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Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle @ Mutiara Damansara


With those mismatched tables and plastic chairs for seats, this newly expanded coffee shop space is loud, crowded and unrefined- just the way many of us would enjoy a comfort meal before casual trendy gossips and news- both fake or real. This isn’t a newbie in town but the recent expansion means a lot to some of their hardcore fan. Many are drawn into Soon Soon Pan Mee and fish head noodle by the reputation, and there is not a time of day when a crowd can’t be spotted outside, lining up or waiting for a table. Most come with family and larger group. Now with a bigger space means more seats and tables hence it is now shorter time in the line, so scene as such is possibly no longer visible.



It is almost not necessary to look at the menu when you are here, you’ll find everyone else sorta eating the same couple of dishes, and you should too: they are famous for making the best fish head noodle within this area. You’ll spot a bowl of glistening noodle dish on almost every table. Unlike typical fish head noodle, the broth here is slightly starchy and has what’s close to broth-like consistency. Each spoonful delivers soup made from rich stock that’s umami with a hind of sweet tang from the tomatoes and the pickled mustard green. Soup is thick also because of yam chucks that contributes a little starch to the texture of the soup. While it is not merely about the soup, each pieces of fillet were thick, cuboidal and fried correctly for sufficient crisp on the outside and moist juicy on the inside. The deep fried also helps lock the flavor of fish from within so it compliments the noodles in the soup.


1.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle
2.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle
4.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle
5.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle


Skip the pan mee and char chan teng breakfast all together cause why waste your quota on those when you can have the delicious fish head noodle? Of course, unless if you are not a fan of fish head noodle of which if so then you shouldn’t even bother visiting this shop then. They do however bring some nostalgic memories to the root of local coffee shop menu. Eggs are always fresh, I would order the half-boiled eggs every single time and they never fail me.


3.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle
6.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle
7.Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head Noodle


Soon Soon Pan Mee and Fish Head noodle is located at:
18-1, Jalan PJU 8/5C, Damansara Perdana, 47820 PJ, Selangor, Damansara Perdana, 47820
Phone: 012-928 7632 / 012-634 6662
Business Hour: Daily 7am- 5 pm
GPS: 3.1648096,101.6068099


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Galito’s First outlet in Malaysia @ e-Curve Mutiara Damansara

Galito’s first outlet in Malaysia at eCurve (Vs Nando’s Malaysia)


For a fast moving city, too few of KL’s fast casual dining restaurants offer real, actual, dining with good ingredients and relaxing ambiance. I am talking about quick service with little waiting time and a balance and delicious meal with good nutrition and the right portion while experiencing all that in a place with joyful and vibrant ambiance. Enter any Nando’s outlet and that’s your glorious casual experience to fuel up and eat well. They’ve always have flamed grilled aromas over diners and while there are not much for vegetarians, there’s yummy meals with no meat in it on their appetisers and sides as well. Notoriously known for their delicious sides, fino sides and big portion appetisers, I say there is always a great share of something for solo or communal dining.


And let’s admit it- there are no other flamed grilled chicken like Nando’s. Not until Galito’s from the same country of origin as Nando’s decided to open in Malaysia with their very first outlet located in E- curve Mutiara Damansara. With close to 80% similarities in their menu, concept, and even the interior design, right down to the renowned peri sauces, Galito’s will inevitably being branded as Nandos’ copy cat and even though they are established from as early as 1996, Nando’s got a history approximately 10 years ahead of them when it was founded in 1987. But now that the both are here in Malaysia, would you rather Nando’s or Galito’s?


2. Galito's Malaysia at ecurve


Here in Galito’s, chicken tasted tender from a long marinating and a quick grill just enough to cook the chicken properly and retaining the juice from within. It was not as flavourful as Nando’s but casual dinners can never tell them apart if not eating both side by side. Chicken serving is offered as quarter (starting from RM 11.50) or half (starting from RM17.90) with smaller variation of sidelines (RM4.90 for regular and Rm 7.50 for large) to choose from.


1.Galito's Malaysia


Smaller sideline varieties are not necessarily bad because quality is assured with lesser to juggle. But here in Galito’s, their sides are at a bigger portion. The sweet potato fries is a must order and one thing Malaysians are going to be thrilled with, is the bottomless white rice that’s fragrant and fluffy and absolutley not a slapdash job. I enjoyed the white rice with the Liver and Roll (RM 9.90) that is and not as peri peri as the ones in Nando’s. I also enjoyed the Galibowl (RM 15.90)- a decent portion of appetizer with opporto rice mixed with chicken cubes, spinach and their signature sishebo sauce. It is good as a main.


