Street Eats: Melaka- Gor Hiong (5 spice)/ Prawn Crackers @ Jalan Tun Perak

  When it comes to food obsession in Melaka, you definitely don’t need the disposable income for best restaurants because street food is your saviour. All the cheap eats of exceptional flavour and experience served either in dinky plastics and paper wraps are the best experience to dive into the local eating habits and food … Continue reading

La Famiglia’s Mobile Pasta @ SS 15

  The pop ups of recent food trucks around ss15 has been nothing but more than another upcoming trend that eventually benefits foodies and youngsters in the hipster community. The latest I’ve checked out was the humble and friendly food truck with the chefs doubling as waiters as well. Thou there weren’t any proper dining … Continue reading

Lekor King @ Melaka

  Lekor is no longer something new or strange to many of us but it has somewhat evolved with fusion style to fulfill and please the palate of many. Simply because creativity and special creation appears to appeal and stand out whilst at the same time triggering the interest of gourmands, lekor is no longer … Continue reading

Teddy’s Cookies – Homemade Cookies

  Cookies are lovely and amazing as a treat or snack at anytime of the day. What happens when you can’t bake? Or finding it hard to get it right or maybe just too busy with the usual daily routine? Whatever the reason is, fear not for Teddy is always around all year long. In … Continue reading

Rojak @ Damansara

  Rojak is one local delicacy which so far, I haven’t been able to find any good ones serving in commercialized shops or stalls. Most of them were mobile in a van and they ironically pairs with cendol or ice kacang all the time. I would say mostly are palatable, but there were still few … Continue reading

Rojak and more @ SS 15

The famous Rojak of SS 15 is inevitably one of the best Rojak around the neighborhood. For those from around this area, then you would have probably known about his but to those whom are not yet aware of this, the stall has grown with “extensions” for the past few months now.     Apart … Continue reading

Melaka style Wantan Mee

It is not difficult to find Wantan mee around us here in Malaysia. Most food court would haveat least one or more stalls selling this noodle. There is several versions of Wantan mee mostly based on the differences in different states. In Melaka, there is this famous Wantan mee without black oyster sauce. Ideally the … Continue reading

Eat and Drink Melaka : Tea break with Snacks on wheels when touring Melaka

City dwellers from other states as well as from Singapore would drive for hours on weekend getaways to feast and gorge themselves on Melaka’s historical places as well as their street food. Well known to be having the best local food, mostly amazing local culinary delights. The veteran normally serves the best authentic dishes, and … Continue reading