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New Asian favourites at the Forum KL @ Desa Sri Hartamas

At the Forum KL, western dishes have mainly dominated the menu and Instagram feeds ever since the cafe wave bloomed in the local food scene, including popular brunch selections. Remaining some western touches on the menu, the Forum KL recently launches the best of comfort food, showcasing Asian interpretations of soulful dishes.

For the starters there is the fried chicken wing than three ways. They’ll be serving six pieces of succulent Fried chicken wings (RM 17) done in one of the following Styles; Singaporean style with spices, honey, ginger served with Siracha sauce; Hickory style with our house made BBQ sauce and Buffalo style with a tobasco based marinade, served with blue cheese sauce & celery sticks. But for an area saturated with Korean Fried Chicken houses, I’m just not convinced with their renditions.

2.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

Popiah usually tickles my fancy but this one slightly overwhelmed me with the big pieces of prawn, and hard boiled egg. Popiah (RM 18) isn’t at a desirable portion and it certainly lack plenty of the flavours.

3.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

Straits dishes are probably one of the most unique when it comes to tatse profile and while some of us reserve our ferocious devotion to the love of laksa, they are cooking up Singapore Katong Style Laksa Lemak (RM 30) as their signature dish. With a blend of yellow mee and bee hoon simmered in rich coconut and shellfish broth served with sliced hard-boiled egg, prawns, Japanese scallops and bean sprouts, the thick and hot becomes a comfort factor when seeking nostalgic contentment through the palate. Too bad the Mee Rebus (RM26) didn’t quite live up to expectations. I’ll be happier if there is some tofu in it.

4.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

5.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas (2)

6.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

Another comforting flavour comes from their Nasi Goreng Forum (RM 26). This Malay style fried rice with chicken, sambal belacan and vegetables is accompanied with grilled chicken skewers and prawn crackers. Also hearty is the Ayam Masak Lemak (RM 26), served with steamed basmati rice and side prawn crackers. The rich coconuty curry pleases the palate and the fact that basmati rice is served instead of white rice just pleases me in general. LOL.

7.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

8.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

The introduction and launch of aplenty local and Straits dishes was a bold move but they seem to have remained their best Western favourites as well. The Forum Big Breakfast (RM 30) serves the free ranged eggs cooked to your choice of liking and along with the usual suspects of turkey ham, beef bacon strips, hash brown, sautéed mushrooms, grilled herb tomato, baked pumpkin and 2 slices of artisan bread as well as a chicken Vienna sausage. This no frill breakfast could still use a little tweek to match some of the famous big breakfasts served around this enclave.

9.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

10.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

11.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

If fish is your favourite protein source, skip the Fisherman’s Lunch (RM 19) and go ahead with the Grilled Atlantic Salmon (RM 39). Together with charred corn, green lentils, couscous, rocket salad, dill & lemon aioli, this one easy if you ever find yourself in dilemma when choosing your fish. Otherwise, there is the Chicken Roulade (RM 30) with spinach and mushroom rolled with a filleted 30 herb-encrusted chicken thigh served with sautéed cauliflower, tomato salsa & pumpkin mash. It was cold when we have them but I reckon this would be lovely while it was hot.

12.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

13.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

14.Forum KL at Desa Sri Hartamas

Speaking of cold, most of the servings were a little cold upon arriving to the table. Given some more time to perfect their flow from in the kitchen to the dining table, would put this place delightful for communal dining, as well as for private functions. And if anyone is interested with their fusion creation, they have some “interesting” Rendang Burger (RM 29) as well as the Moroccan Burger (RM 28) that will prolly be very subjected to individual palate.

15.The ForumKL

16.The ForumKL

Hearty Quiche Pie (RM 23)
Forest and Field Mushroom Soup (RM 18)
Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup (RM 17)

17.The ForumKL

18.The ForumKL

19.The ForumKL

Click HERE for more photos on flickr and the MENU

The ForumKL is located at The Signature:

3 Jalan Sri Hartamas 22,
The Signature Serviced Suites &, Studios,
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3-6412 0833
Monday to Friday (12-10pm)
Saturday to Sunday (10am-10pm)
GPS: 3.1637437,101.652070

The Forum @ The Signature Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas


Banana Leaf Rice in Hartamas may not offer that Bollywood symphony when it comes to the styles and decors but the simple offerings are much tuned to the liking of Malaysian. Also cooking few simple mamak dishes and our typical goreng dishes, I reckon they are probably trying to cater to meet the demand of the lunch crowd. But then again, being a banana leaf rice restaurant means the banana leaf would still be the stealer so that is the only thing I tried when I dined in. Besides, I rarely say no to banana leaf rice.


