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Solomen Cafe @ SS 2


From ramen bowls made with long simmer pot bone broth, simple soy sauce based soup, or miso to rice bowls with delicious pork slices; we can now get our Japanese comfort meal fix in Solomen Cafe at SS2. There is not only an assortment of steaming bowls of thin wheat noodles in broth, but a good fare of Japanese classics to complete a wholesome meal. This plain and humble looking cafe is absolutely a very good space and ambiance for leisure and comforting meal.


Starting with the delicious pieces of Gyoza (RM 1190), it is something that I’d highly recommend as add ons or appetisers. These parcels of pan fried dumpling are succulently wrapped tightly to reserve the juice and moist of the fillings so that every bite is rich and packed with flavours. And skillfully controlling the cooking time, those deep fried homemade marinated pork chop is another good dish for communal dining. Tonkatsu (RM 20.90) are crispy on the outside and tender delicious on the inside.


1.Solomen Café @ SS 2

2.Solomen Café @ SS 2


Moving to their ramen bowls, both the Tonkotsu Ramen (RM 20.90) and Kimchi Ramen (RM 19.90) packs a flavoursome punch with the usual suspects of seaweed and eggs to be expected; as well as al dante bites of springy ramen noodle. The portions are amazing- not too gigantic yet great enough to satisfy ramen craving.


3.Solomen Café @ SS 2

4.Solomen Café @ SS 2

5.Solomen Café @ SS 2


Negi Miso Ramen (RM 20.90) also have those juicy pork but shredded to match the texture of fried leek on their ramen noodles simmered in delicious homemade miso soup.


6.Solomen Café @ SS 2

7.Solomen Café @ SS 2


Ramen isn’t the only thing you get because the menu also presents a couple of rice bowls and like their ramen bowls; these rice bowls are hearty and filling. Shiogayaki don (RM 21.50) was topped with stir fried sliced pork and onion in homemade ginger sauce while Hokkaido Buta Don (RM 22.90) had their rice topped with sliced pork on special homemade sweet sauce. Should the rice have a better texture, their rice bowls are close to perfect given the range of pricing they are tagged on. After all, mushy texture really won’t do Japanese rice grain any justice.


8.Solomen Café @ SS 2

9.Solomen Café @ SS 2

10.Solomen Café @ SS 2

11.Solomen Café @ SS 2

16. solomen ss2

15.Tori Karaage  (RM 14.50)


Hoikoro (RM 16.90) stir fried sliced pork with vegetables in homemade miso paste would put a smile to pork lover with the layers of evenly distributed fats in between the layers of pork belly slices. But if you are avoiding those fats, may I recommend the gigantic Tori Karaage (RM 14.50). There are no fats in this one, only super thick coating of flour enveloping the chicken cuts to lock all moist and juice of the meat. I didn’t enjoy the thick- almost close to goey in between the supposedly-crunchy outer layer and the succulent tender boneless chicken meat; but majority would love the huge value-for-money pieces of chicken.


12.Solomen Café @ SS 2

13.Solomen Café @ SS 2

14.Tori Karaage  (RM 14.50)


So because they are also a café, the beverage list conquers 2 pages of the menu. Cucumber Mojito Sparker (RM 10.90) was really refreshing and perfect as to beat those fiery weather out there and you get your caffeine fix too if are merely just chilling after the comforting meal. Latte (RM 9.90) fares well to go with their selection of cakes- both the Cempedak Lover (RM 13.90) and Tiramisu (RM 11.90) .


17.solomen cafe ss2

18.solomen cafe ss2


Click HERE for MENU and more photos on flickr.


Solomen café is located at:
16, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, MY
Phone: +60 16-289 9079
Business Hour: 12pm- 10pm (Monday Closed)
GPS: 3.1131367,101.620376


SoloMen Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Gee and Geek at SS 2


The entire team in Gee and Geek puts a hundred percent to the neighborhood café and there is no surprise that the barista also doubles as waiter every now and then. What better to experience this passion than by savoring their signature dishes in such comfy space?


