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Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall


With a good collection of eateries in the convenience of a mall, 1 Utama is considerably a powerhouse in the city. Their latest tenant, Thai Hou Sek strives to delve into the high end representation of the archetypal of Siam cuisine. Taking pride in being a non-halal Thai eatery and beautifully served, almost all the dishes have pork in it with the exception of desserts and drinks and perhaps some starters that aren’t supposed to have pork in it. At the same time, I am quite taken aback by the wallet friendly prices, given most of the dishes are under RM 20 with the exception of odd item that utilizes some more expensive ingredients. I obviously start by tucking into one of the cleaner items- the Papaya Salad and it is nothing but a stellar. The fresh raw papaya in tangy dressing is an absolutely lovely starter. 

1.Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

2.Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

Som Tam with Sai Krok (RM 18) – Young papaya salad served with grilled Thai sausage made from mixture of pork, sticky rice and lime juice.


Pad Thai with Seafood and Bacon (RM 22) is a satisfying dish and this combination is a version that makes this dish quite a looker with that pretty looking slice of crispy bacon. With the squeeze of lime onto this wok fried rice noodle, it enhances the overall taste but what was most enjoyable are the mix of crushed peanuts and raw beans sprout. 

3.Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

4.Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama


Next up, Siu Yuk Tom Yam (RM 22) is their interpretation of pork tom yum but to be honest, pork or no pork has no effect on myself but it would probably appeal to pork lover. 

5.Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama


We ended the meal with typical Thai dessert. Interestingly served in stylish presentation, their Tab Tim Krob (RM 11) promises crunchy Thai rubies, jackfruit and mango slices, but it wasn’t that great. There is too much ice and coconut flakes and there is no crunch in their crunchy Thai rubies. Skip this but go for their signature beverages instead. 

6.Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

7.Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama


Despite being in a mall, this is a spacious and sophisticated spot, decked out in wood and warm tones which are accentuated by exposed pendant light bulbs and combined with the tiled flooring, the surrounds are not only classy but exude a relaxing vibe. That excluding the seats at the restaurant facade unless of course if you have no issue having every shopper peeking at your meal when passing by. 

8.Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

9.Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

10.Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama


Thai Hou Sek in One U is located at:
S32 Second Floor, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: +60 3-7731 7933
Business Hour: 10am-10pm daily

GPS: 3.1479042,101.61606


Click HERE for their menu and more photos on flickr.


Thai Hou Sek Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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PUTIEN restaurant turns 16 with a One Star Michelin


Turning 16 this year, Putien celebrates it with a one star Michelin for its Kitchener Road Outlet. With recognition by the inaugural Michelin guide Singapore 2016, Putien celebrates this double memorable occasion with a gala dinner last month at One Utama as a gesture of appreciation to members of the media and guests. 

1.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN


Debuted with a delightful tea and followed by a light hearted speech and introduction to Putiens inspiring success story by Putiens General Manager, Ms Caren Poon. This occasion also served as a launching pad to introduce Putien’s festival – a month long celebration featuring festival road shows and a special festival menu comprising a delicious selection of new dishes.


A hub for authentic Putian (China) cuisines, Putien has been synonyms with quality food with ingredients as close to its roots as possible. Trying out their signatures dishes for the night, appetisers showcased both hot and cold dishes with some of them fabulously caught us by surprise and practically having us savouring it continuously for a good whole minute with no conversation at the table. Signature Putien Style Century Egg was an infinite delight to most of us and to those who is a fan of century egg; you’d find this a delight with the gentle coat of sweet tangy sauce around it. Other comfort starter warms up the stomach when the Braised Putien Handmade Bean Curd is served elevated with fire below it for perpetual braising. 

2.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN

3.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN


The cold starters are very authentic and certainly translate the coastal ingredients into mouth watering dishes on the plate. Being situated in the central part of the coastline of Fujian province, it is just natural to see plenty of sea harvest to be a part of the food culture. Seaweed with mini shrimps might not been the fabulous and rich when it comes to flavour as compared to the Braised Bamboo Shoot, but these starters are absolutely great for the health conscious. 

4.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN

5.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN


Correctly serving in the right sequence, a heartwarming “Yan Pi” Fish Maw Soup was served. Each sip packed with intense flavour, it’s like you can taste it nourishing the moment the soup touches the lips. This one really helps the stomach working into getting the acid build up for the rest of the dish. 

