the acidity.


4.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


Chicken Mojo with rosemary raters and pan fried oranges (RM 22) can be lovelier if not for the sautéed potato cubes. Marrying potato and chicken for this dish probably appeal for its good value for money but I’d rather have them in clean and healthier form, probably with something green or leafy rather than anything starchy, but otherwise it’s hard to fault the dish.


5.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang

6.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


And the next best substitution of protein supply for those fitness enthusiasts apart from chicken is fish of course. A nice cut of salmon fillet usually excites me and my favourite when it comes to this fish is usually raw or sous-vide. But WhupWhup’s Mohawk Salmon (RM 28) is good. So much character in this dish with those pineapple salsa atop a bed of mash, it’s no wonder it is rocking Mohawk.


7.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


It is never easy to pull off a big breakfast that is super outstanding or fabulously extraordinary. After all, big breakfasts are typically composed of all your classic western breakfast favourites and it is almost the most basic breakfast item in any cafe who serves breakfast. There could be hit and misses most of the time but Whup Whup jazz up their big breakfast; namely the Whup Daddy (RM 25) and is served with egg of your choice, eying mushrooms, some pan seared tomatoes, and toasted country bread.


8.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


One would eventually notice those hippie and playful dish name, and take note their beverages were equally as fancy and cheeky. But like many other cafes, they classically serve espresso based caffeine as well as some juices and soft drinks.


9.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang

10.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


Click HERE for their 2 page menu and some more photos of the review on flikr.


Whup Whup cafe is located at:

12, Jalan SS13/3B,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Phone:+60 3-5612 6250
Open 11am-10pm (Wednesday – Sunday)
GPS: 3.070414,101.59871


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Restaurant Unlimited @ SS 14 (Subang Jaya)


Restaurant Unlimited at SS14 happens to be a gem when it comes to variety and affordability. Also, the tai chau fire up a lineup of comforting dishes with the first pick being perfect for sharing especially for late night supper- Watan Hor. Velvet and silky smooth starchy gravy coating a neat fried char kuey teow with a bit of vegetables, some slices of meat and a tiny bit of mix seafood.


1.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


If you must have rice at anytime, there is menu with dishes and rice as well. Dishes of Chinese cooking are available with white rice and is fantastic especially for solo diners. Butter Milk Chicken here is served with white rice. The delicious butter milk gravy was great while the chicken were fried to a perfect texture still crispy on the outside but retaining the juice inside the chicken cutlets.


2.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


This coffee shop runs with several stalls and there is this bahkut teh (BKT) stall which serves uncommon serving of BKT. Anything you want with BKT combination is possible, even if it is just plain soup with enoki mushrooms. Kudos for such flexibilities.


3.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
4.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


Also popular is the fried chicken according to the owner but I would reckon it’s a little overrated. Every bite was fresh and juicy, but could use a bit more marinating. Even with the chili sauce, they were rather boring. Then, there is the Ah Hwa Hokkien Mee which was made popular in Jalan 222 Petaling Jaya. Although fewer pork lard and lesser wok heat, it’s still good.


4.2Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
5.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
8.@subang 14 bake fish (8)
Charcoal BBQ cooks a whole fish with charcoal on sand in an oven pit. Charcoal burns nonstop while the fish is machinery spun to have it evenly cooked.


11.@subang 14 bake fish (4)
11.1 Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14 subang
Charcoal Baked Fish photo output_7fOJsa_zpscv9vcqah.gif


The end result, the skin is not edible as we were told and inside, we found a tasty, soft and fleshy flakes. While the fish is firm, it was rather bland with no additional flavouring apart from the chili and lime which accompanied the fish. Lime easily brings out natural sweetness from the fish.


6.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
6.2 Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
7.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


The place is nicely decorated with light bulbs and makes a great place for late night supper with a beer or two. If not, there is a stall of fruit juices for all the vitamins or just to quench that thirst. You get to flexibly mix and match your fruits but the prices vary accordingly to the types of fruits.