3.Galito's Malaysia at ecurve

4.Galito's Malaysia at ecurve

5.Galito's Malaysia at ecurve

6.Galito's Malaysia at ecurve


They’ve nailed the chili beans as well, but it still doesn’t beat Nando’s Fino Sides which unfortunately tags slightly heavier in price. I’d say Galito’s copied well if not more fantastic than Nando’s and would definitely win the hearts of many Malaysians with the slightly cheaper and more affordable meal choices when it comes to flaming grilled chicken. I like the bigger menu in Nando’s and I’d choose Nando’s sauce over any other sauces anytime.


Galito’s first outlet in Malaysia is located at:
G02-G03 eCurve,
2A, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Business hour: Daily 10:30AM–10:30PM
GPS: 3.1575492,101.6120124


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Wingstop Malaysia @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara


With over a million followers on Facebook, Wingstop- the popular fried chicken brand is finally here in Malaysia. This fast growing chicken restaurant brand is now open at the Curve, Mutiara damansara and is said to be opening more outlets in different locations in Malaysia over the next 6 years. The thing about fast casual restaurants is that diners are enjoying fast food in an ambience a lot more comfortable with food served to your dining table. With all this reputation, it is inevitable to admit there’s something about it that is alluring and at the same time attractive. And that, we are talking about signature American flavours like the buffalo wings and sticky BBQ wings as well as some of those Louisiana flavours etc, being served and made upon orders. Here, the personal meal is served with your choice of side; and each serving offers two flavours in a plate.


6.Wingstop Malaysia


Served together with their signature fries, some options of coleslaw and onion rings accompanied with a dip. There is a limited choice when it comes to sides but these are the signatures to go with their fried chickens.


4.Wingstop Malaysia
5.Wingstop Malaysia


6pcs Boneless wings (classic buffalo and baines spice) with coleslaw – RM 17.95


2.Wingstop Malaysia
3.Wingstop Malaysia


6pcs Hand breaded wings (Louisiana rub, mango hebenero) with signature fries – RM 18.50


Drinks range from well-known carbonated drops to milkshakes, as well as a couple of juices. Lucky me as I was craving a lot for strawberry milkshake despite the calories in it. I would really wish to say that it was worth the calorie but unfortunately it wasn’t to my liking and that I should have save the quota for something else. Perhaps some after meal dessert. My Strawberry shake (RM 13.95) was super thick and very it could use slightly a little more of strawberries.


1.Wingstop Malaysia


With plenty of other fried chicken chains and Korean fried chicken houses in town, I’m not sure if Wingstop is the exact place to go when craving fried chicken slathered in full on marinades. I mean there are plenty of good ones out there to satisfy that chicken cray. Besides, a lot of those places have portions in enormous sizes, and there is drinking until late night for weekend suppers – it is going to be cray fun night with it. So fried chicken connoisseurs should just save your calorie quota for elsewhere. Watch this featured on the vlog.



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Wingstop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Wingstop Malaysia is located at:
Lot G51, The Street, The Curve,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.1574249,101.611270
Phone: +60 3-7731 3393
Business hour: 11am-10pm daily


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Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar @ Mutiara Damansara


Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara has built a reputation amongst the cafehoppers and food instagrammers out the ambiance: lots of sunlight, casual vibe; and the easy-going photogenic dishes (everything that I would approve to be instagram worthy).



With enough reasons to check them out, it’s no wonder taking a shot with no diners in it can be quite a challenge (I spent quite some time waiting for such opportunity). Despite the one page menu, the place is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or even brunch because one can easily find something to satisfy with the availability of breakfast items all day long.


1.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara
2.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara


From breakfast platters to pastas, their killer brunch and breakfast menu also include eclectic creations. A range of easy salads for the healthy and clean eating practitioner, and even some less obvious choice such as the Citrus Wafu Garden (RM16). The fresh mix of zesty dressing in textural legumes Japanese cucumber, silken tofu with mandarin orange and seaweed was a cooling and delicious combination although I had my reservations if seaweed and mandarin oranges are congruent – not what I fancy. But When Duck Meets Lychee (RM 20), they promise an infinitely satisfaction, with cranberry walnut bread sandwiching a pile of pulled duck with special marmalade sauce and lychee. I am only grateful it wasn’t dry and hard.


3.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara
4.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara
5.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara


There are traditional dishes, such as The XL Breakfast (RM 32) plus some more unusual items such as Green Scrambled with Baked Portobello (RM 19). The first offers plenty of versatile, serving with choice of eggs – sunny side up/scramble / omelette, choice of two meats- bratwurst chicken sausage/ smoked duck / beef bacon, choice of two sites – mashed pumpkin/ sautéed mushroom / hash brown; with Oregon toast and homemade Provencal sauce. The second cooks up their scrambled eggs folded with pesto, baked Portobello mushroom, toast.


