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3 Simple Steps that Saves You Time and Lunch Money



Ever wonder how to enjoy lunch at work without much hassle? Here are the 3 Simple Steps that Saves You Time and Lunch Money by TrySmartBite



What’s the first thing that comes to mind every single day once the clock ticks for lunch time? We always hear these words that comes out from our colleague’s mouth;
Where to eat? Where should we go? It’s so jam outside la! Sien ah, I don’t know what to eat today.. Don’t you worry child, TrySmartBite has got a plan for you.


All you have to do is log onto / , enter your current location and check to see if TrySmartBite delivers to your office building. It would be a catch if you’re in the center of Kuala Lumpur and Mid Valley but fret not as we are expanding to other areas in Klang Valley.


Here are 3 simple steps to begin with and you will be able to get daily menu sent to you.


Try smart bite delivery service.


TrySmartBite is an innovative food delivery company that aims to bring convenience to you during lunch at your work place. You will be able to order meals below RM10 with a daily change in menu with different options for you to choose. There will be no minimum orders and the prices has already been included with service charge plus the prices are NETT. Who wants to be paying additional charges? It’s a win-win situation.


Not only it is value for money which also saves you time from getting stuck in the traffic, it is also easy to order with over +50 partnered restaurants that you can choose from without leaving your office building.
If you’re interested to make payment more easily, you can top up to get additional credit and it makes your meals even more value for money up to RM13 of extra credit for your very first top up!


Try smart bite delivery service.


What else is there to think la? Quickly sign up an account at and begin your journey of hassle free! Here is a promo code for you! Begin with “SMARTBITE8” and get RM8 off your first order!



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Everything You Need to Know About Durian

We know how some people are frenzy and fanatical when when it comes to durian but is what is that everything else that we need to know? Here is another good read by Helen Trickle who has previously blogged as a guest here on Foodeverywhere. This article is plenty of what else you don’t know about durian.

There are over 400 different varieties of the Durian: 300 of these are native to Thailand, whilst 100 of these are native to Malaysia. The Durian that is grown in Malaysia is the most prized variant, and this ‘king of fruits’ is also often called the world’s most divisive fruits. The Malaysian Musang King is left to ripen naturally on the tree, and then caught by nets just above the ground so that the taste is as strong and distinctive as possible. Here we explore everything you need to know about the durian, and discover why this fruit has a reputation that follows it all around the world:

Experiencing Durian Outside of Malaysia

Durian reached British supermarket shelves for the first time in 2014 where it received plenty of press thanks to its distinctive smell: The Guardian newspaper described its smell as being like ‘rotten smelly onions’. Other people have likened the smell to being like rotting meat or gym socks that have been worn for several workouts. Its distinctive smell makes exporting the fruit difficult: it cannot be transported via commercial airliner thanks to the most recent rules surrounding transporting fruits through airport security. The fruit is also banned on Singapore’s rail network and from dozens of hotels in South-East Asia. In order to ensure that the Musang King Durian makes its way to the UK, it is vacuum packed the same day that it is pick. This will secure the smell inside the packaging until the vacuum is opened: the fruits are then transported via freight provider and protected by suitable transit insurance, until they reach the UK, and the London store that sells them. From this point, you’re on your own; open the fruit in the garden or in a well-ventilated area to avoid suffering with the smell for weeks after you’ve eaten the fruit!

Why Do People Love Durian?