6.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN


And even though Stir Fried Seaweed could be selectively subjective to individuals preferable, the Shredded Meat with Bun seemed to fit into the majority’s agreement. 

7.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN

8.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN

9.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN

10.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN

11.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN


Putian dishes are not customarily general like most dishes in Chinese cuisines but they are certainly being acknowledged to compliment fellow Heng Hwa clan. Putien Lor Mee has its distinctive charm despite looking unattractively pale with the off-white coloured noodle. The flavours really came from the starchy stock that is packed and deeply infused with flavours from well-executed ingredients like clams and prawns and all the fresh ingredients in this homely gourmet. Along with an immense braising, every ingredient adds up to the final sensation. 

12.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN

13.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN


As a fan of strawberry, the Strawberry Prawn did not at all startle me, in contrary I was thrilled to try the fusion of these two ingredients. And like the sweet aroma from the fruit, the prawns fully coated with strawberry infused gravy have the fruity finishing as well. 

14.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN


Deep Fried Yellow Croaker is their main highlight this time around. Being their seasonal source, this one is marinated with premium peppercorn and sea salt for 24 hours before deep frying to crispiness yet retaining tender, juicy meat within. 

15.PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN


Putien might not be the only place to taste authentic flavour of Putian dishes but they are probably the only one awarded with a Michelin Star. Catch the night’s action on my snapchat vlog. 


PUTIEN restaurant is located at:
One-Utama Shopping Mall (G213A, Ground Floor)
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre,
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone:+60 3-7722 1539
Opens daily: 11:30AM–4:30PM, 5:30–9:30PM

GPS: 3.1485168,101.616867


Click HERE for more photos on flikr. 

Putien Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Stratosphere at the Roof – World’s First Helipad Cinema


Stratosphere at the Roof (Bandar Utama) is where you’d find the world’s first helipad cinema. Starting 4th October for duration of 10 days only, and making its debut with all time favourite classic flicks with the unique outdoor cinematic experience, it is a movie experience like no other. The recent preview showcased their lovely 360- degree panoramic view of the city, and lounging over comfy beanbag seats (courtesy of Doof Industries) is indeed unwinding movie screening in style. I enjoyed the preview of the occasion, with screening of Austin Powers “The International Man of Mystery” and complimentary flow of popcorn and cocktail. We were greeted with light canapés, sunset cocktails and nice, cold premium french wheat beer – Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc.


1.Helipad Cinema
2.Helipad Cinema
3.Helipad Cinema


The space with bulbs and beautiful lighting is such amazing addition to those classic favourites. The helipad cinema will showcase some classic favourites cutting across different genres ranging from animation (“Up” and “Space Jam”), to black comedy (“Pulp Fiction”), thriller (“The Beach”), drama (“Entrapment”, “Fight Club”, “Erin Brockovich”) and chick flicks (“10 Things I Hate About You”, “Mean Girls” and She’s All That”).


4.Helipad Cinema


Tickets are priced at RM45 per person with complimentary popcorn and cocktail. Snacks and other alcoholic beverages are also available at the helipad bar. Happy hour promotion on its infamous sunset cocktails will be available from 6pm – 9pm at RM15 / glass featuring the famous five – Melon Flower Daiquiri, Sangria Mojito, Butter Mango Caipiroska, Wild Berries Margarita and Strawberry Coconut Mojito. Option to Dine Under The Stars is also available if you are rushing to catch the movie before filling up your stomach.


5.Helipad Cinema
6.Helipad Cinema
7.Helipad Cinema


Movies are screened daily from 8pm onwards and due to overwhelming response; screenings have been extended from one screening a day to two with the second set around 10pm – in which tickets are also selling fast.


Take note to be there on time as there wil be no advertisements or movie trailers prior screening.


For info on movie schedule or to purchase tickets, kindly log on to


The Stratosphere at Roof is located at :
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-8605 3388
GPS: 3.1468232,101.61553
For info on promotions and other happenings, kindly log on to or .


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Madame Waffle @ 1Utama Shopping Mall


Madame Waffle in 1Utama (1u) opens to offer waffle as snack and like their Midvalley, Gardens and IOI City’s outlet, they are the quintessential kiosk café in malls, complete with neat dining table and the continuous grow of coffee bar. Being the first artisan Belgian waffle using Japanese ingredients, patrons get the finest ingredients freshly baked daily on site to cater to both the fast moving pace and leisure indulgence.