9.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
10.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
Restaurant Unlimited is located at :
78, Jalan SS 14/2,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Phone:+60 12-292 2198
GPS: 3.0726592,101.589512


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Tous Les Jours celebrates Christmas 2015 @ Empire Subang Jaya


Starting December, Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro celebrates Christmas with their dinner set promo including a soup, main course, and their signature dessert platter. Available from 6pm daily, this 3 course menu (RM48.90 per set) is a good way to kick start this year’s feasting when celebrating this joyful season. Loosen your belt a notch because these scrumptious selections don’t come in tiny portion.


1.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015


To begin, there is the comforting Mushroom soup that comes serving with slices of toast bread. And while the mushroom soup may seemed to appear light, take note the huge toast slices much more fitting for sharing.


2.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015


The mains then cleverly present primary harvest from the sea and the barn. With four selections to pick from, one can rule out the pasta if you like your pasta al dante. Seafood Aglio Olio and Smoked Salmon Pesto Linguine both has got great burst of flavours with my personal favourite being the later, but the generous seafood can draw seafood lovers with their fresh selection of seafood.


4.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015
3.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015


Indulging in protein source from the sea harvest, Grilled Salmon with dill sauce can be a crowd pleaser especially when it is beautifully served with some generous mashed potatoes and sautéed mix vegetables.


5.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015


Although not much experimental twist here, keeping classic dishes is necessary to celebrate the joyful season shows us authentic and that justify the Roasted Chicken with homemade brown sauce; a good serving of juicy and tender chicken with vegetable and mashed potato.


6.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015


And of course, if you must see the entire bird on the table, Tous les Jours (TLJ) sells the whole roasted chicken at RM 59.90 (pre –order 3 days in advance).


7.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015


Finish off your meal with a perfect Christmas dessert so make sure you make space for their Fromage Blanc or Chocolate Franboise.


10.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015
9.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015


Celebrate the season with the signature beverages; there is the Berry Christmas.And freshly baked exclusively for this season, also enjoy the selection of lovely Christmas cakes. Variety choices from Signature Cake, Butter Cream Cake, Cheese Cake, Mousse Cake to Fresh Cream Cake.Signature Cake includes X’mas Red Velvet and X’mas Black Forest, whilst the butter cream cakes are X’mas Milk Chocolate Cake, X’mas White Chocolate Cake, X’mas Yule Log Cake and X’mas Chocolate Yule Log Cake.


For cheese lovers, the X’mas New York Cheesecake is a must. Mousse Cake presents its favourites X’mas Tiramisu and X’mas Berry Berry Tiramisu.


Whilst the ever-popular fresh cream cakes ranges from its X’mas Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake, X’mas Chocolate Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake, X’mas Mixed Fruits Fresh Cream Cake, X’mas Chocolate Chiffon and X’mas Strawberry Chiffon.


Take note that these advanced cake order is available at all Tours les Jours outlets in Bukit Bintang, Bnagsar, Empire Shopping Gallery and Empire Damansara.


11.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015
12.Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro Christmas 2015


And to sparkle up the season, TLJ offers 3 Christmas beverage; Oreo-Choco Milkshake, Berry Christmas
& Snicker Milkshake with Berry Christmas being the sparkling one if you’d like to avoid the heavier liquid after those delicious dishes.


13. tlj christmas menu 2015


This Christmas Set Dinner Menu is available from 1st to 31st December 2015 from 6.00pm to 10.00pm and Tous les Jours Boulangerie & Bistro is featuring this delicious X’mas set dinner menu consisting of 3-course at *RM48.90 per set. Also take note that the Tous les Jours Teddy Bear available from 19th to 25th December 2015 and their promo of BUY 3 FREE 1 CASTELLA OR ROLL CAKES from *1st December to 25th December 2015.