With such a negative reputation for its distinctive smell then, why do people love Durian? And why have Malaysians crowned it the King of Fruits? The flesh of the fruit has an ambrosial, custardy quality. In terms of both its texture and taste, the durian is often compared to other tropical fruits, the coconut and the banana. Whilst the smell of the fruit is decidedly savoury, the taste of the flesh is very sweet which is appealing to individuals with a sense of adventure and a refined palette. Sweet and very creamy is the best way to describe the taste and texture of the durian flesh. Durian is a must-try for food lovers, and can be used in a wide variety of different recipes, from ice cream to risotto. However true durian lovers (and its important to remember that Malaysia is a nation of durian devotees) simply choose the eat the flesh straight from the spiky husk, and they simply can’t get enough of it. Outside of Asia, durian is an underutilised fruit, and it is exciting to see its worldwide popularity rising. Durian makes a wonderful dessert, thanks to its vitamin rich health properties, whilst still tasting sweet and rich, ideal for conventional sugar addicts. Much like the avocado though, the durian is also high in fat and carbohydrates, meaning that it should be an occasional treat rather than a daily indulgence. Finally, it’s important to note that if you do choose to indulge in a large plate of creamy durian, you should never consume alcohol alongside it: researchers have discovered that the sulfur compounds in durian affect the way in which the body metabolizes alcohol, meaning that your body will react very badly to the alcohol when it is consumed in conjunction with durian. Keep the two indulgences separate. Still not convinced to take the plunge and try durian? Just do it already! Whilst the fruit is divisive, you may be lucky enough to fall into the camp of people that would walk a hundred miles for a taste of its delicious flesh. And if you don’t, then all is not lost: you may well find that the taste grows on you as your palette changes and matures. If at first you don’t succeed then try again: the taste of this delicious fruit is well worth perseverance.

Healthy Pizza with Missionfoods Pizza Crust

Healthy Pizza with Missionfoods Pizza Crust


That one question that I always get is how a food blogger keep up with eating so much and at the same time staying fit and healthy. Eating correctly and planning your meals ahead plays a big role and of course that daily dose of stretching and working out is mandatory. Breakfast of brunch is that first meal of the day you should insist on eating wholesome. If you’ve been following my snapchat/ig, you’ll see that I start the day super wholesome no matter what. For those who think that breakfasts are usually boring, you might want to explore pizzas for breakfast!


1. missionfoods pizza crust recipe


Wait a minute. How can pizza be a part of wholesome breakfast? Pizza is probably known to be one of the quickest and easiest food for any event. Be it movie night, potlucks, or picnics and parties, pizzas are fantastic for both indoor and outdoor occasions. Better yet, I am telling you it could even be a part of wholesome breakfast or brunch! ( just follow me on instagram for my quirky breakfast and healthy meals and eating tips)


Working together with Mission Foods Malaysia, Ive created a nutritious and delicious pizza recipe that I know would brighten up your weekend breakfast or brunch. Mission is a brand that promises the highest quality products that are quick & easy to use. Here is one of my favourite pizza recipes with their ready to use pizza crusts.


2.missionfoods pizza crust recipe
3.missionfoods pizza crust recipe
4.missionfoods pizza crust recipe
5.missionfoods pizza crust recipe
6.missionfoods pizza crust recipe
7.missionfoods pizza crust recipe


Here is the Sunny Green Pizza with plenty of vegetables and fibre and nutritiously perfect to kick start a lovely lazy Sunday.


8.missionfoods pizza crust recipe


This recipe serves 2 pax and I recommend a good coffee to go with it for brunch.




1 Mission Foods wholemeal pizza crust
200g baby bok choy
3 cloves garlic chopped finely
1 medium red onion chopped
1 Tbs olive oil
1 Tbs greek yougurt
100 ml cream
2-3 eggs (depending on your liking)
1 Fresh Fig sliced thinly (can be replaced with 2-3 dried figs chopped into small pieces)
1 Tbs feta cheese crumbled
Smoked salmon slices
1 tsp roasted sunflower seed (optional)
1 Tbs pomegranate (optional)



Preparation and cooking (20 minutes)


1. Wash vegetables and chop the stem finer than the leaves. Leave a few bigger pieces for garnishing.
2. Put olive oil, chopped onion and chopped vegetables into pan and cook. Stir in chopped garlic and season with tiny pinch of salt.
3. Pour cream into pan and continue cooking. Stir in Greek yogurt before removing pan from stove.
4. Spread cooked baby bok choy on pizza crust and pour your eggs on top.
5. Arrange salmon slices and figs evenly on pizza. Sprinkles crumbled feta cheese on top and continue cooking in 250 oC preheated oven for 7 minutes.
Sprinkle sunflower seed and pomegranate rubies for extra texture and that fresh hint of sweetness from those red rubies.
Grinding some fresh black pepper before serving or even a quick squeeze of lime would elevate this healthy brunch but I like them best to go Ethiopian coffee. They are perfect to start the day.