12.Gee and Geek at SS 2
13.Gee and Geek at SS 2


Pull Pork Burger (RM 18) is smothered in fragrant caramelized onions and garlic aioli, and topped relatively generous with pulled pork of good quality. Together with the melted cheese, this one’s for the meat lovers. Perhaps the only downside here is that there is no hand cut thin chips or glamorous herb salad but the good portion of crinkle cut fries and lettuce salad are comforting enough for fellow neighborhood diners.


1.Gee and Geek at SS 2
2Gee and Geek at SS 2


The salted egg yolk bandwagon rolls on and on and has evolved into many interesting creations, including in breakfast. We’ve seen the rise and falls of trendy food but the cravings for anything with salted egg yolk in it never seem to die. Gee and Geek has cleverly include salted egg yolk into their Eggs Benedict! The components in this dish; poached eggs, asparagus, well seasoned sautéed spinach and bacon on toast are far better than you’d expect for the RM 22 price tag.


3Gee and Geek at SS 2
4.Gee and Geek at SS 2


Pork Schnitzel (RM 23) is served very ordinary looking on a bed of mashed potato with honey roasted vegetables lying in between the luscious mash and that thick piece of bread crumbed pork chop. This classic German dish comes with crispy crust and juicy meat on the inside.


5.Gee and Geek at SS 2
6.Gee and Geek at SS 2
7.Gee and Geek at SS 2


The team serves with plenty of passion and while still lacking in skills, everything we had were done right. Churros (RM 12) could have use a thicker chocolate sauce, perhaps more nutella-ish. Juices can be more interesting and healthier because Malaysians are more aware of healthy juices, but caffeine beverages are lovely. The small menu makes it easy to keep their fresh produce at the top of quality and ultimately showcased in their delicious food. Price tags were affordable and inexpensive given the reasonable serving size and tasty food.


8.Gee and Geek at SS 2
9.Gee and Geek at SS 2
10.Gee and Geek at SS 2
11.Gee and Geek at SS 2


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The Gee and Geek Café is located at :
38, PJ SS 2(2), Jalan SS 2/4A, SS 5,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47300
Tel: 016 6164773
Business Hour: Daily 11am-10pm
GPS: 3.1117253,101.611037


Gee & Geek Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Mojo Nail Cafe @ SS 2


From shellac coating to spa pedicure, the entire procedure seemed to guarantee blissful streamlined that topped with a gentle girly touch, given the fancy and modern looking facilities here at Mojo Nail Café at SS 2.


3. mojo


Relax with a steaming cup of tea while your nails are prettified isn’t such a bad idea. Provided whatever they serve should taste as good as their glamorous presentation. High tea set is presented before us in tiers filled with lovely looking finger food.




Take note I mentioned lovely looking finger food, and not lovely finger food. In contrary to the appearance, this High tea set (RM 50) showcased very little effort, almost sloppy when it comes to their sweet bites especially the cupcakes. I find it astounding that anyone would actually serve this. This quick video best summarized my thoughts on the cupcakes.




Drinks did not manage any redemption from the bad quality of finger food but Latte, English Tea and Peppermint flower tea is not the perfect pick to back that statement. Plus, plain water is charged at RM 1 per glass.




Some nail salons attract customers in with fancy modern décor and while others, with their experienced technicians. This one seemed to want to distinguish itself with an attached cafe although failing terribly. Hopefully, their nail services get a good feedback from their customers.


Mojo Nail Cafe is located at:
No 105 First Floor
Jalan SS2/24 47300
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 0378630510
Operating hours : Tuesday – Sunday, 12pm -9pm
GPS: 3.1146424,101.62107
Facebook :


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Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


From Kyushu-style tonkotsu made with long-simmered pork bone broth, to simple miso based soup, we’ve seen a spate of ramen joints and Jikasei Ramen at SS 2, Petaling Jaya is quite a good pick to grab a good steaming bowl of ramen at reasonable pricing. With only a handful of varieties to offer, the ramen types all share the same good ramen texture which was pleasingly chewy (even after a long photographing time). These bouncy noodles are topped with diverse toppings but their signature is hard to be forgotten when you see an entire rib getting the entire spotlight in that otherwise ordinary looking bowl of noodle. Supearibu ramen (RM 18.80) is served topped with Japanese style marinated braised pork spare rib imported from Spain. Eating the rib is obviously challenging but the staffs always offer to cut them for you.


1. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2
2.Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


When the entire rib is overwhelming, that’s when the Buta Kakuni Ramen (RM 17.80) becomes the crowd pleaser. This Japanese braised pork belly so tender and juicy, the contrast with the ramen, wakame, vege, fish cake and spring onion becomes an instant enjoyment.


3.Jikasei Ramen @ ss2


In contrary to the rather ordinary and not too extravagant looking broth, it tasted flavourful yet unrelenting for you to completely enjoy every sip until the bowl is polished. Cha Shu Ramen (RM 15.80) served with ramen topped with homemade pork cha shu (also imported from Spain), marinated soft-boiled egg, wakame, vege, fish cake and spring onion.


4. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


For something out of the ordinary and the perfect slurp of refreshing chilled ramen, the Ponzu Spicy Ramen (RM 15.80) serves a hearty bowl of spicy vinegar chilled ramen with toppings pork cha shu, wakame, some vege like spring onion and some grated white radish. Mixing all in and every bite is ridiculously appetizing. Take note it was also accompanied by an impeccable cooked egg that splits open with the consistency of velvet custard.


5. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


Opposing to sour savoury is this sweet savoury Hiyashi Chuka (RM 15.80), also a chilled ramen but pleasingly coated with sesame sauce and beautifully presented with julienned carrot, cucumber, sengkuang, alongside the BBQ sliced pork.


6. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


The sides and add ons were equally decent, with Buta Gyoza (RM 8.90)for an enjoyment of juicy meat contrasting with a layer of crispy “wings”, Kaisen Okonomiyaki (RM 9) for the umami balance of shrimp, squid, cabbage and bonito flakes still dancing when served, and Amera Tomato Su (RM 7) for that refreshing fresh marinated tomato with Japanese Yuzu vinegar.


7. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2
8. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2
9. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


Tomatoes were imported from Japan, and what appears ordinary looking might just surprised you.


10. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


The flavour close to home and easily acceptable to mass audience here is their homemade Japanese pork meat ball. Like the rest of their pork Buta Tsukune Yaki (RM 11.90) also uses imported meat from Spain and when put together with the teriyaki sauce, presents a tight and rich flavour in each meatball.


11. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


Like many other restaurants in SS 2, this place is forever challenging when it comes to getting a car park. Jikasei Ramen is located near McDonalds and the stealthy, sensible décor, with dark wood and light bulbs, provides comfy dining.


Click HERE for Menu.


12. Jikasei Ramen SS 2
13. Jikasei Ramen ss2


Jikasei Ramen is located at :
No. 52, Jalan SS2/61
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7865 3254
GPS: 3.1192414,101.61784


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Blacklist Restaurant @ SS 2


Blacklist restaurant at SS2 can be exciting when it comes to their name, but when it comes to food and drinks, they have too little to offer with the few pages of menu. Interior was designed with lots of black and nice pendant lights, with lovely segregation for diners to choose between cosy indoor and breezy patio.


The restaurant seems popular for couples and lovebirds with shisha also available for shisha lovers. Their menu consists all of the usual local and western favourites such as a variety of fried rice, pasta dishes and salads. Atop these offerings, you’ll find assorted mains from the barn or sea. It was a disappointment to not find any fresh herbs or fresh grated cheese and pastas served plain with add ons at additional charges. Tom Yam Carbonara (RM 12) with added beef (RM 5) wasn’t too bad all thanks to sharp flavour of spices from Tomyam. Aglio Olio (RM 8) with added mushroom (RM 5) wasn’t my favourite and I obviously wouldn’t recommend it.


1.blacklist cafe ss2 (4)
2.blacklist cafe ss2


Grilled Salmon (RM20) was served to the table with a nice plate and side salad sloppily prepared with very little effort to earn any appreciation, with a cheap cut salmon placed atop mashed potatoes which happened to be the only thing decent on the plate.


3.blacklist cafe ss2 (5)


Drinks menu offers a good spread with what’s very popular and highly on demand in town; coffee range. And on top of that, they play with interesting and creative concoction of their own so you’d find things like hot Pandan Macchiato (RM 9) and Lemon Passion fruit Tea (RM 6).


