Frame Thai @ Happy Mansion

Frame Thai @ Happy Mansion     The decor might be simple and even maybe borderline close to sloppy, but comfort dining is rest assured. Don’t expect contemporary and bold fusion but do prep yourself for some authentic Thai fire and superb cooking including stalwarts like tomyam and padthai. They have always been one of … Continue reading

New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square

Tai Thong new menu 2017   Thai Thong recently launched a new set of menu featuring some of the dishes cooked with a nod to authenticity the classic flavours of traditionally Malay flavour, as well as some innovative creations for the predominantly Chinese crowd. The galore is a mix of traditional and contemporary, and in … Continue reading

Wood and Steel Café @ Damansara Uptown

  Wood and Steel has had quite a great reputation so far, with their latest addition at the Damansara Uptown. This one is well received for their appealing dishes and like the previous establishments, this one is with lovely finishing of wood and steel artwork as well. There are creative tables and chairs, with opulent … Continue reading

Secret Garden Chinese Restaurant @ Taman Sea, SS 23

  Chopsticks at the ready! The Secret Garden Chinese Restaurant at SS 23 has opened their door for Chinese cuisine lovers. The ‘secret’ in the name makes it sound all mystifying and underground, which is far from the truth. In décor and cooking, Secret Garden is not just one of a kind but utterly wonderful … Continue reading

Gasing 123 Cafe @ Jalan Gasing

  Gasing 123 Cafe at Jalan Gasing Petaling Jaya is a beautiful place to eat a meal. The thought is almost certain to strike at some point as I walked in through the cheeky and creative art and decor on the wall and around the cafe. Pleasant layout with plenty of green on the outside … Continue reading

TOKB (Taste of Kota Bahru) Cafe @Seksyen 13

  TOKB Café at Seksyen 13, otherwise also known as the Taste of Kota Bahru Cafe is like a ground for military surplus on top of authentic Kelantanese fare. Part cafe and part a viewing gallery with various wartime memorabilia, TOKB Cafe serves up Kelantanese dishes with ingredients sourced directly from Kelantan, and prep by … Continue reading

Sinar Ramadan at the Utara Coffee House, Armada Petaling Jaya

  Sinar Ramadan 2016 at the Utara Coffee House, Armada Petaling Jaya once again offers that sumptuous spread of up to more than 100 dishes from their executive chef Chew as he promises to showcase a wide selection of dishes that emphasizes on variety and quality after a long day of fasting. From a good … Continue reading

Bariuma Ramen @ Jaya Shopping Centre

  If you ever find yourself hungry in Jaya shopping mall, this is the place to go: Bari-Uma Ramen attracts patrons with not only their ramen, but the spread of versatility and choices of classic Japanese treats. And like many other ramen joints in town, semi open kitchen is always a delight to watch.   … Continue reading

Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar @ Mutiara Damansara

  Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara has built a reputation amongst the cafehoppers and food instagrammers out the ambiance: lots of sunlight, casual vibe; and the easy-going photogenic dishes (everything that I would approve to be instagram worthy).     With enough reasons to check them out, it’s no wonder taking a … Continue reading

Brunch at #theBBP @ Club Bukit Utama

  #theBBP gastropub at the Club Bukit Utama joined the lou sang hype, this one done in porky style. Already serving a lineup of good old fashioned porky delights like the BBQ meats, caramelised pork and traditional ribs, the seasonal dish for the festive now presents the Suckling Pig*.     Celebrate this festive with … Continue reading

Chinese New Year 2016 @ Armada Hotel (Utara Coffee House), PJ

  Toasting to prosperity for the exciting 2016 Lunar Year, Armada Hotel’s Chinese New Year Menu celebrates auspicious beginnings with their authentic Cantonese feast. Starting with fun-filled of quality and delightful dining experience, the Chinese New Year meals normally served with a platter of colourful abundance for tossing; with their Prosperity Yee Sang. Options of … Continue reading

The Grind Burger Bar @ Seksyen 19

  The Grind Burger Bar at Seksyen 19 is one of those many burger joints that popped during when gourmet burgers started getting its spotlight in town. The trend and burger hyped started and it was then blossoming and growing perpetually. With so much burger joints in town, it is getting tough to actually decide … Continue reading