1.Madame Waffle @ 1Utama


At the recent launch of their fourth outlet at 1Utama, classic waffles (original, matcha, chocolate, honey, tiramisu, cinnamon and coffee) that are good to grab and go, as well as their dine in waffles (Peanut butter crunch, coffee tiramisu, banana nutella and madame signature) were all equally attractive, especially with the fresh-out-of oven smell pilling and wafting in the air at their open kitchen.


2.Madame Waffle in 1Utama
3.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Dine in waffles are coveted item for sure. Fresh and neat texture with toppings and ice cream with seasonal berries (and if you are lucky, limited edition Musang King Durian) gracefully plated to serve. As you know, durian really isn’t my thing but I can assure all you durian lovers out there amidst any outlandish flavours, the best move is to embrace this Musang King Durian Series because you’ll never regret it.


4.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Tiramisu Waffle (RM 11) is perfect for any coffee lover, the waffle served powdered with cocoa and beautiful berries plated around it is not only something that’ll look good in your instagram feed, but also a good measure for in indulgence.


5.Madame Waffle in 1Utama
6.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Those were yet the highlight of the day. I’ve already had their upcoming item that will clog up your social media feeds by the time they launched it then, in a couple more days (sometime in August). Three waffle each inspired by Disney’s magical flight of the imagination, and of course I am totally in love with Snow White. With Earl grey ice cream reign on top stacks of waffle cutlets, that amazing tangy sweet and pretty in pink dressing on the plate, this one is with crispy edges still smoky from the griddle and will only be available at the 1Utama outlet.


7.Madame Waffle in 1Utama-01


Drifting away from the Belgium waffle to also cater to mass crowd who loves crispy waffles, they mean it when they say crispy. Cinderella here promises absolute clean and neat of course and no need to wait for fairy god mother to grant your sweet extravagance. Blending the right recipe to form the airy and light crisp, while beautifully presented with slices of banana and the berries, and magically dusted with sugar powder for absolute viewing pleasure.


8.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


And if that’s not good enough, unleash your creativity and build your own waffle master piece with your choices of toppings.


9.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Pair your waffles with your favourite coffee or tea and if you are lucky, Feng – the 2013 Malaysia Aeropress Champion may just be your barista.


10.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Congratulations Madame Waffle with the fourth outlet, and thanks for having me over. Click here for Madame Waffle’s Menu .


11.Madame Waffle in 1Utama


Madame Waffle is located at:
SK9 / Second Floor, 1Utama Shopping Mall
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama City Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012-5517744


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Mother’s Day celebration at Chicago Rib House


Starting April 18th, Chicago Rib House is all set and ready to serve fellow mothers in conjunction with the Mother’s Day Celebration this year. Our mum offers unconditional love while nurturing us with lots of patience and perseverance. For that, a great way to celebrate this Mother’s Day is the 3 course meal at the Chicago Rib House.


Starter offers choices of light, bite sizes of house signature dishes. Pigs in Blanket was served at lovely cocktail sizes of mini sausages wrapped with bacon, and served with their signature Bourbon sauce. Sauce was amazing on top of the outstanding sausages.


2.chicago rib mothers day (2)


Also in the starter is the option of Potato Skins served with fresh lettuce and amazing Ranch Dressing. Potato skin topped with melted cheese, chives and bacon bites was an outstanding serving of appetizer, with a great mix of textures and flavours.


4.chicago rib mothers day (9)


The last choice of starter would be the signature Beer Battered Fried Mushroom for anyone who likes a crunchy start in a meal. The coat of batter might be a little thick but some might enjoy it.


3.chicago rib mothers day (6)


The main course serves with 2 sides and the range of sides were almost the scene stealer if not for the mains. Taking pride with their ribs, the mains were served with 3 racks of baby back rib each with individual flavours hence the name Trio of Ribs. There were Original BBQ, Honey Garlic, and the Bourbon Sauce. As always, the ribs were amazingly moist and each rib tears with almost no effort required.


5.chicago rib mothers day (8)
6.chicago rib mothers day (14)


Another option of main would be the Norwegian Salmon and Shrimp in Caper Sauce. Absolutely love the shrimp in caper sauce with the plump slice of salmon. I would so appreciate if salmon is not over cooked.


7.chicago rib mothers day (15)


The sides showcase a good range of salad, coleslaw, mashed potato, corn, and beer battered fries. The main with 2 sides are all huge and generous, mums would give a huge smile on their faces.