1.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
9.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas


The masalas and marinates were tempting and trust me when it comes to their yogurt. They make pretty decent Tairu (RM 2). Order that to go with your Banana Leaf rice set that consist 4 dishes and rassam.


2.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
3.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
4.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
5.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
6.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas
Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas  Review on blog at:


Their homely dhal is lovely and plenty of their dishes are authentic rendering of South Indian cuisine. Roti are not available all day round but I was fortunate to be able to order the pratha and they were impressive enough to have me ordering the same at my future visit.


7.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas


Although not having the most alluring interiors, the place is neat and clean at a pleasant location with ample parking spaces.


8.Banana Leaf Rice @Hartamas


The Banana Leaf Rice Hartamas is located at:
17, Jalan Sri Hartamas 7,
Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone 03-6211 6772
Opening Hours: 7 AM to 9 PM Daily
GPS: 3.1574581,101.650132


The Banana Leaf Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Tori Doki @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Just around the corner from the stretch of classy looking Japanese restaurants, Tori Doki at Desa Sri Hartamas aims for something a little more cheerful and joyous. The brightly lit dining room with a grill bar has a polished, contemporary feel, attracting a more mature clientele looking for a drink or two to go with a lineup of standard options like yakitori and tempura, as well as of the luxe ingredients and seasonal items.


1.Tori Doki @ Desa Sri Hartamas
2.Tori Doki @ Desa Sri Hartamas


From the grill bar occupying almost half the restaurant came well prepared skewers- all made with very fresh quality ingredients. Much of the action takes place on full show at the bar and must have is their signature of course. I recommend the most popular dish, Toridoki (RM 8). A skewer of thigh and breast wrapped in skin, with every bite tender and juicy to the last bit.


4.Tori Doki @ Desa Sri Hartamas


The rest of the skewers are fantastic and the options were never boring. I’ve ordered the Renkon (RM 5) because I’ve always love lotus root. A random pick of Shitake (RM 5) and Ginnan (RM 4) caught me by surprise. Both the soft and juicy mushroom and chewy textured ginko were such a delight to nibble.


4.Tori Doki @ Desa Sri Hartamas
5.Tori Doki @ Desa Sri Hartamas
6.Tori Doki @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Tori Doki isn’t all about the grilled skewers. Peckish clientele can order plenty of attractive dishes from the menu. Being Asians, we must have our rice. Hence the Camembert Cheese Yaki onigiri (RM 12). This Camembert cheese with grilled rice ball is tasty with mild flavour on its own but when topped with rich bonito flakes becomes a wonderful burst of texture and flavour.


7.Tori Doki @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Proteins ala carte dishes are extensive- Tori Nanban Age (RM 15) served enough of a fried chicken portion with Japanese sweet and sour sauce and tartar sauce that’s sprinkled with toasted sesame, and served with a fresh pile of shredded white cabbage. Also, Motsu Ni (RM 18) would appeal to offal lovers. This chicken intestinal stew comes with soft tofu that’ll easily melt in your mouth along with the piping hot broth.


8.Tori Doki @ Desa Sri Hartamas

9.Tori Doki @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Tori Doki is located at :
No40, Jalan 24/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Phone: +60 3-6206 4676
Business Hour: 12–2:30PM, 5:30–11PM daily
GPS: 3.163124,101.6504


Tori Doki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Dae Sa Kwan @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Some very authentic Korean food in Desa Sri Hartamas puts this little enclave of food haven a must visit for korean food lovers. Dae Sa Kwan korean BBQ caters to plenty of korean expatriates you’d feel like you are actually in Korea when dining in the restaurant. Come nightfall, flocks of diners flood into the tiny restaurant and you can easily score some crazy good and fresh BBQ meats.


The teensy dining space fits about a dozen tables and with this spatial issue in mind, it’s not difficult to have this place smoke up in no time with grilling sizzles from the BBQ pit. Instead of conventional charcoal pit, each table is built in with electrical fire with no individual ventilator above your head.


1.Dae Sa Kwan @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Chicken arrived perfectly grilled from the kitchen with some slight delicious crisp at some edges whilst retaining the moist and juicy tender. And like many other korean BBQ joints, helpful workers are at your service alongside their friendly korean lady boss.