6.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara (review at )
7.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara
8.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara


Baked Eggs Sizzle (RM17) gives you the perfectly baked eggs, meatballs/sausage , splashed over in homemade provencal sauce , roasted pumpkin, accompanied by garlic toast.


9.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara


With enough reasons from get out of bed on weekends, behold salmon lovers. The Perfect Salmon Parcel (RM 22) sears your salmon fillet seasoned to perfection, topped with melted cheese on a bed of sauté spinach, wrapped with puff pastry, paired with the secret Morocco sauce.


10.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara
11.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara
12.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara


I love carbonara (RM 26) here serves the authentic yolk and cheese version. With sautéed mushroom, with chunks of bratwurst sausage sprinkled with bits if smoked duck crisps, this one is a lovely indulgence.


13.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara


Guilty pleasures include some classic chocolate moist indulgence, red velvet, and few interesting twist with one in particular that is taken pride of- Gula Melaka Banana with Almond Brittles (RM 13).


14.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara


I for one am a big fan of their Panna cotta (RM 6) and this one comes with choices of 4 specially crafted chilled cream creation to tickle your taste buds. Their secret house invention series inspired to pleasure all your sweet, sour, salty and bitter palate showcases crystal, cirtus, caramel, and espresso.


15.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara


Both espressso brew and hand brew are available with caffeine fixes priced within RM 7- RM 15 with seasonal single origins brewed by the cup, hand brewed pour over. Iced Espresso Tonic (RM 11) would be quite a signature since very few places serves this and be prepared to function like speedy Gonzales. After all, it’s a mix of tonic drink and coffee. Also on the menu is some cold pressed juices (RM 13), Winter Citrus Lemonade (RM 10), and some Fresh Infusions (RM 10)


16.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara

Iced Espresso Tonic (RM 11)

17.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara

Long Black (RM 8)

18.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara

Winter Citrus Lemonade (RM 10)


The serving portion is completely fulfilling and best for brunches. The spot and location ticks all the boxes: it’s spacious and bright with big windows even though without verdant views. Friendly staffs made dining experience real pleasant.


20.Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Mutiara Damansara


Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar is located at:
12, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +60 3-7732 4896
Open : Monday – Friday (8am-8pm), Saturday & Sunday (10am-10pm)
GPS: 3.161637,101.612892


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Inaho Sushi @ Mutiara Damansara


Sibling of Miraku and Komugi Bakery, Inaho is another expert when it comes to Japanese food. The other two is pioneer when it comes to Japanese fine dine and pastry but Inaho took a different approach when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Selling a divergence from what’s offered by its siblings, the Inaho appeal to shine with their array of skewers. There is a good range of Japanese skewers everyone can enjoy, ranging from poultry to innards and mushrooms to vegetables.


Assorted yakitori sells at average price of RM 3 – RM 4 per skewers. The okra, Sunagimo (chicken gizzard), Torimomo (chicken thigh) and liver range averagely within this price range and it would obviously be so much better if the chickens are somewhat fresher.


1.inaho -Sunagimo, Torimomo, liver (1)


Even though the signature is yakitori, Inaho offers good choices of Japanese dishes, with skewers denominating while the dizzying array of dishes are listed for your choice. There are sushi, don, soup, Japanese noodle, and not to mention dishes designed to be shared and set meals designed for solo meal. Sushi are prepared upon orders with fresh ingredients. kappa Maki and Aburi Salmon Roll sells at RM 4 and RM 22.


2.inaho-Kappa Maki RM 4 (1)
3.inaho-Aburi Salmon Roll  RM22 (1)
3.2 inaho-Aburi Salmon Roll  RM22


Dishes range fairly from classic Japanese to contemporary creations with decent pricing. Misoshiru (RM 3) was flavourful and is the perfect as appetizer and is an absolute good choice for family with kids.


4.inaho -Misoshiru RM 3


Malaysians love salmon when it comes to Japanese cuisine. The Salmon Teriyaki was nicely grilled but that didn’t beat the Sakae Misoshiru (RM10). The later offers big chunks of salmon head pieces with lots of collagen and served with fresh onion.


5.inaho -Salmon ShioyakiTeriyaki RM 20 (2)
6.inaho -Sakae Misoshiru RM 10 (1)


Inaho serves decently and very suitable for family to dine in. A lot of the dishes are very suitable for communal eating. Inaho is located at:


G41A Ground Floor,
The Curve Mutiara Damansara,
No.6 Jln PJU 7/3,
478100 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7725 5530
GPS: 3.157463,101.611335


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