4.blacklist cafe ss2 (1)
5.blacklist cafe ss2 (2)


The not so challenging ones (like yours truly here) can very well settle with safer choices (it was a wise move); Green Tea Jasmine (RM 8).


6.blacklist cafe ss2 (3)


The neighbourhood would find dining at Blacklist somewhat fascinating from time to time but anyone from distance would oppose, since this area is already saturated and well known for many other cafes and eateries. However, the Blacklist would be the very few with shisha in the restaurant so shisha fans would know what’s the right place to go within SS2.


The Blacklist Restaurant is located at:
No 1, Jalan SS2/66
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7865 1098
GPS: 3.119102, 101.619749 (This premise was previously Square Dotz)


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Smoking Hog @ SS 2


When the name of this bistro restaurant came to my attention, I was excited and exhilarated with another pork place. All hype up and ready to chew some fats and perhaps wallop few slabs of those ribs most pork place would offer was all that I had in mind. Locating the restaurant was no rocket science; just look for crab factory and the entrance leading their diners to the 3rd floor restaurant is right at the alley entering the back lane of crab factory.


1.smoking hog


Upon entering the lift, hearts pounds a little faster in excitement while anticipating for the door to open. Once opened, it was like a whole new dimension visually with very dimmed and soft lightings amidst chic decor crossing theme with mysterious underground private meeting rooms or akin. A huge long table resembling those Queen Anne Chair or those of the Golden Age of English era.


3.smoking hog


While the room barely accommodates more than 50 pax at one go, the eating experience is offset by the classy decor and clever design and art elements scattered around the space. These photos really didn’t do them justice (I forgot my spare battery).The music at the background creates that perfect complementary to meals of every occasion. Food did not take long to arrive and the menu selection is neatly divided to breakfast till 5pm, dinner till last call as well as the all day menu. We totally missed the – much- interesting-looking all day breakfast menu, so review is based in their dinner offerings. The highly anticipated bacones were not available when I visited and was a pity or it should be able to elevate the dining experience to a much higher satisfaction.


2. smoking hog


Smoking Hog Mushroom Soup (RM 16) was supposedly hearty and comforting for those who prefer the least creamy soup. Portion serving hits point blank for tiny eaters, making it great as starter while waiting for the main. And this time around, the slice of ciabatta which accompanies the soup was missing. I’m guessing I wouldn’t have missed out much.


4. smoking hog


Labeling themselves as the smoking hog, you’d know that almost all dishes revolve around pork. And true indeed except they rely entirely on bacon; some in strips, bites or chunks, and is in almost every single dish. The Bacon Coleslaw (RM 18) is apparently not suitable for the kids, as stated on the menu. And true enough, it came with tact spike of spiciness amidst the mellow tangy and natural sweetness from the cabbages. Served topped with pieces of panko crumbled bacon wedges, this one is quite a delight. Something out of the ordinary.


5.smoking hog


Smoking Hog Cheesy Fries with Smoked Bacon Fries (RM 16) is probably the biggest joke in culinary history this year. Think takeaway fries from McDonald’s after 5 hours, refried and topped with some melted cheese in an oven. Mentioned in the menu, this one exists because they are over truffle fries. I’d say they should have stick to truffle fries.


6.smoking hog


Remember the viral tomato rice recipe that circulates at a point of time? Looks like we are conveniently getting that here. Popham Prawn Casseroles (RM 47) is a strict sharing portion for sure, and expect fresh prawns since the Smoking Hog are also backed by the Crab factory downstairs. Rice cooked in tomato broth and freshwater prawns and Prawns, served (once again) with their signature gimmick; bacon. The only flavour you get is the natural sweetness from the prawns and tomato, the palate would only enjoy this when it’s cold because it was really bland.


7.smoking hog


Smoking Hog Spaghetti Bolognese (RM 33) takes pride with the mix of three meats; beef, lamb and pork. Also not forgetting to decorate with the signature, the pasta was pleasant visually on its own. It wasn’t al dente to my liking but mass diners would enjoy their texture. Poached egg was included on top of the pasta but don’t expect any yolkporn action.