2.Dae Sa Kwan @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Let the experts do the grilling. Meanwhile those refillable side dishes and fresh lettuces were perfect accompanion to the grilled meats. Order your Pork Neck, marinated Chicken, or a hearty bowl of piping hot Kimchi Stew, and pair all that with someak 소멕 (Soju and beer).


3.Dae Sa Kwan @ Desa Sri Hartamas

4.Dae Sa Kwan @ Desa Sri Hartamas
5.Dae Sa Kwan @ Desa Sri Hartamas


The fresh, delectable dishes combine with a neat dining arrangement is good for anyone seeking delightful korean experience, if you don’t mind dining in poor vebtilation grilling space. Plus, there is no minimum order required.


6.Dae Sa Kwan @ Desa Sri Hartamas

7.Dae Sa Kwan @ Desa Sri Hartamas


If anybody is interested with this on my snapchat, I have it here!



Dae Sa Kwan is located at:


42, Jalan 25/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hour: 11:30am- 3pm, 5:30pm -10:30pm daily.
Tel: 0323001004
Gps: 3.162374,101.649736


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Dae Sa Kwan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato




Singleton Selects X The Ice Cream Bar (by Inside Scoop) @ Hartamas

Singleton Selects X The Ice Cream Bar (by Inside Scoop) @ Hartamas


As the world raised their glasses and celebrated world whisky day, singleton Malaysia launches another successful project after the #singletonxcoffex collaboration. This time, raising the ice cream bar at a newly opened ice cream joint- The Ice Cream Bar at Hartamas, with the excellent expressions of velvet smooth ice cream infused with the fine single malt whisky. From the folks of the inside scoop, these masterminds creatively produced three exclusive ice cream flavours from the very distinct expressions of Singleton variants. Proving us that whisky can be fun too.


1.The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas


Starting the event with welcoming speech from Mr Kenny Frenandez (assistant brand manager of Diageo reserve brands of Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia), and then followed by the bold and creative welcoming introduction from Mr Edmund Tan (co-founder of the inside scoop) on how they take up the challenge to come up with ice cream inspired by the rich taste of The Singleton.


2.The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas

3.The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas


Mr Edmund and his colleague demonstrated and walked the guests through the making of The Singleton Whisky Ice Cream before we proceed to decorating our own ice cream cake. Making food looking pretty is kind of what I enjoy but it wasn’t as easy as it seems and making sure the creams were smoothly plastered onto the ice cream cake was a great challenge.


4.The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas

5.The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas

Cake decorating (or at least an attempt) by yours truly.


Both Lim Shiew Li and Edmund Tan, founders of The Ice Cream Bar (and Inside Scoop) took up the challenge to create these exclusive ice cream flavours by fusing its freshly made ice cream with The Singleton’s distinct expressions. Each ice cream features a Singleton variant, all of which were sampled at this launch:


6.The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas

The Singleton Whisky Cream – The Singleton of Glen Ord 18-year-old with milk, cream, sugars, egg yolks

7.The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas

The Singleton Whisky & Nuts – The Singleton of Glen Ord Signature with milk, cream, sugars, sponge cake, honey roasted almonds, salted caramel

8.The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas

The Singleton Crunchy Coffee Whisky – The Singleton of Glen Ord 12-year-old with milk, cream, sugars, coffee, cocoa, waffle cone bits, dark chocolate and Nutella


No strangers to launching brilliant whisky collaborations (their inaugural commencement of the Singleton Selects x Coffex Coffee was an absolute success), myself and other influencers also had a great time here at The Ice Cream Bar. And this time around, these lovely flavours will be available from 24th May onwards.


9.The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas

10.The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas


Take note The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar menu will be available at The Ice Cream Bar, Desa Sri Hartamas for a limited time only, from 24th May 2016- 31st july 2016.


11..The Singleton Selects x The Ice Cream Bar @ Hartamas


The Ice Cream Bar is located at:
60 Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03-7887 4735
GPS: 3.16342,101.65023


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Buns Burger Bar @ Hartamas


In recent years, we’ve seen the meteoric ascent of burger trend with burger joints putting fancy spin on the humble patty sandwich. Buns at Hartamas was one that stayed to have proven to survived furious debate among burger aficionados in town and ultimately won hearts with a blend of fresh patty on fluffy buns. There is no way to crown the city’s most delicious burger but time has proven that this little burger joint with cosy and comfortable dining interior has earned approval from fellow diners. Burgers are creative, with good use of lovely mix of herbs.