Desserts offer a pick of either the Chocolate Sundae or Banana Split. The only thing which separates the two is the addition of banana to the later. Their ice creams are served with rich sprinkles of almond flakes and hot chocolate fudge.


9.chicago rib mothers day (19)
10.chicago rib mothers day (18)


This Mother’s Day 3 course meal is priced at RM 59.90. Follow them of facebook for more promo, and this review took place at the Chicago Rib House at:


Lot F346, First Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Persiaran Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm daily.
Tel: 03-7727 3210
Fax: 03-7722 5610


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Click here for more photos on flikr.




Porkalicious Joy Luck Set @ Chicago Rib House


World famous pork rib smoldered in secret homemade sauces join the parade in welcoming the Year of Horse in 2014. The Chicago Rib House strike the Porkalicious Luck Sets with special menu created for the auspicious celebration.


Specially created to serve the royalty, there is the refreshingly cool concoction made with green apple, cranberry syrup, cranberry juice, soda water and lightly spiced with cinnamon powder; the Jade Empress. Selling at RM 23.80 per jug, toasting can never be any more exciting.


1.chicago rib -Jade Empress (1)


And to usher all the good luck, joy, happiness and everything auspicious and good, we must have some Yee Sang.


2.chicago rib -Yee Sang (4)


Don’t be shy to go real high, the higher the better. Shredded mango, carrots, red cabbage, white radish, cucumber, spring onion, and more served with Chicago Rib House’s specially made in house plum sauce which perfectly matches for abundance of goodness and flavour and taste.


3.chicago rib -Yee Sang (10)


Then get a whole bunch of variety from their Signature Platter with amazing sharing portion of spare ribs, pork sausages, grilled fresh water prawns, grilled mussels, vegetable sticks and the delicious cheese dips. The dip was addictively awesome to go with fresh celery sticks and while we question the freshness of the ingredients, the mix of variety compensates and brought much happiness to us when dining in a group. A sharing platter that will bring lots of joy to everyone.


4.chicago rib -Signature Platter (6)
5.chicago rib -Signature Platter (3)


And something with an Asian twist with Asian inspired sweer sauce, made with passion fruit, spices and wine for a wonderfully tender finishing is the CNY Braised Pork Belly.


6.chicago rib -Braised Pork Belly (1)


Braised for hours with by the masters at the Chicago Rib House, anyone with a love for those belly layers would go head over heels and the sinful guilt was powerless to stop any of us from walloping the plump piece of meat.


7.chicago rib -Braised Pork Belly


For maximum satisfaction, add on their Baby Back Ribs and pick 2 sides from the array of side choices to go with this char grilled ribs.


8.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (10)


Satisfy your carbs crave with rice, fries, mashed potatoes and baked potatoes or balance the meal with vegetable like coleslaw and golden corns.


9.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (8)
10.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (2)


The battered fries alone is worthy of much appraisal. It makes a great pub grub when having a drink or two.


12.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (11)


The ribs was perfectly grilled to make one forget about manners and make a mess and be excused for having bits stuck between your teeth . It was tender, moist, sweet, and nicely coated with the essential flavour from the plum sauce.


13.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (3)


The ribs would tear with no extra effort and this is when we unleashed the cannibalistic and polished each rib right to the core of it.


14.chicago rib -Baby back Ribs (14)


And for the ultimate score to indulge in this celebration this season, there is the Drunken Prawn(RM 68.80), steamed with white wine and flambé with brandy. It is nice to see the flame but I’d certainly hope for fresher prawn with firmer texture with a heavier dose of alcohol in it.


15.chicago rib -Drunken Tiger Prawns (6)
16.chicago rib -Drunken Tiger Prawns (1)


The Porkalicious Joy Luck sets are available from the 18th Jan to 14th Feb 2014 and prices range from RM 88.80 (2pax) to RM 168.80 (4pax). Signature platter is also available for individual order from 9th Jan and is priced at RM 39.90.


17.chicago rib


Chicago Rib House is located at :
1 Utama. Lot F346, First Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Persiaran Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7727 3210. Fax: 03-7722 5610


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Click here for more photos on flikr.




Good Evening Bangkok @ One Utama


Good evening Bangkok is not a very new restaurant and as the matter of fact, I’ve been here for their famous Tom Yam Kong before. It was definitely not the best I’ve had, but I would recommend this for convenience purposes. Although plane tickets are really cheap nowadays, and even cheaper for me, I thought it’s not wise to fly to Thailand just to have some Tom Yam Kong. This doesn’t apply to those staying near Thai borders of course.