With Mission Foods Malaysia’s no frill pizza crust, any meal can be simple, delicious and nutritious at such convenient versatility-I can easily give you a different pizza on a daily basis at fingertips. Enjoy and have fun staying healthy.


9.missionfoods pizza crust recipe
10.missionfoods pizza crust


If you enjoy making your own pizza, here is your chance to win a Pizza Kit that includes pizza crusts, a pizza peel and your very own pizza cutter. Just post your pizza photos with #missionpizzaMY and be sure to leave your account public. It’s that simple!


Follow Mission Foods Malaysia at :



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Essenso Microground Black Coffee


Essenso Microground Black Coffee is definitely the new way to kick start the morning before a whole productive day ahead. Instant coffee in sachet is taken to a whole new level when Essenso launched the satisfying Colombian and Mendheling blends. A fine cup of Arabica coffee with its aroma wafting as you sip and savour the caffeine made by finely grounded coffee beans is probably the best way closest to perfect to make the best of the morning.


1.Essenso Microground Black Coffee


From the kitchen of pop up dining KL and taking place at the beautiful Brew and Bread Cafe in Kota Kemuning, a 6 course breakfast was served with delectable creations cleverly and creatively infused with Essenso’s microground coffee.


2.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
3.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
4.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
5.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
6.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
7.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
8.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
10.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
11.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
12.Essenso Microground Black Coffee


Also happening at the launch is a quick coffee art workshop presented by Malaysian’s first coffee Caricature artist- Vivian Lee. Art and coffee is both a therapeutic way to de stress and now that we combined them, the outcome was stunning.


13.Essenso Microground Black Coffee
14.Essenso Microground Black Coffee


Whether it’s a full body and light roast palate of fruity note with mild acidity or a darker roast of fresh woody notes, both these single origin of Colombian and Mendheling blends are promising as the barista of the day demonstrates his creations with the new Essenso Microground Black coffee. Tan Sau Yang, new star of hand brew coffee throw down 2017 1st runner up and Taiwan Transworld University Latte art 2016 Champion walks us through his creations and served creative concoctions to go with our 6 course breakfast.


15.Essenso Microground Black Coffee

16.Essenso Microground Black Coffee


Essenso Microground Black coffee is the latest addition to the Essenso line of microground coffee. After the success launch of their 3in1 and 2in1, we are now treated with the black coffee sachet packed with nitrogen to preserve an intense aroma and robust richness of coffee. With the right bean and correct technique, beans are finely grounded at low speed in oxygen free and ultra low temperature to preserve natural essence of the coffee. Freshness at its top notch, these sticks of happiness is priced at RM 10.90 per box of 20 sachets.


17.Essenso Malaysia


Today’s dishes by pop up dining KL:
Red Snapper Tartar on Sourdough Tart, Chicken liver pate layered with green apple chips and raspberry maro beetroot tart.


Cured salmon, Essenso brown butter soil, Dill Emulsion and Rose


Broth of cherry tomatoes & grapes and basil oil


Meatloaf, smoked egg and new potato cooked in Essenso


Grain Granola, berries and flowers


Essenso Macron, fig bar and apple tart.



Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Follow Essenso on their social media for some more caffeine stories:


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“How to Achieve Healthy Malaysian Eating” by guest writter- Helen Trickle


If you follow me on instagram, it is obvious that I am all into clean eating despite the nature of my job. The common question I am getting all the time is how do I plan my meals with all the food tasting and the clear cut answer to that is eating correctly. I eat as clean as possible when I am not at a food review and today, we have a useful article by Helen Trickle and here is something that’s not only a good read but hopefully a piece of useful information to our readers.