1. Buns@ Hartamas

Scampi-Dory (RM 17)- Battered dory fillet, scampi prawns, apple salad, lemon mint mayo


Buns @ hartamas

Chick (RM 16)- Lemon and thyme thigh, crackling skin, arugula, garlic rosemary mayo


3. buns @hartams

Shroom (RM 16)-Portebello cap, capsicum slices, lettuce, tomato, sriracha mayo


Burgers aren’t the only charming selections here at the Buns, Honey Bacon Carbonara (RM 17) was at the perfect serving portion, each bite perfectly coated with parmesan cheese sauce, and with the delightful addition of arugula, classes things up.


4. Buns @ hartamas


When it comes to their small plates, Lamb meatballs (RM 14) didn’t have the musky, at the same time were juicy in all that tomato but this didn’t quite leave too much impression. Not as much as the Creamy Mussels (RM 15). They were perfect for communal dining.


5. Buns @ hartamas
6. Buns Hartamas


Their House salad (RM10) serves a gorgeous and colourful mélange of leaves, herbs, sweet cherry tomatoes, and a whole load of goodness, packed in between tender and juicy bites of chicken strips.


7. Buns @ Hartamas


Beverages and dessert isn’t drawing much attention but is definitely a crowd pleaser. Serving cakes by Swich, be rest assured that the flavour will be filed with plenty of surprises that are always intriguing. Small but compact, beverage menu offers soft drinks to beers, coffee and teas, and fresh juices.


9. buns hartamas
8.buns hartamas


Buns Burger Bar at Hartamas has got more than just burgers to offer that’s for sure, but the burger section is definitely worth your focus. Also worthy of a little of our attention is the comfortable and cosy dining lounge.


10. buns hartamas
11. Buns @ hartamas


Buns burger joint is located at:
48, Jalan 27/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone:+60 3-6211 8895
GPS: 3.162931,101.64987
Business Hours: 11am till 11pm (Closed on Mondays)


Click HERE for their Menu and HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Kisyu Ramen in Hartamas is yet another Japanese noodle shops that are stacking up like jets over the KLIA. With plenty of Japanese chain of ramen restaurants launched in Klang Valley over the years, some even highly regarded in Japan itself; those entrants set a clear bench mark to almost initiate the ramen outbreak since the burger trend. This one here will be just another place to offer some hearty noodles in soup.


1.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas


With expatriates highly populated in this area and Japanese and Korean food at every few shop fronts in Desa Sri Hartamas, ramen seemed to please most of the population but here is the thing about ramen, as with so much in Japanese culture itself, makes it hard to distinguish and crown the best ramen bowl once it gets passed the bench mark.


2.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Meeting the basic criteria in this dog whistle territory (unless if we decided to be pernickety diner and would meticulously evaluate every little detail), the Tonkatsu Shoyu Ramen (RM 22) with its fine broth and pleasant portion to satiate is a good treat. The lawn of spring onion sprinkles was darling to the bowl of comforting dish.


3.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Then the catch to compete with the many ramen bowls within this proximity comes down to plenty of other authentic Japanese offerings, which to my amusement is decently delicious given by right the ramen being their highlight. Apparently also on their extensive menu, there is plenty of Yakitori to choose from. In fact, combo prices with deals of RM 16.80 for 5 kinds of yakitori don’t seem like a bad idea at all.


4.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas
Eggplant RM 2.80 and Chicken Heart( RM 3.80)


5.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas
Asparagus& Bacon RM 5, Chicken Gizzard RM 3.50 and Chicken Liver (RM 3.50)


6.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas
Yakitori assorted 5 kinds( RM 16.80)


To go with your ramen you can splash out on add on combo choices – Rice with Iyako and Mentaiko (RM 6.80), but you don’t need to.


7.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas

8.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas


On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind the Sliced Roast Pork with Onsen Egg (RM 12). Slight crisp on the lightly roasted thin slices of roast pork with a comforting essence of a perfectly cooked onsen egg, all swimming in a bed of sweet stir fried julienne onions.


9.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Like many other Japanese restaurants, interior are kept minimal and uncluttered, but the dark wooded tables and bored-looking waitresses probably wouldn’t impress the locals, let alone Japanese expats.