A meal of Thai cuisine is somewhat real similar to those of the Chinese meal. The similarities are there as Asian culinary culture which inevitably follows. With the all time favourite Mieng Kam, a whole bunch of us kick start the meal with this famous Thai starter. Comprising of traditional Thai Leaves, it comes with 7 Condiments for RM 15.90.


1.Mieng Kam (All Time Favourite) –Traditional Thai Leaves Roll with 7 Condiments RM 15.90@goodevening bangkok
1.2Mieng Kam (All Time Favourite) –Traditional Thai Leaves Roll with 7 Condiments RM 15.90@goodevening bangkok one u_


Next of course would be the eminent Tom Yam Gong, the spicy Tom Yam soup with river prawn at RM 15.90. Serves about 6 person so I thought the price is somewhat acceptable.


2.Tom Yam Goong- Spicy Tom Yam Soup with River Prawn RM 15.90@goodevening bangkok (1)


Moving to the main dishes of the meal, there is the Khow Ob Sapparod Goong which is the pineapple fried rice with prawn topped with chicken floss for R M16. I am not too sure if chicken floss is part of the traditional and authentic Thai style but some places do topped this fried rice with chicken floss.


3.Khow Ob Sapparod Goong- Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawn topped with Chicken Floss RM 16@goodevening bangkok


Next is the Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai for RM 15.90. This green curry chicken is delicious. Not too spicy and the chicken meats are tender and succulently juicy. The chicken alone is soaked with all those green curry so if not a fan of curry then eliminate the gravy. Take only the chicken alone. It goes pretty well with white rice.


4.Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai - Green Curry chicken RM 15.90@goodevening bangkok


There is more interesting combination with the Hor Mok Talay Nai Ma Prow Onm. We have some Thai Seafood Otak otak served in Young Coconut for RM 22.90. The Otak otak is mildly piquant and luxuriously creamy with those flavour from the young coconut.


5.Hor Mok Talay Nai Ma Prow Onn- Thai Seafood Otak otak served in Young Coconut RM 22.90@goodevening bangkok (11)


One of the few must order dish in any Thai restaurant is the lime steam fish. The Pla Kapong Nueng Manow is a little pricy as it wasn’t really a big or any extraordinarily fresh Siakap. priced at RM 47.90, the Lime and Chilies did provide an excellent flavour to the dish.


6.Pla Kapong Nueng Manow- Steamed Siakap with Lime and Chilies RM 47.90@goodevening bangkok (1)


For those with zero tolerance to spicy flavours, go for the non spicy dishes here. One is the Yam basket, which I don’t quite agree with the ‘basket’. We tried the Takra Sawan – stir fried Chicken served in Crispy Yam Basket for RM 18.90. It was palatable but not impressive as the Yam basket has got so much rooms to improve some more.


7.Takra Sawan – stir fried Chicken served in Crispy Yam Basket RM 18.90@goodevening bangkok (1)


The Kana Pla Kem (Stir fried Baby Kailan with Salted Fish) is something you can get at a cheaper price anywhere else. For RM 14.90, you get some fresh Kailan you can get in Tesco and stir fried them at home and probably taste the same, or maybe better.


8.Kana Pla Kem- Stirr fried Baby Kailan with Salted Fish RM 14.90@goodevening bangkok


Lastly, dessert in Thai restaurant is always the Tub Tim Krob but I’ve had that before so this time we deal with the Khao Neow Ma Moung– Mango with Sticky rice. Selling at RM 12 here, this dish never fails to intrigue me with thoughts and wonders of what’s in the creator’s mind when the dish was created. It’s like white rice and durian, something you have to try it to tell the uniqueness of the combination. This sticky rice here, which is actually glutinous rice, was up to par of those selling by the streets in Thailand. After all, the authenticity of a cuisine often comes from the streets of origin.


9.Khao Neow Ma Moung – Mango with Sticky rice- RM 12@goodevening bangkok


Good evening Bangkok is located at :
G343A, Ground Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ

Tel: 03-7727 8708
Monday to Sunday; 12:00 noon till 10:00 pm


The place has got quite some nice dinning ambience so it is quite a nice place if you want decent and affordable Thai food without have to fly all the way to Thailand.


Click here for more photos and updates on Foodeverywhere’s facebook page or follow me on twitter @sycookies for all micro updates.


Love, Sycookies