How to Achieve Healthy Malaysian Eating


Malaysian food is some of the most delicious cuisine in the world. Unfortunately it also has a reputation for being a relatively high fat, unhealthy food type. This is because many Malaysian recipes call for foods to be fried, and oils and saturated fats are prevalent. What’s more, the lure of street foods mean that when you leave the house you’re likely to find cheap options for oily, rich and sweet foods tempting you from every corner. Whilst these things are fine in moderation, if you are eating them on a daily basis then you’re likely to run into trouble! It’s for this reasons that Malaysians are not considered to be a healthy nation.


If you are looking to detox, cleanse your system of some of the fats and additives we all consume on a daily basis, and maybe even lose a pound or two, then here are some healthy alternatives, and some of the healthier Malaysian food options currently available:


Delicious and Healthy Recipe Options


If you’re a fan of eating out then the good news is that there are plenty of healthy options now emerging in our most popular restaurants. You’ll also find healthy juice bars and natural cafes popping up all over Malaysian towns and cities. Unfortunately, healthy eating outside of the home does not come cheap. With prices differing slightly around the Klang Valley, you can expect to pay an average of around 20RMB for a bowl full of salad.


This leads us to choosing to eat at home, which would be a better option for both your bank balance and your waistline, if you can fit it into your busy schedule. You don’t need to buy fancy and fashionable ‘superfood ingredients’: just choose simple dishes cooked well. When they are in season, grilled tomatoes taste sweet, rich and delicious, and make the basis of a great lunch. A simple salad dressing can be whipped up by mixing lemon juice with a drop of oil and some of your favourite herbs and spices, which will make you want to eat salad on a daily basis!


The point is that healthy eating doesn’t have to taste boring, and you can still love food and eat well at the same time. Grill some fresh fish and serve with fragrant rice. BBQ thick slices of pineapple and serve up with a generous dollop of yoghurt for the healthy dessert. Head to your local market and appreciate the nutritional content of our local produce: you’ll find so much colour, flavour, and variety to enjoy that is grown right here. Traditional Malaysian vegetables such as kai lan, bayam, and taugeh are affordable, easy to cook, and will quickly become firm favourites if you experiment with them in your own kitchen.


The Benefits of Clean Eating


Eating cleanly is a great idea if you have been overindulging of late: clean eating is a form of gentle and holistic detoxification ideal for weight loss, cleansing, and ridding your body of toxins (often retained as a result of alcohol consumption, excessive sugar intake, and substance abuse). The principles of clean eating are universal and can be achieved in any culture: simply opt for a diet rich in delicious fruits and vegetables. You can choose to eat them raw or, if you prefer them cooked, then simply boil or steam them lightly without adding an fat or additional unnecessary salt, sugar, or additives.


Sugar is incredibly cheap in Malaysia (because of its abundance) meaning that it is an ingredient used in many recipes , and our palette has slowly adapted so that we crave sweet flavours. Overcoming a sugar addiction can be difficult, and naturally sweet foods (including high sugar fruits such as mango and pineapple) are a great, healthy way to deal with cravings. Although clean eating may seem like hard work at first, you will quickly begin to feel the health benefits if you stick with it. You will experience increased energy levels, less headaches and mood swings, and because of the anti inflammatory properties of many vegetables, you may even notice that muscle aches and pains disappear. If your diet has gotten out of control, then it’s definitely worth a try!


Thank you Helen Trickle for the lovely write up. I hope our readers are getting some useful tips and information here.


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Bazaar Ramadhan TTDI 2017


During the Ramadhan month and buffets aside, we know that visiting the Bazaar is the other way to celebrate buka puasa during this holy month. If there is anything I enjoyed more than the spoilt choices of buffets, the Ramadhan Bazaar if the next in mind to break fast. Ramadhan bazaars are filled with endless choices of food of various kinds and the spiritual boost with many valuable moments to be experienced and there is no place better to experience harmonious and joy of understanding the culture. Personally, it is the yearly mandatory activity I carry out with my family here in KL. This year, we berbuka puasa with choices from the renowned TTDI Ramadhan bazaar and I took the opportunity to gather some footages for a quick tour of what to expect at the bazaar.