10.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas

11.Kisyu Ramen @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


Kisyu Ramen is located at Hartamas at:
32, Jalan 30/70a Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03-6201 8866
Business hour: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 11:30 PM daily (closed Tuesday)


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A Minor Place @ Plaza Damas (Hartamas)


It’s usually when word and Instagram reaching me or my friends that determines our lunch spots. A minor place at Plaza Damas, is an exceptional. Or rather a coincidence because of the comfortable seating layout that’s a bit more spacious than a lot of other restaurants within the premise.


Plaza Damas - A Minor Place (4)


Progressive approach is very minimal in this enclave filled with very hip and modern eateries, almost non existing with most of the local dishes kept close to typical if not traditional. No fun or funky setting at this restaurant, instead kitchen and operational space took up the entire shop – not that it is a big premise and diners dine at semi open air courtyard in front of the shop. Not rendered, this typical local delight serves for quick meal. Rice with roasted or steam chicken, and roasted duck of pleasantly moist fatty crisp skin.


Plaza Damas - A Minor Place

Plaza Damas - A Minor Place (3)


The place approaches quick and efficient services with their parade of various Chinese dishes, selling them as lunch and dinner buffet. I’m not sure if I’m up for that, so we ordered alacarte instead. Sour Choi Kiok is lip smacking mainly appetising from the sourness as well as the msg. Also expect generous amount of pork in it.


Plaza Damas - A Minor Place (2)


Dish pricing is slightly higher if not egregious and I’d definitely appreciate the bean sprouts to go with our rice if they were fatter and juicier.


Plaza Damas - A Minor Place (1)


A Minor Place is located at:


Block G-0-11 Plaza Damas,
No 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60362117418
GPS: 3.164114,101.656708


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Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas


Crafting their menu that’s perfect for breakfast and brunch, late risers would be so please to know that Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge at Sri Hartamas has just the right list of dish that is almost specially catered for them. The quaint and unperturbed ambiance is perfect for all occasion and very relaxing.


1.Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas
2.Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas


Sampling their degustation menu, we start by appetizing the palate with zingy flavours of their Smoked Salmon and Citrus Salad, with slices of smoke salmon salad medley with zucchini, mango and citrus segments, lightly drizzled with honey dressing. Also tangy and aromatic with fragrant from mango, it’ll be twice as lovely with fresher greens.


3.Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas


Mushroom Delight gives your earthy flavour of sautéed mushrooms topped with a spicy tomato relish, accompanied by summer hash and pea salsa.


4.Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas


And in the mains, Signature Breakfast Quiche would be a delight for any egg lover. And as a fan of egg, I enjoyed the slice of quiche. Baked with artisanal lamb sausages and hearty chicken meatloaf, the Quiche is balanced with seasonal salad.


5.Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas


Roast Pumpkin Ratatouille decks a delightful vegetable stack on a bed of crostini and served with a side of summer hash.


6.Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas


The Gourmet Breakkie is our typical all day big breakfast, except fresh produce are favoured over factory processed, with choice of sunny side up, scrambled or poached eggs, served with crostini, summer hash, gourmet chicken sausages and lightly sautéed mushrooms.


7.Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas
8.Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas


For desserts, this degustation menu showcased French Toast and Mini Chocolate Brownie. Their rendition of Bread &Butter French toast puts a twist to classic French toast, and is served with tangy strawberry compote, white chocolate custard and peppered caramel. The caramel is star amongst all and naturally, it brings lots of charm to the Chocolate Brownie as well.


9.Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas
10.Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge @ Sri Hartamas


This 7 item menu cost a fair charge of RM 60 per pax and is specially crafted to sampling portions. The dishes are all available in actual portions and costs mostly at RM 20++. (Sorry, but I’ve misplaced the photo of their menu. Probably deleted it without realizing ><. )


*edited – I found it!


proof cafe & sky lounge menu


Parking can be quite confusing and the GPS or waze isn’t really accurate (use my GPS location instead: 3.157639,101.6506 ). Look for Shell petrol station in Sri Hartamas and the Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge is at the service suite right next to it.


Proof Cafe and Sky Lounge is located at The Signature:
Level SL, No. 3 Jalan Sri Hartamas 22,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 017 3708325
GPS: 3.157639,101.6506
Facebook :


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Hamasho Japanese Restaurant @


Having barbeque at home can sometimes be rather tricky and messy but we can now enjoy Japanese BBQ at Hamasho in Hartamas. This latest addition to the many Japanese eateries gives a different dining experience with their plank and woody interior.