8.smoking hog


A good presentation elevates very simple dish to elegance and that is exactly their Double Portobello Mantaus with Tomato (RM 24). Probably guilty with all the bacon in every dish, this one decided to be accompanies by not only fresh vegetables by the side, but no salad dressings as well. Man tau deep fried and sandwiching Portobello mushrooms with a slice of tomato reminded me of secret recipe’s kids burgers except lesser fun factor and no alpha fries.


9. smoking hog


Alcohol and wine selection was charming and with this kind of set back, is a fantastic place for some alcohol drinks. Dessert menu, like their dinner ranges sounded fantastic on print but I’ve lost all faith after the cheesy fries.


The Smoking Hog is located above Crab factory at:
21 Jalan SS2/64, SS2,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7865 9239
GPS: 3.118729,101.620371


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Two Pesos Mini Steamboat Malaysia @ SS 2


Two Pesos Taiwan Mini Steamboat is the latest addition for steamboat lovers. The word ‘pesos’ would mostly relate to Philippines but it is highly unlikely that you’ll find anything Philippine here. In contrary one would surprise themselves with the assortment of variation from one simple Chinese delicacy; the steamboat. Being the master franchise and the first outlet in Malaysia, this number 1 Taiwan mini steamboat is now available in Malaysia. Two Pesos Steamboat landed at SS 2 and is the latest hype for steamboat lovers.


1. pesso


Insisting on steamboat being a traditional Chinese food that is good enough to savour as a everyday food, everyday is a good day for hot pot instanly becomes their tag line as they tried to make the steamboat as an everyday food despite the weather in Malaysia.With this environmental friendly bilingual menu, impressions are certainly positive at the first impression. Seats are at standard allocation accordingly to the built in individual stoves.




Malaysian loves food no matter rain or sunny. On top of that, the comfy and good ventilating system is absolutely amazing while offering joy and casualty. Using all natural ingredients and absence of msg, their choices are extensive palate friendly; emphasizing on low carbs, low fats, lots of vegetables and lots of proteins in assorted pots accordingly to the soup base. It is no wonder people line up at peak hours.


3. pesso


The range of soups and the compatibility of different pots were studied and designed to introduce Malaysians this new style of steamboat that is already reigning and selling hot in Taiwan itself. Every pot comes with soup, vegetables, some meat (pork, beef or lamb), and a choice of rice or noodles (rice, yee mee, or bee hoon) at average price range of RM 10 – RM 16. Twelve kinds of steamboat so finding the right one can be pretty tacky for the indecisive ones. Sauces and cutleries are self serviced and play your way to the best combination of dipping sauce.




Two Pesos Stone Pot (RM 13.50) presents with a generous bowl of a mix of vegetable, tofu, mushrooms and seafood, alongside noodle or rice and meat slices.
two pesos (7)
two pesos (6)
With some garlic and herbs inside the cast iron pot, the quick heat conduction slightly sautés the meat before it was removed and clear soup is then added to the pot with addition of Chinese Sour Vege for taste. Addictively pleasant and savory this one.




Tajine Seafood Pot (RM 16) is specially crafted for seafood lovers. The cone shaped cover is designed to promote the return of all condensation to the bottom and reserves as a replica to slower cooking so the essence of the ingredients later parades in the soup in making. This Morocco style pot uses the steam to force the water from the ingredients, hence preserving its own fashion and flavour.


7. pesos


Using imported milk from Germany, Milky Seafood Pot (RM 14) resembles diluted carbonara but not relenting at all, in fact was actually smooth and delicious. Light creamy and cheesy aroma that is savoury sweet with essence freshness naturally extracted from the ingredients in the pot.


8. pesos


The star of the day was the Japanese Sukiyaki Pot (RM 14). Laden with pea shoots corns and all the ingredients that contribute to the delightful sweetness so naturally tasty when everything simmers in the soy sauced based soup.




If the above soup bases are too main stream, check out their Mongolian Herbs Pot (RM 14). Apparently the herbs are good for health and absolutely not greasy at all. This one is slightly uncommon for the local palate but the adventurous ones would palpably agree to the flavour, and the very unique pot.




And challenge your friends to order the Basu Spicy Pot (RM 14), more commonly known to resemble the usual ‘ma lat’ spicy pot we are all familiar with. This one is clear at start but as it lingers at the back of your throat before swallowing, gives the exciting pungent and spiciness.