Food is a good way in bringing people together disregard of race, ethnic, cultural and religion. It is amazing how we learnt so much about one another through food and even greater when you realized how food is actually one of the best way to study a culture and probably the origin and history of an ethnic.


This is the time of the month when the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed and as a result, Muslims recite the holy text ardently. The fast is not simply about no food and water intake. It is also about self refrain from malicious behavior and the taxing challenge to demonstrate focused mindset. So as we savour the meals during buka puasa, keep in mind the spiritual significance of the fast.


Happy Ramadhan.


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


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Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur celebrates the 6th annual Global Day of Discovery (2017)

Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017


Renaissance Hotels celebrates their annual Global Day of Discovery on the 17th May at all 160 hotel around the world as they host unexpected hotel events and neighbourhood experiences that brings unusual taste of local scene to guests to experience a blast and to redefine traditional hotel stay. This year, we visit the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur as we savour the night with indigenous delights starting with their bar ritual before we hit the intriguing activities and lucky draws. Renaissance KL cleverly transforms the entire West Wing Lobby into a classy space perfect for social and cocktail conversation. With chandeliers and dj spinning tracks as the guests capture the moment on Global Day of Discovery, Renaissance Hotels believes business travel is always the perfect opportunity to discover.


1.Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017
2.Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017


We were treated with refreshing cocktail and mocktail specially created for the evening and headed by WACS( World Association of Chef’s Societies) Global Master Chef Executive Chef Helmut Lamberger, the culinary team presented quite a superb delights as local talent Anding Indrawani captivate the crowd with his vocal performance.


3.Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017
4.Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017
5.Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017
6.Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017
7.Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017
8.Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017


Of course, we took the opportunity visiting the new look of Renaissance as we check out the newly renovated and luxurious rooms complete with contemporary designs with spacious sizes ranging from 40 m square and top with luxury amenities and facilities including a Samsung 48” full HD smart TV with seamless internet connectivity throughout the hotel.


9.Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017
10.Renaissance Hotels annual Global Day of Discovery 2017


Watch my quick vlog on the night as saxophonist Goh Boon Aik accompanied our room tour.



Follow the Ren Hotels at their social media and find out more with their hashtags; #businessunusual, #renhotels, #dayofdiscovery, #renaissancekualalumpur and #renklnewrooms.


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Renaissance Hotel is located at:
Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail & Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 0321622233
GPS: 3.1572493,101.705101


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New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square

Tai Thong new menu 2017


Thai Thong recently launched a new set of menu featuring some of the dishes cooked with a nod to authenticity the classic flavours of traditionally Malay flavour, as well as some innovative creations for the predominantly Chinese crowd. The galore is a mix of traditional and contemporary, and in this June, the new dishes are available with a promotional combo prices.


1.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square


From 1st of June to the 15th of June, diners can order 3 dishes for RM 108 and this combo features the Braised Australian Lamb with Water Spinach in Casserole, Crispy Sea Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk, and the Dry tossed “Mee Pok” with XO Sauce and Eggplant. It is my first time pairing lamb and water spinach and it was a pleasant dish for anyone who is a fan of lamb. Every cutlet of meat is juicy and well seasoned and the quick dip of water spinach into the hot casserole pot was surprisingly addictive.


2.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square
15.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square
3.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square
16.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square


Moving to sea harvest and the carbo source, Tai thong never failed to remain solid with their skills and craftsmanship. Salted egg yolk prawns are beautifully presented with an impressive taste that’s deliciously balanced. As for the noodle, this staple is not your usual hawker favourites but with a tasty twist.


4.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square


Then starting 16th to the 30th June, the combo features Giant Grouper Fillets with Assorted Seafoods in Casserole, Cheese Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Seafood, and Stir fried Australian Beef Tenderloin served in that lovely Yam ring. Conventional dishes made different and is kicking goals at this dining destination for sure. We are looking at some outstanding Chinese styling and classic Chinese fare. This combo costs RM 118 and in conjunction with the new menu and new dishes promotion, Tai Thong also celebrates Selera Mesra with their ala caret promotion with the Hari Raya festive around the corner.