1.hamasho (1)
2.hamasho (4)


The main attraction here is the barbecue grill nicely prep and cooked by their staff and properly served on a plate when it is done. Ikapoppo (RM 20) is probably the star here and when correctly grilled to the perfect texture, is amazingly addictive.


3. hamasho
4.hamasho (10)
5.hamasho (11)


These squid was very fresh and nicely grilled with a perfect timing for a good texture on top of the juicy sweetness. Perfect to go with beer.


6.hamasho (15)


The scene stealer may not be the ordinary looking wrap of aluminum foil but these Kinoko Butter (RM 12) was one of the best butter mushroom grill I’ve ever tasted. It was superbly fresh with a good chew of texture and complimented by the sweet juice from the mushroom and smoothness of butter, and becomes a heavenly delight. Highly recommended.


7.hamasho (21)


They ran out of salmon on an early evening but settling with Yakisaba (RM 15) proves once again that nothing ventured, nothing gained. Cooked meticulously to the right timing, flakes of saba was great, especially with that extra squeeze of zest on top.


8.hamasho (23)


Hamasho is a place where diners put their palate closer to authentic Japanese food. Apart from the usual thing we normally see in most Japanese restaurants, we will find what’s not available at most Japanese eateries if not something exotic.Ochazuke (Mentaiko)(RM 18) is a delightful item not commonly serve in a lot of Japanese restaurants. Nice burnt aroma from the cod fish roe nicely spreading to the refreshing and mellow green tea soup to lightly bring taste to rice.


9.hamasho grill
10.hamasho (24)


And speak of rice; the popular rice ball is presented in few varieties. Yaki Onigiri (RM 18) has that lovely outer crust that gives the crispy and later the chewy texture that’s not only pleasant and enjoyable, but really filling at the same time.




Add on dishes can vary but have something light when dining in a group but Agedashi Tofu (RM 15) lack that crispy outer layer hence putting the price slightly unjustifiable.


12.hamasho (19)


Still that tofu price did not beat their Green Tea (RM 5) when it comes to being ridiculous. So I wouldn’t recommend this free flow drink instead, look into their alcohol range. After all, BBQ and alcohol plus good companies make a fantastic equation. Tiny but neat, with welcoming façade, and comparing to the famous Faber Plaza Japanese BBQ, this certainly is a great addition yet a different experience in general.




Hamasho Japanese Restaurant is located at:
42, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206-1127
Opening Hours: Tuesday –Saturday (6pm-2am)
GPS: 3.162840, 101.649762


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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Restaurant Jie Mee @ Hartamas


The legendary wantan mee in Damansara Heights sent many patrons with disappointment and anxiety when it was closed somewhere last year. This wan tan mee somehow became an essential part for regular customers (at least the ones within Damansara Heights’ community) from when since they started their operations on Jalan Batai, thanks to the offices around that area. Now that they are back in town, some loyal customers probably already know about the three sisters making a comeback at their new location in Taman Sri Hartamas. jie mee (4) jie mee


With wantan mee and curry laksa as their main attraction, customers enjoy pairing the curry to the wantan noodle as well as adding delicate morsel of cockle flesh or luscious braised chicken feet. Also showcasing a balanced of good protein is their nicely poached chicken, flavourful char siew slices and silky smooth wanton wraps. jie mee (3)


Egg noodle was skillfully cooked with perfect timing for that springy texture so delectably enjoyable and topped that with the fresh ingredient and decent selling price, makes this a good stop for wholesome lunch. jie mee (9) jie mee (2)
3. jie mee wantan mee prices


Rich and thick curry gravy with long beans, tofu puffs and lovely sambal topped onto this coconut milk broth for the extra kick of spice and the lovelier mix of colour. jie mee (10)


Also not to be missed is the authentic heavenly pair of pickled chili pieces to go with any of their wantan noodle.




Like many conventional coffee shops, drinks variable did not deviate far from the usual local delights. The calamansi juice is apparently what’s popular among regular customers but I would say they are not too great or impressive.


10. drinks jie mee


Make your way to the Jalan Batai’s Wantan noodle at their new location at :
Restaurant Jie Mee
No.18, Ground Floor,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 8
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.157816, 101.650512


Jie Mee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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BreadFruits @ Hartamas


Ideal breakfast usually comprises of good assortments of meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables and some breads but the real draw was the amazing quality which granted exquisite to this wholesome range of breakfast and brunch at the BreadFruits café. Creating a common ground for breakfast and brunch lover, dishes here offers a palate and sensory immersion while offering nutrient and vitamins at their best.