Thanks Tous les Jours Subang outlet for hosting us. The outlet is located at:
Lot GK08, Ground Floor
Empire Shopping Gallery,
Tel: +603 5036 7749
Opening Hours
7.30am – 10.00pm (Weekdays)
7.30am – 10.30pm (Weekends & Public Holidays)
Facebook :



Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Eat- Zy Teochew Porridge @ SS 14 Subang Jaya


Eat-zy porridge at SS 14 Subang is always the favourite and convenient place around Subang Jaya whenever there is crave or need to have plain congee for the comforting meal. Serving a dazzling array of varieties of soothing and familiar home cooked dishes, this makes the otherwise plain and dull porridge a lot more interesting and exciting. Take note the porridge here is cooked with sweet potatoes. porridge (1)
2. eat-zy porridge


Also serving Yam Rice for those who prefer rice over porridges, the colour and looks of this speaks very loudly for it and is already appealing to attract your attention. The aromatic fragrance of yam enlightens the appetite and simple pick of few dishes is good as a wholesome meal. Those sweet potatoes were all castella and mushy soft, so comforting and best to have in cold weather. porridge


The dishes are amazingly delicious and perfect to go with plain porridge. Most of the dishes are slightly skewed to salty probably so that it would complement the plain and lightly sweetened porridge of theirs. The tiny saucer is used to serve their dishes when customers select their choices of dish from the galore of what’s serving on that day. Smaller saucers are use to serve dishes for one where else a bigger sharing portion naturally calls for a bigger plate. porridge (6)


The varieties easily got one scratching their head and often lead to over ordering these side dishes. Though we’ve had dishes that were a touch oily and salty, I have seen moments of brilliance too: from the perfection of Hot and Sour Braised Trotters with Pineapple, with the tender and juicy meat and infusion of tangy sweet pineapple; to moreish salted braised peanuts and everybody’s favorite- luncheon meat.


hot and sour braised pig trotler with pineapple ss14eat-zy  teochew porridge and rice
5. eat-zy porridge (7) porridge (2)


Some of the authentic favorites similar to home cooked dishes easily put this place as top choices amongst younger working crowd; the ones who haven’t got time to cook for themselves. Pumpkin braised with minced pork is lovely but to enjoy some chucky texture, Tempeh and anchovies with spicy coat is amazing. porridge (5) porridge (4)


The selections are good but at the same time might not be perfect, with some slightly brinier than the rest, but other dishes that rotates on daily basis were worth returning for, especially given the keen pricing. porridge (3)


Complimentary soup of the day is only served upon request and while the place and surrounding look a little tired, it’s still worth a visit when craving for congee and side dishes. These cost RM 23.90 for two pax. 14 teo chew porridge (2)


Eat-Zy Teow Chew Porridge and Rice is located at :
50, Jalan SS 14/2,
Ss 14, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel:+60 16-686 6050
GPS: 3.0729231,101.586597


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Flingstones Café @ SS 15, Subang Jaya


This pork cafe, Flingstone at SS15 has made a name for itself since the opening in a few months back. They offer a brew of good coffee to join the blooming trend of coffee culture, alongside the highlight to steel both your heart and the stomach- those pork dishes.


1.Flingstones Café SS 15
2.Flingstones Café SS 15 Subang


Prominent with their clever renditions of fusions and incorporations of pork into almost most of their mains, they seemed to have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to non porky dishes. The ribs here were so much more than just fine, in fact was fantastic but the starter Shrek’s Soup (RM10) here barely tasted anything like green pea. The green aroma is almost nonexistent, instead was overpowered by nothing but briny liquid. Every sip tasted like salt water. It was stated in the menu, with crispy bacon chips and toast but the first were not obvious and the later could use a little more effort.


3.Flingstones Café SS 15
4.Flingstones Café SS 15


But here’s what to do at this highfalutin pork cafe: go directly to the pork ribs. Oink Oink Ribs (RM 28) gives you half rack portion and those tender and flavourful sticks slathered in a sweet, sticky marinade with every rib fully coated decadently thanks to a swift slit on the meat in between each ribs. The bones pull right out but polishing the meats off the bones was pretty amazing experience.


5.Flingstones Café SS 15
6.Flingstones Café SS 15


If you’re not at imminence of heart problem, Chu Yao Char Angle Hair Pasta (RM 18) might be the pasta for you. The rich and flooding tossed of those deep fried crispy pork lards would either put you greasy comma for the next 2 days or built tons of motivations to bring out the athlete in you to hit pool and go for an extra 10 laps to ease that guilty indulgences. Unfortunately, the later did not apply to me.


7.Flingstones Café SS 15 Subang


I must confess and admit the delicious crispy pork lard but it was a little too overwhelming by the time I finished half of it. A little vege to balance the grease would be fantastic but the greens were used as accessories instead.