10.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square
11.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square


Staring from 27th may to the 27th of June, we can berbuka puasa with delicious Rendang Curry Chicken (RM 28) so be ready to taste some very authentic flavour of the right amount and mixes of herbs and spices packed into every bite of these curry chicken. As well as from the sea, there is the Sambal Shrimp with Petai served in Pineapple (RM 38), your beautifully presented Tumeric Stuffed Cuttlefish with Mushroom and Capsicum (RM 28), as well as the tantalizing Asam Red Snapper Fillets (RM 38). Never judge the dishes by the ordinary presentation but take my word for it and don’t hold back until you get to their desserts.


5.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square
6.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square
7.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square


Featuring the king of fruits, these luscious pockets of Durian Pancake (RM 15) is certainly happy parcel for durian lover. And for those who do not wish to partake the food fear factor challenge, there is always the Pandan Gula Melaka Ball with Grated Coconut (RM 8). Freshly made with 4 pieces per serving plate, the huge chewy texture with sweet gula Melaka stuffing resembles the ondeh ondeh. I personally prefer ondeh ondeh to this one, but the sweet fresh grated coconut did make up to the lack of gula Melaka burst in this one.


8.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square
9.New menu at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant Intan Square


For reservation and further information, follow them on their social media pages of email:,my


This sampling takes place is Tai Thong Pj at:
7th Floor, Intan Square No. 3,
Lorong Utara C,
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel:+603-7956 6868
Mon-Sat: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Sun: 9am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
GPS: 3.1044026,101.6400499


Imperial Garden Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Click HERE for their MENU and for more photos on flickr.


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Mango Smoothie recipe by Shell Harris of Smoothie web


I think we can all agree to some point that food indulgence has been a big part in our lifestyle. However most people are forgetting that we are what we eat. I’ve been encouraging clean eating on my instagram page so hopefully people realized that eating correctly is ultimately the key to not only looking good but feeling great when you are enjoying good health. And I have to be very honest, clean eating is not boring at all. I have here today a breakfast mango smoothie by guest blogger, here is Shell Harris and her fabulous way to start the morning.


Shell Harris Smoothieweb mango smoothie recipe


Busy in the mornings? This is the perfect get up and go breakfast smoothie that is easy to throw together when you are in a rush in the morning. You can mix it up by adding your favorite cereals so that it is suitable for the kids too for a healthy but on-the-go family breakfast that means you don’t skip the most important meal of the day.




Serves Two

• ¾ Cup Frozen Mango

• 1/8 Cup Porridge Oats

• 2 Teaspoons Ground flaxseeds

• 1 Cup Skimmed Milk

• 2 Tablespoons Honey


To Make


1. Add the milk, mango and 1 tablespoon of honey to a blender and mix until creamy.

2. Add the oats and flaxseeds and blend further on high speed until mixed completely

3. Pour into a glass and drizzle over the last tablespoon of honey.


Why These Ingredients


The frozen mango is a thickener for this smoothie and also acts to chill it to the appropriate temperature for serving. The honey gives a sweet flavor to cover the oats and flaxseeds for a better taste.


Nutritional Analysis

Calories: 170

Fat: 2g

Protein: 1g

Sugar: 20g

Fiber: 3g

Sodium: 50mg

Suitable for Vegetarians




Full of antioxidants which can help to reduce the risk of cancers, such as; breast, prostate and colon, flaxseeds provide a lot of nutrition per tablespoon. They can lower the risk of diabetes for those with precursors for the condition by improving glycemic control due to the healthy fats and fiber it contains. Menopausal women can also find relief from the symptoms such as mood swings and hot flashes by frequently adding flaxseeds to their diet.


Mangos can also aid those who are diabetic as they have a low glycemic index which can normalize insulin levels and reducing the blood sugar levels from spiking which is common when drinking fruit smoothies. Other benefits of consuming mangos include reducing the risk of cancers such as: breast, leukemia, prostate and colon due to the high antioxidant enzymes they contain. In addition to this, the high content of vitamins A and C helps to prevent nutrition related breakouts and clear the skin which is particularly useful for those on a diet or weight loss program. Mangos can also maintain low cholesterol and keep a healthy heart due to their high fiber content.