12.breadfruit (7)


Breadfruits sell fresh fruits while serving nourishing breakfast and brunch on top of a good range of healthy juices, which sits well with the relaxing and comfy atmosphere. It is perfectly a fantastic place to kick start the weekend let alone regular days.


13 bf


One of the many beautiful breakfast choices is the big breakfast with toast, pork sausage/ bacon, scrambled egg/sunny side up, sautéed mushroom, roasted cherry tomato, mashed potato, and generous load of arugula with coffee or tea and juice of the day.


1.breadfruit -SatisFry Up RM 22.80 (3)


Serving at RM 22.80, Satisfry Up was definitely one that leads to satisfaction for sure and what segregates them from the usual big breakfast platter would be the good and generous use of premium ingredients.




Speaking of premium, they take pride in their beans so we get gourmet beans with preserved whole nutrient and original taste of some of those navy beans. Instead of canned bean, these white cannellini beans are soaked, steamed and baked freshly on a daily basis.


3.fruitbaskets-Wholesome Spanish Bake beansRM 16.80 (12)


Wholesome Spanish Bake beans (RM 16.80) comes with pork bacon, loaded with arugula and served with toasted ciabatta. Runny yolk mix with the beans was fascinating with a tremendous addition of smoothness in texture.


4.fruitbaskets-Wholesome Spanish Bake beansRM 16.80 (5)
5.fruitbaskets-Wholesome Spanish Bake beansRM 16.80_


The bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich here serves with a twist of my favourite avocado. BLT Avocado Guacamole (RM 16.80) is the breakthrough of classic BLT with added wholesome raw food (avocado guacamole). Sandwiching pork bacon, lettuce, tomato, egg guacamole with toasted ciabatta, I absolutely love the addition of the accompanied salad.


6.fruitbaskets - BLT Avocado Guacamole RM 16.80 (14)_


While the salad contributes moist to the otherwise dry sandwich, it was at the same time pleasant to have some potato to it.


7.fruitbaskets - BLT Avocado Guacamole RM 16.80


Serving sourdough slice on their Smoked Salmon Breakfast Platter (RM 24.80) is very much worthy of appraisement. Contributing mild sourish taste from lactic acid, it matches well with scrambled egg. Also on the platter were smoked salmon slices, cherry tomato salad arugula, and my favourite avocado. Enhance the taste of everything with lemon and I assure you this serving was perfectly light yet sufficient.


8. salmon platter


Yellow Mellow Cheese Omelette (RM17.80) was another satisfying serving of smooth and soft omelette draping incredible serving of pork bacon and fresh mushroom with arugula and sourdough and butter on the slice of bread.


9.BreadFruits-Yellow Mellow Cheese Omelette 17.80 (1)
10.BreadFruits-Yellow Mellow Cheese Omelette 17.80 (6)


If breakfast is not your kind of meal, they serve a good range of pasta that is superbly perfect at anytime of the day. Lemony Rosemary Salmon Pasta (RM 17.80) would spoil us with the generous portion. I though the salmon was slightly overcooked when I had it and I was looking forward to juicier fillet of salmon. Pasta very well coated and sprout broccoli granted texture while caper further enhances the flavour.


11.breadfruit -Lemony Rosemary Salmon Pasta RM 17.80 (2)


The beverages sell at reasonable prices with the freshest and best quality of ingredients to offer. Picking the fresh selection of fruits, juices are prepared and if fruits are excellent to perk up the day, there are always caffeine choices.




Some breakfast platter comes with choices of coffee or tea and juice of the day. If not, they serve a fine mix of caffeine boast. The juices and caffeinated hot or iced beverage priced averagely between RM6- RM9.


beverages (2)
beverages (1)


Light choices of pastry can be another option if you need something light.


16.breadfruit (23)
17.breadfruit (27)
18.breadfruit (24)


The BreadFruits is a great place for meals at anytime and on top of the scores of choices and varieties, good use of top and fresh ingredients is their forte. The BreadFruits is located at:


17, Jalan 26/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +6 03 6201 0090
Opening Hours: Daily, 8:30am-9pm
GPS: 3.161974, 101.649334


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