Each portion are considerably hefty for small eaters but because the dipping and cooking prolongs eating time and good air conditioning make eating very pleasant and enjoyable. However, those with a big appetite can always order more at add on selections. Add on meats or vegetables or these dumplings. Good refrigeration and quick turnover ensures very fresh ingredients.




Beverage didn’t quite earn much of a shout out here and was perceptibly outshine by their steamboat range. They sell mineral water (RM 1.80), Passion Fruit Ice (RM 2.50) and Kochani Winter Melon Tea (RM 2.50).


15. pesos


Fans would be happy to know that Two Pesos will soon have lemon soup, pesto soup, and tomato soup in the lineup. Also because the restaurant is always packed, takeaway bowls comes in real handy with everything nicely cooked and neatly packed, ready to consume.




Two Pesos Taiwan Mini Steamboat is located at :
No.7, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/67 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS: 3.118583, 101.623042
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm


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Ding Ding Grill Fish Steamboat at Private Kitchen @ SS 2 Chow Yang, PJ


Steamboat is forever a great option at anytime of the day, in any sort of weather. Steamboat lovers may have their own criteria when it comes to picking the right steamboat restaurant. The whole idea of steamboat is to gather people around and spend relatively a longer time over the table while bonding over the delicious boiling pot of assorted ingredients. Whatever preferences at any steamboat sessions for steamboat lovers, it will always not sway far from the biggest factor to a good steamboat – the fresh ingredients.


1.private kitchen (24)


Having tried almost most of the ingredients here at the Private Kitchen, ingredients are surprisingly fresh with their chef managing the ingredients perfectly at the correct shelve period. They did a fantastic job keeping the ingredients at their best quality so when presented to the diners, are at the most premium condition.


2.private kitchen


There aren’t too many choices of these processed meats but what was served were nothing like the ordinary. Frozen processed balls are not only fresh but delightful to be eaten; some have special ingredients in it and was a joy and lots of fun to consume them so long as they don’t burn your tongue when you bite while it’s hot. (Guess whose tongue got burnt here?)


4.private kitchen (18)


Choices of proteins, leaf and fungi are vast so there must be something for everyone.


5.private kitchen
6.private kitchen


But to be very honest, those ala carte add ons mentioned above might not even be necessary since the featured steamboat here is the Ding Ding Grill Fish Steamboat. A star dish with an entire fish grilled before being placed in to a tray, submerged in preboiled soup along with some spices and ingredients from the soup, and then served to replace conventional steamboat pot.


7.private kitchen (30)


Fish was grilled three quarters cooked one one side before adding to the soup to shorten cooking time at the table. Soup was impressively amazing as it cooks along the way while dinners add and cooked the steamboat ingredients inside the same pot. For a net price of RM 58 (Red Pearl Fish) and three choices of soup base to select, decisions shouldn’t be too tough to segregate them to either hot and spicy or sweet and soourish. This Fragrant Spicy Soup Base give the hinge of fiery sensation especially when boiling hot.


8.private kitchen (34)


And something milder crafted to suit the majority, Fresh Tomato and Sweet Corn Soup Base makes the perfect choice since the soup is sweet and appetizing at the same time. Great for those who are not into spicy pot. Submerging in this is lovely mix of ingredients that creates sourish sweet flavour for diners. There are corn, tomato, tofu pok, zuchinni and soy sprout all in one pot with a fish, and beautifully garnished with coriander.


9.private kitchen (32)


When cooking takes too long, having add ons like the Claypot chicken will be a wise move so while the steamboat is cooking, sink in to juicy chicken generously infused with flavours from seasonings and spices.


10.private kitchen (37)


The private kitchen provides a comfy dining space, with warm lighting and good, cooling ventilation. Adequate space to make dining very pleasurable with a even and sufficient spread of tables with various sizes to accommodate different crowd sizes.


11.private kitchen
12.private kitchen (2)


Ding Ding Grill Fish Steamboat of Private Kitchen is located at:
20 A, Jalan SS 2/10, SS 2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7874 8399
GPS: 3.115547, 101.616717


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