Fun Fact: You can add some of your own cereal to this recipe like cheerios or other whole meal cereals to make it more exciting for kids to involve their favorite foods.


You can find more delicious and healthy smoothie recipes at


Please head over to Shell’s smoothie blog and here is a big thank you to Shell for sharing this recipe.


Remember….always start your day clean.


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Latest Recipe at Le Meridien KL


Le Meridien has been wowing and spoiling the diners with plenty of choices at Latest Recipe. Covering global cuisines from India and Italy to China and Japan, as well as Italy and Malaysian to Thailand and so much more, there is certainly a lot of choice at this spacious buffet restaurant. This time around featuring authentic Thai specialties with Thai chef from Phuket’s Le Meridien, their highlight will be showcase for one week, starting the 17th may 2017. 

Latest Recipe International Buffet @ Le Meridien Hotel KL

Latest Recipe International Buffet @ Le Meridien Hotel KL

Latest Recipe International Buffet @ Le Meridien Hotel KL

Latest Recipe International Buffet @ Le Meridien Hotel KL

Latest Recipe International Buffet @ Le Meridien Hotel KL


From street favourites to solid meats, their Thai selections are well rendered and there are plenty of international favorites to go around. 

Latest Recipe International Buffet @ Le Meridien Hotel KL

Latest Recipe International Buffet @ Le Meridien Hotel KL

Latest Recipe International Buffet @ Le Meridien Hotel KL


Find out more on prices and operating hours at  

Take a quick look at some of their buffet line up! 

More food vlogs on the youtube channel: . Don’t forget to subscribe 😉


Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Latest Recipe is locate at :
Level 5, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 KL
Buffet Lunch: 12pm – 2:30pm (except Saturdays)
Buffet Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Tel: 603 2263 7888 

Latest Recipe - Le Meridien Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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“Hard Rock’s World Burger Tour is back, and ready to take guests on an international adventure – no passport necessary! World Burger Tour, a limited-time offering of Hard Rock Local Legendary© Burgers, inspired by the taste and flavours from cafe locations around the world, hits tables at select participating Hard Rock Cafe locations around the world beginning 1 May 2017 and continue through 25 June 2017”, as announced in the beginning of this month.


Here are some of the offerings featured throughout this May and June in the Hard Rock Café menus. *Photo credits to the Hard Rock Café


2017 WBT_AroundTheWorld_LowRes


Now are you not ecited and already salivating looking at the photos? Because I am and I promise that I would definitely share my review if I manage to visit them soon.


HRC WBT Cartagena Colombian Plantain Burger-p1be2hn29e1c0413s6p3gbboqbb (1)

Colombian Plantain Burger (Cartagena, Colombia) – a South American savoury and sweet combination of caramelised onions, turkey bacon and Monterey Jack Cheese, spiked with molasses and topped with fried plantains on a beef patty. Perfectly paired with crispy plantain chips and mojo sauce


HRC WBT Memphis Tennessee BBQ Burger-p1be2hl4s31q6v17he11so13lq1qs9 (1)

Tennessee BBQ Burger (Tennessee, United States) – like a good country ballad, this beef burger brings happy tears with Memphis dry rubbed premium beef topped with pickle slices, Memphis slaw, pulled lamb, tangy Barbeque sauce, crispy onions and cheddar


HRC WBT Athens Greek Burger (1)

Greek Burger (Athens, Greece) – a beef patty piled high with slow-simmered eggplant salad enriched with fresh herbs and vegetables, finished with a dollop of haydari yogurt sauce, crisp lettuce and vine-ripened tomato


“Hard Rock’s World Burger Tour continues to feed our guests’ desire for adventure, so this year we’ve revamped the menu to highlight unique and authentic ingredients from around the world,” said Darryl Mickler, Senior Director of Research and Development for Hard Rock International. “Guests can experience global flavours without leaving their hometown – from bold South Korea kimchi to sweet Colombia plantains, there’s something legendary for every palate.”