8.Flingstones Café SS 15 subang


And if you are totally the breakfast kinda person, be very happy and pleased with their breakfast menu; one of which is too huge for me to attempt. Skipping their rice for breakfast (yes, Malaysians serve rice for breakfast), we went straight for the Nutty Jantan (RM 15)- nutty sourdough toast with 2 half boiled eggs and served with mini salad or yogurt. The mixed aroma of nuts and crunchy texture on their sourdough toast was a good combo mix with that light drizzle of fine honey. And while it pleases my taste bud, I am not too sure if salad should come with this.


11.Flingstones cafe SS 15


The Big Bang Breakfast (RM 25) is another loveable dish. The sausage in particular gets the entire spotlight at this platter of hash brown, baked beans, toasts, mushroom, salad, pork bacon, pork sausage and scrambled or sunny side up eggs. Expect impeccable hot dog with delicate chunky casing and springy middle. The portion is slightly overwhelming for tiny appetite but there is always room for sharing.


12. Flingstones Cafe ss 15
14.Flingstones Cafe ss 15
15.Flingstones Cafe ss 15


Their coffees are at reasonable standard pricing and will be totally ok if you feel like skipping it. Latte (RM 10) is something I would order again, and their hand pour is another thing I look forward to trying the next. (Yup, I said “next”. There is certainly a next visit because there are so many other intriguing dishes on the menu.)


9. Flingstones Café SS 15


If not, there is something cooling- Mint and Lime Sparkling (RM 11) to quench the very hot weather in Malaysia. There is a bonus addition of sour plum in it for that extra hint of sweet and sour.


13. Flingstones cafe SS15


Parking during weekdays will be super challenging but anytime during dinner time or later is simpler and breezier. The one page menu is much easier than their parking availability and a lot more straightforward for diners to choose from.


10. Flingstones cafe menu


Flingstones Café is located at:
Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya, Selangor. (opposite taylors college)
Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Tel: 03-5879 9468
GPS: 3.0755308,101.5905829


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Restaurant Kar Heong Chicken Rice @ SS 14, Subang Jaya


Restaurant Kar Heong has been around in SS 14 long enough to be gaining some reputation for their chicken rice, as well as few extended dishes from the chicken rice. Located at one of the shop lot in the SS 14, the shop welcomes customers from both front and back door. The front door is also where they flaunt their freshly steamed chickens and roasted pork. The standard meal offered in the Restaurant Kar Heong is nonetheless the Chicken Rice with optional add-on of beansprout which was indeed fatter and juicier since they use Ipoh’s produce. kar heong (6) kar heong (4)


Following that is the complimented soup to go with the chicken rice which tasted somewhat a little different from the usual complimentary soup elsewhere. Reason being, they also sell Ipoh Hor Fun which means prawns and prawn wanton would be one of the main ingredients used in this restaurant. As a result of that, the soup also acquires the sweetness and flavour of the prawns when cooking the prawns in the boiling soup. kar heong (3)


If the soup appeals to you then try ordering them with wanton. Serves in two sizes (big and small) these prawn wantons are served with some vegetables in it too. This makes a perfect dish to order either for sharing or when you are not up for chicken rice. kar heong (8)


Their chicken is nicely done with good taste and flavour but the texture lacks a little when it comes to a ultimately good steamed chicken. What’s usually chunky and crispy is somewhat mushy and soft. This however wouldn’t quite affect those who skip chicken skins. kar heong (1)


Fan of chicken liver and chicken gizzard, please do yourself a favour and order some when having chicken rice here because they are amazingly fresh here. Prepared in such easy and simple way with some soya sauce and sesame oil while garnishing it with some spring onion, this one was super delicious. kar heong (5)


The shop is not flourish outstanding but keep an eye on the signature. Also, parking should not be too challenging but lunch hours can be quite frustrating as well. kar heong


Restaurant Kar Heong is located at:
60, Jalan SS 14/2, Ss 14,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opens Daily from 9 am- 9pm ( may vary on public holidays)
Tel :+60 12-389 0399
GPS: 3.0728136,101.590132


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