Local Legendary© Burgers are served with lettuce, tomato and paired with the ultimate sidekick – Hard Rock’s Savory Artisan french fries. Throughout World Burger Tour, each french fry selection is paired with a complementary signature dipping sauce. Guests in select markets can choose from Hard Rock’s classic seasoned french fries or additional new offerings, including Garlic Fries with Garlic Aioli and Spiced Curry Fries with Tandoori mayonnaise**.


Just like the artists whose memorabilia lines the walls at Hard Rock locations worldwide, the burgers served at Hard Rock Cafe are nothing short of “legendary.” All Legendary© Burgers feature the highest quality meats, fresh ingredients, savory sauces and rich, melted cheeses. As part of the World Burger Tour menu, Hard Rock Cafes will also showcase the brand’s world-famous cocktails, including:


• Southern Rock – Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Southern Comfort, Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur and SMIRNOFF Vodka, mixed with sweet & sour topped with Sierra Mist®

• Hurricane – Orange, mango and pineapple juice, infused with BACARDI Superior Rum, BACARDI Select Rum, Amaretto and Finest Call Grenadine

• Electric Blues – SMIRNOFF Vodka, BACARDI Superior Rum, Beefeater Gin, DeKuyper® Blue Curacao and sweet & sour topped with Sierra Mist®

• Mojito – BACARDI Superior Rum muddled with fresh mint and lime topped with club soda

• Triple Platinum Margarita – Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, Cointreau Orange Liqueur and Grand Marnier


For more information on World Burger Tour and to contact your local cafe for menu details, please visit .


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The world’s leading flatbread- Mission Foods has just introduced ambient pizza crust in Malaysia and even tough missing their recent launch at The Cooking House Bangsar, I feel the need to share the highlights because these ready-made crusts seriously made things so much easier for pizza aficionados. All that you need to sort out is how to make the best pizza from now on. I’ve been posting quite some that I’ve made on my social medias and if you think pizza is all about the calories than that’s when you have to follow my ig account at @sycookies .



But back to the Mission Foods Pizza Crusts, they are not only conveniently made to fit onto regular oven trays to ensure perfectly cooked pizza; but the 10 inch is great for either solo or sharing. Available in 2 flavours, plain and wholemeal, it’s versatility for both asian and western inspired recipes is so much fun when it comes to wholesome meal.




(From Right): Chef Frederico Michieletto, Mr Randall Tan, Brand Manager of South Asia and Mr Mark Tan, Retail Sales Manager of Mission Foods Malaysia with three pizzas created using Mission Pizza Crusts.


Mission Foods partnered with Italian Chef considered a maestro in his field, Chef Federico Michielleto, of Marble 8 and Marini’s on 57 fame. Chef Federico held an exclusive Masterclass and imparted tips and tricks from his 25 years of experience on how to create the best pizzas based on his most sought after recipes. At the Masterclass, Chef Federico adeptly demonstrated Tandoori Chicken Pizza with Sour Cream and Onion, Tom Yam Prawn Pizza with Pineapple and Apple Strudel Pizza with Pecans and Cream Custard. Although the toppings were delicious, the pizza crusts held their own, lending a crispy texture, and a delicate yet extremely flavourful dough, pulling all the ingredients together.




If you’ve ever wanted to become a pizzaiolio, Mission Pizza Crusts are the way to go for quick, simple and convenient meals enjoyed by the whole family. They can be found in bread aisles in all leading supermarkets.


Over the course of three weekends starting 6th May 2017, Malaysians can get their hands-on samples of delicious pizzas made using Mission Foods’ Pizza Crusts at supermarkets in select locations such as Aeon, MaxValu, Giant, Cold Storage, Tesco, Village Grocer, Mydin, Econsave and TMC Bangsar. List of participating outlets here:


*all event photos credit to Mission Foods Malaysia


Pizza making is now quicker and easier. Next up, I will be sharing some healthy pizza perfect for brunch. Stay close to my social media accounts.


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